Minnesota Could Go Red, But We're in Trouble if These Things Don't Happen

After just one legislative session, the Democrat Party turned Minnesota from an average midwest state to a radical, leftwing utopia. They passed tax increases, burned a record $21 Billion surplus on wasteful government projects, mandated carbon free energy by 2040 and legalized genital mutilation surgery for children as young as six. 

They took over Minnesota by defeating the "Red Wave" in the 2022 election where Republicans were vastly outspent by the Democrat Party and their allies. 

To win majorities in the Minnesota House & Senate, Democrats outspent Republicans $16,538,616 to $6,021,732. For statewide candidate races, Democrats spent $13,792,000 and Republicans spent $7,503,200. And independent expenditures by left-leaning groups spent another $36,737,325 to impact the 2022 elections. Republican-leaning groups only spent $6,268,750. All together, Democrats outspent Republicans 5 to 1.

Despite the huge money advantage on the left, races both locally and statewide were decided by razor-thin margins. Keith Ellison only won re-election as Attorney General by 20,815 votes (0.9%). Julie Blaha only won re-election as State Auditor by 8,435 votes (0.4%). And Democrats only secured their one-seat majority in the Minnesota Senate by 321 votes (0.7%) in Senate District 41. 

Many Republicans look hopefully to 2024 as a chance to take back part of the state government. Unfortunately, Republicans already have one crucial disadvantage – they have no money! We recently reported how new financial filings show the MNGOP has only $53 in the bank and went over $335,000 in debt.

The MNGOP isn't even able to pay some of its current employees in a critical time where they should be hiring huge field staff to build an election program to take back the Minnesota House in 2022. 

Even if the MNGOP wasn't broke, they misuse the funds they get (which might be why they are losing donors) by working against the Party's own endorsed candidates and spending time weaponizing government agencies against grassroots conservative groups like ours. They also water down their messaging, lack any clear vision and are completely miserable at branding. The people running the Party need to be removed and a real change agent is needed to turn things around...and the clock is ticking.

But all is not lost in Minnesota if things start taking shape NOW!

Minnesota can turn around if investments are made RIGHT NOW on training, recruiting and mobilizing. The Democrats are out of step with the average Minnesota voter when they vote for things like tax increases, partial birth abortion and genital mutilation surgery for minors. These issues must be pounded in the heads of voter over and over again until election day. It takes money to get the message out and its time for all of us to step up to the plate. 

Where that money goes is the bigger question. Let's be honest, I'm biased here. Throwing money at the same old milquetoast RINO groups is a waste. And they'll likely use some of it in the primary to defeat conservative candidates. 

Action 4 Liberty is prepared and ready to train activists. We trained thousands in 2022, but now we know, that number must be much, much larger. And we have the facility and experts to lead the best training for conservative activists. Plus, we'll take the lead on training an army of election judges to ensure our elections are secure. 

To drive home the messaging and expose the records of the Radical Left, there's no group like Action 4 Liberty to get the job done. When Governor Walz illegally shut down the state of Minnesota for COVID, we mobilized voters to pressure politicians. Walz eventually was forced to sign an end to his own emergency powers - right as the nation was considering vaccine mandates! We were successful because we rapidly hired field staff that door knocked and made the phone calls to voters, which created political pain for vulnerable politicians. And we can do that all again.

Minnesota MUST be saved. Otherwise, the Radical Left will destroy everything and turn us into a hopeless California. Don't let that happen. Support us today!

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  • Mary Kay Huhne
    commented 2023-07-23 08:30:08 -0500
    Our group is working on election integrity, are you planning on. caucus training again in 2024?
  • Deborah Norton
    commented 2023-07-23 06:36:59 -0500
    Jake,,,, I am from Northern Minnesota, Bemidji in face. The Republican party here in this county is totally inactive and do NOT get any meeting notices out… I went to Dr. Jensen’s rally here and we donated to the cause.. yard signs in my yard but the rest of the development had none….. Trying to talk to people here is insane.. But, I believe this county went red so there must be more of us out there… I just think we are so disallusioned with the people here supposedly running the Republican office here.. What can we do to get these people engaged???
  • Maria Malooly
    followed this page 2023-07-22 15:21:39 -0500
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-07-21 14:16:28 -0500