RINOs and Socialists Team Up to put Minnesota in Debt

The Legislative session has finally come to an end! While there is nothing to celebrate as far as legislation is concerned, we should all be very happy that the Legislature can no longer pass Socialist bills that destroy our state. The Dems and RINOs worked all session long to make our lives harder, more expensive, and less free.

Yesterday, on the final day of session, crony politicians were sure to push a socialist bonding bill that puts our state in debt to benefit the lobbyists and special interests that fund their campaigns. Two bills were discussed as it relates to bonding, one of them being an actual bonding bill (HF669) and the other being a cash only (HF670) (Surplus spending) bill. A bonding bill requires 3/5ths support from the House and Senate in order to pass while the cash bill only needed a majority.

We previously reported that the Senate GOP was withholding their support for the bonding bill in order to get tax cuts. Action 4 Liberty commended their efforts and suggested that they do not sign onto a bonding bill until three conditions are met:

  1. Complete Return of the Surplus to taxpayers
  2. No gun control passed in session
  3. Tax cuts and elimination of Social Security tax

The vote was party line on the bonding bill back in March (with exception to Pappas who voted no just so she could reintroduce it). Then Pappas admitted the ‘Pay to Play’ scheme she was running and cried about it in committee! Since that point, the Democrats did not concede on a single issue and continued their tyrannical agenda. However, the Senate GOP caved!

Fiscal conservatism was nowhere to be found in the MN Capitol building this session and the backbones of the Senate GOP disappeared. In what could have been a sign of strength by Republicans on the very last day turned out to be a sign of their weakness. Our state is now subject to debt for projects that corrupt politicians snuck into a massive omnibus bill.

Below, you can see how your State Representative voted on the bonding bill in a vote of 97-35:

Below is the vote for the bonding bill in the State Senate with a vote of 56-11:

Politicians cannot be trusted with our money and they especially cannot be trusted with a massive Surplus of our overtaxed dollars. We need conservatives to stand up and fight the crony nature of our political system. Taxpayers across our state should not be responsible for the debt that comes from politicians’ pet projects!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-05-23 12:55:09 -0500