Shady Backroom Deals; ‘Pay to Play’ Bonding Bill to be Reconsidered

Our massive budget surplus is dwindling by the day in Minnesota. Politicians, especially the Minnesota Democrats, have no respect for your hard-earned, overtaxed dollars. Pet projects pushed by lobbyists and special interests seem to be the priority of our Legislature when they should be giving a total refund of the Surplus to MN taxpayers.

Many may remember our reporting on the “pay to play” scheme that was being run by Senator Sandra Pappas (Dem-SD65). Pappas broke down crying in that committee and admitted that she pulled GOP bills from the committee agenda as retribution for them not voting for the bonding bill. She argued that if GOP Senators wanted projects in the bill, they would have to vote for the bill and that there will be consequences for how they voted. This is the very type of corruption that Action 4 Liberty is fighting against.

A bonding bill requires 3/5ths of the Legislature’s support in order to pass, unlike most bills that just require a majority vote. This means that this bill is the single piece of leverage that the GOP has under Democratic trifecta control. The bill in question, HF669, is a large, corrupt omnibus bill spending nearly $2 Billion that puts our state in debt rather than spending the money they have (our overtaxed Surplus). This bill passed the House with the help of 21 RINOs but it was held back by the Senate GOP because it did not include tax cuts.

Since then, the bonding bill appeared to be dead on arrival due to the Senate GOP. However, this no longer appears to be the case because MN House Speaker Melissa Hortman (Dem-34B) is continuing the Pay to Play tactics! She told MPR News that she approached the Senate GOP for one last chance to pass a bonding bill. To make matters worse, Hortman refused to say the details of the plan and is hiding critical information from the public! This is anti-transparency and forces the Pay to Play scheme.

Hortman says that the Senate GOP has until Monday at 5PM to come to an agreement or the Democrats will move forward with their crony, big spending bonding bill as a “cash only” bill which would spend more of our Surplus and require only a majority vote. The GOP should not negotiate with terrorists and should not spend one more cent of our Surplus!

Unfortunately, Senate GOP “leader” Mark Johnson (RINO-SD1) appears to be open to bonding bill discussions and hopes to reach an agreement (for this radical, big government bill). What a joke! Politicians love to leave the public out of their talks that take place behind closed doors! The GOP needs to play tough once and for all: Refuse any deal that doesn't include giving back the surplus, protecting gun rights and stopping all the Democrats' tax proposals.

The line in the sand is drawn, the GOP needs to fight for conservative principles and not concede an inch!

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  • Tucker Hittesdorf
    commented 2023-05-09 09:56:42 -0500
    Sounds like an insurrection to me. I say we go stop this insurrection with force.
  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-05-08 11:59:50 -0500