Democrat Governors Association Goes Further Left by Making Tim Walz Chair

The Democrat Party keeps going further left in every way, shape and form. Now the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) is appointing Minnesota's radical, lockdown governor, Tim Walz, as its new chair.

Walz is a former Congressman from Minnesota's southern 1st Congressional District. He initially ran for the seat when he saw an opportunity for a Nebraska born and raised guy to catapult into a big political career in the North Star State. However, to do so, Walz who was serving as a Master Sergeant in the MN Army National Guard, had to abandon his troops and his position as a conditionally promoted Command Sergeant Major as the unit was preparing to deploy to Iraq. He abruptly retired without any duty in a combat zone.

As a Congressman, Walz had a reputation for being a more moderate Democrat, although signs of him being a radical leftists were there if one was looking. In 2010, Walz co-sponsored a resolution praising Klaus Schwab and his globalist, anti-freedom organization, the World Economic Forum. 

When Walz became Governor in 2019, Minnesotans quickly got to experience a Governor who played politics meaner and further left than his predecessors. His tactics in growing Minnesota's budget and raising taxes worried many. But it wasn't until March 18th of 2020, when Minnesotans found out the true tyrannical, anti-liberty leanings of Walz.

For the next year, Walz implemented citizen lockdowns, mask mandates, state worker experimental vaccine requirements, and two rounds of business shutdowns. He also completely mismanaged the Minneapolis riots that led to thugs burning down the Minneapolis Third Police Precinct. His popularity waned towards the end of COVID and he finally relinquished his unconstitutional emergency powers thanks to the work of our field teams putting pressure on the weakest members of his Party.

Unfortunately, voters had short memories in November 2022 and re-elected the failed governor. And due to incompetence on the part of Minnesota Republicans election teams, Democrats won a trifecta of the government. That's when we learned just how radical Tim Walz really is.

Since taking over full control of government early this year, Walz has blown through a record $21 Billion budget surplus by spending it on more reckless government. Even with that surplus, he raised taxes on Minnesotans. As if higher taxes weren't bad enough, he made sure Minnesotans would pay more for energy as he mandated all electricity produced in the state to be carbon free by 2040 (85% by 2030).

Then he passed a multitude of extremely radical social policies like allowing a 6 year old to get genital mutilation surgery against a parent's approval; abortion even after the birth of a child; AND Walz signed a bill that considers pedophilia a "sexual orientation" under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. 

This is the man the Democratic Governors Association picked to head their organization. 

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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2023-12-07 10:25:29 -0600
    He got out of the army to save his butt. What a coward. I wish he would go back to Nebraska where he belongs. He and the other DFL radicals have turned the state in California. The new state song should be “California Here I Come”.
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-12-04 10:09:13 -0600