Mask Mandates Return in MN Healthcare Facilities

Speculation of lockdowns and mask mandates have been spreading like wildfire after Infowars’ Alex Jones reported anonymous TSA and Border Patrol whistleblowers claimed that the Biden Administration is planning China Virus restrictions on our freedom again. As we reported, mask mandates have returned in several instances and we may be on the cusp of a return of medical tyranny.

A source in Minnesota alerted Action 4 Liberty that the New Brighton Care Center (NBCC) is mandating masks for all staff and visitors at their facilities until further notice. This was instituted on 8/13/23. As seen in the picture at the top of this article, this was located at one of their medical facilities.

Will this be the return of Covid tyranny? Our state cannot allow our people to die without their families, be forced to wear ineffective masks, take experimental shots, close our businesses and churches, and be locked in our homes. The warning shots of mask mandates across our country and in our state need to serve as a reminder of the fight we are up against. If we do not fight now, we are doomed to lose our Constitutional Rights.


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