MPPOA Legislator of Year, Democrat Dan Wolgamott, Arrested for Drunk Driving

Democrat State Representative Dan Wolgamott (DFL - St Cloud) was arrested on Friday night for driving while intoxicated. Police were alerted to a gentleman drinking in a liquor store parking lot, and a vehicle matching the description of his was observed "weaving" later on and pulled over by state troopers. The vehicle also had expired tabs. Democrats just increased license tab fees, so apparently that was too costly for the 32 legislator to afford.

What makes this politicians' arrest more interesting is that the crony Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association (MPPOA) just recently awarded Rep Dan Wolgamott with their "Legislator of the Year" award. 

We reported back in May that MPPOA supported the radical leftwing gun control legislation that Democrats like Wolgamott passed into law in the end of the legislative session. MPPOA also endorsed Democrat Rep Angie Craig who has long held anti-gun, anti-freedom positions.

In June, MPPOA Executive Director Brian Peters wrote, “Representative Wolgamott is a true friend and supporter of law enforcement and increased public safety. He has been the chief bill author on many proposals for safer, stronger communities." 

Drunk driving is a disgraceful activity, but it looks like Rep Dan Wolgamott wasn't feeling remorse in his booking photo:

Wolgamott was an important vote needed to stop the radical metro democrat agenda, but he followed their leadership and voted for extreme abortion laws, genital mutilation surgeries for minors, gun control, tax increases, and during COVID, he continued to allow Governor Walz to declare unilateral emergency powers.


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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2023-07-14 07:49:52 -0500
    Like all DFLer’s. Nothing will happen to this guy. Rules for thee, but not me.
  • Robert Jahn
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