DFL Legislators Resigns Abruptly, Sparks Special Election

Democrat Representative Ruth Richardson announced via X (former Twitter) last night that she was resigning her legislative seat "effective immediately." There's no public explanation as of the writing of this article, but Richardson made headlines when unions withdrew their support of her in the previous legislative session.

The Legislature is losing a rubber stamp for the hard left policies of the Metro Democrats. Richardson voted for the tax increases, spending the surplus, abortion after birth and genital mutilation surgery for minors.

Richardson represents a district that generally leans Democrat, but has the potential in a Special Election to swing the other way. According to Minnesota State Statute, the Governor has a lot of flexibility in when he calls for a Special Election to fill the vacant position as long as the newly elected representative takes office before the next session, due to start on February 12th of 2024. 

School Transitions Young Girl Without Parental Consent, Settles for $100k in Lawsuit

A California school is coughing up $100,000 in a settlement with a parent who was suing the school district for transitioning her daughter without her consent or knowledge. The young girl was 11 at the time of the incident.

According to the lawsuit, the Spreckels Union School District started referring to the girl in male pronouns and allowed her to use the boys bathroom unbeknownst to Jessica Konen, the mother. Konen said that she was notified after the fact, which led to her filing a lawsuit against the school district.

Her daughter has since decided to identify again as a girl.

(Jessica and her daughter / Source: Fox News)

This case highlights the fear that so many concerned parents have with the radical left's LGTB agenda that's progressively being directed at young children. In Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz and the Democrat legislature passed a bill that allows a child to receive hormone treatment or genital mutilation surgery even if one of the parent's does not consent. One could imagine that pro-groomers view the mother in this California case as the villain.



Action 4 Liberty's 'Dump Biden' State Fair Booth Getting Lots of Attention

Love it or hate it, one thing is clear about the Action 4 Liberty "Dump Biden" booth at the Minnesota State Fair this year: it's getting nearly everyone's attention. 

There's overwhelming support by fairgoers, which is in line with what we've seen in the last couple years at the fair. Biden is clearly not a popular political figure these days. Patriots are lining up to sign our "Impeach Biden" petition and try to pressure the Congress to finally take action against the most corrupt modern day President.

Even more people are walking by and giving us a thumbs up or grabbing photos and sharing to social media!

The booth's purpose is to build our activist army. If we want to win political battles, we need huge numbers of people to get on board with our cause. 

But obviously the booth adds a fund element to the seriousness of building an activist army. People who sign the petition are given a "Dump Biden" fan and corn kernels to place in buckets of the GOP presidential hopefuls. After 6 days of the fair, Donald Trump has a commanding lead, similar to what is coming up in most national polls of Republican candidates.

The strong Trump lead is probably what has created the random flashes of hatred towards our staff and volunteers. There's a perception that the Action 4 Liberty booth is the "Pro-Trump" booth at the fair. One volunteer brought a life-size Trump cardboard cut-out only to see a drunken liberal rip off the head. 

Yesterday, this person (male???) came up to the booth to share his/her shirt depicting Trump blowing his brains out. They really show who they are sometimes!

Luckily, the overwhelming encounters at the booth are extremely positive. People are donating to the cause, getting t-shirts, signing up to volunteer and take action. Our activist army is growing!!!

The fair is a unique opportunity for our team to meet patriots from across the state. If you haven't visited our booth yet, stop on over. We are located on Underwood Street, right across from Ball Park Cafe.



Corporate News Continues COVID Scare Tactics

The COVID 2.0 scare is in full swing. Tune into the corporate media and you'll be encouraged to get the new experimental vaccine that is coming for the BA.2.86 variant! According to the bought and paid for media, the new variant is spreading like brushfires.

Are you scared yet?

CNN tells us that there are over 12,000 hospitalizations, which is a 22% increase in the last couple weeks. Now Joe Biden is making a pitch to Congress to spend more money to fight the spread.

The Hill writes "26 states see ‘substantial’ spike in COVID hospitalizations." Meanwhile, CBS tells us the "World Health Organization say they have been closely tracking the emergence of a new, highly mutated COVID-19 variant that scientists have labeled BA.2.86."

This recent news comes shortly after a whistleblower from top management at the TSA revealed that the agency is preparing to bring back COVID mandates at airports again. 

We wrote a story last week that a medical facility in Minnesota went back to a mask mandate in its facilities. I guess the science behind the uselessness of cloth masks hasn't spread far. A letter from Dr. Michael Osterholm and top epidemiologists was recently publicized that criticized the lies the CDC was telling Americans about the effectiveness of cloth masks.

Some think the masses won't fall for the COVID scam again, but sadly, that's far from true. Luckily, some people have woken up to the lies and will join the fight if it comes back.

Will Joe Biden, governors and mayors go back to totalitarian, non-sense COVID mandates? We don't know, but we'll stay on top of this story if and when it breaks. AND tell you how to fight back against the mandates!



Gov't LIED About Masks, According to Letter Written by Top Epidemiologists

The government LIED to us about the effectiveness of masks and knew the science behind them was flawed because top epidemiologists told them so. Newly published documents show that Dr. Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota and several other top epidemiologists sent a letter to the CDC in November of 2021 urging the agency to take down its guidance on cloth masks based on "flawed" studies. Osterholm was appointed on November 9th, 2020 to Joe Biden's COVID-19 Advisory Board.

In the letter, the scientists argue that there is "insufficient and controversial evidence" that masks "lead to reduced disease severity and induced protective immunity." Osterholm and others claim that the CDC misinterpreted data from human and animal experiments on mask wearing.

Here's the letter:

The scientists warned the CDC that keeping their guidance on the "Masks and Face Coverings for the Public" website would be dangerous. "We are concerned that promotion of these pieces and their placement on well-trusted websites," wrote Osterholm and crew, "not only damage the credibility of science and endanger public trust by misrepresenting the evidence, but also provide false expectations in terms of respiratory protection to the public."

So why did the federal government and politicians like Biden and Governor Tim Walz continue with the lie of masking? The evidence behind their policies was questioned by the highest ranks in the epidemiology field after all.

Politics is about control. Masks weren't about stopping or slowing the spread of COVID - they were about getting the population to do what they say. 

Keep this in mind as we start seeing more stories about a return to masking and tyrannical COVID policies.

Mayor Frey Vetos Extreme Uber/Lyft Regulation Bill

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey vetoed the extreme Uber/Lyft extinction bill on Tuesday, ensuring that the rideshare companies will continue to operate in the city for the time being. This is the second time that this type of legislation has been swatted down after being pushed by left-wing extremists.

Back in May, the Democrat-controlled state legislature passed nearly identical language. Had it been signed by Walz, Uber and Lyft would have been forced to pay a minimum wage per mile driven. This would have forced these companies to abandon the state due to lack of profitability. 

Thankfully, Walz vetoed the bill then – to the disappointment of the extreme leftists who otherwise run the Democrat party. In another loss for the anti-capitalist cause, Frey has also vetoed the Minneapolis City Council’s attempt to pass the bill.

The legislation passed the City Council in a 7-5 vote, and could be overturned if 9 council members vote to override Frey's veto.

This insane legislation goes to the core divide amongst Marxist politicians and proponents of free market economics. Politicians have no idea how to run businesses like ridesharing, so their intervention has the potential of destroying the rideshare market (perhaps their objective). Uber and Lyft were not created to employ full-time employees. Instead, they were created to provide a network of people needing a ride and people who have space available in their vehicle who want to make a couple extra bucks.

Mask Mandates Return in MN Healthcare Facilities

Speculation of lockdowns and mask mandates have been spreading like wildfire after Infowars’ Alex Jones reported anonymous TSA and Border Patrol whistleblowers claimed that the Biden Administration is planning China Virus restrictions on our freedom again. As we reported, mask mandates have returned in several instances and we may be on the cusp of a return of medical tyranny.

A source in Minnesota alerted Action 4 Liberty that the New Brighton Care Center (NBCC) is mandating masks for all staff and visitors at their facilities until further notice. This was instituted on 8/13/23. As seen in the picture at the top of this article, this was located at one of their medical facilities.

Will this be the return of Covid tyranny? Our state cannot allow our people to die without their families, be forced to wear ineffective masks, take experimental shots, close our businesses and churches, and be locked in our homes. The warning shots of mask mandates across our country and in our state need to serve as a reminder of the fight we are up against. If we do not fight now, we are doomed to lose our Constitutional Rights.

Georgia Senator calls for Special Session to Remove Corrupt DA Fani Willis

Our country is facing an unprecedented evil force with deep state lawyers committing election interference by trying to throw President Trump in prison for false crimes. President Trump is expected to be arrested on Thursday in Georgia by corrupt DA Fani Willis with RICO laws meant for mob bosses and organized crime.

Among most GOP ranks, deafening silence has been their answer to the crony Trump indictments. However, an America First patriot Georgia State Senator, Colton Moore, is fighting to impeach/remove Willis from office and have the phony charges against President Trump be dropped. As the Legislature is not in session right now, a special session will be required to do this.

There are two ways that a special session can be called in Georgia. The first way is to have the Governor call for it which may be unlikely considering that RINO Brian Kemp would have to pull the trigger on it. Brian Kemp has defended Georgia's election, Dominion voting machines, Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger, and has helped cover up the fraud that took place. Recently, Kemp held a meeting with sell-out Mike Pence and RINO Ron DeSanctimonious. President Trump speculated what they talked about, see below:

Additionally, the Georgia Legislature can call for a special session with 3/5ths support from both the State House and State Senate. The Georgia State House is divided with 101 Republicans and 77 Democrats (56.7% GOP control) and the State Senate is divided with 33 Republicans and 23 Democrats (58.9% GOP control). This means that one Democrat in the Senate and six in the House must vote with the GOP to hold a special session. RINO Brian Kemp stated that he does not believe that the votes are there.

Senator Colton Moore is providing an example to other America First legislators in states where President Trump has been falsely charged. If Fani Willis is not impeached then the election interference and rigging will continue. Many RINOs are showing their cards as Never Trumpers by allowing the biggest Deep State plot against our country ever. It is time to Save America from the evil forces that seek to control us. We perhaps have one election left to save it, let’s make 2024 count by outperforming the steal!

Government Whistleblower Claims Lockdown Restrictions Back This Fall

Online journalist and infotainer Alex Jones has reported that a TSA employee has claimed pandemic restrictions (including forced masking) are making a return by mid-September. This news comes as the Federal Government is buying up contracts to enforce said policies.

Alex Jones is portrayed by the mainstream media as crazy because of his entertaining presentations. However, he is often able to prove his claims – especially when it came to the lockdowns and mandates of 2020 and 2021. 

Jones’ source says that pilots, flight staff, passengers, and airport patrons will be forced to wear masks. He also claims a source at US Customs and Border Patrol has received a similar directive. 

Our team noticed earlier this month that the media is ramping up COVID hysteria once again.

Meanwhile, an X user (formerly Twitter) who goes by the username "The Calvin Coolidge Project" discovered that the Federal Government is buying up enforcement contracts and COVID-19 tests. He uncovered these purchases from the publicly available USAspending.gov

There are limited details beyond these few clues, but it appears as though the government is ready to push a second mass-lockdown effort. The mainstream media has already gone on the offense, batting down these claims as “conspiracy theories.”

Senator Mike Lee (R) from Utah has publicly condemned these efforts, saying on X that these restrictions will be enforced “Over my lifeless body.” The Salt Lake Tribune has accused Lee of spreading “misinformation.”

Maybe Jones is wrong, and the government contracts are just a strange coincidence. As of right now, only time will tell. Our team says be prepared, because the government has done it before – they can and will do it again.

Do NOT comply. 

Minneapolis On Verge Of Forcing Lyft/Uber Out Of City

The Minneapolis City Council approved a measure on Thursday that would force rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft to increase the minimum wage for their drivers. Both companies have threatened to pull their business from the city if Mayor Jacob Frey signs off.

The ordinance passed in a 7-5 vote, so there are presumably not enough votes to override a veto from Frey.

Governor Walz issued his first veto last legislative session for similar legislation pushed through the Democrat-controlled legislature. He then signed an executive order forming a “task force” to “study” the issue going forward. 

It is all well and good to wish for good wages and employment safeguards for rideshare workers, but these regulations would make it impossible for these companies to make a profit in the city. Why should Uber and Lyft stick around if they will be losing money?

Jobs like this are not often used as a main source of income. Instead, these jobs are for people who have some spare time and need to make some extra money. If you chat with your driver, you will often hear about how this is a side job for them. 

I have had the opportunity to chat with many gig workers who work with services like Door Dash, a food delivery service. They say that it is easy to lose money if you’re not smart with which orders you take. They tell me that factors like mileage and tip amount must be considered before accepting an order. 

So sure, Uber and Lyft drivers may not make a huge profit if they are not selective with their rides or ride times. That is an issue that Uber and Lyft have to discuss internally. More government regulations here will simply eradicate the jobs altogether.