Woke Edina Church Partners With Radical Minnesota Freedom Fund

The Edina Community Lutheran Church (ECLC) has gained nationwide notoriety for their recitation of the ludicrous “sparkle creed,” but we're learning there's a lot more craziness to this highly politicized church. According to their “mission partners” page on their website, the group has partners with the extremely radical Minnesota Freedom Fund.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) became prominent during the 2020 George Floyd Riots. They serve to bail out everyone and anyone that has been put in jail. This includes violent convicts who have gone on to commit more violent crimes. Worse yet, the group has bailed out alleged child sex offenders.

As recently as February of this year, MFF twice bailed out a homeless man for felony-level possession of drugs (meth and heroin). After being bailed out, he was the driver in a fatal car crash while smoking meth.

MFF also bailed out the suspect in the Minneapolis Mosque arson. According to Crime Watch, court records showed the suspect had a history of mental health issues.

Now-Vice President Kamala Harris even promoted this group on the campaign trail, encouraging donations.

She eventually tried to walk back her support, even claiming that her support for the organization is "misinformation."

Even with endless scandals and missteps coming from this organization, the ECLC proudly partners with them and promotes the group on its website.

Check out our story about the ECLC’s “Sparkle Creed.”

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