Lobbyist and Wealthy Twin Cities Donor Money Floods into Con Artist Politician's Campaign Coffers

Con Artist politician, Dave Lislegard (DFL - Aurora), set a self-declared legislative fundraising record in the state according to his off-election year cash haul. In total, lobbyists, PACs and wealthy donors helped the rural Democrat bring in a total of $65,830 - a 276% increase over his last off-election year fundraising in 2021. 

You may remember Lislegard as one of the Six Con Artist Democrats who voted to remove Governor Walz' Emergency Powers in 2020, then did a 180 and started voting to protect Walz' Emergency Powers when it mattered in January of 2021 because Democrats had a weaker majority. So far, the other 5 Con Artist Democrats who pulled the same con on their voters have either been voted out of office or retired.

Lislegard has long been funded by lobbyists and Special Interests money. In 2021, 75% of his campaign contributions came from those sources. What's unique about his newest fundraising numbers is the amount of big contributions coming from the Twin Cities metro area. Lislegard portrays himself as an Iron Range moderate Democrat, but his voting record and funders tell a different story.

Many Capitol observers believe Lislegard is one of the most vulnerable Democrats running for re-election. His district went Trump by 5 points in the 2020 election. In that election, voters believe Lislegard was on their side in ending the COVID tyranny, only to betray them shortly after the election. Lislegard narrowly hung unto his seat in the 2022 election.

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2024-02-07 14:06:56 -0600