2024 Leg. Session Starts: Dem Agenda to Further Destroy MN














The 2024 legislative session has begun today and it is time for Patriots to prepare for the upcoming political fights against the radical, socialist agenda by MN Democrats.

While the vast majority of media will prop up the immoral, big government plans by Democrats, Action 4 Liberty will continue to provide substantive review of legislation and plans in our State Legislature.

After the worst legislative session in the history of our state in 2023, from legalizing child mutilation and hormone blockers to failed energy mandates to drivers licenses for illegals to abortions up to the moment of birth, among other issues, MN citizens know just how evil, backwards, and under-handed the Democrats and RINOs will be this session. However, with an election coming up Democrats will pretend to moderate. Tyrant Tim Walz says this session will be “normal” but nobody can trust him at his word.

Below you can see several of the big items that will be addressed this session and how We The People can fight back:

Sanctuary State for Illegals

Socialists Sen. Omar Fateh (SD62) and Rep. Sandra Feist (39B) have 18 other co-authors on HF2860/SF2724 which would make Minnesota a sanctuary state for illegals and prevent the enforcement of immigration laws in our state. This would prevent our law enforcement and government agencies/agents from cooperating with federal immigration officials, arresting illegals for unlawfully crossing the border, or even questioning an individual on their immigration status. This comes on the heels of ICE confirming a terrorist who illegally entered our country was caught in Minnesota.

This bill would also give Antifa Keith Ellison new power to target individuals who violate this law. In practice, this would allow illegals to weaponize the government against individuals who seek to enforce law and order. This bill would be detrimental to election integrity, crime, safety, and our state at large. As illegals have already been given drivers licenses with no indication on them that suggests they are not citizens, Patriots on the ground must fight this tooth and nail.

Patriotic citizens must demand their elected officials oppose this radical legislation and sign up to be election judges/observers to prevent illegals from voting in our elections in 2024.

So-called “Equal Rights Amendment”

One big ticket item the Democrats did not pass last session that is sure to be debated is their so-called “Equal Rights Amendment”. This bill would prevent “discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and national origin” among other things. 

In short, this would enshrine protections for transgenders to compete against your daughters in sport competitions and create prosecutorial authorities against citizens with common sense who try to fight this BS. Last session, this was passed in the State Senate with all Democrats and 6 RINOs (Julia Coleman, Rich Draheim, Zach Duckworth, Karin Housley, Jeremy Miller, and John Jasinksi). Patriots must expose this issue and pressure RINOs and so-called moderate Democrats to prevent this from going any further.

Assisted Suicide

While one might think that individuals deserve the Right to die (when facing terminal illnesses) just as they have the Right to Life, this issue is far more complicated than Democrats would ever let you know. 

Our Communist neighbors to our north, Canada, has instituted euthanasia laws that has led to deaths of individuals who had no terminal illness and were pressured to be killed by evil white coats. Stories like the one linked are all too common once laws for “assisted suicide” are passed and we cannot allow Minnesotans to be killed out of convenience for morally bankrupt doctors and nurses. Citizens must become informed on this issue to prevent this fate from happening to a loved one.

Eliminating Electoral College

Another attempt to eliminate the Electoral College and subjugate Minnesota to the electoral desires of California and New York is likely to be debated again. This would make our votes in the Presidential election meaningless and allow radical states to determine the President entirely. If Democrats would take the time to study American history and the genius of our Electoral College system, perhaps they would get the wake up call they need.

Bonding Bill

Last session’s pay to play bonding bill was the single biggest piece of leverage that RINOs squandered by caving. Bonding bills are special interest, big government pet projects that require 3/5ths approval by the Legislature. It is again expected that the Legislature will take up the lobbyists’ favorite bill, but conservatives should withhold support unless a reversal of all radical policies is accomplished.


Citizen engagement is the only thing that will prevent another radical session from further destroying our state. It is up to We The People to inform ourselves on the issues, pressure our Legislators, and provide consequences for those that support the Democrat agenda. Today is only day 1 and we’ve got plenty of fights ahead. Now is the time to get your boots on and charge onto the battlefield to save our state and defend the Constitution!

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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2024-02-15 10:47:14 -0600
    If the sanctuary state bill passes, illegals need to be dropped at the personal homes/towns of every MN DFL member, from the governor and down, and all of their supporters. It is bad enough the illegals now get free health care and college tuition. US citizens are being put on the back burner. The MN DFL party has learned nothing from the mistakes other sanctuary cities/states have already made. Just wait until the hospitals/schools get overrun with additional costs and have to close and they come to the state with their hand out for more money. Thus, increasing the tax burden on the rest of us.
  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2024-02-12 19:02:05 -0600