Walz Shows Firsthand Mask Not Needed when Socially Distanced

Mask mandates have little to do with science and more to do with government control. Because of the extreme measures by Governors like Tim Walz, who unilaterally created mandates punishable by fines, the wearing of masks or face coverings has devolved into a political debate. At one point, the private sector was in charge of their own policies. Retailers like Menards implemented their own mandate and consumers who didn't like it, could choose to shop elsewhere. But under the illegal and unconstitutional powers of Governor Walz' orders, all Minnesotans are forced to cover their faces and businesses can be fined or jailed for not enforcing the policy in their private buildings. 

It's for these reasons, that Action 4 Liberty strongly opposes the mask mandate and Governor Walz' Emergency Powers that is the source behind it.

Masks do serve some utility. At very close distance, masks help stop water droplets from passing from one person to another. This is why surgeons have been wearing masks even before the pandemic. But that's where the science stops, and you won't hear that from the mainstream media. To stop the transmission of communicable diseases, social distancing is the correct course. Even Governor Walz shows us first hand that's the case when he appeared on WCCO recently with Esme Murphy.


Was Governor Walz endangering the lives of WCCO staff? Of course not. Judging by this photo, he's at least 8 ft away from Esme and poses almost no risk of spreading the disease to her. Instead of leaving the choice of how to protect ourselves, Walz decided to treat us like children and mandate the ultra-risk adverse, foolish policy of universal mask wearing.

Even President Biden shows the safety of being maskless while keeping distance from others. Hours after signing an executive order mandating the wearing of masks on federal properties, he was seen taking photos and speaking at the Lincoln Memorial which would be covered under his mask order. 

(Joshua Roberts/Pool photo via AP)

This typical "do as I say, not as I do" has been a common theme of politicians in the last 11 months. Remember back to last summer when Nancy Pelosi was caught on camera, getting her hair blown out, and not wearing a mask indoors? She loved to lecture the public about mask wearing, but proved firsthand how one can make up their own mind when it comes to mask policies. 

On the other hand, playing things ultra safe and ensuring other members of the zoom conference call don't catch COVID, House Rules Chair Rep Jim McGovern (D-MA) masked up as he presided over the hearing to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments yesterday. We can assure you no COVID particles were transmitted over the digital airways. I guess he takes things more serious than Pelosi, Biden or Walz. 


Let's be honest here. Universal mask wearing is nothing more than political theater. And I, for one, refuse to participate in their games. Governor Walz has completely abused the powers of his office and has unilaterally eradicated our system of government. Whether it's the foolish policy of universal mask mandates, the more dangerous policy of forcing young athletes to cover their mouths while playing sports, or the shutting down of our economy, Walz' Emergency Powers must end.

Action 4 Liberty is leading the fight to End Walz' Emergency Powers in the legislature. Please join tens of thousands of Minnesotans, and SIGN THE PETITION.

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-02-04 10:12:48 -0600