Off His Rocker - MNGOP Treasurer Lee Prinkkila Sending out Disinformation to Activists

The bizarre, and maybe mentally unstable treasurer that MNGOP Chair David Hann fired, then reappointed, is sending out disinformation to activists about Hann's unilateral removal of Otter Tail County delegates. Treasurer Lee Prinkkila was one of the four "No" votes on the vote to suspend Hann's unilateral decision at Tuesday's MNGOP State Executive emergency meeting.

Prinkkila is now responding to activists with a lie about Otter Tail County delegates not being properly elected at the February 27th caucus. It's unknown if Lee has physically seen any of the evidence or he's just foolishly reiterating the talking points of corrupt chair David Hann. But his ignorance on the topic is showcased by his canned response. 

In texts and emails, Prinkkila arrogantly asks conservative activists if he should "ignore state statue [sic] 202A.18 since it appears nominations and elections and delegates did not occur in time per the Secretary and other evidence." Action 4 Liberty president, Erik Mortensen and MNGOP State Executive representative Wendy Phillips met with over one hundred Otter Tail County delegates last night and saw the evidence first hand that they were properly elected in their precincts on caucus night.

There are dozens upon dozens of signed affidavits and personal testimonies that validate it. Here's a snapshot of some of the ones presented to us last night in Fergus Falls.

State Statute 202A.18 clearly states that "election of delegates and alternates must begin within one hour of convening a caucus." The evidence is overwhelming that the Otter Tail County delegates began the elections within one hour of the start, despite Prinkkila's disinformation. Multiple attendees told us that the Otter Tail County leadership, which is run by notorious Establishment hack Tommy Merickel, tried to delay voting for delegates in an attempt to disenfranchise the voice of those who attended the caucus.

What a crony move by Establishment Republicans to try and silence the voice of conservative activists. This is no different than telling someone who is in line at 7:50 pm at a polling location that they can't vote because polls close at 8:00 pm (they can't do that, by the way). In a Party that hasn't won a statewide election in 18 years, who are these jokers to turn people away from participating???

This isn't the first time people have seen the erratic, unhinged behavior by MNGOP Treasurer Lee Prinkkila. In November of 2022, Lee sent out a bizarre and incoherent email to Republican State Central delegates - a move that eventually led to him being fired by David Hann. But quietly, Prinkkila maneuvered his way back to becoming treasurer of the Party again and a reliable vote for Hann's agenda on the State Executive Committee.

Here's Prinkkila's bizarre email from November 2022:


The MNGOP State Executive Committee MUST reinstate ALL Otter Tail County delegates when they meet this Thursday. We've seen the evidence at it is overwhelmingly in support of the grassroots. Delegates were elected inside their precincts, the Party is in possession of forms that show it, and the matter can easily be decided on Thursday night.

Enough lies by David Hann and Lee Prinkkila. Reinstate the Otter Tail County Slate!


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  • Nancy Losier
    commented 2024-03-23 14:42:33 -0500
    I can’t believe this is still going on in OTC!! The last time there was also interference from MN-GOP in the delegate selection and many who were duly elected were barred from their County Convention!! There is a Constitutional method laid out for removal of delegates – based on factual evidence that should be presented to the full seated delegation. That INCLUDES the delegates whose validity is in question for whatever reason has been brought forth to the official body of delegates. This cannot be done in Committee only. Read the Constitution. Each political entity has their own Constitution, and if there is a conflict between Constitutions, the STATE CONSTITUTION takes precedent over the lower entity constitution.
    The last time this happened, I spoke to Chairman Haan more than a week after the debacle in OTC and he flat out lied to me that he had any knowledge of delegates being removed without due process. I couldn’t believe my ears. And here we go again!!
    What I want to know is “WHY”?? What is so important about OTC that the MN-GOP wants control of their delegation and leadership? WHY
  • Action 4 Liberty
    published this page in News 2024-03-16 10:32:50 -0500