45% of Democrats Support Internment Camps for Unvaccinated, According to Poll

A poll released this month shows that 45% Democrats and 14% of Republicans support sending Americans to internment camps who refuse to get the experimental COVID vaccine. The question asks the respondents if they support "having federal or state governments require that citizens temporarily live in designated facilities or location if they refuse to get a COVD-19 vaccine."

Here's the cross tab for the question:

These people are absolutely nuts! Have we learned nothing from our country's history? 

The DFL in Minnesota is requiring all Democrats in Minnesota to get vaccinated just to participate in the statewide precinct caucuses on February 1st. Several Democrats have reached out to us, complaining how the policy will disenfranchise their vote and say in the direction of the Party. Meanwhile, the DFL announced yesterday that illegal immigrants can participate in the precinct caucuses and become delegates to the DFL Party.

Democrat mayors, Jacob Frey of Minneapolis and Melvin Carter of St Paul, have both instituted a vaccine passport program in their cities. Open Table Reservations are currently down in Minneapolis by 65% from 2019. Crime, of course, adds to that problem on top of ridiculous COVID mandates. Frey appears to want to deliver the final death blow to small businesses in his city.

The vaccine mandate approach flies in the face of science and data. Israel has one of the most vaccinated populations in the world. The country is now promoting a fourth shot. However, Israel just experienced record daily infections of 65,259. A study posted on The Lancet shows that the mRNA vaccines are "weak" against the Omicron variant. 

Want to STOP vaccine mandates and ensure we don't open up internment camps?! Watch this video to see what you can do NOW!


Walz Relaunches "Kids Deserve a Shot" Program; Paying $200 Each

Governor Walz relaunched a vaccine program directed towards children using $200 bribes to get the jab. The original program entitled "Kids Deserve a Shot" was rolled out last October. Walz is trying to lure our children into getting the experimental vaccine by using taxpayer money and Visa gift cards.

“Getting children vaccinated is the best way to keep families safe from COVID-19 — and now, it’s the easiest way to get a Visa gift card. Get your child vaccinated and get $200. It’s that simple" stated Walz, sounding more like a pharmaceutical salesman than the Governor of Minnesota.

How a child getting the vaccine will keep "families safe" is a mystery, however. Walz admitted himself, back in December, that he tested positive for COVID because of his child spreading it to him. Walz is a regular mask wearer and is fully vaccinated and boosted. Attorney General Keith Ellison and Secretary of State Steve Simon, all fully vaccinated and boosted, also recently got COVID.

Israel has one of the most vaccinated populations in the world. The country is now promoting a fourth shot. However, Israel just experienced record daily infections of 65,259

Bloomberg News reported that early Omicron breakthrough cases "show MRNA Vaccines' weakness", according to a study posted on The Lancet. Walz is luring our children into getting a vaccine that doesn't even work against the predominate variant. 

The program began on January 24th and runs through the end of February. 

I Just Had COVID, but I'm More Worried About Government's Control Over Us

My number was up last week. I finally got COVID.

You can probably imagine how many of the COVID Cultists and their friends in the Political Class would have loved to see it take me out. After all, I very publicly don't follow any of their advice.

They wish ill will on me and they wish it on YOU as well. Our defiance is not okay.

In reality, vaccination status makes no difference in getting or passing on the disease. Even some in the corporate media are starting to admit that.

When mask wearing, fully vaccinated and boosted politicians like Tim Walz, Keith Ellison and Steve Simon test positive - the talking points begin to crumble.

So why are we still playing this game of mask and vaccine mandates?

Neither one of them STOP you from getting COVID. So it's not about safety.

It's all about CONTROL!

It's always been about control this whole time. And that's what we have been fighting against for the last 22 months!

We knew it was critically important to End Walz' Emergency Powers. Which is why our team knocked on 40,000 doors, made over 55,000 phone calls and ran digital ads that reached hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans.

That effort ended up stripping Walz of his powers last June. But Senate Republicans failed to pass the Never Again Bill, so the threat is not gone.

The Political Class is not done coming after you and me. They will continue forcing mandates on us, while also destroying our cities by wrecking our economy and allowing crime to skyrocket.

That's why we have no choice but to continue this FIGHT against the corrupt Political Class. And to do that I need your help to fund our expansive field operations. 

We had to spend a substantial amount of our resources in 2021 fighting against these cronies. So it's leaving us in a more vulnerable position in 2022.

And as you well know, this election year is not the time to be left without a real fighter on your side. 

Our enemies in the political class are well funded and have the institutions and corporate media in their pocket. We're up against tremendous odds.

I'm afraid if we don't continue raising money to fight back against them, we're doomed to live under mask and vaccine mandates for the foreseeable future.



You know by now that we don't mess around. Our team works around the clocks to protect your liberty. Our field operations team is making thousands of phone calls a day across Minnesota to win this battle.

I need need YOUR help. We must replenish our war chest to fight this battle.

Action 4 Liberty will

- Knock tens of thousands of doors

- Make one hundred thousand phone calls

- Advertise digitally to over one million Minnesotans

Don't let the Political Class win. We can't afford to allow our children to grow up in a state that forces compliance.

Walz Only Wants to Give Small Fraction of the Surplus Back to You

Governor Walz just insulted all Minnesotan taxpayers when he revealed this afternoon his plan to spend the majority of the $10 Billion surplus, only giving a small fraction of it back to taxpayers who were overcharged. Walz' plan would give checks of "$350 to married couples (earning up to $273,470)" and "$175 for single taxpayers (earning up to $164,400)." This is a small fraction of what is owed.

A budget surplus happens when the government overtaxed its citizens. Similar to a waitress overcharging a patron, the money should be promptly returned. Big government Democrats and Republicans generally look at surpluses as a way to spend more money on bloated government.

Despite media reports that state the budget surplus is $7.7 Billion, the real figures when accounting for the reserve funds is more than $10 Billion. With 2.5 million taxpayers in the state, the government should be giving back checks of $4,000 to everyone who pays in. 

Demand that your legislator and Governor Walz give back the entire surplus NOW! 


Carhartt Mandating Vaccination for Employees; Ignoring the Science

The C.E.O of Carhartt has gone completely woke and is continuing the company's mandatory vaccination policy despite the Supreme Court striking down Biden's executive order. In an email to Carhartt's employees, C.E.O. Mark Valade wrote, "“We put workplace safety at the very top of our priority list and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling doesn’t impact that core value. We, and the medical community, continue to believe vaccines are necessary to ensure a safe working environment for every associate and even perhaps their households.”

Valade's policy doesn't make sense from a scientific standpoint. A recent study showed that the mRNA vaccines are "weak" in fighting off the Omicron variant. More importantly, data from areas like Israel, which have a high vaccination rate, are experiencing the largest surge in cases since the beginning of the pandemic. In Minnesota, the Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State all recently tested positive for symptomatic COVID despite receiving the booster shot. The vaccines do not work!

What's more frustrating than the ignorance of science and data is that Carhartt built a brand around the rugged individualistic spirit that defines the working man of America. They appear to be the latest company overtaken by the woke mob.

I personally have worn Carhartt for years and am irate with the direction of the company's leadership. The brand is under assault by this foolishness. Joining me in voicing my concern as a long time customer. Let's stand for Carhartt employee rights. Contact Carhartt.

Jordan Peterson Calls on Canadian Gov't to 'Open the Damn Country Back Up'

Popular YouTube lecturer and Best Selling Author, Dr Jordan Peterson, pinned an op-ed entitled "Time to Live Again" in a major Canadian paper recently calling on the government to "open the damn country back up". Canada is currently under massive restrictions including curfews in Quebec and social gathering restrictions in British Columbia.

The piece opens with a story from Peterson about two recent personal experiences of the disruptions in the banking and airline industries due to government restrictions that are plaguing Canadian commerce. He and his wife were "accustomed to systems that worked", but that has changed as a result of recent measures. The disruptions are effecting businesses of all industries, but most importantly, impacting supply chain issues that are leaving grocery store shelves empty.

Jordan warns that Canada is "playing with fire" and we're "frightening people to make them comply" because there is a lack of leadership in the political ranks.

In a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee, Jordan Peterson notes that there were "no lockdowns, no masks, no COVID regulations to speak of"; adding that "people are going about their lives." But in Canada, "we are putting tremendous and unsustainable strain on all the complex systems that have served us so well, and made us so comfortable, in the midst of the troubles of our lives."

Peterson adds, "the cure has become worse than the disease."

Unfortunately for Canadians, there does not appear to be an end in sight. Politicians seem completely poisoned by fear mongering and authoritarianism than empowered by following science and data. And protecting mental health and civil liberties is taking a backseat.

Like many blue states in our country, vaccine mandates and constant bombardment to "wear a mask" is the predominant talking points from the political authorities. Despite high vaccination rates and mask policies, COVID is surging in these areas of the country. In Minnesota, our Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State have all recently tested positive for symptomatic COVID. They had the booster shot and wear masks religiously. 

Dr. Peterson finishes with a demand to Canada's government:

Enough, Canadians. Enough, Canadian politicos. Enough masks. Enough social gathering limitations. Enough restaurant closures. Enough undermining of social trust. Make the bloody vaccines available to those who want them. Quit using force to ensure compliance on the part of those who don’t. Some of the latter might be crazy but, by and large, they are no crazier than the rest of us.

Set a date. Open the damn country back up, before we wreck something we can’t fix.


You can watch the video of Dr. Peterson reading his op-ed on his popular YouTube channel (assuming they don't take it down):


Largest Search Engine Spreading Propaganda Against Newest Data

Google, the world's largest search engine, dedicated its front page for spreading propaganda on mask wearing and getting vaccinated despite the newest data showing those measures are ineffective. At the same time, a group of woke doctors and PhD's are calling on Spotify to silence Joe Rogan for questioning the corporate media's COVID narrative.

COVID cases are spiking in the U.S. right now. We're currently experiencing the largest surge of the disease, despite the fact that a large portion of the population is vaccinated. What once was considered a "breakthrough case", the vaccinated are catching and spreading COVID like wildfires. In Minnesota alone, the Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State have all recently tested positive for symptomatic COVID. At least three of them had the booster shot.

Israel has one of the most vaccinated populations in the world. The country is now promoting a fourth shot. However, Israel just experienced record daily infections of 65,259

Bloomberg News reported today that early Omicron breakthrough cases "show MRNA Vaccines' weakness", according to a study posted on The Lancet.

If you click on the Google letters, you'll be taken to a page promoting the vaccine for everyone 5 years and older. Adults are encouraged to get the booster shot. But there's no evidence this will do anything to stop the spread of COVID. At least that's what the data suggests, to those willing to be honest about the numbers.

Kendall Qualls Refuses to Sign 'Never Again' Pledge

Kendall Qualls entered the race to replace Governor Walz this week. He ran unsuccessfully in 2020 for U.S. Congress against Dean Phillips. Following that defeat, Qualls founded an educational non-profit called Take Charge and began traveling the state talking about race issues in our education system.

We reached out to Mr Qualls on Monday and asked him to sign the Never Again Pledge. This pledge gives voters the confidence that a candidate will make passing the Never Again Bill their top priority - a bill that would remove the Governor's Unilateral Emergency Powers for good. Both Mayor Mike Murphy and Dr. Neil Shah signed the pledge. 

Unfortunately, Qualls refuses to sign the pledge. We spoke to him on the phone on Thursday about the merits of the Never Again Bill and why our supporters want to see candidates get on board. But Kendall decided he would join the other politicians in the race who won't sign it: Jensen, Benson and Gazelka.

Politicians hate signing pledges because putting a principled commitment in writing leaves no wiggle room for them to stray away from protecting liberties once they are elected. This is the exact reason why we think pledges are important.

Qualls' excuse to us was that if he signed the Never Again Pledge, he would have to sign pledges everyday. But this is a ridiculous excuse since there aren't many organizations promoting pledges in Minnesota. On top of that, the only pledges he would need to sign are the ones he agrees with.

Politicians love power. It's what motivates many of them to run for Governor. Since the Never Again Bill would actually reduce the Governor's powers, many of the politicians running for Governor don't support the legislation for that reason. 

Con Artist Paul Marquart Retiring After Action 4 Liberty Exposes His Record

Con Artist, State Rep Paul Marquart announced he's retiring in Minnesota House District 4B after Action 4 Liberty exposed his fraudulent voting in St Paul. Marquart is one of a few Democrat legislators who represents a district won by Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Fearing consequences by his voters, Marquart voted several times in 2020 to End Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. But in 2021, when his vote would've been the deciding factor to finally end them, he flipped his vote and screwed over all the bars, restaurants and gym owners in his district.

Action 4 Liberty sent a door knocking team up to his district during last year's legislative session. We knocked on tens of thousands of voters' doors, informing them of how Marquart is protecting Governor Walz and not supporting them. On top of that, our team ran digital ads and radio ads exposing him for the con he pulled on his voters. 


This is a HUGE win for Action 4 Liberty supporters. Crony politicians like Paul Marquart are the reason Governor Walz got away with shutting down our economy. He would've stood in the way of passing the Never Again bill, but now he'll be out of the picture for good. Buh Bye!

Walz LIES About Vaccine Passports (WATCH VIDEO)

Governor Tim Walz has lied to us about so many things since the beginning of the pandemic. His disgusting behavior and policies have cost people their life's work, and one could argue, his "vaccine only" policy is costing people lifesaving treatments. 

One of the most notable lies from this Governor came back in October when he lost his cool during a press conference at North Memorial Hospital. When asked about the demand to Stop Vaccine Mandates & Passports (thanks to Action 4 Liberty supporters making phone calls and writing emails to their legislators), Walz faced the camera and said "those aren't real things". 

Yesterday, Minneapolis and St Paul initiated citywide vaccine passport programs. All bars, restaurants and other public venues will ask patrons to show their vaccination papers before being allowed in. We knew this was coming, hence why we made this an issue in October.

Here's the video of Lying Tim Walz:


Want to Stop Vaccine Passports in Minnesota? We need to get the legislature to outlaw them by passing the Stop Vaccine Mandates Legislation.