Target, Arctic Cat, Tax-Funded Entities Amongst Sponsors of Child Drag Show Group

Last week, we reported on St. Cloud's child drag show, which targeted kids as young as 4 years old. After our team did some digging, we found that many big-name organizations approve of and even promote this behavior. According to St. Cloud Pride’s Facebook Page, they are sponsored by Target, Arctic Cat, and… the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency? MPR News!?

In other words, your tax dollars are being funneled to an organization that puts on drag shows for kids.

One of the performers on Sunday goes by the name Dexter Maine-Love. His most recent public post on Facebook promotes a "sexy burlesque and silly drag" show. Just a few days ago, Dexter danced and accepted tips from children.

Soliciting tips from minors for burlesque-style performances is not only immoral, but it is also illegal. As we reported last week, at least two state statutes prohibit the solicitation of money for sexual performances from minors. In fact, state law outright forbids sexual performances in front of minors. (See §609.352 and 617.246).

There is a lot to unpack here. As you have probably heard by now, Target has come under fire in recent weeks for their overtly grotesque pride displays in stores that are aimed at children and families. This includes “tuck-friendly” swimsuits for kids. It is not at all surprising that Target has given money to this child grooming.

It is unclear how much money Target has given to this group, but it is certainly not the first year that they have done so. St Cloud Pride’s website shows that Target has been donating to this group for at least three years. Other sponsors in previous years include AAA, New Horizon Academy, Amazon, Capital One, and more. 

Another consistent partner for these events is the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA), which is paid for by taxpayer dollars. According to their website, MHFA “finance housing that low and moderate-income Minnesotans can afford while helping Minnesotans buy and fix up their homes.”

How much money did the legislature allocate to MHFA so they can sponsor child-grooming events? 

These organizations need to be made aware of where their money is going to. As we reported last week, St. Cloud Pride encourages children to tip drag queens. The group confirms that they had $1 bills available for stripper-like tipping. 

Tickets were sold at half-price for attendees ages 4-12. "Adult" tickets started at age 13. 

If you are a concerned parent who disapproves of this kind of behavior, take note of which companies support this degeneracy. Your money is best spent elsewhere. 

When it comes to the MHFA, you need to call your state senator and representative. If they have extra funds to throw at grooming events, their entire budget needs to be reevaluated. 

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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2023-06-15 10:34:47 -0500
    I am waiting for a drag queen to give Walz a “lap dance” at the state capital in front of the legislature. Might as well. The DFL party has no shame.
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