Government is Lying to You - There's No Budget Deficit

Another economic forecast was released today by the state economist. Instead of showing a massive budget shortfall, like was projected back in May, the government is now predicting a $641 Billion budget surplus for the fiscal year ending in June. Of course, in our opinion, that money was overtaxed and should go right back into the hands of our overburdened taxpayers. 

Interestingly, the forecast also says there will be a budget deficit for the upcoming biennium. The media and politicians were quick to get their messaging out to the masses, but few actually look at the numbers. When the government creates forecasts, they assume spending will grow in the next biennium. In the case of today's report, they calculated a 7.3% increase in spending. The current budget totals $47.6 Billion and they used spending for the upcoming budget of $51.1 Billion. 

But no budget has been enacted yet. That's the role of the Legislature and Governor at the beginning of odd number years: to determine the upcoming biennial budget. If you crunch the numbers with current spending, we actually have a $2.9 Billion budget surplus. On top of that, they are holding onto $1.9 Billion in a Reserve account for future political spending.

Why is this important? The Democrats will argue that we must raise taxes on Minnesotans to balance the budget, therefore locking in a 7.3% increase in state spending. RINOs will argue that we should cut spending by the budget deficit amount, then act as if they are actually cutting spending. They're not. Ever heard the phrase: cut the growth of spending?

Politicians are growing spending by a lot, then coming back and telling us we're short the funds! What a bunch of frauds!

Meanwhile, Minnesota taxpayers are not getting the same level of service from government during COVID. So we should be receiving money back from the government since they keep taking it from us. Especially those in the hospitality and fitness industries. Demand they Give it Back!


Gym Owner & Iraq War Vet Defies Governor; Keeps Gym Open

Another courageous business owner has emerged on the scene in defiance of Governor Walz' illegal orders that have shut down gyms, restaurants, bars and prohibits people from having family and friends in their homes. We first reported how Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen sent a letter to the Governor and Attorney General Keith Ellison stating he was going to have friends over for a backyard party and not comply with his unconstitutional mandate. Then we told the story of Larvita from Lynd, MN who successfully defied the Governor on Friday night by hosting a music event in her restaurant Havens Garden.

We've learned about several other business owners who are planning to disobey Walz' illegal order, but the one that immediately stood out is Brandon Reiter and his gym in Plainview, MN. Brandon is an Iraq war veteran who served with the Minnesota Army National Guard overseas. Something that the deployment-dodging Governor Tim Walz was not willing to do in 2005. 

Brandon bravely served our country in a combat zone in a country once ruled by someone who created unilateral laws. Sound familiar? So when he heard the Governor was following the same path of governance as dictators around the world, ignoring the rule of law and the Constitution he took an oath to defend, he decided to disobey Tim Walz and open his gym anyway.

Like Larvita, the Attorney General's office targeted and threatened Brandon with legal repercussions. But Brandon has not backed down. He built his business from scratch. As Wal-Mart's parking lots are full of vehicles for Christmas shopping, so too can his gym be open to help his customers' physical and mental health. 

Brandon Reiter inside his gym, Plainview Wellness Center (Photo courtesy: Post Bulletin)

We owe a debt of gratitude to Brandon for his service to our country. And more important, we MUST have his back when it comes to the tyranny of this Governor and the weaponized Attorney General's office.



Larvita on Fox & Friends

Larvita McFarquhar, the small business owner from Lynd, MN who REFUSED to comply with Governor Walz' illegal orders, was on Fox & Friends today.

Larvita opened up her business last night in defiance of Tyrant Walz and in the face of threats of imprisonment from Attorney General Keith Ellison. 

Action 4 Liberty's team were on the phones this week calling patriots in the area to rally behind Larvita. Thank you to everyone who made the trip down to Lynd, MN to show your support. Larvita could not be more thankful for your commitment to expanding liberty. 

At this point, Walz and Ellison's threats appear to be a bluff. No law enforcement resources came to Havens Garden last night and the AG's office did not get an injunction against her. 

Larvita's courageous act is powerful and will spread like brushfires of freedom in this state...and country. 

Now we've learned another heroic story is emerging on the other side of the state. Iraq war veteran and small business owner, Brandon Reiter, is opening his gym in Plainview, MN in defiance of Tyrant Walz too!

Brandon proudly served his country overseas and took his oath of office seriously. He refuses to let the Governor's illegal orders ruin the business he created. Business owners like Brandon can open up in a safe and reasonable way. 

It's time governement gets out of our way. It time our politicians take their oaths seriously. Demand they END these Illegal Emergency Powers NOW!



A Look Into Governor Walz' Two Minnesotas

It's quite evident, that when Governor Walz talks about his vision of "One Minnesota", he's lying to us. We now know that his rubber stamp chief legal officer, Attorney General Keith Ellison, treat violators of Walz' new Executive Order differently. There's one treatment for those who are in the political class. And another one for us in the private sector. 

Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen has garnered a lot of attention in the last couple days about his public defiance of Governor Walz' illegal order. Mort plans on throwing a backyard party on Wednesday night at his home in Shakopee. Walz' recent order prohibits anyone from outside a person's home to social gather with them. But Mort doesn't care that Walz' thinks he has this power; he stands by freedom and the Constitution.

According to Executive Order 20-99, Mort's defiance could result in a fine of $1,000 or up to 90 days in jail. And he fully understood this when he sent an invitation to his party to both Keith Ellison and Governor Walz. 

Meanwhile, down in the small town of Lynd, MN a single mom and small business owner named Larvita is also openly defying the Governor's illegal orders. She owns and operates a gymnastics studio and small restaurant. Walz' order puts her out of business, without any stream of revenue to feed her children. So she told her customers she has no intention to obey Governor Walz' unconstitutional dictate.

Here's where the story gets interesting. Both Mort and Larvita are breaking the same Executive Order and face the same penalties according to the document. However, Mort, being a newly elected member of the legislature, received no threats from the Attorney General. Meanwhile, Ellison is threatening massive fines and a year in prison for Larvita. That's a tale of Two Minnesotas.

Here are the letters from the AG.

Mort didn't ask for special treatment from the Attorney General, nor does he want it. In a video he released this afternoon, he calls on Governor Walz and AG Ellison to treat everyone equally. Or better yet, end their illegal, unconstitutional lockdown. Both letters have not deterred Mort or Larvita from their defiant acts this week. Larvita's business, Havens Garden, will open up on Friday for music night.


Show Larvita your support by signing the Petition.

Justice For Larvita

Republican Legislators Join DFL in Mask Shaming, Following Walz' Orders

Republican legislators, Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington) and Nolan West (R-Blaine) joined House Democrats this morning in a call for Minnesotans to follow the Governor's guidance on fighting COVID. Both mentioned that Minnesotans should wear masks while in public.

The group's purpose, as stated by Rep Kelly Morrison (DFL - Chanhassen), is to have Minnesotans #TakeThePledgeMN in joining the government's methods of fighting the spread of COVID. When pressed by the media, Garofalo stated he and the group are not asking for "stopping the restrictions" on businesses. Instead, their focus with the pledge is to show bipartisan support for fighting the spread of COVID.

At this point, it's unclear if Republican legislators in St Paul are serious about stopping the Governor's Emergency Powers. The Republican controlled Minnesota Senate refused to bring forth a vote in the November Special Session - one week after the election. House Republicans would not support Rep Steve Drazkowski in obtaining a roll call vote when he attempted to get a vote on the Resolution in November.

'Stuff Your Mandate' Rally on Saturday at Walz' Mansion

Governor Walz unilaterally prohibited all Minnesotans to gather with people outside their household. Violators of his decree could face fines and 90 days in jail. But, according to organizers of the Saturday protest, that's even more reason to gather and tell Governor Walz he can "Stuff his Mandate".

Minnesota's Constitution protects the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble. Walz' order violates his limited Constitutional powers and has no legal authority on Minnesotans, despite what you may hear from the media. The illegal prohibition goes into effect at midnight tonight, which is why the group plans the protest tomorrow afternoon.

If you are interested, here's the 'Stuff Your Mandate' Facebook event page. The protest will begin at 1:00 pm on Saturday, November 21st. Organizers ask participants to "bring your noise and signs."

Here's a map to the Governor's Mansion:

Walz' Extreme Order Could Put You in Jail

Walz is scum! In order to keep things PG rated, I'll leave it at that. But I have far worse names for this authoritarian, scumbag of a Governor that we have.


I, personally, never consented to being ruled by one politician. In fact, I've pledge my loyalty thousands of times "to the Republic". Who is Walz to think he can erode away our long-held system of government with the swipe of a pen!

Walz' newest decree tonight now makes it illegal for you to have anyone inside your home that's not from your family. Violate that unilateral order, WHICH I WILL, and you could be punished with 90 days in jail.

Own a restaurant or bar? CLOSED

Go to the gym or make your livlihood by improving people's health and immune systems? CLOSED

Want to get away for a movie with the spouse? CLOSED

Want to watch your kid's hockey game? BANNED

I can't imagine the irreparable harm that will be done to our beloved small businesses. 2020 has already been difficult for them to make ends meet. This order will be the death blow.

Walz warns us of full capacity at the hospitals. That's a real issue. In fact, that's THE issue. What the hell has he been doing for these 250 days of emergency?!

Here's what I'm worried about...

A Harvard study found that nearly 1/3 of young adults have had suicidal thoughts this year. And 47% of young adults are suffering from "depressive symptoms". 

Walz' message to them is that they are the ones who are selfish and causing grandma to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, their survivability rate is near 100%. But Walz is forcing them to isolate?!

Are you angry now!

We're excited that we helped get four democrats fired in November's election. And we can't wait til these new legislators take office in January. But quite frankly, we simply can't wait that long. We owe it to you and the business community to end this battle as soon as possible.

When Walz' extends his Emergency Powers again for 30 days, we MUST overwhelm weak-kneed Republican legislators and vulnerable Democrats with ads, phone calls and other methods. We need to pound them into submission - finally Ending Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all. We can't let him get away with this anymore.

Did you see the news today about two prominent Democrat state senators leaving the DFL caucus? There are moves being made right now and it's important that we seize on these opportunities immediately.

Our team knows where the pressure points are. Minnesotans have had ENOUGH of Walz' unilateral orders, so we'll have the wind at our back. But we MUST ensure that effort is focused on the legislature where we have the best opportunity to finally End Walz' Emergency Powers. 

Help us get our message to more Minnesotans and help us fund our pressure campaign. Hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans NEED to hear our message of liberty NOW. And every legislator that can be swayed must feel the pain by the time they meet again.

Yes, I want to STOP Governor Walz!

MN Senate Adjourns Without Vote on Walz' Powers

The Republican led Minnesota Senate adjourned early this afternoon without voting on the Resolution to End Walz' Emergency Powers. Every 30 day extension of Emergency Powers by Governor Walz requires him to call back the Legislature to decide if he should keep his powers. It's the sole reason for the Legislature entering into session, although Senator Michelle Benson, on behalf of Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, did not bring forward the Resolution to End Walz' Emergency Powers before adjourning sine die. 

Senate Republicans did, however, vote today to appoint a Democrat to preside over the Senate. Sen David Tomassoni was voted in as the Senate President to fill out the remainder of the 2020 Legislative Session (which will include the December Special Session).

In the Minnesota House, members of the New House Republican Caucus (Reps Drazkowski, Munson & Bahr) made a motion to suspend the House rules in order to vote on the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution. Following his speech, Rep Drazkowski asked for a roll call vote which requires 15 members to raise their hand. Republican Minority leader, and lobbyist, Kurt Daudt, also failed Minnesotans today by instructing the Old House Republican Caucus to deny the fifteen hands needed for a registered role call vote. So the vote occurred by voice vote and it was ruled by the Speaker to not pass. Daudt's moved denied Minnesotans from knowing where legislators stood on this important issue.

It's clear that now that the election is over, Republican and Democrat leaders do not actually care about stopping the tyrannical power grab of Minnesota's governor. Walz's Executive Order 20-96 prohibits bars/restaurants to stay open past 10 pm, limits weddings/funerals to only 25 people and prohibits citizens from having four people in their home from other families. Violators of Governor Walz' decree will face a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail. His order also equips the Attorney General, Keith Ellison, to investigate violators and recoup the costs of investigation.

Senator Benson, Sen Gazelka and Rep Kurt Daudt (RINOs) all failed Minnesota businesses and private citizens by not bringing forward accountability on the most important vote facing our state. Walz now has 30 days free of any interference by the Legislature. 

Walz' New Lockdown Targets YOUR Home

It's official. Tyrant-in-the-Making Tim Walz just announced his new lockdown, exercising "emergency powers" he does not have. Despite what you hear from the media, this lockdown is just as bad and just as painful.

This time Walz is targeting YOUR home! And that's just in time for Thanksgiving celebrations with family.

KSTP reports: "The governor will limit gatherings to a maximum of 10 people, regardless of whether the gathering is indoors or outdoors. Those gatherings will also be limited to people from a maximum of three households."

Are you kidding me? Even if a family wants to brave the weather and host Thanksgiving in their backyard, our overlord Timmy does not approve that behavior for his subjects.

The Team at Action 4 Liberty is committed to Ending Walz' Emergency Powers because, like you, we also have a lot at stake. We have children in schools, business being impacted by the lockdown and we all value our liberty so much!

Democrats need to pay attention to what just happened last Tuesday. We needed to take out four bad voting Democrats and we accomplished it. In the case of politician Brad Tabke, we replaced him with a liberty champion named Erik Mortensen.

We're coming out of this election with more power, more influence and more energy! So when the Legislature meets on Thursday to decide if they will end Walz' Emergency Powers again, we will be right back there defending YOUR liberty and Minnesota businesses.

Walz' Assault on YOUR home and YOUR Thanksgiving plans can be killed on Thursday by the Legislature. Let's not wait until the new legislators take office in January, let's kick in the door and demand a "YES" vote now on Ending Walz' Emergency Powers!

The best way to help in this fight is to donate to our marketing budget. We must get the message out to more Minnesotans who are feeling the pain from the new lockdown. Help us harness their frustration and guide it to the right targets in St Paul.

Support Action 4 Liberty

DFL Targets Go Down

Action 4 Liberty's mission is to protect liberty for the next generation. And there's no bigger threat to our liberty in this state than the abuse of Emergency Powers by Governor Tim Walz. That's why we've been focused on Ending Walz' Emergency Powers in the legislature since April and were four Democrat votes short of accomplishing it in October. 

Well, if you aren't able to get them to come your way on a vote, then you take the message to their voters.

And that's just what we did!

Four of our DFL targets were fired last night thanks to the supporters of Action 4 Liberty! Brad Tabke, John Persell, Jeff Brand and Jeanne Poppe were rejected by their voters in yesterday's election.

We've been running ads against these Walz' cronies for months now, and in the case of some, spent tens of thousands of dollars recently to make sure every single voter knew that their politicians were responsible for the shutdown.

The ads that were paid for by thousands of our members and supporters were highly effective. 

But the battle does not end with the election. Most people in politics are folding up the tables and stacking the chairs. Not Action 4 Liberty. We not only MUST FIRE TIM WALZ in 2 years...or sooner. We also have another chance to End Walz' Emergency Powers just around the corner.

Walz has to call back the legislature again next week if he wants to continue his Emergency Powers for another 30 days.

As winter approaches, our Tyrant-in-the-Making Walz is on the cusp of shutting down our schools and possibly our businesses again. There's no end in sight to what he thinks he can do to our liberties.

That's why Action 4 Liberty will use the election results as a spring board to turn up the heat against our out-of-control state government. They've seen the impact we can make and now they must vote the right way, or suffer future electoral defeats.

Not only did we get rid of that crony politician Brad Tabke in Shakopee, but we also got a liberty champion elected with Erik Mortensen. 

Recruiting top notch candidates like Erik Mortensen is a big part of what Action 4 Liberty does. This is how we plan to make fundamental reforms in Minnesota that bring back our liberty.

Stay tuned to Action 4 Liberty as we prepare our weapons for next week's battle to End Walz' Emergency Powers. Thank you for all your support so far. 

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