MN Democrats Prepping More Unconstitutional Gun Control Legislation

The 2023 legislative session set a new record for bad legislation. Not only did the Democrat-controlled state government pass abortion-on-demand, jack up your taxes, and increase government spending by an incredible 40%, but they also passed extreme gun control laws like universal background checks and red flag laws.

Now, leftists in St. Paul are ready to infringe upon your 2nd amendment rights AGAIN in 2024.

The far-left Minnesota Reformer gleefily told readers last week that some of the Democrat’s most extreme gun control measures are back on the table. These measures include a total ban on “assault weapons,” further raising the age to buy firearms, limiting magazine capacity, and enacting a ridiculous “safe storage” law.

Safe storage laws are particularly egregious, because they require lawful gun owners to hide all of their firearms disasembled in locked safes. Home intruders will have a hayday with that one!

Liberty-Lovers should be rightly afraid of what the Democrats are preparing. The Reformer cites Rep. Kelly Moller, who chairs the House public safety committee.

Even if some rural Democrats decide to vote against this extreme legislation, Republicans are already there to cave in. Remember that Republican Representatives Andrew Myers and Danny Nadeu voted FOR red flag laws and universal background checks just last year.

Read about the Republicans who voted for Gun Control here.

Many Liberty-Lovers have publicly expressed that they will be forced to flee Minnesota if these laws pass. You may be in that same boat. Contact your State Representative and State Senator NOW and tell them that any gun control bill is a nonstarter.

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  • Tom Johnson
    published this page in News 2024-02-07 20:09:59 -0600