Tell Gazelka No Deal with Democrats - End Walz' Powers NOW

Governor Walz extended his never-ending emergency powers again on Friday, then called for a second Special Session of the Legislature. So the circus continues in St Paul.

As legislators prepare to convene Monday morning at the Capitol, the fate of ending Walz' Emergency Powers rests in the hands of Senator Paul Gazelka and Seven More Democrat Legislators.

So why is Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka cutting deals with Democrats while Walz' Emergency Powers still exist?

Metro Democrats want to bail out Jacob Frey's mess in Minneapolis with our money. We say no! Why is Gazelka making these deals?

Democrats want to add $2 Billion on the state credit card while we have a $2.4 Billion budget deficit. We say no! Why is Gazelka making these deals?

Anti-law enforcement Democrats want to defund the police. We say no! Why is Gazelka making that deal?

If you follow Gazelka in the media, he's all over the place. Even if he talks tough, we can't take a break. Last year he cut a deal with Walz to increase the sick tax, raising the tax burden on Minnesota families.

Are you tired of Gazelka making these deals? Contact Sen Gazelka NOW:

Senator Gazelka's cell: 218-821-9287. 

Call or TEXT him! Tell him "No deals with Democrats on bonding or bailing out Minneapolis unless the House removes Walz' powers."

(Special thanks to for providing us the cell number. That's a true grassroots move!)

Walz Moving to Force Mask Wearing

As our country is about to celebrate our independence from tyranny, a historic moment in the movement of individual liberty, the headlines in Minnesota read "Walz Considering Mask Mandate". First our governor shuts down "non-essential" businesses. Then he orders the healthy part of our population to quarantine. Now he wants to force us to wear a mask?

Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic where powers are separated amongst a legislature and executive, with the law-making power completely nested in the legislative branch (the voice of the people). The Constitution gave the new government limited powers, expressly written in the Articles. Then to further protect us against an out-of-control government, they passed a Bill of Rights that protected us from infringements of our natural rights.

So where on earth does Governor Walz believe he has the power to compel us to wear masks?

Our opposition to the mask mandate is not a position on the effectiveness of wearing masks. Certainly there will be virtue signalers out there accusing us of being "anti-science" or the reason "people will die". Our position is strictly against a government forced mandate. However, it's understandable for a person to question the idea of masks mandates on a scientific basis.

We learned a couple weeks ago that the nation's foremost pandemic expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, lied to the American people about the effectiveness of wearing masks. Minnesota's infectious disease expert, Dr Michael Osterholm, who leads the University of Minnesota's Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, told WCCO:

We know that the virus can be transmitted by what we call air assaults, its the tiniest of particles. If anything comes in along the side of the mask or escapes that way, then it really minimizes both to protection for the individual who used the mask or the protection for others so that if I'm infected, I don't transmit to them. That's when you get into the surgical masks and to the cloth masks. And quite honestly, the data for both is lacking that they are major impediments, and he's getting infected or infecting others.

On top of that, the science seems to suggest that UV light kills COVID-19, which is possibly why the spread of the virus has reduced in the summer months of Minnesota. Would a mask mandate outdoors even make sense?

The whole point in separations of power and a Constitution is that concentrated, centralized power is too dangerous to put in the hands of one person. That individual might be wrong. Allowing Walz to continue exercising these illegal powers is detrimental to our liberty. We saw what power in the hands of one person lead to throughout the 20th Century. This is not the course we want to go down.

Action 4 Liberty opposes Governor Walz excessive and illegal use of emergency powers. Our mission is to preserve liberty for the next generation. Sign our petition to terminate Walz' emergency powers today!


Special Session Ends with No Debt & No Minneapolis Bailout

Earlier this morning the Minnesota Senate, followed by the House, adjourned sine die. That means the Special Session is over and no legislation can be passed.

The Special Session was called because Walz extended his illegal emergency powers and was forced by state statute to call back the legislature. Our biggest fear was that the Republicans in the Senate would cave to the Democrats and get nothing to show for it.

The Special Session started off with a big victory. Finally after months of pressure, the Senate passed the Munson Resolution to End Walz' Emergency Powers. Unfortunately, the Democrat controlled House voted it down later that evening.

With Walz' powers still intact, we thought there was nothing more needed by the legislature. Any compromise was a failure as long as Walz' illegal powers were still in place.

So we asked Action 4 Liberty supporters to call and email Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and tell him to stop making deals with the Democrats.

And it worked!

They adjourned early this morning with no final deals on bonding debt or the Jacob Frey bailout.  

The battle continues on and we aren't ready to crown Senate Republicans as heroes. As long as Governor Walz continues to illegally order businesses to comply with his mandates, we will not rest. 

Politics is war. The Democrats will go to any depth to advance their socialist agenda. Which means the Republicans in the Senate must stand firm for the principles of freedom and limited government. 

We've watched Minnesota Republicans cave to the Democrats too many times in the past. So we'll continue putting the pressure on them. Especially Paul Gazelka, who has a Republican primary challenger.

Thank you for all you did this week! We were able to avoid the worse scenario. Now let's get a victory and End Walz' Emergency Powers!

You can stay updated on the latest news by visiting!

DFL House Passes Jacob Frey Bailout

Democrats in the Minnesota House just voted on a bill (HF 132) that bails out Minneapolis for the damage due to the failed leadership of Mayor Jacob Frey. The bill creates a "Special Master Panel" who will decide how to distribute the undetermined millions of dollars to individuals inside the "eligible zone". The eligible zone is defined as:

in Minneapolis:

(i) Lake Street between Hennepin Avenue and West River Parkway, and any area within
two city blocks of that portion of Lake Street in any direction; and

(ii) West Broadway Avenue, and any area within two city blocks of West Broadway
Avenue in any direction;

(2) in Saint Paul, University Avenue between Rice Street and Highway 280, and any
area within two city blocks of that portion of University Avenue in any direction; and

(3) any additional locations or zones designated by the governor as experiencing
significant, widespread damage or destruction of private property due to the civil unrest
described in section 1.

The vote was 74-53 along partisan lines. 



The Next 24 Hours Are Crucial - Will They End Walz' Powers?

The next 24 hours are crucial. Either Minnesota will endure another month of Governor Walz' illegal unilateral rule making or the Republican Senate will finally stand up and refuse to cut more deals with the Democrats until the House ends Walz' powers.

Here's what we know is at stake...

Walz and Democrats want to pass spur-of-the-moment criminal justice reforms, $2 Billion in bonding debt and a $300 Million bailout to Jacob Frey.

You heard that correctly. Minnesota taxpayers may be on the hook to bail out Minneapolis to the tune of $300 Million because of Jacob Frey's stand down orders and incompetence.

But for the first time since I've been involved in politics, Republicans have the edge in negotiations. The Governor called a Special Session and can't dictate what gets heard or how long the session will last. And Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is on record multiple times this week for saying they will adjourn on about 24 hours!

The Republican Senate does NOT have to pass a single piece of legislation, compromise on a single dollar of bonding debt or bail Frey out with a single dollar of taxpayer funds if the Democrat House WILL NOT vote to terminate Walz' emergency powers.

If Gazelka compromises at all, he's just as guilty as the Democrats for the business closures and high unemployment that will come from another month of this illegal shutdown!

Unfortunately, we've been let down too many times in the past by Gazelka and company. So we aren't taking anything for granted. Yesterday, thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to drop lit to voters in Gazelka's district about his "Deal with Democrats".

Did you know Paul Gazelka has a Republican primary challenger? He better be paying attention!

Right now we have door knockers and phone callers working around the clock, but nothing beats you contacting Gazelka yourself. 

Reach out to Senator Paul Gazelka today and tell him:

1. Stop making deals with Democrats with a massive debt bill

2. Tell the Democrats in the House to end Walz' powers or you will adjourn 

3. Don't bail out Jacob Frey with OUR money!


Sen Paul Gazelka


Email Gazelka here


Hey Gazelka! Say NO to All Legislation Unless Democrats End Walz' Power

Why on earth are Republicans in the Senate willing to pass a single piece of legislation with the Democrat House while Walz' is still unilaterally ordering businesses to be closed?! The Minnesota House voted down the resolution to end Walz' emergency powers on Friday following the successful vote in the Senate. So Gazelka should either refuse to take up a bill or adjourn Sine Die.

But here's the agenda that just got posted for the day that includes hearing a bill from the MN House! 

Paul Gazelka tweeted over the weekend that the Senate Republicans "will introduce sweeping criminal justice reform measures supported by the People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus of the Minnesota House of Representatives".



Also, on Friday Gazelka mentioned that Republicans' new target on the bonding debt bill is $1.3 Billion, an additional $300 Million from where they were one month before. That's money you will be on the hook to pay so that Democrats can fund their pork projects.

Why is Gazelka cutting deals with the far left Democrats in St Paul instead of holding firm on ending Walz' illegal powers???

Last year when Gazelka and Senate Republicans "cut deals" with the Democrats, we got a tax increase. The sick tax that was due to expire, was renewed by the Senate Republicans indefinitely. What a shame!

This is what the real priority should be of Gazelka and Senate Republicans...

  1. Don't pass a single piece of legislation in this Special Session unless the House votes to end Walz' illegal emergency powers
  2. Stop cutting deals with the Democrats while hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans are out of work and business owners are watching their dreams get squashed

Please take a moment now to contact Senator Gazelka and your state senator.

Senator Paul Gazelka

Phone: 651-296-4875





Minnesota Senate Votes to End Walz' Powers; 3 Democrats Join GOP

The Minnesota Senate just joined the growing momentum in the state to end Walz' emergency powers and open back up for business. Action 4 Liberty has championed the issue since March and got all Republicans on board with the Munson Resolution back in late April. However, the Republican controlled Senate refused to bring a vote on the resolution before adjourning in May.

Governor Walz declared an extension of his illegal emergency powers for another 30 days this week, which required the legislature to come back for a Special Session. Due to the thousands of calls and emails from Action 4 Liberty supporters, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka finally authored the resolution and brought it to the floor for a vote.

After over 2 hours of debate and one minor amendment, the bill passed 38-29 with unanimous Republican support and three DFL senators joining: Eken, Franzen, and Hoffman. The resolution now heads to the Democrat controlled House where 9 Democrats need to join the Republicans to pass it. If successful, the emergency powers that Walz' has used to shutdown our economy and infringe on Minnesotan's rights, will be terminated.

This is a huge victory for Minnesotans today and it could not have been done without the support of activists and donors around the state. The House is a big obstacle, but we will do everything we can to get the vote. Please consider donating to help Action 4 Liberty put the pressure on vulnerable Democrats.

Also, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Politicians might fail us at the Capitol, but the people can recall Walz! Sign the Recall Walz Petition.

Gazelka Says Senate GOP to Vote on Ending Walz Emergency Powers Today

One of the biggest hurdles Action 4 Liberty encountered in the battle to end Walz' illegal emergency powers appears to have been overcome. Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka mentioned in a press conference this morning that the Senate will vote on a resolution to end Walz' emergency powers. Thousands of Action 4 Liberty supporters have called and emailed their Senators in the past month to end the shutdown. It appears those calls have finally paid off.

If the Senate does pass a resolution, like the Rep Munson resolution in the House, the Democrat held House would have to pass it in order for Walz' powers to be taken away. All Republicans in the Minnesota House have voted in favor of removing Walz' powers. 

At this point, the Minnesota Senate website does not show a resolution authored today that would end the emergency powers. Stay tuned to our facebook page early this afternoon when we bring live coverage of the Senate floor.

Update: Speaker of the House, Melissa Hortman (DFL-Brooklyn Park), stated that they do not plan on voting to end Walz' powers. However, House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt (R-Spectacle Lake) has made numerous statements that House Republicans won't give the Democrats the needed votes to pass a debt bill unless they end Walz' powers. Bonding debt bills require 60% support for passage.

The Senate Resolution is SC1, posted late this morning.


Walz Extends Illegal Orders - Calls Special Session

Governor Walz made the unprecedented move of extending his illegal powers of shutting down Minnesota by issuing a new emergency powers declaration. This move requires him by statute to call the legislature back to the Capitol for a Special Session. Walz is in new territory. This is the longest emergency declaration since WWII.

In the press conference, Walz alluded to the potential of turning the dials on the shutdown back up if there's an increase in COVID cases. Despite Minnesota's closest neighbors all experiencing flattened curves with full reopens, Walz appears to believe Minnesota will be different.

The most interesting aspect of the press conference is Walz' call to have the Special Session last indefinitely so that the legislature can pass policing reforms in the wake of the George Floyd tragedy. This stands in contrast to the messaging out of the Republican controlled Senate. 

Stay tuned to Action 4 Liberty for more details on what to expect when legislators reconvene in St Paul this Friday.

Walz Breaks His Own Rules - Why Should We Follow Them?

Governor Walz broke several of his own orders while attending the highly politicized Memorial Service for George Floyd on Thursday. According to Walz's numerous press conferences on extending his illegal orders, his administration is using "science" to protect the health of Minnesotans by reducing the spread of COVID when ordering social distancing, the use of facemarks, reduced capacity, etc. Many of these orders were broken on Thursday and according to Walz' own statements, "endanger the public".

According to the Pioneer Press, Walz' order of 250 person maximum capacity was violated as they counted around 500 people in attendance for the service. The image provided by the Star Tribune shows Walz not adhering to the six feet social distancing rules, which is the basis of the capacity rule. 

Walz Executive Order that was announced by his administration on May 23rd states:

Walz states in the executive order that he continues "to urge all Minnesotans to limit their in-person interactions with people outside of their households. And, as I have emphasized in previous Executive Orders, I strongly urge Minnesotans at heightened risk to stay home except for essential activities, and I urge faith communities to continue to provide remote services to the maximum extent possible."

Although not part of the executive order, Walz made an infamous statement when extending his orders in May that people should not sing in church. Floyd's Memorial Service was filled with singing. His Dept of Health has this recommendation on its website:

All of this occurred while Walz is keeping Minnesota restaurants, bars, camping/resorts and fitness clubs partially or fully closed for the exact reasons as stated above. Meanwhile, Wisconsin has had no spike in COVID related deaths in the three weeks since it reopened.

Action 4 Liberty has spoken to hundreds of Minnesota businesses in the past two weeks who are on the cusp of failure if they don't reopen immediately. Yesterday, Walz slapped those businesses in the face by ordering only a partial reopening on June 10th, costing them another weekend of revenue (we only get so many nice summer weekends here). 

At this point, why would anyone follow Walz' illegal orders if he won't do it himself? The orders are clearly not based on well established science. All of the modeling data they used for policy-making has been overblown. And we know now that the virus mostly kills people who are already passed the life expectancy age, with few exceptions that are based on other underlying health issues.

Sure, the killing of George Floyd is tragic and we certainly aren't arguing against his family holding a funeral service. But all Minnesota families who have lost a loved one in the past couple months also deserve the same treatment by Governor Walz, even if it doesn't get him social browny points with voters.

Walz broke his own rules - it's time we break them as well.