Left Pushes Insane ‘Racist Vendor’ Narrative After State Fair

Any narrative that criticizes the left-wing status quo is decried by the elites as “racist.” This couldn’t be more clear with a new petition gaining traction that is looking to ban a t-shirt and flag vendor from the Minnesota State Fair in future years. Their crime? Selling shirts that say “Lake Calhoun.”

That’s right, the left is so outraged that a vendor would refer to Lake Calhoun by its traditional name instead of the woke new “Bde Mka Ska” name. The name was changed to what the left calls its original Dakota name in 2018.

It’s not even an exaggeration to say this is what they are upset about. In fact, in their long list of grievances with the vendor, this is the first issue they mention.

Other merchandise they take issue with includes "try that in a small-town" t-shirts, which is a reference to the controversial (but accurate) Jason Aldean song.

Their petition is hosted on Change.org, a website used for several worthless left-wing outrage efforts. To the surprise of our team, the petition actually has 337 signatures. All of this to BAN a vendor that sells shirts that say “Lake Calhoun.”

Cancel culture is very real. It has nothing to do with fighting for what’s right, but instead forcing a worldview down everyone’s throats.

In the free market of ideas, the best ones deserve to win out. If you don't like it, you should introduce a booth at the fair with your own leftist propaganda (though I bet it won't be too popular).

We were actually surprised that our “Dump Biden” booth was not included in the petition of vendors that should be banned. 

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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2023-09-24 09:02:07 -0500
    The “Lefties” always think something is racist that they do not agree with. So much for the DFL being the party of “tolerance” and for “free speech”.
  • Brian Feldt
    commented 2023-09-23 18:54:31 -0500
    I think I’ve just found a new favorite t-shirt to wear when I visit Uptown . . .
  • Jo Bur
    commented 2023-09-23 15:51:14 -0500
    This is ridiculous.
  • John schneider
    followed this page 2023-09-23 15:48:35 -0500
  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-09-21 14:43:57 -0500