Dems push $200 Million Socialist Plan for “Basic Income Grants”

Minnesota Democrats have been ram-rodding their radical agenda through the Legislature at an unprecedented pace. We have never seen our state government expand so quickly with so many bills spending our massive budget surplus. On every consequential vote, the Democrats have been in complete lockstep.

Now they are pushing for the Socialist “basic income grants” in the appropriately titled HF2666 that will spend over $200 Million over the next two years! This is the pilot plan for Communism in our state. To make matters worse, the money will be appropriated from the General Fund... meaning our $21 Billion Surplus!

Five Democrats have signed on as authors and it is the usual Communist suspects: Hollins (66B), Gomez (62A), Agbaje (59B), Xiong (67B), and Heather Keeler (4A) who also wants to ban white people from adopting outside their race!

This bill would spend our Surplus money by giving it to local governments, Indian tribes, or nonprofits who get to divvy it up however they want! This wouldn’t be the first time that Democrats used nonprofits for fraud, remember the Feeding Our Future SCAM? The amount of fraud and corruption this bill will cause is unbelievable.

Along with the fiscal disaster this bill causes, it doubles down on the Democrats’ racist agenda by favoring Indians over everyone else! We also create a society of lazy people who refuse to work because the government is paying them to sit at home! Individuals could receive payments between $350 to $1200 a month if they know a bureaucrat who will sign off on them.

Our society is collapsing and Democrats are turning working men into welfare queens. We cannot allow the Democrats to turn us into a Socialist state that attacks taxpayers and rewards the leeches of society. Contact your legislators and make sure they oppose this SCAM!

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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2023-03-09 11:08:26 -0600
    I wonder when the DFL/socialist party in this state will pass a “white person removal act”. Similar to the Indian removal act of 1836 that presidents Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk pushed through. Both of which were Democrats. Basically, what this act did was to force the tribes of SE US to Oklahoma at the point of a bayonet. Then Jackson took the land and made a fortune re-selling it. I don’t hear the Indians bitching about the Democratic party when this act practiced genocide on those tribes to the tune of thousands of lives. Where is our LT Govenor stance on being a "Demon"crat?
  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-03-06 19:06:22 -0600