Will the GOP Utilize Leverage to Oppose Big Govt. Bonding Bill?

If you want to find the legislation that encompasses the pet projects for the special interests and lobbyists in Minnesota, look no further than the bonding (debt) bill.

Bonding bills are omnibus, multi-subject, big spending bills that allow for Legislators to tuck random funding schemes in that will largely go unnoticed. Despite Article IV, Section 17 of the Minnesota Constitution stating “No law shall embrace more than one subject, which shall be expressed in its title”, big government politicians and judges have given the green light to this type of corrupt legislation.

Unlike most bills, which only require a simple majority vote from each chamber, a bonding bill requires 3/5ths of the Legislature’s approval in order to pass. While Democrats do have a trifecta of power in our state, they do not have 3/5ths control of either legislative body. This means that a debt bill is the only piece of legislation that Republicans can leverage in order to push conservative legislation.

Unfortunately, many so-called conservative legislators let this opportunity slip through their fingers during the previous legislative session, but perhaps they have since grown a backbone and are willing to fight radical Democrats and their socialist agenda. Republicans caved without gaining a single ounce of dignity and without a single meaningful concession from Democrats. Only 11 GOP Senators and 35 GOP Representatives stuck to their guns last session and opposed this corrupt bill.

Additionally, last session’s debt bill was admittedly a pay to play scheme and the game became very clear when Democrat Sen. Sandra Pappas (SD65) broke down and began crying in a committee hearing and stated that if Republicans wanted projects in the bonding bill then they have to vote for the bill. This kind of activity is very common in politics. Crony politicians threaten to withhold projects for districts unless a legislator agrees to vote for their unconstitutional racket. 

The 2024 legislative session is now underway and a new debt bill is on the table. This presents a golden opportunity for conservatives to shake out the contenders from the pretenders. There is no reason for Republicans to back down and allow Democrats to steamroll them yet again. If 2023 was a learning lesson for Republicans then 2024 is the year to implement a change of strategy to prevent the same exact fate.

Democrats take advantage of weak Republicans who abandon their principles and cave to ridiculous threats. Conservative legislators must withhold their support on bonding bills until the following is done:

  1. Child mutilation is made illegal
  2. Driver’s licenses for illegals are revoked
  3. Removal of carbon neutral energy mandates
  4. Revoking extreme abortion laws
  5. Repealing anti-2nd Amendment gun control laws

The bonding bill is the single piece of leverage that Republicans can utilize and if the opportunity is squandered yet again, grassroots conservatives will be forced to hold their elected officers accountable. Contact your legislators today and tell them to oppose the debt bonding bill until the Democrat’s evil agenda is reversed! It is now or never!


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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2024-02-15 17:25:16 -0600