New Budget Forecast Shows $21 Billion Surplus; You’re Owed $8,000!

The Commissioners Office of the Minnesota Management and Budget released the 2023 Budget and Economic Forecast, which revealed our state’s surplus is a whopping $20.7 Billion of our tax dollars! While the media is reporting the number is $17.5 Billion, they fail to add the budget reserves and cash flow. See below how we analyzed the forecast.

The picture below shows the cash flow and budget reserves totaling 3.2 Billion. When added together, this makes the Budget Surplus $20.7 Billion!

Governor Tim Walz and the Democratic Legislature have screwed over the taxpayers at every turn; between their big spending for special interests/liberal pet projects to their refusal to eliminate the Social Security tax and return the surplus to taxpayers. Even today, during the Senate session, Senator Bill Lieske (R, SD58) offered SF1499 which was appropriately titled the “Governor Tim Walz Rebate Check Act of 2023." Walz had made returning the budget surplus a key component of his 2022 re-election campaign. 

Lieske requested a roll call vote to bring it to the floor, but it failed on party lines 34-32 (Senator Justin Eichorn was not present). One of the other authors on this bill is Senator John Hoffman (DFL, SD34) who voted AGAINST it on the Senate floor! Hoffman wants to pretend to fight for taxpayers by signing onto these bills but when the time comes to pass it, he caves to Democratic pressure! 

As we reported in December, a total refund would have given each taxpayer $6,000, now, all of the 2.5 million Minnesota taxpayers would receive over $8,200 each! When will the government learn that it is our money that they are withholding from us?!?

Unlike the Budget and Economic Forecasts from our state for nearly the last two decades, this forecast includes calculating the inflation caused by Joe Biden and the socialists running our government. That means the state has more leverage to tax us into oblivion! This is all thanks to Rep. Zack Stephenson (DFL, 35A) and his bill HF35 which provided the Democrats with this loophole to increase taxes. Tax revenue has increased in our state despite the cost of everyday items soaring.

We cannot allow taxpayers to be taken advantage of by our government. Our overtaxed money is being squandered away by corrupt politicians with wasteful spending. Action 4 Liberty has always been consistently fighting for a full refund of the Surplus to be given only to taxpayers, no free-loaders should reap the benefits of our own money. 

Find your Legislators here and demand that they refund the entire Surplus immediately! Minnesotans are struggling and our state is becoming unaffordable due to high taxes. Pressure these politicians to get our money back!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-02-27 18:20:47 -0600