MN Democrats Pass Mandatory ‘Carbon Free’ Bill As Temps Reach -20

Minnesota’s experienced some of the coldest temperatures of the year last night. From the Twin Cities up to the northern woods, temps dropped down to as low as -32 degree. An arctic front brought in frigid temperatures and life threatening windchills. 

Meanwhile, in the carbon energy heated Capitol building, Radical Democrats passed a radical piece of legislation that would require 80% of Minnesota's energy to be produced by carbon free sources in just 7 years; 100% carbon free by 2040. Citing the dangers of Global Warming (which is one big scam), bill author Nick Frentz (DFL - Mankato) argued the need for the bill late into Thursday's evening hours. 

Temperatures outside the Capitol walls began to drop significantly. A wind chill advisory was issued for most of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities, with the potential of "dangerous wind chills" reaching -50 degrees.

The bill, HF 7, passed on a party line vote in the Minnesota Senate with 34 Democrats in support and 33 Republicans against it. Democrats have a one person majority thanks to former Republican Rep Tony Jurgens.

If you're wondering what kind of impact this radical bill will have on the global climate, good luck finding an answer. What we do know is that Minnesota's energy needs cannot be met by unreliable solar energy and wind energy. In the future, when extreme arctic blasts move through Minnesota, people will suffer as our "carbon free" energy system will not be able to adequately heat homes.

This bill caters to the corporatist agenda (Xcel Energy) that funds the Democrats while leaving smaller businesses and rural cooperatives to fall to the wayside. The Democrats proved how disingenuous their offer was by refusing to include nuclear and hydro-electric energy as “carbon neutral energy.”

The Radical Leftists wants us totally dependent on the government without freedom, property, guns, privacy, or free speech. They want all of us to use electric cars dependent on a grid of unreliable and costly energy. Nearly every single person will see a surge in the cost of electricity and some Legislators say it could be upwards of a 50% increase!

Furthermore, this Radical Democrat bill is based on a false premise that human caused global warming will lead to the disaster of our planet. This non-sense has completely hijacked the mainstream media narrative and the top institutions of science and government. No climate model can accurately predict our long term effects on global temperatures. The Climate Cultists ignore the negative effects "carbon free" policies will have on our economic system, which is on a trajectory of pulling millions of people out of poverty every month.


Jesse Smith contributed to this story


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