Effort to ‘Rebuild MN GOP’ Gains Steam

For years, the Minnesota Republican Party has been on a downward trajectory. As of January 2023, the party has no significant role in Minnesota’s government whatsoever. This can be blamed on a plethora of missteps by party leadership, which have been called out by activists for years.

Now, an effort to set the party straight has come underway. 

On September 1st, an organization called “Rebuild the MNGOP” sent an email to Republican State Central Delegates. Among a variety of issues, the organization claims that Republican State Chair Dave Hann has failed to follow state law in regard to the recently passed state statutes 202A.12 and 202A.13.

Action 4 Liberty chatted with activist Dave Hughes, who signed the initial “Rebuild the MNGOP” email. He says that the party has not submitted a proper Constitution to the Minnesota Secretary of State since 1988.

Chair Hann disputes the need to update the Constitution with the Secretary of State, saying that “...the SOS emailed us a few months ago on June 26 confirming that the MN GOP qualified for major party status based on the results of the 2022 election.”

Only time can tell whether or not the GOP will continue to qualify as a major party in Minnesota. The fact that this discussion is even taking place shows that the party is in turmoil.

On another front, a lawsuit has been filed to disqualify Republican frontrunner Donald Trump from even being present on the primary and general election ballots in Minnesota. Shall this effort be successful, Republicans could be without a presidential candidate in the state. 

Republican activists focus their blame on Chairman Hann. Under his leadership, the party notoriously drained its bank account – leaving an embarrassingly low $53 in its account. Simultaneously, the party has focused its fire on groups like Action 4 Liberty, who stand for limited government and individual liberties. 

Make note that the Minnesota Republican Party celebrated left-wing attacks on Action 4 Liberty in election year 2022. The year where conservative candidates barely lost their races. 

In fact, the Republican Party cut off data access to many conservative candidates for office just weeks before their 2022 primary elections. It is almost like he wanted them to fail!

Dave Hann is more interested in picking bitter fights with the grassroots activists of his party than he is holding far-left Democrats accountable. 

Should the “Rebuild the MNGOP” effort be successful, there is a chance that Dave Hann is removed by Republican State Central Delegates.

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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-09-19 06:35:42 -0500