MNGOP State Exec Votes to Form Committee to Determine Otter Tail County Delegates, Despite Hann's Objections

(Pictured: MNGOP Chair David Hann on the left, and MNGOP Deputy Chair Donna Bergstrom on the right)

Corrupt MNGOP Chair David Hann unilaterally threw out all delegates in Otter Tail County last week, disenfranchising the voice of hundreds of grassroots, conservative activists. When we learned of this tyrannical style move, we sprung into action and were able to get members of the 15 person State Executive Committee to call an emergency meeting. That meeting occurred last night at 8:15 pm at the MNGOP headquarters in Edina, MN.

The meeting began on a bad note. Several activists attended the meeting, including our own President Erik Mortensen, who had an interesting encounter with Hann in the parking lot beforehand. Congressional District 6 Chair Bobby Benson made a motion to take the meeting into an executive session and kick out the public. Benson is the State Chief of Staff for Globalist RINO Tom Emmer; a job that pays him a $130,000 salary from taxpayers. His motion passed and despite state central delegates being in attendance, they were not allowed to stay and observe the meeting.

Our sources tell us that Hann's objective in the meeting last night was to talk the issues of the night to death so no vote would occur. Hann wanted a filibuster on important issues to the grassroots.

However, he was delivered a blow on the issue dealing with House District 57A. We wrote about the illegitimate endorsing convention that RINO Rep Jon Konznick claimed gave him the Republican endorsement last Saturday. Turns out, 7-5 members of State Executive agreed that Congressional District 2 Chairman Joe Ditto properly called a March 16th convention, and the illegitimate convention will not be recognized.

This decision is a big deal because it confirms that Koznik and the HRCC have been fraudulently staking claim to an endorsement that never actually occurred.

Following the vote on 57A, Congressional District 4 Rep Mark Bishofsky made a motion to reinstate all Otter Tail County delegates. That led to a lengthy discussion amongst the Executive Committee. Hann reiterated that he had the authority to remove delegates (he does not). It became clear that members of the State Executive committee did not want to vote NO after receiving hundreds of phone calls, texts and emails yesterday from activists all across the state of Minnesota. They did not want to go against the will of the people. Pressure works!

The meeting went into the early hours of the morning, with an amended motion being introduced around 1:30 AM to form a special committee that will go through the Otter Tail County paperwork to determine who was elected delegate. This is a victory for the grassroots and a HUGE blow to Corrupt MNGOP Chair David Hann, who preferred that his unilateral decision to remove ALL delegates stand.

We're not in the clear just yet. There will certainly be efforts by David Hann and his cronies to derail the committee process. So Action 4 Liberty will work with conservatives in Otter Tail County to ensure a fair and rule following process is conducted. 




Bogus Campaign Finance Complaint Against A4L Dropped

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board dropped a two-year-old complaint against Action 4 Liberty on Monday. The Board is made up of Governor Tim Walz employees, which explains why the process was so long and drawn out.

In the extra-judicial court called the Campaign Finance Board, guilt is assumed before innocence. Therefore, the body will take any complaint, regardless of evidence, and launch a full-throated investigation that threatens the operational strength of a campaign or organization.

The complaint alleged that Action 4 Liberty illegally contributed to the campaign of a gubernatorial candidate in 2022, despite the campaign paying fair-market value for access to A4L materials. 

The complaint against Action 4 Liberty was filed in May of 2022 to slow down efforts to expand the conservative base and secure more legislative victories in St. Paul. You see, plenty of politicians have complained about Action 4 Liberty’s method of confrontational politics – because it forces them to spring into action. 

You see, Senate Victory Fund Staffer Mike Campbell used a Republican volunteer from Winona to file multiple complaints against Action 4 Liberty on his behalf. He found the volunteer so he could avoid being publicized. Luckily, our team uncovered the truth.

Read about Mike Campbell and his scheme here.

Complaints filed against Action 4 Liberty require our organization to spend time and money defending ourselves – taking time away from putting pressure on politicians.

Thankfully, patriots like you have helped us fend off these attacks through your generous donations. YOU helped us raise $30,000 to pay our legal bills. You also helped us fend off another ridiculous complaint late last year, which was also orchestrated by the corrupt Mike Campbell.

Luckily, the Campaign Finance Board could not drag this process out any longer. They dismissed any accusation of wrongdoing in this complaint. Now, our team can continue to focus on what's important: training grassroots activists, making calls, knocking on doors, and fighting the good fight to preserve your liberties. 

Jon Koznick: How he “Won” a Fake Endorsement for HD57A

The MNGOP is meant to be a vehicle for conservative citizens to step up into a leadership role to represent We The People and protect our Constitutional Rights. However, they become further and further away from that mission when delegates are disenfranchised and endorsing conventions are faked.

The 57A race is contested by RINO incumbent Rep. Jon Koznick and an outsider Patriot named Rick Stidger. 57A encompasses land in two BPOUs: SD57 and Scott County. In the situation where a district has two BPOUs in it that are in the same Congressional District, the Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution (Article V, Section 3, F.2.) states that the authority to call an endorsing convention is with the Congressional District 2 Executive Committee. See below:

As CD2’s Executive Committee is vested with the authority to call this convention, they met on 2/23/24 and reached an agreement (with a second and an affirmative vote) to set the date for the 57A endorsing convention for 3/16/24. According to sources, SD57 and Scott County were in conflict before this and CD2 was meant to be a neutral arbiter in the matter. CD2 Chair Joe Ditto then issued the call on 2/25/24.

On 2/27/24, the convention call was presented to delegates at the precinct caucuses in the two caucus locations for 57A. However, corrupt individuals began circulating an illegitimate convention call for 3/9/24, one week before the REAL convention! Additionally, several precincts did not receive this call. 

Article V, Section 3, F.4 of the MNGOP Constitution does give authority to a “majority of” precinct chairs to “sign a petition requesting an endorsing convention and specifying the convener.” However, the call had already gone out by CD2 and delegates were notified of it on caucus date. Their suspected goal of nullifying the legitimate convention is an attempt to confuse, disenfranchise, and rig the endorsement of their State Rep race.

To win a GOP endorsement, a candidate must receive 60% of the voting delegates at an endorsing convention. In MN, endorsed Republican candidates usually win the August primary and go on to face the Democrats (and others) in the November election. The stakes are pretty high here and some will do ANYTHING to remain in power.

Koznick is now claiming that he won the endorsement for 57A by attending a fake convention that was designed to shut out conservative delegates and candidates like Rick Stidger. To make matters worse, the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) tweeted out support for Koznick’s “win”. See below:

This could be a big issue for Koznick and the HRCC because MN State Statute 211B.02 says a person or candidates “may not knowingly make, directly or indirectly, a false claim stating or implying that a candidate or ballot question has the support or endorsement of a major political party.” See below:

Dale Even, Chair of Scott County GOP, attended the fake endorsing convention on 3/9/24 to relay the message that the meeting was illegitimate, did not abide by MNGOP rules, and violated state statute. 

If Rick Stidger wins this Saturday (3/16/24) during the legitimate convention for the endorsement, he should be awarded the endorsement and all associated benefits. The MNGOP State Executive Committee will be addressing this subject during tonight’s meeting (3/12/24). A4L will continue to provide updates and cutting edge analysis on the political corruption other news outlets are too afraid to cover.

Grassroots candidate Grayson McNew wins HD41A Endorsing Convention

The SD41 Endorsing Convention on Saturday March 9th, was a clear message that grassroots patriots prefer outsider conservatives against standard politicians.

In a clear win in the first round, small business owner and former legislative aide Grayson McNew defeated former county commissioner Wayne Johnson. McNew got the 60% threshold for party endorsement and was met with unifying and consolidating support.

Liberty champion Tom Dippel was also endorsed for the 41B House seat. He was endorsed by acclimation and unanimously received the BPOU endorsement.

SD41 GOP had an endorsement pledge to prevent another Tony Jurgens situation (i.e. losing the endorsement, running in a primary, dividing conservatives, endorsing the Democrat in a swing district, and costing GOP control of a state Legislative chamber). Both McNew and Johnson signed the endorsement pledge, committing to support the endorsed candidate.

It is now up to Wayne Johnson to be a man of his word and support the delegates’ decision.

Becoming a delegate and attending endorsing conventions gives citizens real power. Regular, honest Americans know their community, candidates, and priorities best. Utilize your political power by attending party events to forward the fight for freedom!

Breakdown: MN Super Tuesday Primary Results

Following the results of 15 GOP primaries during Super Tuesday including Minnesota, Nikki Haley suspended her failed campaign. This seals the deal for President Trump to win the GOP nomination and focus his attacks against dementia Joe Biden. Neo-con Nikki is still yet to endorse Trump however many suspect it is only a matter of time before she does.

Minnesota’s participation in Super Tuesday created some very interesting developments within the Presidential race and the dynamics provide an insight into the general election in November. For instance, Trump won over 61,000 more votes than Joe Biden in their respective primaries in our state. This indicates that the MAGA movement is more energized than the Dems and could translate into success.

To further breakdown the results, see what took place in each primary below:

Republican Primary

Despite the MNGOP leadership showing favor for Nikki and doing campaign leg-work for her (along with a small number of RINO endorsements for Nikki), their wishes did not come true as Trump defeated Nikki by over 40 points! 

It is likely that a number of Democrats chose to vote in the GOP primary (since there is no party registration in MN). Some estimates suggest that nearly half of Nikki Haley supporters prefer Biden to Trump, meaning that they were never conservatives to begin with! This infiltration was largely unsuccessful and only lessened Trump’s victory margin cushion slightly.

The results of the primary solidified the resolve of grassroots patriots to clean up our elections, fight the establishment, stop illegal immigration, fix our economy, stop inflation, kick Joe Biden out of the White House, and Make America Great Again. MAGA still runs the GOP no matter what the Swamp thinks about it.

Democrat Primary

Minnesota was on the watchlist for many Democrat operatives to understand the crippling and shrinking support of Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Biden suffers from several key demographics for his party losing complete faith in him over various issues, policies, and his age/health. Many factors led to what is one of Biden’s worst performances in a statewide primary including seven Dem state legislators endorsing the “uncommitted” ballot line.

“Uncommitted” received nearly 19% in the Democratic primary which is the best performing result thus far for this brand of protest vote. The “uncommitted” movement has largely been dominated by Arabs, Muslims, and young people who are opposed to US funding and support for Israel in the war (which they consider to be a genocide of Palestinians). In Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey, and Rice Counties, 20-25% of the Democrats voted “uncommitted”.

Minnesota Dems will now elect five delegates to the DNC convention for “uncommitted”. This growing movement has been gaining steam in progressive circles. In similar and/or equal forms, it got 13.3% of the vote in Michigan before Super Tuesday and ranged from 3.9-11.5% in other Tuesday primaries. 

The increasing dissatisfaction of Biden was also on display with votes for other candidates, including (unfortunately) Minnesota’s own Dean Phillips. Dean was only able to get around 7.8% but was able to perform slightly better in his current congressional district. Dean announced this morning that he is dropping out of the race and endorsed Sleepy Joe. When other candidates and “uncommitted” are all added together, nearly 30% of Democrats voted against Joe Biden in Minnesota! 

Despite providing the illusion of democracy, Demoncrat Chair Ken Martin has the sole authority (as does David Hann) to decide who gets to be on the primary ballot. Despite having an anti-war grassroots presence in the party who hate Joe Biden, Martin endorsed dementia Joe long before the primary, tilting the scale for his preferred puppet. Other notable things in the Dem primary included foreign-born, Constitutionally ineligible candidate Cenk Uygar who got 0.3% of the vote and ended up in 6th place just behind little known candidate Jason Palmer. Palmer shocked the country when he won the American Samoa Dem caucus and was awarded 3 delegates to the DNC convention. Palmer is the first candidate to win DNC delegates.

If Democrats do not fall for the gaslighting and Biden’s fake peace plan, they may withhold their votes in the general election, vote third party, or even vote for Trump as a middle finger. 

Legal Marijuana Now Primary

The Legal Marijuana Now (LMN) Party held the first third party presidential primary in the state of Minnesota in over 100 years. This news was largely kept under wraps by the media until candidate Krystal Gabel spoke out and said she never requested to be on the ballot and does not want to be the nominee. Her name could not be taken off the ballot so she was forced to stay on. This should have been no problem. But then, she won…

This comes on the heels of Ken Martin suing the Sec. of State to remove the LMN’s major party status (granting them ballot access). Mentioned within that case is Krystal Gabel’s discontent with her nomination and presence on the ballot. Gabel’s win adds fuel to the fire and Democrats will weaponize that against the LMN. Many questioned how she ended up on the ballot at all, but in a since deleted comment on an article, former LMN Chair Dan Vacek said Gabel’s name was added out of retaliation and anger with the Nebraska LMN party. See below:

With such low turnout, is it possible that Democrats organized an effort for a few hundred individuals to vote for Gabel to embarrass the LMN? It certainly seems do-able, perhaps the LMN should audit their results and voters to understand why Gabel supposedly earned their votes. It is odd that a withdrawn candidate would be up at least 10% on all opponents. Since her win, Gabel has called the SOS office and declined the nomination.

In second place is LMN state chair Dennis Schueller. Does the nomination fall to him or does he allow other candidates to challenge him? Is this whole situation not his fault? Should he open the door to other candidates who may perform better in the polls than him? According to Dan Vacek, LMN is unilaterally making Schueller the nominee. See below:

However, it does appear Vacek was sending all of these messages while drunk. See below:

Right behind Schueller is popular satirical candidate Vermin Supreme, known for wearing a boot on his head and promising free ponies for all Americans. Perhaps he is just a clown or maybe he is sarcastically proving that the whole system is a joke. It is possible that his appeal to young people could assist the LMN. Also on the ballot was Rudy Reyes (LMN national chair), Ed Forchion (NJWeedman), and a write-in option that got 18.5% in the primary. Those write-in results are still to be released by the SOS office. The LMN now must fight to remain on the ballot and additionally decide who their nominee will be now that the winner wants nothing to do with them. 


Minnesota is a sleeper swing state that Biden may take for granted. If Trump campaigns hard in MN and the left’s dissatisfaction for Joe Biden continues to grow, our ten electoral votes could go red. The conservative base is motivated and mobilized to fight RINOs and radical Democrats up and down the ballot. Patriots must continue to fight the leftist, big government assault on our country and freedoms. 2024 may be a rude awakening for woke, pretentious, and arrogant tyrants in Minnesota!

GOP Chair Dave Hann Invalidates Otter Tail County Delegate Lists

Last week, Republicans from across the state gathered to participate in precinct caucuses. This is the process where conservative activists (and sometimes establishment shills) get together to discuss the election of delegates, passage of platform resolutions, and even favorite candidates for office.

In Otter Tail County, Republican delegates let their voices be heard.

Of this year's two Otter Tail County GOP caucus locations, Perham High School was the loudest. Party-designated convener (or, the one who presides over the precinct caucus) Tommy Merickel was ousted by delegates – a feat that rarely occurs.

Tommy Merickel has earned the ire of conservatives over the last several years. Tax filings reveal that this swamp creature sits on the board of a 501c4 group called the Minnesota Jobs Coalition. This organization also has a PAC arm.

The Minnesota Jobs Coalition spends tens of thousands of dollars against good conservative candidates for State House. For example, in 2022 – the Minnesota Jobs Coalition spent $35,000 AGAINST Mark Bishofsky, the Republican Endorsed candidate for House District 33B. They also spent a whopping $20,000 against Incumbent Representative Erik Mortensen, who was facing a primary challenge from the left. 


Delegates present at Perham High School knew just how slimy Merickel was, which was why they removed him via vote as convener. He also failed to become a delegate to the upcoming Otter Tail County BPOU convention. 

According to the Perham Focus Merickel told caucus attendees that he could not be removed as convener. This is false, as caucuses use Roberts Rules of Order -- a set of guidelines for parliamentary procedure.

On Tuesday, the Otter Tail County GOP BPOU announced on their Facebook page that the BPOU convention would be postponed. They did not provide reasoning.



On Wednesday, the controversial Chair of the Minnesota GOP, Dave Hann, issued an executive dictate claiming that the delegate list created from the caucus is invalidated. This is an unprecedented step for Hann to make. In fact, it is unlikely that the chair has the constitutional authority to invalidate this list unilaterally.

This is all because Merickel lost control of his caucus to conservative grassroots activists. Not only did the activists have the right to vote on their convener, but they are encouraged to do so.

All of this shows how unfairly the grassroots activists of Otter Tail County have been treated. Take a look at Action 4 Liberty's previous coverage in the Otter Tail County BPOU.

Hudson and Wesenberg Reintroduce Never Again Bill

Minnesota State Senator Nathan Wesenberg (R-Little Falls) and State Representative Walter Hudson (R-Albertville) announced yesterday that they are reintroducing the “Never Again Bill,” also known as SF 4246/HF 4257. This legislation is designed to strip the Governor of any ability to declare himself king.

Longtime patriots will remember that this legislation was originally introduced in 2021, during the height of mask mandates and crushing business lockdowns. All of these things were done with the stroke of a pen by Governor Tim Walz, not through the legislative process. Former State Representative Erik Mortensen introduced the bill as a way to ensure that unilateral emergency powers can never again happen.

Here is what his legislation would do if passed:


  • Require a 2/3rds vote in the House and Senate to give the Governor emergency powers.
  • Reinforce the notion that executive orders and edicts cannot be treated the same as law.
  • Create a “citizens bill of rights.”
  • Imprison the Governor if he assumes dictatorial powers without legislative approval.


This bill has an incredible 25 sponsors across the House and Senate. Take a minute and THANK these legislators for supporting this important legislation.

Please take a moment and THANK these legislators for recognizing an unresolved threat to your liberties and send them an email expressing your gratitude!


[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]


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[email protected]


[email protected]


Senator Mark Koran Use Mail Form


Senator Drazkowski Use Mail Form


Senator Cal Bahr Use Mail Form


[email protected]

GOP State Rep Fails To Be Elected Delegate At Caucus

Precinct Caucuses took place on Tuesday, giving Republicans across the state an opportunity to make their voices heard in their local party units. This is also an opportunity to be elected delegate to the BPOU level of the party. Laughably, Republican State Representative Brian Johnson (28A) was rejected by his neighbors in his effort to become a delegate.

Individual precincts are not huge. The typical caucus classroom has anywhere from 10-50 attendees show up. Johnson's precinct, Isanti Township, was allocated 9 delegates and 9 alternates. In his speech asking to become delegate, Representative Johnson said that Republicans must be willing to “compromise with” the Democrats. 

According to sources present at the caucus location, Johnson did not read the room. They say this is the reason that Johnson could not garner enough votes. In fact, according to the image below, Johnson was elected as the 7th alternate for Isanti Township.



This is embarrassing for Brian Johnson, who clearly cherishes his status as a moderate politician. This resounding rejection means that grassroots patriots showed up to precinct caucuses. Action 4 Liberty was one of the biggest advocates of going to caucus. This organization hosted trainings, sent mass texts, and pushed emails out encouraging patriots to show up at caucus.

Your voice makes a huge impact, even when it’s on a very local level. Perhaps Representative Johnson will be re-evaluating his priorities when seeking re-election in his conservative district.

Woke Legislators: Mandatory Pride Flags in Schools and Govt. Buildings

The indoctrination of our children has reached a new level of insanity. Twisted and demented individuals within politics and the education system are fighting to sexualize and mutilate children. They push this propaganda in schools because young, developing minds can be convinced of anything. 

While most parents simply want their child to get a good education without political bias, Representatives “Leigh” Finke (66A), DWI Brion Curran (36B), and two-spirit moron Alicia Kozlowski (8B) introduced a bill (HF4273) that would mandate “rainbow” flags, banners, posters, or visual display in state/local government buildings, universities/colleges, public schools, and some charter schools. It would not allow people to ban or even removal of said items.

This bill has zero foresight or genuine practicality as it does not provide any limits or timelines when these pride flags would be around or who can put them up! Can anyone post a pride display anywhere in these buildings and employees will be prohibited from taking it down? Does this mean that these pride displays will be permanent fixtures of government buildings/schools and charter schools put up by anyone at any time for any reason? This would not even serve as a functional law and would require all to bow to the LGBT pro-pedophile agenda.

If the three stooges knew how to craft a bill and not mandate anything “rainbow”, they would be trying to force any of these schools or buildings that allow signage to have pride stuff out there too. Local governments and state buildings/agencies should not be forced to comply with propaganda standards for a select minority. Should a small town city hall or a local post office or elementary schools be forced to be flooded with sexual information everywhere? 

Do these people always want society to be forced to praise and worship them forever? Will enough ever be enough? When their arguments are not strong enough to withstand debate and criticism, power hungry creeps will always use force and mandates to push their agenda. 

Don’t forget that Finke, Curran, and Kozlowski all voted for child mutilation and voted to remove the law preventing pedophiles from being protected under the MN Human Rights Act! Curran’s drunk driving, arrest, guilty plea, and guilty ruling has shown she shouldn’t be driving a car, nonetheless driving legislation through the state House. Finke has even written a book targeting Christian children to convince them to watch gay porn, reject their parents, take hormone blockers, and have their bodies mutilated.

This idea is apparently so ridiculous that there are ZERO Senators signed onto it! Kozlowski’s pretend pronouns (they/them) are also so stupid that Democrat Dan Wolgamott (14B) (another drunk driver) can’t even keep up when he “misgendered” HER on the House floor. To play the pronoun game you are not an "ally", you are a mental illness enabler. With no companion bill, this is stalled in the immediate time frame but should be on every parent and citizen’s radar. Now is the time to fight back!

Establishment Candidate caves to Pressure; Signs Endorsement Pledge

In the MNGOP, the establishment claims to care about the endorsement of local party units up until their preferred candidate does not win. One candidate took it a step further in the HD41A race by initially refusing to sign a pledge abiding by the results of the endorsing convention.

This district in particular is notable because in 2022 it cost the GOP majority in the State Senate. Conservative candidate Tom Dippel defeated RINO Rep. Tony Jurgens for the SD41 with an overwhelming 67% in the endorsement and nearly 61% in the primary. Not only did Jurgens fail to abide by the endorsement, but he endorsed Radical Democrat Judy Seeberger. This race was decided by 161 votes. 

Establishment RINO Tony Jurgens caused the trifecta control of MN in the hands of radical leftists. Had Jurgens endorsed Dippel, there would have been a conservative wall in the State Senate to fight the House and tyrant Tim Walz.

Tom Dippel and other conservative candidates like Natalie Barnes, Mark Bishofsky, Sen. Bill Lieske, and Bret Bussman all had their data access revoked by the state party at a critical moment before the primary despite all of them being endorsed by their local party unit. These types of dirty tricks will be implemented whenever grassroots conservatives disobey the Swamp and choose their own candidate.  

Fast forward to the House District 41A race now where seemingly establishment candidate Wayne Johnson initially refused to sign the endorsement pledge when meeting with the Nominations Committee. After SD41 GOP publicly informed people that Wayne Johnson did not sign the pledge and some complaints came in, he sent it over without a signed witness! Would he use this to claim it is void?

Wayne Johnson is a former county commissioner who endorsed Jurgens in the primary, posted constantly in support of Covid clot shots and booster shots, posted pictures and support for Democrats like Karla Bigham and tyrant Tim Walz, and wanted to waste your overtaxed Surplus dollars with a crony bonding/debt bill.

The delegates ultimately decide who to endorse. The state party and local party unit are obligated to support the delegates’ endorsement. If run fairly, the party conducts itself properly, and the candidates abide by the endorsement then the process will be run as intended.

It is up to grassroots delegates in all districts of MN to participate in these endorsements and vote for who best aligns with their principles. Democratic control of MN can be changed if Patriots become active and hold the line against Dems and RINOs who will not fight to shrink government and restore freedom!