Woke Legislators: Mandatory Pride Flags in Schools and Govt. Buildings

The indoctrination of our children has reached a new level of insanity. Twisted and demented individuals within politics and the education system are fighting to sexualize and mutilate children. They push this propaganda in schools because young, developing minds can be convinced of anything. 

While most parents simply want their child to get a good education without political bias, Representatives “Leigh” Finke (66A), DWI Brion Curran (36B), and two-spirit moron Alicia Kozlowski (8B) introduced a bill (HF4273) that would mandate “rainbow” flags, banners, posters, or visual display in state/local government buildings, universities/colleges, public schools, and some charter schools. It would not allow people to ban or even removal of said items.

This bill has zero foresight or genuine practicality as it does not provide any limits or timelines when these pride flags would be around or who can put them up! Can anyone post a pride display anywhere in these buildings and employees will be prohibited from taking it down? Does this mean that these pride displays will be permanent fixtures of government buildings/schools and charter schools put up by anyone at any time for any reason? This would not even serve as a functional law and would require all to bow to the LGBT pro-pedophile agenda.

If the three stooges knew how to craft a bill and not mandate anything “rainbow”, they would be trying to force any of these schools or buildings that allow signage to have pride stuff out there too. Local governments and state buildings/agencies should not be forced to comply with propaganda standards for a select minority. Should a small town city hall or a local post office or elementary schools be forced to be flooded with sexual information everywhere? 

Do these people always want society to be forced to praise and worship them forever? Will enough ever be enough? When their arguments are not strong enough to withstand debate and criticism, power hungry creeps will always use force and mandates to push their agenda. 

Don’t forget that Finke, Curran, and Kozlowski all voted for child mutilation and voted to remove the law preventing pedophiles from being protected under the MN Human Rights Act! Curran’s drunk driving, arrest, guilty plea, and guilty ruling has shown she shouldn’t be driving a car, nonetheless driving legislation through the state House. Finke has even written a book targeting Christian children to convince them to watch gay porn, reject their parents, take hormone blockers, and have their bodies mutilated.

This idea is apparently so ridiculous that there are ZERO Senators signed onto it! Kozlowski’s pretend pronouns (they/them) are also so stupid that Democrat Dan Wolgamott (14B) (another drunk driver) can’t even keep up when he “misgendered” HER on the House floor. To play the pronoun game you are not an "ally", you are a mental illness enabler. With no companion bill, this is stalled in the immediate time frame but should be on every parent and citizen’s radar. Now is the time to fight back!


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  • Paul Bade
    commented 2024-03-01 20:23:10 -0600
    Quick fix for this idiocy: get 4′ × 8′ rainbow flags and fasten them over the door frames of these legislators’ offices, with copies of this bill pinned to them and the “no removal” clause highlighted.

    Another possibility: point out that historically, one of the most persecuted groups has been Christians, so we have to also include the Christian flag and likewise, the Israeli flag to represent the Jews. While we’re putting up flags to represent causes, issues and ideologies, in every government office we must have the Gadsden flag, the “STOP Abortion,” “Life begins at conception” and POW flags. Oh, and don’t forget the tribal sigils for everybody – Assiniboine, Belgian, Cheyenne, Chinese and Czechs, Danish, English, Fox and French, German, Hmong, Ho-Chunk and Hungarian, Iowan and various groups from India, Japanese, Kenyan and Korean, Lakota and Lithuanian, Maltese and Moldovan, Norwegian …all the way through Winnebago.

    Maybe these clowns will someday put aside forcing their divisive nonsense on us and let everybody be content with the state and U. S. flags, and concede that the ideal of our republic is “one nation … under God … with liberty and justice for all.”
  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2024-02-28 18:43:52 -0600