Big Protest Today at Governor's Mansion

A large protest is planned today at the Governor's Mansion from noon to 3 pm to demand the Governor end his "Stay Home or Else" order and reopen the economy. The protest is organized by Michele Even, who was our 2019 Activist of the Year recipient. 

"This overreaction by the Governor has gone on long enough and we aren't going to take it anymore" stated Michele Even. "All jobs are essential. People need to support themselves and their families".

Even's objectives is to send a message to the Governor and the Legislature through the use of the Constitutionally protected rights of free speech and freedom to assemble. "People's lives are already in turmoil and the cure is worse than the disease at this point" added Michele. "People are fed up with this lock down".

Hundreds of protestors are expected to turn out today. For more information, visit to learn about this and possible future protests. 


Time: Noon to 3 pm

Location: Governor's Mansion

How Your Legislator Voted on Terminating Walz' Emergency Powers

On Tuesday, Rep Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) introduced a resolution to terminate Governor Walz' Emergency Powers and made a motion to suspend the rules to vote on the bill. Speaking out against the bill was the DFL Republican Majority Leader Ryan Winkler and the Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt. Both Winkler and Daudt asked their caucuses to vote against the measure. All four members of the New House Republican Caucus (Bahr, Drazkowski, Miller & Munson) spoke in favor of the bill.

Two votes occurred on the motion that will not be found in the official House Journal. The first vote was to show if there were 15 hands to force a roll call vote so the Journal showed how legislators voted on the measure. This failed as many in Daudt's Republican caucus voted against transparency. The second vote was a vote to suspend the rules and vote to end Walz' Emergency Powers.

Daudt later introduced a watered down version of ending Walz' powers that kept many of his executive orders intact. Action 4 Liberty does not support his approach because we view the powers of the Governor's to be unconstitutional. 

Here's the video of the debate and the vote

Daudt and Several Republican Legislators Protect Walz' Emergency Powers

Republican Representative Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) forced a vote today on a resolution that would strip Governor Walz of his emergency powers. A bill that has received overwhelming support from concerned Minnesotan business owners and workers. But Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt rallied members of his caucus to vote against the measure, thus protecting Walz' Emergency Powers.

This issue will not be going away. Sign our petition and tell legislators to take back our state and End Walz' Emergency Powers now!



Drazkowski, Munson Introduce Bill to Strip Governor Walz of Powers

Rep Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) introduced a joint resolution today that would terminate Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. Walz just announced the extension of his emergency powers, citing authority granted in State Statute 12.31 Subd. 2. That chapter of the law also states that a majority of both the House and Senate can remove the Governor's emergency powers, which is the purpose of Drazkowski's resolution.

Joining him on the resolution are members from the New House Republican Caucus: Reps Jeremy Munson, Cal Bahr and Tim Miller.  Language of the resolution is posted here. Here's what the resolution says:

BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota, the Senate​ concurring, that the legislature exercises its authority under Minnesota Statutes, section 12.31,​ subdivision 2, paragraph (b), terminating the peacetime emergency declared under Executive Order​ 20-01.​

The Minnesota House is scheduled to convene on Tuesday, April 14th at noon for a floor session. It's unlikely that the Democrat controlled chamber would move the bill, but we expect to see a motion made by Rep Drazkowski on the floor. 

Action 4 Liberty supports this resolution and calls for an end to Walz' emergency powers. We need to open Minnesota's economy back up in a safe and reasonable way. 

URGENT: Contact your legislator and tell them to support Drazkowski's resolution to terminate Governor Walz' Emergency Powers.



Gazelka Tweet Shows Disapproval for Walz' "Stay Home or Else" Order

Republican Senate Majority Leader made a statement on Twitter yesterday signaling his disapproval of Governor Tim Walz' extension of the "Stay Home or Else" order. The tweet appears to be the most vocal opposition thus far from a high ranking legislator in St Paul

According to State Statute 12.31, Subd. 2 "Declaration of peacetime emergency", the area of the law used by Walz to issue unilateral orders, the legislature can remove the Governor's emergency powers after 30 days by a majority of both the House and Senate. At this point, we don't know if Gazelka is on board with Action 4 Liberty's call to remove his power, but the tweet is encouraging. It's time to put Minnesota's economy back to work in a safe and reasonable way. 

Contact Senator Gazelka and tell him you support the Senate ending Governor Walz' emergency powers when they reconvene on April 14th

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 651-296-4875

Walz Extends "Stay at Home or Else" Order Until May 4th

Governor Tim Walz just extended his order for Minnesotans to stay at home or face criminal prosecution. His extension goes all the way until May 4th. Since his original order two weeks ago, several Minnesotans have been fined by police for violating the order. Walz also set up a hotline for citizens to report people disobeying the order.

This order states that "nonessential" workers must stay home. It also closes camping in state parks and forests. Bars, restaurants and non-essential businesses must remain closed.

Walz turns to state statutes to claim emergency powers. But statutes do not supersede the law of the land, our Constitution. More importantly, emergency powers in state statute cannot limit our God given rights protected by the Minnesota Bill of Rights.

Action 4 Liberty opposes this illegal emergency power. One person should not have the power to eradicate the rights of Minnesotans and destruct our economy. We call for Legislature to end Governor Walz Emergency powers!



Gazelka & Hortman to Give Back Surplus to Help Families During Pandemic


Unfortunately, neither Republican leadership or Democrat leadership at the State Capitol are proposing to give back the massive $2.4 Billion in Reserves to Minnesota taxpayers to help families during these uncertain economic times. They already spent $500 Million of the projected surplus in the last month on new government spending, instead of cutting other spending items. 

Republicans should take leadership on this issue. Tell Senator Gazelka to give back the Reserves to taxpayers!

Paul Gazelka (Nisswa), Republican Senate Majority Leader

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 651-296-4875

City of Edina Appears to Threaten Police Action on Violators of Walz' Order

The city of Edina, MN put up a strange post on Facebook last night in response to calls they received from citizens complaining about people in the city not complying with Governor Walz' Quarantine for All order. It appears the main concern focuses on people who were not complying with social distancing because they were playing team sports like basketball and soccer.

Here's the post:

The post provides a link to the city's webpage that gives further guidance on the policy. According to the city, "group activities that are not in compliance with obvious physical and social distancing, such as basketball, soccer and other non-individual sports, are not allowed in Edina in order to comply with Gov. Tim Walz’s Executive Order 20-20 to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This ban will be in effect until further notice."

The city informs people that not following the order "carries penalties of a fine up to $1,000 or 90 days in jail." They state that their focus is to educate the public, but acknowledge that eventually police will issue tickets. 

What Does it Mean To Be a Republican Anymore?

I've been a Republican since I first got involved in politics in high school over 20 years ago. Like many others in the Republican Party, I would strengthen my views by listening to Rush Limbaugh, watching Fox News and reading the books by the biggest minds in the conservative movement. It was obvious to me that we all stood for individual liberty and the free market. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party had been moving closer to the socialist parties of Europe. 

But then came March of 2020 and our identity is in serious crisis. It was a little over a year ago when I heard President Trump state boldly in his State of Union address that the "United States will never be a socialist country." We all applauded when he said it, but it appears few Republicans believed it. 

Trump last week revealed his response to the COVID-19 outbreak and it was an American socialist's wet dream. He wanted to use the printing press to create a trillion dollars of money out of thin air to redistribute to Americans under a certain income level, while leaving the rest paying the bill. 

Quickly, that trillion dollars doubled, and by the time Congress got its hands on it, the proposal became a $2 Trillion omnibus bill full of pork. The bill passed the U.S. House on Friday despite the heroic challenge of Rep Thomas Massive (R-Kentucky) who demanded a quorum be present and that the vote be recorded. Massie's insistence was a nuisance not only to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, but also drew intense criticism from Republican leadership...and President Trump.

How dare he demand such things! This isn't a time for following the Constitution! Sadly, these sentiments of the crony political elite in Washington won the day. And Minnesota's Republican delegation were all in lock step with the Swamp: Emmer, Hagedorn and Stauber.

To make matters worse, the chairwoman of the Republican Party in the state is cheering this socialist bill on. She posted on facebook how Congress needs to act and pass the bill.

Carnahan, who is basically just taking marching orders from the Republican National Committee at this point, is moving forward with an unprecedented power move for Republican Conventions. After canceling all local Republican conventions in the state back on March 12th, she's now moving them electronically against the rules of the Party. Worse yet, the State Party will now be in charge of running the local conventions and votes will be sent directly to them. One can only imagine how the candidates running against the Swamp will fare in this scenario. 

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Legislature convened on Thursday to give Governor Walz hundreds of millions of dollars in new spending, using the budget surplus to pay for it. Republican Reps Drazkowski and Munson, who publicly wanted to give the surplus money back to taxpayers, challenged both the Democrats and Republican establishment on the house floor before the vote.

The rules of the House were suspended to not allow floor amendments. It did not go through the committee process where legislators could weigh in on it. And the bill was written in private by just a handful of people. Most legislators likely didn't read the bill before voting for it, since the 33 page bill wasn't available until minutes before the vote. But Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt went to the floor bragging about the hard work put into crafting the legislation and got the whole Old House Republican Caucus to vote for it. Only four Republican members opposed it: Reps Drazkowski, Munson, Bahr and Miller.

In typical fashion, the spineless Republicans in the Senate Majority all joined the Democrats and voted for the bill unanimously. Now the Governor who has usurped Constitutional powers by shutting down businesses and quarantining citizens in their homes, has a couple hundred million dollars more to spend. But Minnesota families won't see any relief from St Paul as politicians have failed to give the surplus and "rainy day" funds back to them.

So what does it mean to be a Republican anymore? Objectively, this Party is not about free markets, fiscal responsibility or LIMITED GOVERNMENT! What is the point in having principled views when you don't turn to them in times of crisis?

The Democrats have positioned themselves to win even if they lose at election time. I can't imagine a better scenario than to have your opponent do your work for you. Bernie Sanders must be so proud that while his campaign may have lost, his ideas did not. They were so powerful that the Republicans adopted them. 

I've read Karl Marx. I've studied the totalitarian regimes in the 20th Century and the failed economics of European socialists. And I refuse to see this Party go in that direction. There's going to be a fight for the future of the Republican Party. If we allow it to drift this far to the left, it will die a slow, painful death. One can only imagine the government we will get when that happens.

So what are you going to do about it?

If you are conservative like me and want to defeat the liberal, socialist agenda, YOU MUST speak out against these Republicans who are ruining the Party. I urge you to lash out at your legislators and Congressmen for voting like socialists. Write emails to friends and family. Post on social media. If we do nothing, then we'll get more of this destruction to our Constitutional Republic. 

Do not accept the BS line "well this is what we need to do in a time of a crisis". The conservative philosophy has the best solution. We should be drastically reducing our dependence on government by cutting spending, eliminating regulations (like with life saving drugs and manufacturing equipment) and letting families keep their money so they can survive the economic downturn. THIS is the solution and the rightful remedy. 


Let your voice be heard:


Jennifer Carnahan, Republican Party of MN Chairwoman

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 612-916-4668


Paul Gazelka (Nisswa), Republican Senate Majority Leader

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 651-296-4875


Kurt Daudt (Spectacle Lake), Republican House Minority Leader

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 651-296-5364




Governor Walz Tramples Bill of Rights; Issues Quarantine for All Order

Governor Walz makes unprecedented move and issues unconstitutional order quarantining Minnesotans to their homes. The order was announced at a 2 pm press conference and is not currently available to be read by the public. Walz' order would force people to stay in their homes unless they meet the criteria of the approved activities or are part of essential services.

How does one man issue an order that eradicates our rights protected by the Minnesota Bill of Rights? Simple answer is: he can't! 

Walz has made a clear violation of the separation of powers in our state constitution and has abused the powers of his office. The blowback of this step is yet to be seen since the order provides vague exceptions to the mandate for activities like:

  • Health and safety activities, such as obtaining emergency services or medical supplies 
  • Outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking, running, biking, hunting, or fishing
  • Necessary Supplies and Services, such as getting groceries, gasoline, or carry-out
  • Essential and interstate travel, such as returning to a home from outside this state
  • Care of others, such as caring for a family member, friend, or pet in another household
  • Displacement, such as moving between emergency shelters if you are without a home
  • Relocation to ensure safety, such as relocating to a different location if your home has been unsafe due to domestic violence, sanitation, or essential operations reasons
  • Tribal activities and lands, such as activities by members within the boundaries of their tribal reservation

Although this order seems relatively minimal in its impact, it moves Minnesota in a dangerous direction towards authoritarianism. Eventually  law enforcement and government regulators will take the vagueness in the order to infringe on our rights. Our travel may be questioned by traffic stops. Firearms and ammunition sales might be halted because they are not considered "essential". Independent journalism, an important key to combatting the unified messaging of corporate media, may be barred from receiving media exemptions.