Johnson Breaks Endorsement Pledge; Files for Republican Primary

Former Washington County Commissioner and self-described moderate Wayne Johnson filed to run for Minnesota House in 41A as a Republican – despite briefly campaigning as an independent. Johnson had told delegates in email that he would not run in a primary after failing to secure the Republican endorsement.

Senate District 41 has become notorious in Republican circles. Here, former state representative Tony Jurgens ran in a primary against Republican Endorsed candidate for State Senate, Tom Dippel. When Jurgens lost the primary, he endorsed the Democrat candidate who went to win the district by 321 votes – less than 1% of the vote.

Wayne Johnson campaigned for Jurgens during the primary. It is unclear how he voted in the general election. According to Senate District 41 delegates, Johnson refused to apologize for supporting Jurgens.

That is likely a small factor in delegates rejecting his candidacy at the Senate District convention. After his defeat on the first ballot, Johnson stormed out of the building. A week later, he sent an email to delegates announcing that he will not run in a primary (see below).


On April 13th, Johnson updated his Facebook page and campaign website to state that he is an independent candidate for Minnesota House. Many believe this as a move to “spoil” his opponent’s chances of winning the general election – splitting the vote so that the Democrat candidate can win.

His independent campaign was short-lived, garnering nothing but condemnation from previous endorsees. Johnson decided to flip-flop (at least) one more time and re-launch a Republican campaign to run in the primary.

He notably removed references to “extremes... to the right” from his Facebook biography when doing so. Check out his campaign's Facebook page.

Johnson is no conservative, either. While he brags about his experience as County Commissioner, he mostly spent his time cozying up to far-left Democrats and spending your tax dollars. His campaign pages have featured pictures with Former Senator Karla Bigham, Congresswoman Betty McCollum, and Governor Tim Walz.

Not only did Johnson break his pledge to abide by the Republican endorsement, but he also failed to stay in the Republican Party. His primary opponent, Grayson McNew, was endorsed by the Senate District 41 GOP and previously served as a legislative aide for the New House Republican Caucus. 

The winner of the August 13th primary will face far-left Democrat Lucia Wroblewski, a professional Democrat activist, in the November election. You can find information about Johnson's campaign here.

HYPOCRISY; From Delegate Bans to Supporting Un-Endorsed RINOs

Finding a hypocrite in politics is all too common. Unprincipled individuals will use whatever means necessary to cling onto whatever power they have (justly or unjustly). This unfortunate facet of human nature exceeds party lines and exists within the MNGOP, every so often the hypocrisy is just too obvious that it must be called out.

Tommy Merickel is a longtime RINO in Otter Tail County who was a part of the crew that removed 33 duly elected delegates from their BPOU meeting and kept them out of the CD7 Convention & State Convention. He was also a convener, who tried to make the OTC caucuses fraudulent by adding paperwork not approved by the state party or the delegates. Merickel is a perfect example of the corrupt rot within the party who has a disdain for grassroots patriots.  

He sought to add rules that allow party units to BAN individuals from the party for supporting unendorsed candidates. This type of manipulative, establishment gate-keeping is what regular people despise about the political process in the MNGOP. It is, of course, the obligation of party leaders to support endorsed candidates (assuming the endorsing convention was fair). If party leaders fail to support endorsed candidates, it is the duty of the delegates to remove them from leadership. However, grassroots people who have differences of opinion should NEVER be banned from the party for supporting a different Republican campaign.

To make the irony very rich, Merickel and his wife are donors to Un-Endorsed RINO Joe Tierab! They do not even live in this district yet they are shilling out money for a candidate that got SMOKED on the first ballot at the CD2 Convention! See below:

This is not the first time Merickel has supported unendorsed RINOs in primaries. As a leader in the Minnesota Jobs Coalition, he supported the primary opponents against conservatives Mark Bishofsky, Pam Altendorf,  Mike Wiener, and A4L President Erik Mortensen. Collectively the Jobs Coalition spent over $158,000 on these races, only for the conservatives to win each of their primaries!

If Tommy Merickel is a man of his word, he would lead the charge for his own removal from the MNGOP! 

Out of touch dinosaurs like Merickel can feel the grassroots energy pointed against them and they know that since they can’t beat the Patriots on the ground, they’ll just ban them! This strategy will continue to tarnish Merickel’s laughable reputation as an egotistical, ill-mannered, bad faith curmudgeon. Action 4 Liberty will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Patriots in Otter Tail who are fighting this corruption firsthand! The grassroots in Otter Tail have stood up to the bully and will continue the fight to save our state from the Uniparty!

Largest BPOU in CD 1 GOP Votes ‘No Confidence’ On Chair Aaron Farris

The Olmstead County GOP passed a “no confidence” resolution against CD1 GOP Chair Aaron Farris on Thursday night. Many sources say that Farris was also trying to get Wendy Phillips removed from her position on the Olmstead County GOP executive committee after facilitating her ousting from the state executive committee. In a sharp rebuke, the BPOU said that they stand with Phillips.

Farris, a paid staffer for Congressman Brad Finstad, has come under fire for taking directions from GOP Chair Dave Hann. In a vindictive move, Hann and Farris called for CD 1 Executive Committee member Wendy Phillips to be removed from the board for her role in the Otter Tail County debacle.

After the State Party canceled the Otter Tail County BPOU’s convention, Wendy stepped up to lead the convention herself. As she soon found out, standing up to the establishment comes with consequences.

Thankfully, there are those in the grassroots movement that are standing up for Wendy. The “no confidence” resolution (pictured below) is a scathing rebuke of Farris and his leadership.

While there is no binding effect to this resolution from the congressional district's largest BPOU, it is a huge slap in the face to party leadership who stood against the Otter Tail County delegates.


Legislature Passes Unconstitutional Omnibus Bill, Steamroll GOP

Democrats use the levers of power to accomplish whatever means they deem necessary at the given time. Democrats do not guide their votes based on a principled analysis of the proper role of government, Constitutionality, or even the common sense that indicates what will result from legislation. For Democrats, it is all about expanding their power, growing the government, and falling in lockstep with the agenda and grift of the day. Too often, Republicans act just like the Dems, and choose “decency” over fighting to save our state.

That changed on Sunday. When Democrats looked at the calendar and realized just how little time they had to pass their bucket list of BS, they did what any corrupt politician would do; stuff the bills into one GIANT 2,800 page Omnibus bill (that initially started as the tax bill). This violates the Single Subject Clause: Article 4, Section 17 of the MN Constitution. This type of eleventh-hour, bureaucratic jimmy-rigged craftsmanship being served to Minnesotans is a slap in the face to our Republic, Constitution, and Freedom. 

After an entire session of getting run over, the GOP was fed up, particularly in the Senate. Once the House was bringing over this disaster bill (HF5247), Senator Jeff Howe had the floor and never relinquished it back to Senate President Bobby Joe Champion. This did not stop the Democrats from ram-rodding through votes while many of the GOP Senators yelled “Point of Order”, “You’re silencing the minority party”, “What are we voting on?”, “This is illegal”, “Follow the rules”, “This is unacceptable”, and “USA” for 25 minutes. This expression of chaos was perhaps the first time we’ve seen Republican politicians actually fight the swamp in a meaningful way in Minnesota. Champion refused to recognize any Republicans and ushered this illegal bill through the Senate while the yelling continued.

Senator Bill Lieske asked Champion what it felt like to be the dictator of Minnesota and Senator Nathan Wesenberg yelled at Champion “Sine Die” which is the highest motion to make for adjournment which MUST be recognized. Wesenberg also yelled that the Senate’s blind member, Torrey Westrom, did not have the ability to know what they were voting on or even when they were voting. In addition, no member had the ability to read the bill since it was not publicly available in any capacity so it was not just Senator Westrom who did not know what they were passing. It is incredible that Democrats will pass along a bill that they have not read and that they know addresses multiple subjects. It is especially incredible when you consider the corrupt circumstances of the events.

Among those multiple subjects includes gun control, insurance mandated transgender surgeries for minors, tax increases, green new deal BS, and all kinds of other trash. The corrupt Democrats have shown that they cannot be trusted with power. It should be noted that the Senate has 33 GOP - 34 Dem and that burglar Nicole Mitchell is the swing vote for the Democrat control! Democrats have a soon to be felon helping them tighten up criminal law! What a joke!

This bill must be fought in court because it is flagrantly unconstitutional. Senator Wesenberg stated on The Truth Hurts that he plans to file an Ethics Complaint against Bobby Joe Champion for his conduct on the Senate floor and refusal to recognize duly elected Senators making motions in line with the rules. Bobby Joe Champion should be removed as Senate President for forcing this bill through and for his coverup on the Nicole Mitchell Ethics committee Executive audio. Patriots must stick together because the Democrats are exposed as cheats and liars. 2024 may bring some great results!

RNC Committeeman Votes Against Otter Tail; Loses Re-Election

Patriots in Otter Tail County have woken up conservatives across our state to the corrupt tactics the Establishment will use to silence their opponents. From the crooked 2022 SD9 Endorsing Convention to banning 33 delegates in 2023 to David Hann (unilaterally at first) and the State Executive Committee demanding Otter Tail do not hold a BPOU Convention this year which disenfranchises hundreds of conservatives. Otter Tail delegates have been through the ringer and they are sick of being run over.

When the MNGOP Exec. Cmte. took action on this matter, it was because RNC Committeeman Alex Plechash brought the issue to the Committee. Plechash made strong statements at the start, claiming that he was going to fight for Otter Tail delegates to be validated and allow their BPOU to conduct their business. The Exec. Cmte. voted to form a task force to determine how to handle the situation. The members of this group were kept secret by David Hann and regardless of the outpour of support for grassroots Republicans in Otter Tail, the Establishment had their minds made up.

According to Truth Hurts News, only 5 members of the 15 member committee voted against the motion to uphold David Hann’s decision to strip Otter Tail delegates of their duly elected roles. Those 5 included Alec Beck, Mark Bishofsky, Jenna Dicks, Joe Ditto, and Wendy Phillips. Alex Plechash voted with David Hann to screw Otter Tail delegates out of their elected duties and many delegates felt like they were stabbed in the back. Plechash later stated on an episode of The Truth Hurts that he made a mistake.

This retraction appears to be too little, too late for the State Central delegates because Plechash was removed from office and replaced with AK Kamara during Thursday’s convention. Sources say AK won nearly 60% of the vote. AK is a longtime GOP activist who has put in many years of work into the Minnesota Young Republicans. In conversation with this article’s author, AK stated that he voted in favor of a resolution that supported the Otter Tail delegates at the CD8 convention. The weight of these delegates now rests on AK’s shoulders, if he fights to restore them to their duly elected roles, he will be regarded as a hero by many. 

AK Kamara has thrust himself into a dynamic position in tumultuous political times. The RNC has long been an organization that grassroots conservatives feel detached from. Out of touch leadership has kept We The People divided and against each other rather than united against the radical left. Now is the time for the grassroots to unite against the broken, big government, globalist agenda!

Grassroots Candidate Beats GOP Establishment In US Senate Race

Former NBA player and Steve Bannon ally Royce White successfully won the Republican Endorsement for US Senate on Saturday. Royce successfully beat out establishment candidate Joe Fraser on the first ballot with 67% of the vote (924-391).

Republicans began their state convention on May 17th in St. Paul, conducting two days of business before adjourning late on Saturday. Roughly 1,300 delegates participated in the vote to endorse. 

The establishment tried to push White to the curb through their nomination process, which requires the candidate to be interviewed by an appointed committee. While they certified Fraser as “qualified without reservations,” they certified White as “qualified, with reservations.” This classification from the nominations committee was an effort to sway delegates toward Fraser.

Delegates instead rallied behind White, with 67% of them throwing their support behind him on the first ballot. A candidate needs 60% of the vote to be endorsed by the party. Clearly, the Republican party has changed. Gone are the days of politics as usual. Grassroots activists are now America First conservatives.

Many see the endorsement of White as a slap in the face to Dave Hann’s Republican Party leadership. Hann had previously tampered with the delegate pool by disenrolling over 100 Republican delegates from Otter Tail County after caucus night.

With the Republican Endorsement, White will gain access to party lists, money, and volunteers.

A representative of the Fraser campaign refused to say whether or not he would launch a divisive primary that would divide the party. The winner of the primary in August will face Democrat Incumbent Amy Klobuchar in November. 

Duly-Elected Delegate Thrown Out of State Central Cmte. Meeting

The corruption that has infected the MNGOP grows by the day and the establishment is getting even bolder with their tactics. The grassroots continue to be shut out from the very process that should be controlled and maintained by the grassroots. Elitists in the MNGOP have decided to pursue an agenda that targets and attacks common Patriots who fight RINOs.

Among the fighters against tyranny is Mille Lacs County BPOU Chair Larry Doose who experienced corruption firsthand today (5/16/24) at the MNGOP State Central Committee (SCC) Convention. Larry is a delegate for the SCC and was elected by his BPOU to fight for their conservative interests.

Larry Doose became a central figure during the party’s previous SCC Convention with his attempt to remove RINO David Hann as party Chair. Despite presenting hard-hitting facts with a calm and reasoned demeanor, he was attacked with lies and misrepresentations by Hann and company. His participation in a room rental for a “Rebuild the MNGOP” discussion area led to a corrupt Sergeant at Arms closing and blocking the hallway door that led to this room. Unlike the state party, this group paid for the use of the facility and does not have any outstanding debt.

Doose began to take matters into his own hands after he felt was defamed and illegally entrapped due to the Sgt. at Arms blockage so he sued David Hann. This does not play well into David Hann’s North Korea-esque ideals for uniformity in the party. The fact that a grassroots Patriot took it upon himself to file this lawsuit showed the party “leadership” that Larry Doose was never going to back down from his convictions.

Which led to the events of today where Larry Doose was thrown out of the State Central Committee, of which he is a duly elected delegate. To make matters worse, the rule in which they used to throw him out could not have been enforced because the rules had not passed in the meeting at that point! You should be seeing a pattern to the scam the RINOs play!

Tom Emmer puppet/MNGOP lackey Anna Mathews was at the credentialing table when Doose approached to register his guest. Doose was already credentialed himself, as the credentials can be seen on Larry in the article picture. As we are informed, Mathews demanded Doose and his guest stand off to the side with a Sgt. at Arms. After over an hour of time wasted, sources say the following took place: Mathews informed Doose that he would not be allowed on the floor because he was “suing the party”. Larry informed Anna that he was not suing the party, he was suing David Hann personally. Anna suggested that because he is Chair, it is connected to the party. Doose responded by saying “He could be a member of the golf club down the road but the lawsuit doesn’t have anything to do with them!” Attendees say that David Hann falsely told the body that Doose was suing the party.

At this point, Doose was told he would not be allowed on the floor and had to leave the building. He was never refunded his money, nevertheless given the seat that he was duly-elected to. This is proof that even when someone does everything right, goes through the process, becomes a delegate, attends the meetings, and voices their concerns, the Establishment will still rig the game against you. 

The State Central meeting is only the first day for the MNGOP mess this weekend and the party elitists already screwed over the grassroots before the meeting even started. The Swamp will target any Patriot who challenges the status quo and tries to save our state. The Establishment, RINO Republicans have lost every single statewide election since 2006. David Hann and other RINOs do not have the answers, in fact, they are just as guilty as the Democrats for the downfall of MN. Hann told delegates that the party identified 200K Republicans that didn't vote in the last election and he didn't know why. Maybe it is because the party ATTACKS their own base and refuses to fight for them! Will delegates fight to change the party from within? Tomorrow is another day…

Committeewoman Candidates Attacked for Otter Tail County Stance

Candidates for RNC Committeeman and Committeewoman will face Republican State Central Delegates on Thursday night in St. Paul. Current Committeeman Alex Pleccash is being challenged by AK Kamara and Current Committeewoman Barb Sutter is stepping down – making the position an open seat. With the state party melting down over Dave Hann’s actions in Otter Tail County, the issue has become a top priority for many voters – striking a nerve with the nominations committee.

Among the candidates for Committeewoman are Emily Novotny Chance, Joy Orvis, and Amanda Hughes. While Novotny Chance was considered qualified for the position by the state party nominations committee, Orvis and Hughes were not. The committee is made up of appointees who are tasked with interviewing candidates wishing to run for RNC Committeeman/woman.

If candidates want a chance to be nominated by delegates, they must be deemed qualified by the committee. Amanda Hughes was deemed “unqualified” by the committee because of her efforts to remove Chair Dave Hann at the previous State Central Convention. Joy Orvis was found “qualified with reservations” because she refused to take a position on the Otter Tail County mess.


That’s right, this nominations committee is so fired up over this issue that they would put their thumb on the scales of the committeewoman election. By deeming Orvis “qualified with reservations,” delegates will be led to believe that she should be voted against.

Here’s a screenshot from a recent Orvis campaign email.

You should not be surprised that Dave Hann’s Republican Party is vindictive and drunk on power. Under his guidance, the CD 1 GOP just voted to remove executive member Wendy Phillips for helping Otter Tail County host a convention independently.

It seems that Emily Novotny Chance is the establishment favorite for RNC Committeewoman, but the delegates will have their final say on Thursday night.

Corrupt CD1 Chair/Finstad Staffer Aaron Farris Kicks Out Patriot State Exec. Member

NOTE- As a precursor, check out A4L President Erik Mortensen’s video breakdown before this event and disenfranchised delegate Merle Hexum's video

The MNGOP establishment disenfranchises delegates, screws over conservative candidates, and kicks out free thinkers from leadership. The divisive and swampy style by the likes of Chair David Hann and other “leaders” is all about retribution instead of winning. Wendy Phillips faced the brunt end of it today and she did nothing but fight for Patriots.

CD1 State Executive Committeewoman Wendy Phillips has been a Patriot who was a grassroots candidate for State House in 2022. Since then, she has continued to be a truth-teller fighting for fairness and freedom while serving in party leadership. As a State Executive member, Wendy fought to restore the 2024 Otter Tail County delegates, went up to Otter Tail with A4L President Erik Mortensen and listened to FIVE hours of testimonies from delegates and reviewed their caucus documents.

Wendy was asked by Otter Tail delegates, knowing she was a neutral arbiter, to serve as the Chair of their Convention. She agreed and wanted to ensure everything was run fairly since this dispute has been so contentious. This convention was held after David Hann and his useless idiots voted to disenfranchise Otter Tail, while Wendy Phillips and other Patriots voted to let duly elected delegates vote!

Today, Wendy Phillips was punished by the Establishment for Chairing the “unsanctioned” convention in Otter Tail and because she did, David Hann told his puppet CD1 Chair Aaron Farris to KICK Wendy off the Exec. Board! Farris has been a politician way before he could even vote and has been groomed as an Establishment do-boy. He does as he is told and is rewarded with paychecks from Rep. Brad Finstad. He may look like a child but he has more power than he deserves. Farris added “Removal of Wendy Phillips” to the agenda for the CD1 meeting for the simple reason that she rebuffed the state party illegitimate, and likely illegal, treatment of delegates in Otter Tail. Pawns like Farris make the party worse.

Mortensen and supporters of Wendy from CD1, Otter Tail, and across Minnesota joined her as she fought the BS. 2022 SOS Candidate and election integrity champion Erik van Mechelen posted an excellent video at the event. Unfortunately, crony types typically outnumber patriots and that was the case tonight. Wendy was KICKED OUT of the meeting along with her supporters. This is despite the CD1 GOP Constitution declaring these OPEN MEETINGS! To hide their dirty behavior, they closed the curtains so conservatives couldn't even SEE what was going on! How much more pompous can they be? Wendy was then kicked out of leadership by the same crooked RINOs. Standing up to corruption is not tolerated in the MNGOP! See pictures of supporters inside and outside below:

Wendy Phillips has also voted to remove David Hann as Chair and he is seeking retribution for her not obeying his orders. He cannot stand to have a freethinker who will do what is right despite what he says! RINO Rep. Brad Finstad is also to blame in this. Aaron Farris, like several other CD Chairs, is PAID by the incumbent Congressman despite party officers having duties for neutrality before the endorsement. Like usual, the scam is always to get the people the establishment wants rich…

After the convention, an establishment crony named Robert Hoffman confronted Mortensen and said Patriot Lisa Hanson standing up to Walz’ unconstitutional orders was “all a show” and just wanted “the limelight”. Yes, this clown thinks Lisa Hanson spending 60 days in jail was “a show”. This is just one example of the ill-informed that voted to remove Wendy. 

Wendy Phillips was taken out because she is a THREAT to the Establishment’s power! Once you see corruption firsthand, expose it, fight it, and then try to correct it, you will be smeared and attacked and removed from leadership. This is the crooked, under-handed, anti-grassroots behavior that the MNGOP has become famous for. The corruption needs to end!

Aaron Farris should be REMOVED as CD1 Chair for causing this corrupt removal.

David Hann should be REMOVED as MNGOP Chair for screwing over grassroots.

Rep. Brad Finstad should immediately CONDEMN the removal of Wendy Phillips. 

CD5 Dem Convention: Unfair, Woke Transgender Delegate Rules

Tomorrow on Saturday (5/11/24), the Minnesota Democrats in CD5 will be meeting for their 2024 Endorsing Convention. This is expected to be a highly competitive process for the Democratic Party’s Endorsement as incumbent Rep. Ilhan Omar is facing off in a rematch with former Minneapolis City Councilman Don Samuels, who will be 75 years old in a few days. 

Criminal defense attorney Sarah Gad and National Guard recruiter/small business owner Tim Peterson are also running for the Democrat Endorsement. This Endorsing Convention comes after the MNGOP’s CD5 convention on April 28th. That event was held on a Sunday, which likely angered Christians and conservatives. Known anti-Trump RINO Dalia al-Aqidi was endorsed by acclimation, raising suspicions how she will run her campaign since she will share the GOP ballot line with President Trump.

In 2022, Ilhan defeated Don Samuels for the party Endorsement and narrowly won the primary by a vote of 50.3% to 48.2%. Three other candidates received the remaining votes in that primary. This highly anticipated rematch will be flooded with outside money and special interest groups with ridiculous commercials and ads. After such a close call in 2022, AIPAC is now looking to target Ilhan’s campaign and take her out in the primary.

The CD5 Democrat convention rules have appeared on their website and there are some very radical provisions! Included in their rules package are plans to force lower-ranked alternates based on gender identity! It further states that individuals who do not identify as male or female will not be counted as either! These rules will allow transgenders to be seated en mass over normal people! See woke rules 8, 16, and 42E below:

Not only is this woke garbage, but it is flagrantly a violation of the delegate process that people undertook starting at the precinct caucuses. Imagine you are an alternate who is just about to be sat on the floor, only to be stopped so a lower-ranked alternate, cross-dresser/transgender/non-binary can take your spot! In practice, does this mean that alternate #52 can be seated before alternate #1 from a BPOU simply because of their "gender identity"? According to Democrats, someone with gender dysphoria and their vote should be valued more than anyone else’s! There may be a severe clash of cultures in the event that Muslim Democrats fight this rule. 

This should be a violation of law, but Minnesota, like many other states, does nothing to protect the integrity of party conventions and endorsements. Our State Constitution and related statutes do not adequately protect citizens from corrupt political party proceedings. For far too long, political parties can get away with all kinds of scams and ways to rig results in their favor. It is time that corrupt political parties are held to account!