DFL House and Sen Abeler Propose Funding Fraud

Before we even talk about the massive fraud in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), we must ask the simple question: why is government funding people's child care in the first place? When did this become a role for the state government? Where did they get this authority to tax one part of the population to give to others?

A video surfaced recently showing a disgruntled father who sacrificed and paid for his daughter's college, only to find out from Elizabeth Warren's own mouth that he would not be reimbursed under her plan. Instead, all the people who took out debt would be forgiven and his sacrifices and savings were dismissed by the political elites. 

All of us who pay for our own child care make sacrifices as well. But according to the DFL controlled Minnesota House, we need to pony up more money to pay for other people's child care.

Yesterday the DFL House held a press conference promoting their agenda to take our surplus dollars and redistribute it to pay for other people's child care. They want to use $500 Million of the money we've been overtaxed to pay for it. 

Meanwhile, in the Republican controlled Senate, Sen Jim Abeler (R-Anoka) who chairs the Human Services committee is also looking for ways to increase child care funding. According to an interview with MinnPost Abeler has "opened the door for possible new funding, signaling a different strategy for a Republican-led Senate."

Both Parties appear to believe the fraud has been solved and taxpayer dollars are now being used appropriately? But if that's the case, why would there need to be more funding? If the fraud is gone, there should be an influx of resources now available to families.

Action 4 Liberty believes a program with this much fraud should be ended, not funded. Sign our petition and tell legislators to End the Fraudulent Child Care Program now!


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  • Susan Murphy
    commented 2020-02-17 09:35:17 -0600
    Why do these Representatives always look to be revelant by spending other people’s money ? Wake up voters !