New Anti-1A Law Prohibits Cops from Joining Political Groups

SF 2909 harbored a lot of garbage legislation, including crazy gun control and protections for pedophiles. The Action 4 Liberty team has discovered that this bill also contains language that prohibits police officers from joining political groups that will soon be deemed “hate organizations.”

The bill passed the Minnesota House on Monday night, and will soon be signed into law by Governor Walz. This new problematic language begins on line 205.25:

At first glance, the prohibition on joining hate groups sounds halfway reasonable – up until the bill defines what they believe a hate group is. Specifically, line 206.12 says that a "hate group" that “advocates for differences in the right to vote, speak, assemble, travel, or maintain citizenship based on a person’s perceived race, gender identity, public assistance status, or any protected class as defined in Minnesota Statutes or federal law.” – which now includes pedophiles.

Put simply, you are not allowed to support or be part of a group that questions systems of voting. Does this sound familiar?

Membership to a supposed “hate group” can be as simple as engaging with their social media, or donating to their cause.

Action 4 Liberty, for example, has questioned the validity of gender ideology, election laws, and threats to religious liberty on multiple occasions. Under this language, we would be classified as a hate group.

This is a clear violation of the 1st amendment and should be struck down by the courts as such. Only the radical-left could concoct such a heinous violation of Minnesotan’s rights.

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  • Tucker Hittesdorf
    commented 2023-05-17 10:19:26 -0500
    These people ARE NOT our fellow citizens. They’re traitors and should be executed as such.
  • Tucker Hittesdorf
    commented 2023-05-17 10:16:28 -0500
    They violate our Rights… Then we should end their lives. These people CANNOT be allowed to live anymore.
  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-05-16 17:40:23 -0500