Corrupt GOP Insults Action 4 Liberty Volunteers at Carlton Convention

Last Friday night, the Carlton County GOP held their convention to elect party leadership and state central delegates. To the surprise of attendees, a presentation about Action 4 Liberty was on the agenda. A GOP Establishment goon was sent there to spread lies about the organization, divide conservatives and insult grassroots volunteers.

Mitch Williamson, the goon who delivered this rant in Carlton County, has every right to criticize Action 4 Liberty. However, our team has been repeatedly denied opportunities to give presentations by Carlton County GOP leadership. Which is exactly why the rant caused a stir and several conservatives stood up against the move. They're using the exact same tactic Big Tech uses to censor election integrity advocates and those of us critical of COVID tyranny.

If the Carlton County BPOU leadership believes in the spirit of free speech, they sure didn’t demonstrate it on Friday night. 

Williamson repeated false claims that Action 4 Liberty works to defeat Republican legislators and that our efforts are ineffective. This is despite the fact that our door-knocking campaigns in 2021 resulted in the retirements of three left-wing Democrats. One of those Democrat legislators represented Carlton County. Where's their "thank you" for that one?!

Another two targeted legislators went on to lose re-election. Read more about our pressure campaign here.

If the establishment GOP would spend half the time they use attacking Action 4 Liberty and focus on going after Democrats, maybe they would be winning more elections.

Worst of all, Williamson ended his speech by calling Action 4 Liberty volunteers “repulsive.” Those that give their time and energy to this cause are now being belittled by some goon representing the GOP. Shameful!

Alvin King – a delegate in Carlton County – questioned the motives behind Williamson’s speech. He and a handful of other delegates are Action 4 Liberty supporters who have heard the lies delivered before.

Alvin joined the A4L team live on Tuesday’s episode of Truth Hurts. Watch what he had to say about the Friday convention


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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-02-28 12:34:39 -0600