RINO Nevada Governor Funds Genital-Mutilation for MINORS with Tax Dollars

RINO Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo signed SB 163 on Tuesday, which requires health insurance companies to cover “gender-affirming care,” also known as genital-mutilation surgery. This legislation even covers minors.

This new law also allows Medicaid funds to cover every procedure needed to fully “transition” an individual into whatever shape they please. Tax dollars now fund this craziness!

The handful of limitations set on minors are listed below. As you may know, it is not hard to convince a doctor to approve genital mutilation surgery. In fact, someone on The Daily Wire team was able to get approval for surgery after a quick 22-minute virtual appointment.

Lombardo defended his decision to sign the legislation, saying that “It's not as draconian or detrimental or immoral as people are portraying it to be.”

What he fails to understand is that minors are under attack by woke gender ideology. They cannot consent to any kind of non-medical life-altering surgery! All these surgeries do is line the pockets of evil doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

This is not the first time that Lombardo has catered to the Radical Left. Earlier this month, he also signed an extreme abortion sanctuary bill.

The RINO Governor of the state barely won in 2022, securing 48.76% of the vote compared to his Democrat opponent’s 47.37%. Millions in outside cash was spent to get him through the Republican primary and the general election. Now, it seems as though he may as well be a Democrat.

There is no place in conservative politics for RINOs like Lombardo. Primary voters will almost certainly remember his failures on gender ideology and abortion extremism come 2026.

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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-06-14 09:55:47 -0500