MN Dems Plan to Mandate Child Mutilation Insurance Coverage

Last session, we saw Democrats ram through an agenda including the legalization of child mutilation, removal of parental rights for parents who dispute transgender medical procedures of their child, and protection of pedophiles in the Minnesota Human Rights Act

They now plan to mandate health insurance companies to cover “all medical, surgical, counseling, or referral services” and consider transgender procedures to be “medically necessary care”. This will set a new precedent that will force local insurance agents to cover sterilization or it would be “discriminatory”.  

This bill has 24 Representatives and five Senators signed on, all Democrats. 

The obvious culprit is Rep. “Leigh” Finke, former “woman” of the year, despite not being a woman. Democrats have caved to Finke’s demands out of fear of being called “transphobic”, despite clear evidence demonstrating that hormonal and surgical changes to children is devastating to their physical and mental health. However, Finke is just another cross-dressing puppet in the downfall of our state and is likely receiving legislation from other states like California who have similar statutes in their books.

Despite the divisive and illogical nature of this bill, FIVE swing district Democrats have signed on as well in an election year! Representatives Kristin Bahner (37B), Kim Hicks (25A), Kristi Pursell (58A), Zack Stephenson (35A), and Brad Tabke (54A) all appear to care more about mutilating children than their 2024 election prospects. 

Swing district voters do not want their Legislators to do the work of the Far Left. Minnesota is currently held captive by groomers, perpetrators, and enablers of the Radical agenda to target kids and indoctrinate gender dysphoria into them. Only 22% of people support child mutilation and that would be even lower if they were presented with the horrifying evidence of transgender surgeries and their effects on youth. 

This bill not only applies to coverage of children, but to all insured people. While adults can consent and are free to become transgenders, health care providers and insurance agents should not be required to cover “healthcare” that will cause irreversible disfigurement on their clients. This bill implies serious 

Despite the State Legislative website indicating that there are 25 House co-authors on this bill, Ruth Richardson resigned and is no longer in office but is still listed! Sloppy work to misinform voters on the level of support shows a clear lack of attention to detail by Finke and other taxpayer public servants. See below:

This bill now sits in the House Health Finance and Policy Committee and the Senate Health and Human Services Committee but has had more movement in the House. Patriotic citizens must stand up and fight back against the radical left agenda! We are the last line of defense! Below you can find the contact information for the Representatives who sit on this committee and the swing district Democrats:

Swing District Co-Authors

Kristin Bahner (37B) | 651-296-5502 [email protected]

Kim Hicks (25A)  | 651-296-4378 [email protected]

Kristi Prusell (58A) | 651-296-0171 [email protected] 

Zack Stephenson (35A) | 651-296-5513 [email protected] 

Brad Tabke (54A) | 651-296-8872 [email protected]


Health Finance & Policy Cmte. Democrats

Tina Liebiling (24B) | 651-296-0573 [email protected] 

Robert Bierman (56A) | 651-296-5506 [email protected] 

Patty Acomb (45B) | 651-296-9934 [email protected]

Kristin Bahner (37B) | 651-296-5502 [email protected]

Ned Carroll (42A) | 651-296-5510 [email protected] 

Steve Elkins (50B) | 651-296-7803 [email protected] 

Pete Fischer (44A) | 651-296-5363 [email protected] 

Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger | 651-296-7807 [email protected]

Kaohly Vang Her (64A) | 651-296-8799 [email protected] 

Liz Reyer (52A) | 651-296-4128 [email protected] 

Andy Smith (25B) | 651-296-9249 [email protected] 


Health Finance & Policy Cmte. Republicans

Joe Schoemacker (21A) | 651-296-5505 [email protected] 

Jeff Backer (9A) | 651-296-4929 [email protected] 

Deb Kiel (1B) | 651-296-5091 [email protected]

Tom Murphy (9B) | 651-296-4946 [email protected]

Danny Nadeau (34A) | 651-296-4315 [email protected]

Anne Neu Brindley (28B) | 651-296-5377 [email protected]

Bernie Perryman (14A) | 651-296-6316 [email protected] 

Duane Quam (24A) | 651-296-9236 [email protected] 


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