Never Again Protest Was A Huge Success

The Never Again protest, spearheaded by patriot Michele Even, was a huge success. On Monday morning, activists from all across the state made their way to St. Paul to show their support for Representative Erik Mortensen’s Never Again bill

Legislators were called back to the Capitol this week because Governor Walz' extended his Unilateral Emergency Powers for the 15th time in a row. Since the legislature didn't pass a budget by May 17th, there will be a partial government shutdown starting on July 1st if an agreement isn't met. Either Walz agrees to Unilateral End Emergency Powers for good, or Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is going to sell out and pass a budget the funds Walz' agencies.

Here are a few pictures from the protest:




Activists showed Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka that Mortensen’s bill needs to be passed into law before anything else -- it’s that important. As you can see from the pictures above, the protest spoke volumes about the massive support that this bill has.

Action 4 Liberty will continue to be your liberty advocate in St Paul in the final days of the Special Session.

Never Again Bill Protest on Monday

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is standing in the way of passing the most important legislation of our time: the Never Again Bill!  

After 457 days of one man's Unilateral Declaration of Emergency Powers, every sane individual should be demanding that Walz' Emergency Powers end for good. And the only way to ensure that happens is by passing Rep Erik Mortensen's Never Again Bill.

There are a lot of fake End Powers bills out there, and I'd imagine you'll see some more fakers create their own bills again this week. But Mort's Never Again Bill is the only one that removes Walz from unilaterally declaring an emergency and ensures that an emergency can only be declared by a 2/3 majority of the legislature. 

A 2/3 Majority is critically important because it protects us even when Democrats are in complete control of state government!

To show support for Mort's Never Again Bill, and to put pressure on weak Senate Republicans, Michele Even, a true patriotic activist, has put together an excellent Never Again Protest tomorrow, Monday, June 14th in front of the Senate Office Building.

Michele wants our voice to be heard by every Senator, especially Weakling Gazelka, so they know there's a price to pay for selling out on Minnesota. For the first time in 15 months, the Senate Office building will be open to the public.

Join Michele, myself and Rep Erik Mortensen as the fence around the Capitol is torn down and the public is allowed back in. Make YOUR voice heard about how the Never Again Bill needs to pass before Gazelka agrees to a budget deal with Democrats.


Where: Senate Office Building

When: Monday, June 14th at 10:30 am

More information here.


Listen Allen, politics is won by those who show up. Radical leftists protest at the Capitol and often control the political landscape. We need every politician up there to see the power of our movement. And you can help.

Please come join us on June 14th at 10:30 am at the Senate Office Building. Look for the crowd waving "Never Again" signs around. You'll know you're in the company of fellow patriots!

Can't make it? Help us pay for the signs, cowbells and horns by donating today. Donate $25, $50 or $100 immediately to help us make a loud voice on Monday! 

This is the time when legislators start to compromise and give in to the radical left. Stop that from happening by showing up tomorrow!

Walz to Make Emergency Powers Permanent

Governor Walz just did it again. He announced he will extend his Unilateral Emergency Powers for a 15th time!

This fight we've taken on to End Walz' Emergency Powers is exhausting. It sometimes makes you think you are nuts for doing it. But when things get tough and the battle drags on, I remember one of my favorite quotes from an important Founder...

It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

These prophetic words by Samuel Adams are what fuels my tireless fire in this battle for our natural rights. Rights that were so clearly violated by Governor Walz and supported by a majority of our fellow Minnesotans.

Even at the time of our country's founding, a majority of colonists did not support our struggle for independence. Choosing the security of a tyrannical, foreign crown, they did not join Samuel Adams in his resistance movement.

But that irate, tireless minority prevailed and gave us the greatest country to ever populate this planet. Although I feel we are losing that country at a rapid pace these days. So it's up to us to save it!

Governor Walz is extending his Emergency Powers despite no emergency or even large scale cases of COVID. With the stroke of a pen, Walz has essentially eliminated our Constitutional Republic. 

We're learning every day that Governor Walz used lies and misinformation by Fauci and the fraudulent government health bureaucracy to strip us of our rights and treat us like his subjects.

It appears he wants his Emergency Powers now to be PERMANENT!!!

There's only one way to STOP Walz and the MN Dept of Health, and that's by pressuring Senate Republicans to REFUSE to pass a budget until the Never Again Bill is signed into law. They finally have leverage over the Governor. His government agencies only get funded if the Republican controlled Senate passes it. 

Time is running out though. The legislature shows back up to the Capitol on Monday and has only 16 days before a government shutdown. Pressure to compromise will be intense.

But we CAN'T AFFORD COMPROMISE. We MUST keep our pressure campaign of door knocks, phone calls and digital ads up, in order to STOP a budget deal before the Never Again Bill is signed into law.

Please help us immediately. We're on the goal line and are the closest we've been to Ending Walz' Emergency Powers since the start. Help us win!

Don't let Governor Walz hold onto his Unilateral Emergency Powers any longer! Donate $25, $50 or $100 immediately to keep the pressure on Gazelka and Senate Republicans. 

Walz Won't Let Go of Emergency Powers, Extending Them Another 30 Days

Governor Tim Walz has held onto Unilateral Emergency Powers now for 453 days. The list of abuses of power and restrictions on our civil liberties with those Emergency Powers reads like a novel. From shutting down our economy to putting COVID patients into nursing homes, Walz has done things that should be immediate grounds for impeachment. But the Republican Establishment and Democrat machine is allowing him to continue his Unilateral Emergency Powers indefinitely. 

Now Walz is on the cusp of extending those powers for the 15th straight month, with no end in sight. It appears that Walz is planning on making his reign over Minnesota government a permanent fixture. Which is in clear violation of the Minnesota Constitution's Distribution of Powers clause...

Working with Rep Erik Mortensen, a true liberty champion in St Paul, we offered a solution to this problem called the Never Again Bill. If passed, the Never Again Bill would remove the governor's ability to unilaterally declare an emergency and require a 2/3 vote by the legislature. If an emergency is declared by the legislature, the governor's powers only deal with coordinating efforts with other government entities and restrict his ability to shut down the economy or infringe on our civil rights. 

But Senate Republican leadership is putting up a roadblock to this bill, despite the fact that three of their members have signed onto the Senate version of the bill. Majority Leader Paul Gazelka won't give the bill a vote and has instead put forward a separate bill that would End Emergency Powers temporarily. The bill's author, Sen Jeff Howe, stated it will "not do anything to Chapter 12...if another event happens, another pandemic, tornado or flood, [the Governor] could declare another emergency".

The Governor and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka are meeting behind closed doors right now, cutting deals to avoid a partial government shutdown on July 1st. But all deals should be dead in the water until the Never Again Bill is passed. We MUST make our voice be heard!

It's time we showed Gazelka that we mean business. Michele Even, a true patriotic activist, has put together an excellent Never Again Protest on Monday, June 14th in front of the Senate Office Building. 

Michele wants our voice to be heard by every Senator, especially Gazelka, so they know there's a price to pay for selling out on Minnesota. For the first time in 15 months, the Senate Office building will be open to the public.

Join Michele, Rep Erik Mortensen and many patriots as the fence around the Capitol is torn down and the public is allowed back in. Make YOUR voice heard about how the Never Again Bill needs to pass before Gazelka agrees to a budget deal with Democrats.

Where: Senate Office Building

When: Monday, June 14th at 10:30 am

More information here.

Liars and Their Destruction

The COVID cult's patron saint, Dr Anthony Fauci, is finally being exposed for his lies, and perhaps, cover-up of the Wuhan lab leak. Relegated to a right-wing conspiracy theory last year, new evidence suggests that Fauci knew about U.S. taxpayer money going to gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab at Ground Zero of the COVID pandemic. Senator Rand Paul has grilled him on this issue for the past week.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, we now have a look at Fauci's emails in the early days of the pandemic. Months before the declared pandemic, Fauci was discussing the bizarre nature of the disease and how it "potentially" looked engineered. Interestingly, Fauci was quick to dismiss this theory in the public space, while behind the scenes knowing that funding from his organization supported gain-of-function research at the laboratory.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Fauci's National Institutes of Health "sent $3.4 million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance. 'I just wanted to say a personal thankyou on behalf of our staff and collaborators, for publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin,' EcoHealth Alliance chief Peter Daszak gushed to Dr. Fauci in a partly redacted April 2020 email. 'Your comments are brave, and coming from your trusted voice, will help dispel the myths being spun around the virus’ origins.'”

An email from Fauci also stated "the typical mask you buy in a drugstore is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.” Although he later changed his tune, which led to state mask mandates like the one unilaterally implemented by Governor Tim Walz. 

In March, Sen Rand Paul challenged Fauci to provide a study that scientifically concluded the efficacy of continued mask wearing for those who have been infected by COVID-19 or who have received the vaccine. He equated the double mask wearing of the vaccinated Fauci as "political theater". 

Here we are, 447 days after Minnesota and other states declared emergencies, and Governor Walz is refusing to give up his Unilateral Emergency Powers. His destruction to our economy will be severe and has already led to countless permanent business closures. To this day, property owners are on the hook for renters who refuse to pay their rent and our children are still being forced to wear masks in schools.

Walz has followed Liar Anthony Fauci from Day One. And it appears these lies still permeate into his policy decisions, despite countless evidence to the contrary. Where's Walz' apology for the ineffective mask mandate he forced on Minnesotans? 

It's time we end Walz' Emergency Powers for good. Action 4 Liberty's field team is continuing to work around the clock doorknocking and phone calling voters all across the state. It's time Senate Republicans put their foot down and refuse to pass Walz' budget until the Never Again Bill is passed. 

Support our efforts by donating now!


House & Senate Republicans Change Tone on Emergency Powers

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka held a press conference today offering a different tone on the legislature's priority of ending Walz' Emergency Powers. Gazelka was joined on stage by Senator Jeff Howe and Rep Barb Haley, who co-authored a bill that would end Walz' current Emergency Powers. According to SF2559, Governor Walz would lose an emergency that "apply to the COVID-19 infectious disease outbreak" beginning on July 1st or when 70% of Minnesotans are vaccinated, whichever comes first.

The bill allows the Minnesota Dept of Health to continue working with the federal government on the state's vaccination program. It allows Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm to "declare a public health disaster if the commissioner determines that the state must take action to protect the public health." 

Howe's bill also falls short of reforming Chapter 12 Emergency Powers, which is what State Rep Erik Mortensen's Never Again Bill does. "This bill does not do anything to Chapter 12...if another event happens, another pandemic, tornado or flood, [the Governor] could declare another emergency" stated Sen Howe.

Action 4 Liberty has called on the legislature to refuse to pass a budget that would fund Walz' Emergency Powers unless the Never Again Bill is passed and signed into law. This is the only way to truly end Walz' current Emergency Powers and make sure it never happens again.

According to the press conference, Republicans are starting to sound tougher about not agreeing to a budget deal unless Walz' Emergency is removed.

Watch the press conference here:



Walz' Teenager Vaccine Inducement Program Revealed

Governor Walz held a press conference this afternoon announcing his Vaccine Inducement Program aimed at getting your teenager to get the COVID vaccine. Facing a growing number of young Minnesotans who are not interested in getting the experimental vaccine, Walz and his Health Department decided to use taxpayer money to provide free gifts to those who get the jab.

The program allows a newly vaccinated individual to choose from a list of free items. Surprisingly, a statewide fishing license is included on the list. Walz has unilaterally decided to cut into the funding of wildlife management and fisheries, which is the purpose of fishing licenses. How the governor is able to create this program goes back to his unilateral declaration of Emergency Powers, which he has held onto now for 440 days

Here's the list of free items:

  • Great Lakes Aquarium Pass — Eligible for one entrance to the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth. Valid until July 1, 2023. The Minnesota Department of Health will provide recipients' contact information to the Aquarium which will mail tickets to Minnesotans who select this option.
  • Mall of America Nickelodeon Universe Pass — Eligible for a 30-point ride pass at Nickelodeon Universe that can be redeemed through September 1, 2021. The Minnesota Department of Health will provide recipients' contact information to Mall of America who will send information to redeem the pass.
  • Minnesota Fishing License — Eligible for one individual Minnesota resident annual fishing license effective through February 2022. Must be redeemed by July 30, 2021. Recipient must be eligible to hold a Minnesota fishing license. The Minnesota Department of Health will provide recipients' contact information to the Department of Natural Resources which will reach out to Minnesotans to complete their fishing license application.
  • Minnesota State Parks Pass — Eligible for one Minnesota State Parks annual pass. Minnesotans will receive the pass in the mail from the Department of Natural Resources. The Minnesota Department of Health will provide recipients' contact information to the Department of Natural Resources which will mail the State Parks pass.
  • Minnesota Zoo Admission — Eligible for one adult admission at the Minnesota Zoo through September 8. The Minnesota Department of Health will provide recipients' contact information to the Minnesota Zoo which will email information in order for Minnesotans to redeem their admission.
  • Northwoods Baseball League Tickets — Eligible for one reserved ticket to attend a Northwoods League baseball game during the 2021 season. The Minnesota Department of Health will provide recipients' contact information to the Northwoods League and Minnesotans will call the ticket office of the team they select and provide their full name and address for verification to reserve their ticket. Tickets are based on availability at the time of calling. Participating teams include the Rochester Honkers, Willmar Stingers, Mankato MoonDogs, St. Cloud Rox and the Duluth Huskies.
  • State Fair Tickets — Eligible for two admission tickets to the 2021 Minnesota State Fair. The Minnesota Department of Health will provide recipients' contact information to the State Fair which will email tickets no later than July 16, 2021.
  • Valleyfair Single-Day Admission — Valid for one Valleyfair admission ticket and the chance to purchase additional tickets for the same date at a discounted rate during the 2021 season. The Minnesota Department of Health will provide a unique code via email in order for Minnesotans to redeem this offer.
  • $25 Visa Card — Eligible for a $25 Visa Card to be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Minnesotans will receive the cards by mail or email from the Minnesota Department of Health or a State of Minnesota Vendor.

It's time for Governor Walz' Emergency Powers to end. Sign our petition!

Walz to Bribe Minnesotans into Getting Vaccine Using Your Tax Dollars

Governor Walz is considering an incentive program to increase the vaccination rate in Minnesota using taxpayer dollars. After the initial wave of vaccinations among the elderly and frontline workers, there has been a widely reported decline in the amount of Minnesotans who are seeking vaccinations. This problem isn't native to our state either. Recently, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine announced a million dollar lottery program for people who get the vaccine.

Long term effects of the COVID vaccine are not known and a decision to inject a foreign object in one's body should be left to an individual with their health care provider. But that isn't stopping science-ignorant politicians like Tim Walz from telling everyone to get the vaccine. 

According to KARE11, Walz, speaking at an event at the Mall of America, suggested giving away "gift cards" so that young people can immediately go shopping. "It would be easier to bring your teen down here if they could go right into the mall and do something" stated Walz. The Mall of America is a vaccination site and Walz' remarks were targeted towards young teenagers.

The publicity stunt was a whole new low for politics in Minnesota. Walz' Administration officials used their children as political props to encourage the larger public's youth to get vaccinated. In the video below, the State Education Commissioner, Assistant Labor Commissioner and Assistant Corrections Commissioner's children all were shoved in front of the camera to receive their vaccination. Walz is shown embracing them with handshakes after getting the jab.

Outraged by Walz' actions? Make sure to sign the petition to End Walz' Emergency Powers!


Drazkowski and House Republicans Turn Against Liberty Champion, Erik Mortensen

Rep Erik Mortensen (Mort) ran on a platform of going to the Capitol to do some "swamp crushing". And by all accounts, he's kept his campaign promise by authoring countless pieces of legislation that shrinks government and by regularly calling out legislators who promote the broken system in St Paul. Mort is the chief author of the Never Again Bill, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, and the Governor Walz Articles of Impeachment. He stands out in St Paul as the most pro-liberty legislator at the Capitol.

But Mort doesn't only author great pieces of legislation, he also exposes the corruption. Recently, Mort posted a video showing how Republican and Democrat legislators refused to give a roll call vote on Action 4 Liberty's signature piece of legislation, the Never Again Bill - calling Republicans who sat on the House floor and refused to give the 15 needed hands for a record vote, "traitors".

Here's the video:

In the accompanying post, Mort listed the Republicans who refused to give the Never Again Bill a recoded vote which included Kurt Daudt, Anne Neu, Spencer Igo, Duane Quam, Patricia Mueller, Barb Haley, Jim Nash, Bjorn Olson, Glenn Gruenhagen, Jon Koznick, and Josh Heintzeman. 

It's that action that led New House Republican Caucus Manager, Rep Steve Drazkowski, to turn on Mort and kick him out of their small caucus. We spoke to Drazkowski about the decision and he was concerned about the deteriorating relationships with the members of what they often refer to as the "Swampy Caucus" due to Mort. A handful of legislators from the other caucus met with the New House Caucus members over a week ago, without Mort being allowed to speak on his own behalf.

The New House Republican Caucus broke off from Daudt's caucus, the "Swampy Caucus", two years ago. Four legislators (Reps Drazkowski, Munson, Bahr & Miller) officially left, citing Daudt's toxic leadership as the reason. Despite recruitment efforts to get legislators like Eric Lucero and Shane Mekeland to join them, they were unable to grow their caucus until Erik Mortensen got elected in 2020. Draz appears to be taking lessons from Kurt Daudt on how to lose members. The New House Republican Caucus just shrunk by 20% today. 

Interestingly, news of Mort's departure was known in the Republican establishment and Democrat ranks well before it officially happened. Drazkowski's move gave Mort's Democrat opponent fuel for an attack last night on Twitter, well before he officially kicked him out of the caucus. It appears Drazkowski and team care more about relationships with the political class than they do in standing behind the best member of their caucus. 

Here's Drazkowski's letter to the Speaker of the House, which was sent May 18th in the early afternoon:

The New House Republican Caucus has shown their true colors today and will remain irrelevant in the grand political movement to restore liberty. Mort is the future and the champion that grassroots conservatives in Minnesota want leading the fight in St Paul. We stand with Mort. 

Voice your disapproval of kicking Mortensen out of the caucus by contacting the New House Republican Caucus members:


Rep Steve Drazkowski


[email protected]


Rep Jeremy Munson


[email protected]


Rep Cal Bahr


[email protected]


Rep Tim Miller


[email protected]



The Gazelka Sellout - Budget Deal with Walz

Governor Walz and Senate "Republican" Majority Leader Paul Gazelka held a joint press conference earlier today announcing they came to an agreement on the amount of your tax money to spend for the next two years. Missing in the details was the status of Walz' Unilateral Emergency Powers, which only can be removed by passage of the Never Again Bill

Not surprisingly, the deal grows government by BILLIONS. And it funds Walz' government agencies to attack our businesses.

In one massive sellout, Gazelka stopped short of announcing that Walz' Emergency Powers would be terminated and the Never Again bill will be passed into law.

It's because of these weak, feckless Republicans like Gazelka and Republican Senators that we continue to choke on a massive growth in government without passing the Never Again Bill.

Clearly Gazelka is not actually serious about fighting for freedom and conservatives.

However, the budget bills have not been inked yet.

And that's because of YOU!

Your phone calls, emails and donations have made a significant impact. If you did nothing, Gazelka would've cowered to Walz months ago. But now he is treading lightly and we can't let up!

They adjourned Sine Die (meaning, the session is over). Anything further is done in a Special Session. Well over a month ago, we set the goal to Stop the Budget until the Never Again Bill is passed. With the help of our large network of supporters, we were successful on the first half of our goal. We Stopped the Budget...for now.

Next step is to get them to pass the Never Again Bill and end Walz' emergency powers.

The good thing with Stopping the Budget now is that we still have even more time to pressure senators to get the Never Again Bill passed. Our insiders at the Capitol tell us that they'll be back on June 14th for the final showdown. So we don't have a lot of time. We MUST stop the Gazelka Sellout from happening!

Action 4 Liberty is happy to report that we'll be hiring nine young liberty professionals this summer to double down on our efforts. And we're putting the finishing touches on our brand new headquarters, which greatly enhances our ability to take the fight to the corrupt politicians. Please help us continue this amazing growth!



Walz' plan is to keep his Emergency Powers as long as he can, which opens the door to vaccine passports. He's already talking about forcing masks on people who aren't vaccinated. How would he know who isn't vaccinated without an identification system?

So if Walz isn't stopped now by Gazelka and the Republicans, we are in for a bumpy ride.

That's why it's more critical than ever that you get into this battle in every way possible. 

  • Call & email your senator and tell them NO BUDGET until the Never Again Bill is law. Even if you've already done it. Do it again.
  • Tell everyone you know to sign the End Emergency Powers petition HERE to get more people in this fight.
  • Donate to the effort so we can hire more liberty fighters on the ground everywhere in Minnesota. 


Of course Walz' push is all anti-science, anti-data. Florida and Texas haven't been mandating masks for months and they are doing great! Shouldn't we see the bodies of the unvaccinated Floridians and Texans lying on the streets?!

This COVID Con by Walz has gone on long enough. And I'm afraid that Unilateral Emergency Powers won't only be used for this current pandemic. If Gazelka sells out and doesn't pass the Never Again Bill, Walz can abuse emergency powers again for gasoline shortages, flu breakouts and the inevitable future civil unrest in the metro.

We at Action 4 Liberty are making long term investments RIGHT NOW to protect liberty for our next generations. Our team continues to see Unilateral Emergency Powers as the biggest threat to liberty. So we are doubling down.

Hiring young, liberty professionals to work the phones, get out and door knock and run our operations means we bring a bigger fight to the table.