State Central Scam; MNGOP Debt Problem is all on David Hann

This is an opinion piece by MAGA Jesse

The State Central Scam of 2023 was an intentionally designed time-suck for the Establishment to screw the grassroots out of time, money, and energy. Perhaps Hann will utilize some of the State Central money paying off the $414,000 party debt instead of lining his own pockets.

Here's a recap of what I witnessed at the State Central delegate meeting on Saturday...

The morning started off with a bang as an Establishment henchman Sergeant at Arms began blockading a door leading to a room rented by Rebuild the MNGOP. This group of Patriots wanted to provide a nice space for delegates to mingle, enjoy water and snacks, and discuss ideas. The very concept of this sent chills down the MNGOP Swamp’s spine, individuals thinking for themselves is not allowed in the high ranks of the party!

Tommy Merickel, a well known RINO, was rude and mean to several female delegates, who had no prior knowledge of the person they were encountering. Merickel is connected with the Minnesota Jobs Coalition and fundraised big money for RINO state house candidates. They won a whopping ZERO primary wins. His antics appear to be in line with his out of touch philosophies!

Merickel is also known for his role in removing 33 duly elected delegates in Otter Tail County and tilting the scale in the BPOU endorsing convention for RINO Jordan Rasmussen and against Patriot Nathan Miller. Tommy has been a strong backer of new MNGOP rules that allow BPOU and CD Chairs to ban delegates who break some kind of anti-free speech loyalty allegiance. The irony is rich considering all of the money he spent on unendorsed candidates in the primary against conservatives like former Rep. Erik Mortensen, Rep. Mike Weiner, and Mark Bishofsky.

The MNGOP leadership has shown an unwillingness to adapt and exemplifies the weak Republican Party that we ditched in 2016 - the MAGA era. In almost every single state, MAGA defines the average GOP voter, but the MNGOP is defined by debt, no principles, and losing. 

Social club Republicans hold a majority stake in this Party. To them, it’s better to lose every election than lose their grip on center-right political power. Patriots who question the status quo are considered opposition instead of allies. Several hardcore conservatives were called Democrats by establishment, big government RINOs; further cementing the outrageous lies and smears they will whip out over the tiniest bit of pushback to the failed MNGOP leadership.

Flyers were distributed by delegates like William Beck, Drew Roach and myself, showing dissatisfaction with David Hann. Many of us hoped to chart a new direction for the MNGOP. See flyers below:

While some delegates were hopeful for the future of a Party that would embrace MAGA patriots, eliminate party debt, support the grassroots, abide by endorsements, campaign on a conservative agenda, win elections, and save our state/country, others were fine with a continuation of a George Bush style Party into 2024. Delegate William Beck even provided a detailed list of qualified individuals who the party could rally behind:

Some Patriots faced consequences for wielding their free speech against the powerful. Delegate David Penn was ejected early from the meeting after powerfully calling for the removal of several MNGOP members in leadership. Another delegate was ejected after comparing RINO convention Chair Dave Osmek's silencing of him to Germany in the 1930s. Osmek later went on AM1280 to call my Trump flyer "unhinged and crazy"... That is how the establishment sees MAGA.

In another instance, while I was distributing the literature calling on delegates to find a “Mike Johnson” type leader to unify, establishment pawn Kip Christensen began pushing me, falsely claiming that there was no disclaimer, and hoping to ban me from the floor. I pointed out the obvious disclaimer at the bottom and called Kip an idiot, which offended him, but he should expect to be called as he acts, especially when committing a definitional case of simple assault. 

The goal of delegates was to revitalize the party and support a new leader that all conservatives could rally behind but that goal was cut short by under-handed, cherry-picking and intentional misinterpretations of the MNGOP rules, bylaws, and Constitution. In a ridiculous show of theatre, White Knight David Hann pretended like he supported the motion going on the agenda! Convention chair Dave Osmek served as a mouthpiece for the establishment by showing favor towards them in almost all rulings. Osmek completely and utterly failed at serving as an impartial chair as his bias was apparent to any clear-minded observer.

Unlike the previous attempt of removal of David Hann, this removal was sent in well beyond ten days in advance (as required by the MNGOP Constitution) and was served in person and electronically. Hann falsely claimed that the removal was anonymous, even though every delegate was notified immediately that it was filed by Larry Doose, and they were notified of that fact from Larry Doose. Hann’s slight of hand is in reference to other removal charges that were filed against MNGOP Secretary Jenna Dicks and RNC Committeeman Alex Plechash, which were anonymous. Hann also was shrugging and shaking his head at the idea of being served, misguiding delegates from an undeniable truth.

However, this does not dispute the original point so I went to the microphone and asked the Chair if removals had to be filed before a convention call is out and how to amend an agenda that doesn’t yet exist. Osmek avoided the question multiple times until he finally answered yes, even though no language in the MNGOP Constitution, bylaws, or rules would indicate that to be the case. Osmek, Hann, and the parliamentarian were experts at masquerading Robert’s Rules of Order as a tool to confuse delegates from the truth. The truth is simple, Larry Doose is a Patriot who felt the need to rebuild the party and win big in 2024. The attempts to smear his integrity were desperate swings at a Patriot standing his ground. If the MNGOP had a few more Larry Dooses, then maybe their leadership could be held accountable.

Delegates and guests paid $65-$85 to help dig Hann out of his debt problems and get run over by establishment proceedings. The disdain and disregard the establishment has for the activists on the ground makes it clear how things stand with the grassroots and the MGNOP. At one point, MNGOP leaders began chastising delegates for not giving the party enough money! They blamed the grassroots for their terrible fundraising numbers and some delegates spoke up and said that they didn’t trust the party with their money - as they shouldn’t.

David Hann, for whatever reason, still wants to lead the MNGOP to disaster. He is an avid Anti-Trump RINO who has put the party in massive debt and the majority of the grassroots do not trust his leadership. Why would you want to lead a party that has such a large faction fighting you? If Hann truly wanted conservatives to unite, he would understand he needs to step aside. Instead, Hann will squirm and tell bald-face lies to any poor sap buying what he’s selling. If he had an ounce of self-reflection, he would see he is not the right person to lead the party.

There is a new era of freedom on the horizon but RINOs are doing everything they can to roadblock that effort. It has become evidently clear that the MNGOP leadership, and even a good segment of the State Central delegation, have become out of touch with 'We The People.'

Now, does this mean the party can’t win? In a lot of cases, yes. Their only hope is to siphon off the electricity made by President Donald Trump in this race and use the work of Patriots as their own accomplishments. Additionally, candidates must not listen to the campaign advice of David Hann, who sent an email directing candidates to call abortion a “Constitutional Right”, see below:

Was Hann suggesting that Republicans lie to voters about abortion law in Minnesota or that they lie about what their actual position is? Was his goal to ensure that this issue does become a “Constitutional Right”? Why would the messaging of campaigns cave to false leftist talking points instead of discussing the Democrat’s radical policies on late-term and post-birth abortions or the tax dollars funneled to Planned Parenthood?

Hann will say anything and feeds intel to DFL Chair Ken Martin. Martin and other high level Democrats know that Hann is a weak opponent, and that’s why their friends in the media covered these proceedings in such a negative light. There are zero young people, black people, Hmong people, Somali people, or anyone for that matter coming to the party with Hann in charge. Uninspiring leadership co-opts potential growth efforts.

The $414,000+ worth of debt the MNGOP has is not the fault of any voter, it is the result of poor fiscal management by David Hann. The party is in shambles and the delegation of State Central has been fooled yet again. If Trump and down ticket Republicans are going to win in 2024, it will be done from the outside of the party, not the inside. The MNGOP would be totally dead in the water if it weren’t for Trump and the America First movement. If they can ride off our coattails effectively, we could see some big things out of Minnesota in 2024!

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  • Paul Bade
    commented 2023-12-15 12:00:24 -0600
    David Hann’s statement on abortion is completely contrary to the Minnesota Republican Party platform. The party platform has never recognized abortion as a “right,” and this plank has not been changed in convention. As Jesse pointed out, the notion that it is a “constitutional right” is not a settled question by ay means. Hann’s position demands we surrender on this civil rights issue.

    Neither the Supreme Court nor the Legislature will make a move to limit abortion if the GOP caves on it. The DFL knows it is not a settled constitutional right; that is why they were in such a hurry to pass the PRO Act at the beginning of this legislative session. They wanted to cut off any appeal of that horrible ruling by Judge Thomas Dougherty enjoining enforcement of Minnesota’s life and consumer protection statutes. An appeal would have shown that Minnesota’s supposed right to an abortion was based solely on the validity of Roe V. Wade, not some actual basis in the Minnesota Constitution.

    This alone should be enough to call for the resignation of those who put this letter together.
  • Mike Moranz
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    published this page in News 2023-12-12 20:09:17 -0600