Larry & Perry Endorse Trump; How the RNC Rigged the Primary

The very well respected radio broadcaster Larry Elder and Michigan businessman Perry Johnson have suspended their presidential campaigns in the last week. Elder and Johnson each chose to endorse President Donald J. Trump for re-election. This comes after the RNC was caught rigging this race on behalf of Chris Christie, Asa Hutchinson, Mike Pence, and Ron DeSantis. We exposed this over two months ago on our show, The Truth Hurts.

Larry Elder has been on our television screens and radios for decades and has proven to be a hardcore conservative who will go to bat for our freedom. Elder’s run for California Governor in the recall election of tyrant Gavin Newsom made him a hero to the anti-lockdown movement. Despite the recall failing, Elder won the candidate vote by nearly 40 points against 52 others! He has gone to battle with crazy leftists like The Breakfast Club and pushed the message of freedom his entire career.

Perry Johnson is the “Quality Guru” who has written quality standards published and applied internationally and he is a top expert in efficient business practices. Johnson is a very successful businessman worth over $100 million who fought the lockdowns and covid mandates by running against radical Gretchen Whitmer. However, Johnson and four other GOP candidates were defrauded by scam artist petitioners and kept off the ballot. For President, Johnson self-funded his own campaign so he couldn’t be bought and sold his campaign gear for a net loss.

Johnson and Elder eventually became threats to the corrupt leadership of the RNC so action had to be taken to stop their momentum. The RNC created the debate qualification criteria (eerily similar to the DNC’s 2020 criteria) which forced polls to only be conducted by the lying corporate media. Oftentimes, these polls would not even mention Elder or Johnson’s name and seemed to be intentionally designed to keep these MAGA candidates off the stage. See the first debate qualification rules below:

Elder is a nationally known figure with name recognition surpassing many of the candidates yet he was not allowed to participate in the GOP debates. After Elder sent in his qualifying polls to the RNC, Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel disqualified the Rasmussen poll he submitted by falsely claiming it was linked to the Trump campaign. This was a blatant lie that Elder immediately stood up to by suing the RNC and debate host Fox News for up to $400 million for the lost air time. The RNC then blacklisted Larry Elder from the debate venue and gave security a document listing Elder’s campaign as banned from the building, see below: 

Elder understood how the establishment was afraid of his voice so he stated that the RNC was rigging the debates for Ron DeSantis. It was in DeSanctimonious’ best interests to keep MAGA candidates off the stage so his support could be consolidated. Works in theory, not in practice. Being in the debates was a necessity for every candidate besides Trump so the RNC effectively shut down any chance for Elder and Johnson.

Perry Johnson was told that he qualified for the first debate and NBC and Politico confirmed this. Johnson even participated in a walk-through the day before the debate that the RNC invited him to! Then, the RNC ripped the carpet from underneath Johnson’s feet and disqualified his poll numbers. Johnson’s road to the debates was much more difficult than other candidates because he was starting off with zero name recognition nationally. His successful and creative gimmicks of selling hats, shirts, yard signs, and other cool campaign gear for just a buck were gaining traction and people were beginning to show real interest in this quirky businessman. However, since he did not fit into the RNC’s corrupt mold, they refused to give him his earned media time in the debate. Johnson stated “It is clear that from the beginning, the RNC knew who they wanted on the stage and who they wanted to ban from the stage. Simply put, this is a flawed decision of a poorly run process of a corrupt organization.” Johnson issued an insightful press release detailing the correspondence between his campaign and the RNC.

Despite these two men meeting every debate qualification imaginable, they were shut out and silenced. So much for the GOP being the party of “free speech”... While Johnson and Elder did everything right, including their signatures of the “Beat Biden Pledge” which requires candidates to support the GOP nominee regardless of circumstance, Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson fraudulently signed the pledge then admitted in the debate that they would NOT support President Trump if he is convicted by one of the many Banana Republic indictments against him. This means the RNC ran a SCAM debate, allowing RINOs like Christie and Hutchinson who did not truly qualify, while silencing conservatives like Elder and Johnson.

Elder skipped the California recall debates in 2021 because Newsom refused to attend. Elder, staying consistent, had no bad-will for Trump skipping the debates because of his massive, land-slide lead on all of his GOP opponents. Unlike the whiners and RINOs in the GOP debates, Elder and Johnson understood that if they wanted to have the MAGA torch passed to them, they were going to have to be America First candidates who respected all of the incredible work done by President Trump. Elder and Johnson understood that historical revisionism about Trump doesn’t sit well with grassroots conservatives. They knew that the Trump successor had to embrace his movement and take it further. The RNC wants to squash the America First movement, not continue it.

Additionally, the RNC was provided a golden opportunity with Larry Elder to reach black voters that typically tune out anything Republican. Instead, they’d rather bring jackasses like Doug Burgum to puppet standard talking points that wins absolutely nobody over. The fight for Trump is ongoing in Minnesota, as we reported, the MNGOP hired an anti-liberty lawyer for the Trump case because the corrupt MN Supreme Court will not allow Trump's campaign attorneys.  

Elder and Johnson’s endorsements of President Trump locks down the anti-establishment solidarity of the grassroots. We are witnessing an unprecedented assault on our freedom, the weaponization of the judicial system has never reached such unforgivable levels. Trump is far and away the leading contender for both the primary and general elections and it is time to consolidate. Elder and Johnson could not get momentum because of the RNC rigging the debates so their endorsements of Trump is the perfect middle finger to the Swamp. There is no perfect candidate but Trump is pretty damn close. Congratulations to Elder and Johnson for running excellent and inspiring campaigns, now it’s time for Trump to finish the job!

NOTE: The views in this article reflects the views of the author, not necessarily Action 4 Liberty.


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