The People Trying to Remove Trump from MN Ballots

The banana republic of the United States has reached an all time low as the Deep State and corrupt attorneys fight to remove President Trump from primary and general election ballots across our country. This battle is fundamental to the future of our country, ‘We The People’ are the real jury and removing our Right to vote for the candidate of our choosing is dictatorial. Never before has the leading candidate for President faced such unfair obstacles for ballot access.

This fight is now at our doorsteps in Minnesota as RINOs and Dems are working together to remove Trump from our primary and general election ballots. A lawsuit was filed with the Sec. of State’s office by a group called “Free Speech For People”. Despite their name, this group is seeking to limit the most basic example of free speech citizens can use, their vote. The lawsuit alleges that Trump tried to “overturn the government” and caused an “insurrection”. They seek to remove Trump from ballots by misusing the 14th Amendment.

It is not just this national group that is trying to upend our elections, it is RINOs right here in Minnesota! Former GOP appointed MN Supreme Court Justice Paul Anderson, former Steele County GOP co-chair David Thul, as well as radical leftist Democrats, are behind the witch hunt against Trump. Thul is a longtime establishment RINO/Never Trumper who left the GOP in 2016 yet still flaunts his Republican credentials for power grabs.

To make matters worse, the corrupt law firm that has filed erroneous, B.S. complaints against Action 4 Liberty are also involved! Corrupt Charles Nauen of Lockridge Grindal Nauen is an attorney for this ridiculous lawsuit and is a known opponent of liberty. 

To refresh your memory, this is the group that represented the Democratic Party’s failed CFB complaint against Action 4 Liberty in 2021 because of our fight against unconstitutional lockdowns. On July 29th, 2021 the CFB correctly determined there was no probable cause for the complaints.

Since the complaint was dismissed, Walz appointed David Asp to the CFB. Asp is the definition of conflicts of interest because he additionally is a member of Lockridge Grindal Nauen's firm and the Chairman of the Jobs Coalition. Asp has been an opponent of A4L and consistently sided against our organization in other BS complaints, even against the legal advice from CFB counsel. The Jobs Coalition serves as the Establishment/Kurt Daudt’s slush fund to back RINOs over endorsed liberty champions, as we reported, they ended up with ZERO wins in the primary!  

The very same people who target Action 4 Liberty are going after President Trump!

To make matters worse, election fraud lover SOS Steve Simon’s representation against this case will come from Antifa Keith Ellison and the AG’s office! This means that the only defense Trump will have at the state level is a radical leftist who would also love to remove him from the ballot. How’s that for a crooked and rigged system?

It is painfully clear that the Establishment RINOs are deeply afraid of a second Trump term. It comes as no surprise that the Swamp wants nothing to do with “Draining the Swamp”. It is shocking that so-called Republicans would weaponize the government against political opponents but it is par for the course with crooked politicos. They fear President Trump and the America First agenda because it places the priorities of ‘We The People’ over corrupt insiders. Action 4 Liberty and President Donald J. Trump have shared enemies because we similarly fight for freedom and truth. This case may need to be resolved with the US Supreme Court in order to re-establish Trump’s ballot access. In these unprecedented times, we must be ready to fight and Save America. Groups like A4L are our last line of defense against the Communist takeover of our country, join the fight!

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  • Paul Bade
    commented 2023-09-17 15:23:28 -0500
    <b>President Trump certainly has not been convicted of rebellion or insurrection.</b> These lawsuits are therefore premature and without merit. There is no credible evidence that Donald J. Trump took action to overthrow or rebel against the government. Protesting an election by alleging it was conducted improperly does not constitute insurrection, nor does seeking to have it properly reviewed. To the contrary, this is protected by the First Amendment’s specification that there shall be no law against peacefully seeking the redress of grievances. The persons bringing this frivolous lawsuit should receive the penalty they seek against Donald Trump: they should be barred from ever appearing on a Minnesota ballot for public office.
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