Kendall Qualls Spits In The Face Of Delegates & Party Endorsement In US Senate Race

Last week, former gubernatorial candidate Kendall Qualls announced he has endorsed Joe Fraser for United States Senate. Qualls is a failed Republican congressional and gubernatorial candidate. In May, the Republican Party chose to endorse NBA player Royce White over Joe Fraser.

Qualls makes this endorsement of establishment pick Joe Fraser, despite his previous statements defending the Republican Endorsement.

Honoring the decision of Republican delegates is important to primary voters. In a majority of races, the endorsed candidate will win the primary. This process helps consolidate support early so that the base can focus on the general election. To break with this tradition is a slap in the face to thousands of hardworking Republican activists across the state.

By endorsing Joe Fraser in the primary, Qualls is saying that the endorsement and its process does not matter. If Qualls ever runs for public office again, it should be noted that he has not respected the Republican Endorsement. Kendall's 2022 campaign had said that he would respect the party endorsement. Now, he is spitting in the face of delegates.

Qualls got in trouble during his last failed campaign for his support of big pharma and opposing the Never Again Bill.

Michelle Benson and Paul Gazelka, fellow squishy candidates for governor in 2022, also endorsed Fraser. On the other hand, Royce White is endorsed by Kari Lake and Congressman Matt Gaetz.

The Republican primary takes place on August 13th. The winner will face off against far-left Senator Amy Klobuchar on November 5th.

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