Grassroots candidate Grayson McNew wins HD41A Endorsing Convention

The SD41 Endorsing Convention on Saturday March 9th, was a clear message that grassroots patriots prefer outsider conservatives against standard politicians.

In a clear win in the first round, small business owner and former legislative aide Grayson McNew defeated former county commissioner Wayne Johnson. McNew got the 60% threshold for party endorsement and was met with unifying and consolidating support.

Liberty champion Tom Dippel was also endorsed for the 41B House seat. He was endorsed by acclimation and unanimously received the BPOU endorsement.

SD41 GOP had an endorsement pledge to prevent another Tony Jurgens situation (i.e. losing the endorsement, running in a primary, dividing conservatives, endorsing the Democrat in a swing district, and costing GOP control of a state Legislative chamber). Both McNew and Johnson signed the endorsement pledge, committing to support the endorsed candidate.

It is now up to Wayne Johnson to be a man of his word and support the delegates’ decision.

Becoming a delegate and attending endorsing conventions gives citizens real power. Regular, honest Americans know their community, candidates, and priorities best. Utilize your political power by attending party events to forward the fight for freedom!


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