Fischbach Refuses Support to Ousted Otter Tail County Delegates

The silence from Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach’s campaign is deafening. It has now been 26 days since Minnesota GOP Chair Dave Hann unilaterally canceled delegate lists from Otter Tail County’s caucus night. His decision was met with outcry from hundreds of activists, legislators, and even Republican Party Units. Congresswoman Fischbach, notably, has not said a word.

Below is the email Hann sent out to duly elected Otter Tail County Delegates on March 6th.



Chair Hann canceled the delegate lists from caucus night with a claim that the caucus was not properly conducted. Despite his debunked claim, many have spoken out in favor of the delegates – demanding they be reinstated. This includes:


Rep. Mary Franson

Rep. Jeff Backer

Rep. Tom Murphy 

Rep. Pam Altendorf

Sen. Nathan Wesenberg

Rocks and Cows of Minnesota

Wadena County Republicans 

St Cloud Area Republicans 

Diana 4 House

Minnesota Constitutional Grassroots Group

Action 4 Liberty


Congresswoman Fischbach – who represents the 7th congressional district – has not said a word. Many believe this is because she faces a challenge from the right. Businessman Steve Boyd is seeking the Republican Endorsement for Congress. 

Fischbach must believe these conservative, grassroots delegates would not be in her favor. Tell her to do what’s right! Reach out to Congresswoman Fischbach and let her know what you think.


Fischbach’s Twitter handle: @FischbachMN7


Campaign phone number: 320-593-3145


Campaign email: [email protected]

New Vax Mandates for Infants and Toddlers?

The Covid tyranny regime will continue as long as people tolerate it and it will end as soon as Patriots fight back. The insanity reaches new levels as time passes and power hungry politicians are always trying to regain control over your lives. Instead of imposing new BS laws on you, they want to impose them on your children.

HF367 is a bill that allows child care facilities to mandate vaccines, including the covid clot shots, or children cannot be enrolled. This is the first step to requiring vaccine mandates for childrens’ learning/daycare facilities and must be confronted. Parents should have the ultimate say on their child’s health and the last thing we need is outsiders superimposing themselves into decisions that have nothing to do with them! 

This bill is sponsored by 8 Democrats, 5 in the House and 3 in the Senate. This includes his bill additionally wipes out the “conscientious” objection parents can raise against vax mandates! The slippery slope is beyond obvious on this one.

The Florida Dept. of Health recently published a report on vaccine injuries showing adverse reactions on 1 out of 550 vaccinated individuals, far surpassing the norms of vaccine injuries. This report publishes and cites several studies that provides a truthful, counter narrative to the big government, anti-freedom agenda pushed by the Democrats, Globalists, and RINOs. 

By expanding the authority of child care facilities to mandate untested, experimental shots, Minnesota is headed down a dark path. Health freedom is one of our most basic, natural rights that should not be infringed upon. Protecting our children from harmful mandates that could result in injuries must be a top priority. The tyrannical, unconstitutional, and control-freak state of Minnesota must be defeated! 

MNGOP Chair Hann Asks for Money After Disenfranchising OTC Delegates; Says Re-Elect Fischbach

After disenfranchising hundreds of grassroots, conservative delegates in Otter Tail County, Corrupt MNGOP Chair David Hann is asking us for money. 

If it's not bad enough he's asking us for money after showing his disdain for the grassroots, Hann also commits a major foul. On the back page of the letter, he states how we need to re-elect Michelle Fischbach to the U.S. House. Fischbach currently is a candidate for the Party endorsement against newcomer and business owner Steve Boyd. The Republican Party is supposed to remain neutral until the delegates choose an endorsement.

The Congressional District 7 endorsing convention is on April 27th. Hann's move to disenfranchise hundreds of conservative Otter Tail County delegates who may have become delegates to that convention is widely seen as a move to protect Fischbach from losing the endorsement to Steve Boyd.

MN GOP State Exec Upholds Decision to Boot Otter Tail County Delegates

On Tuesday, the Minnesota GOP State Executive Committee held a secret meeting to determine the fate of the duly elected delegates of Otter Tail County. After Chair Hann’s decision to unilaterally remove hundreds of delegates from the caucus process, activists and legislators across the state made their voices heard.

Shortly after the February 27th caucus night, hundreds of delegates in Otter Tail County were informed by Chair Hann that they were no longer delegates to their BPOU convention. He claimed they did not follow the rules, despite proof saying otherwise.

After a third meeting to discuss his actions, the 15-member executive committee voted to uphold the decision to leave the delegates out of the party. This means that delegates elected in 2022 will likely be seated in 2024. 

This decision was made despite the hundreds of activists and dozens of legislators who called, emailed, and issued public statements condemning the actions of the State Executive Committee.

There are a few theories as to why Hann is working hard to keep these delegates from being seated. The most prominent theory being that Tommy Merickal – an establishment hack who is in the ear of Dave Hann – wants to protect his favorite congresswoman from losing the Republican Party Endorsement. That’s right, Fischbach is facing an endorsement challenge from conservative business owner Steve Boyd.

If this is true, it sets a dangerous precedent within the Republican Party. This new precedent means that party leadership can pick and choose the winners by silencing any opposition. Not only is that wrong, but it is anti-American.

It’s not too late to stop Hann and his effort to disenfranchise these delegates. It is up to CD 7 convention goers to rectify this wrong by voting to break into precincts and voting to seat the disenfranchised delegates. 

According to Truth Hurts News, State Exec members Joe Ditto, Wendy Phillips, Mark Bishofsky, Jenna Dicks, and Alec Beck voted to overturn Hann’s decision and seat the delegates.

How MNGOP State Exec Can Be Heroes and RESTORE Otter Tail County Delegates NOW

Corrupt MNGOP Chair David Hann has made it crystal clear that he is going to do whatever possible to ignore the vote the State Executive Committee took two weeks ago and continue disenfranchising hundreds of Otter Tail County (OTC) delegates. Not only is Hann keeping the membership of the Special OTC Task Force secret from the Executive Committee who voted to create it, the supposed committee hasn't even met yet.

And even if they did meet and drafted a solution to reinstate OTC delegates, a recently published letter from MNGOP Executive Director Anna Mathews falsely stated that the State Executive Committee can't do anything about the situation and the ultimate decision will be left to the Otter Tail County GOP - the same people working with Hann to keep the delegates out. 

It's a shame and scar on the Minnesota Republican Party that David Hann continues to rule with an iron fist and reject transparency in an election integrity issue. But the members of the MNGOP State Executive Committee have the power and authority to solve this issue and stand up for the Otter Tail County delegates. Here's how:


1) State Executive Committee calls an Otter Tail County Convention pursuant to Article 8, Section.

Article 8, Sec 2

“Special BPOU conventions may be held at the call of the State Executive Committee, the State Central Committee, the Congressional District committee, or the BPOU committee at such time and for such purpose as the committee calling the same may determine.”

2) State Executive Committee appoints a neutral convener (NOT Hann, CD7 Chair, or OTC Exec Members) for the convention who is in charge of appointing people to the committees to put on the convention like: Arrangements (selecting, booking a venue), Credentials (Checking in delegates/alternates to the convention), Rules (putting together a set of proposed rules and agenda for the convention), etc.

This convener must use the forms collected by the Party signifying who was elected as delegates on caucus night. 


What is needed here is for one State Executive member to make the motion to call the Otter Tail County Convention and appoint the convener, another one to second it and all the rest to vote in favor of it.

If that happens, we can FINALLY STOP HANN'S CORRUPTION and reinstate OTC delegates for good!

Here are some of the members of the State Executive Committee who ultimately will make the decision:


Alex Plechash - [email protected] - 612-801-8222

Barb Sutter - [email protected] - 952-201-9625

Roger Chamberlain - [email protected] - 612-940-7677

Joe Ditto - [email protected] - 612-203-1261

Randy Sutter - [email protected] - 952-836-5925

Alec Beck - [email protected] - 952-457-7682

Bobby Benson - [email protected] - 651-236-7309

Tim Miller - [email protected] - 320-905-1010

Keri Heintzeman - [email protected] - 218-820-0971


Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools Running Out of Money

Over the past two weeks, taxpayers have learned that Minneapolis  Public Schools (MPS) and St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS) both face projected budget shortfalls over $100 million – despite being “fully-funded” by the Minnesota legislature in 2023.

For as long as anyone can remember, the Minnesota Teacher’s Union (Education Minnesota) has demanded more and more funding for schools. They demand that politicians “fully-fund” Minnesota schools using surplus tax dollars. In  2023, they got their wish. The Democrat-controlled state government gave Minnesota schools an eye-popping $554.9 million in extra funding.

This proposal passed in spring of 2023. In spring of 2024, Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools are still failing. Meanwhile, public school teachers regularly threaten strikes to get increased pay and benefits. (According to, the average public school teacher salary in Minneapolis is $61,721.)

It’s not a money problem!

Minnesota’s own department of education reports that student enrollment is rapidly dropping in MPS and SPPS schools. That’s not a money problem, it’s a cultural problem. Parents do not want to send their children to schools that do not do their job. The teacher’s union seem more concerned about celebrating gay and trans pride than they are teaching basic math.

A depressing 49.9% of Minnesota students meet grade-level standards in math. That is unacceptable for institutions that receive hundreds of millions of dollars from both state and local taxpayers.

Until school boards understand their role, they will continue to bleed students who instead learn from home or in private/charter schools. No amount of money will fix that. 


MN Dems Plan to Mandate Child Mutilation Insurance Coverage

Last session, we saw Democrats ram through an agenda including the legalization of child mutilation, removal of parental rights for parents who dispute transgender medical procedures of their child, and protection of pedophiles in the Minnesota Human Rights Act

They now plan to mandate health insurance companies to cover “all medical, surgical, counseling, or referral services” and consider transgender procedures to be “medically necessary care”. This will set a new precedent that will force local insurance agents to cover sterilization or it would be “discriminatory”.  

This bill has 24 Representatives and five Senators signed on, all Democrats. 

The obvious culprit is Rep. “Leigh” Finke, former “woman” of the year, despite not being a woman. Democrats have caved to Finke’s demands out of fear of being called “transphobic”, despite clear evidence demonstrating that hormonal and surgical changes to children is devastating to their physical and mental health. However, Finke is just another cross-dressing puppet in the downfall of our state and is likely receiving legislation from other states like California who have similar statutes in their books.

Despite the divisive and illogical nature of this bill, FIVE swing district Democrats have signed on as well in an election year! Representatives Kristin Bahner (37B), Kim Hicks (25A), Kristi Pursell (58A), Zack Stephenson (35A), and Brad Tabke (54A) all appear to care more about mutilating children than their 2024 election prospects. 

Swing district voters do not want their Legislators to do the work of the Far Left. Minnesota is currently held captive by groomers, perpetrators, and enablers of the Radical agenda to target kids and indoctrinate gender dysphoria into them. Only 22% of people support child mutilation and that would be even lower if they were presented with the horrifying evidence of transgender surgeries and their effects on youth. 

This bill not only applies to coverage of children, but to all insured people. While adults can consent and are free to become transgenders, health care providers and insurance agents should not be required to cover “healthcare” that will cause irreversible disfigurement on their clients. This bill implies serious 

Despite the State Legislative website indicating that there are 25 House co-authors on this bill, Ruth Richardson resigned and is no longer in office but is still listed! Sloppy work to misinform voters on the level of support shows a clear lack of attention to detail by Finke and other taxpayer public servants. See below:

This bill now sits in the House Health Finance and Policy Committee and the Senate Health and Human Services Committee but has had more movement in the House. Patriotic citizens must stand up and fight back against the radical left agenda! We are the last line of defense! Below you can find the contact information for the Representatives who sit on this committee and the swing district Democrats:

Swing District Co-Authors

Kristin Bahner (37B) | 651-296-5502 [email protected]

Kim Hicks (25A)  | 651-296-4378 [email protected]

Kristi Prusell (58A) | 651-296-0171 [email protected] 

Zack Stephenson (35A) | 651-296-5513 [email protected] 

Brad Tabke (54A) | 651-296-8872 [email protected]


Health Finance & Policy Cmte. Democrats

Tina Liebiling (24B) | 651-296-0573 [email protected] 

Robert Bierman (56A) | 651-296-5506 [email protected] 

Patty Acomb (45B) | 651-296-9934 [email protected]

Kristin Bahner (37B) | 651-296-5502 [email protected]

Ned Carroll (42A) | 651-296-5510 [email protected] 

Steve Elkins (50B) | 651-296-7803 [email protected] 

Pete Fischer (44A) | 651-296-5363 [email protected] 

Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger | 651-296-7807 [email protected]

Kaohly Vang Her (64A) | 651-296-8799 [email protected] 

Liz Reyer (52A) | 651-296-4128 [email protected] 

Andy Smith (25B) | 651-296-9249 [email protected] 


Health Finance & Policy Cmte. Republicans

Joe Schoemacker (21A) | 651-296-5505 [email protected] 

Jeff Backer (9A) | 651-296-4929 [email protected] 

Deb Kiel (1B) | 651-296-5091 [email protected]

Tom Murphy (9B) | 651-296-4946 [email protected]

Danny Nadeau (34A) | 651-296-4315 [email protected]

Anne Neu Brindley (28B) | 651-296-5377 [email protected]

Bernie Perryman (14A) | 651-296-6316 [email protected] 

Duane Quam (24A) | 651-296-9236 [email protected] 

Goepferd Reveals 1/3rd of Child Patients Given Puberty Blockers/Sterilization

The popular X (formerly Twitter) account @EndWokeness posted a clip on Friday revealing a shocking statistic from Children’s Minnesota – the leading children’s hospital in the state. The clip features transgender doctor Angela Goepferd, who has been praised by the left for her disgusting rhetoric regarding gender-confused children. She serves as the Chief Education Officer for the hospital.

In the video, Goepferd reveals that roughly 1/3rd of her patients at Children’s Minnesota receive some form of sterilization/puberty-blocking medication. She claims the remainder of treatment includes encouraging gender dysphoria through clothing and pronoun usage.

Goepferd accidentally reveals in this clip that a huge among of children are being given life-altering medications and procedures. The total number of patients has likely increased since Minnesota has become a “sanctuary state” for genital mutilation surgeries.

Action 4 Liberty has reported on Goepferd many times in the past. Most recently, she received backlash for sponsoring a “gender resource fair” at an elementary school in Minneapolis.

This madness will likely continue for years to come unless voters and politicians wake up to how absurd the gender movement has become. This year, Minnesota Democrats are likely to push a constitutional amendment that makes transgender surgeries a right in the Minnesota Constitution.

Weak MNGOP Chair David Hann: Democrats Are Not Our Enemy

Last Monday, Dave Hann attended a political “unity” event with Minnesota Democrat Party Chair Ken Martin at the University of St. Thomas. The “Reduce the Rancor” event was hosted by Braver Angels, a group that advocates for moderate political outcomes.

In an address to the Group, Dave Hann states that Democrats are “not our enemy,” and that “we have to find ways to work together…”

Hann fits this group well. For most groups like this, reducing polarization means giving the Democrats everything they want. This appears to be true, as the event was also sponsored by the liberal League of Women Voters among many other liberal colleges and universities. 

Hann is clearly not willing to take the fight to Democrats in St. Paul after all they have done. Remember, Democrats eliminated any restrictions on abortion, increased your sales and gas taxes, and infringed upon your second amendment rights.

This should not surprise you, as Hann has openly states many times that he does not like President Trump for his policies and rhetoric. In 2022, Hann stated that “Donald Trump is vulgar, he’s rude, he’s boorish, he’s abusive, he’s obnoxious.”

Loyalty to Trump does not tell the whole story. However, it usually lets you know where someone stands politically. Hann is more interested in fending off the conservative grassroots activists than he is the Democrats. Look no further than the mess in Otter Tail County

Dave Hann wants Republicans to moderate in order to win. It’s worth asking, is it really winning if we have the same policy platform as the Democrats?

Another RINO Forced to Retire due to Pressure

Another RINO bites the dust in Minnesota! Career politician Dean Urdahl (16A) is ending his legislative career after nearly 22 years in his seat! This is a continuation of the conservative uprising brought about by citizen Patriots attending caucuses and becoming delegates.

Dean Urdahl has a 44% lifetime score on A4L scorecards and got only 53% in 2022! Included in his terrible voting record is helping Democrats pass woke education bills. The big government, anti-freedom standard for GOP legislators is being replaced by individuals who are demanding that our Constitutional Rights are protected. There is an ever-growing list of Legislators who are not seeking re-election for numerous reasons.

District 16A is a very conservative area and there is almost zero chance a Democrat is elected in that district. Urdahl initially announced in January that he would be seeking re-election but once he was faced with two conservative opponents, including Meeker County Commissioner Steve Schmitt and businessman Scott Van Binsbergen, his tune quickly changed! Urdahl now claims that politics is “hyper-partisan” and “activist driven” (as if that is a bad thing!) and says that his decision has “absolutely nothing” to do with his conservative opponents. Give me a break!

Action 4 Liberty has successfully led pressure campaigns against several legislators, including Democrats, causing them to retire in disgrace. One example of this is con-artist Gene Pelowski, who falsely voted to remove Walz’ Emergency Powers only to vote to keep them after he was re-elected. The falsification of his voting record was exposed to his constituents by A4L and we will continue to fight the corruption within our state! Pressure is the only thing politicians understand, wield it effectively!