Introducing the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment to Save Jobs

In the next month, Republican Senator Paul Gazelka, Democrat Speaker Melissa Hortman and Tim Walz will meet behind closed doors to make a deal on the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay Bill before the September Special Session. The bill will distribute money to those fighting on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, many of those workers are also about to get fired because they refuse to take the experimental vaccine.

This is an extremely important health freedom issue. If we get this one wrong, we are going to lose more of our freedoms. Which is why it's great to know that Rep Erik Mortensen has a plan. He's drafted a Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment with the help of nurses and medical staff. We must tie the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment to the Frontline Workers Pay Bill and make sure it becomes part of the deal.

We need you to DEMAND that your state representative and state senator do not agree to sign the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill unless it includes the Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment with it.

We absolutely cannot let the authoritarians win on this issue. Health freedom is a fundamental right. It must be protected!

Many people didn't believe we would be able to End Walz' Emergency Powers, but your phone calls and emails put pressure on legislators, and we succeeded in June. And now it's extremely obvious that if Walz would still have those powers, he'd be masking us all up again.

Politicians in St Paul are afraid of you! That's why you still have the power. If you do not like what they are doing, they know you can remove them from office.

Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment would make Biden's recent illegal order unenforceable in Minnesota. We MUST get this passed!

Here's what it does:

==> Restricts government, business, educational facilities and medical facilities from mandating vaccination as a requirement for work

==> Stops vaccine passports implementation in Minnesota to protect private health rights

==> Nullifies any President Biden executive orders or laws by the U.S. Congress in the state of Minnesota; makes them unenforceable

You want to see this thing become law? We don't have much time, we must ACT NOW! A lot of people, putting pressure on their legislators with phone calls and emails makes a HUGE difference. That's how we were able to End Walz' Emergency Powers.

Demand that your state representative and state senator signs the Stop Vaccine Mandates Pledge and sends the signed pledge to [email protected] 



Don't let your representative and senator try to divert from what you are asking them to do. They will likely make false accusations at us or say this isn't possible. BUT THESE ARE LIES! If we don't use this opportunity RIGHT NOW to pass it, we will lose this freedom! They MUST do the right thing.

We can't thank you enough for putting pressure on these legislators. It WILL make a difference. If you haven't signed our Stop Vaccine Mandates petition yet, please add your signature on it. And send it to friends and family.






Biden's Illegal Federal Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

Bully-In-Chief Joe Biden has overstepped his bounds once again! In an unprecedented move, Biden has illegally mandated vaccines for healthcare professionals in nursing homes NATIONWIDE! Many of these nurses have already contracted the COVID-19 virus and worked in these same conditions for over a year!

Yesterday's frontline heroes are now today's villains -- All because the President wants them to be inoculated with an experimental vaccine.

Biden has no authority given to him by the US Constitution to enact such a mandate. He will attempt to enforce his mandate by threatening to withhold Medicare and Medicaid payments to senior care facilities. Biden is unfairly making healthcare heroes choose between their jobs and the patients they are tasked to help.  

“With this announcement, I'm using the power of the federal government, as a payer of health care costs, to ensure we reduce those risks to our most vulnerable seniors.” Said Biden in his address on Wednesday.

This is the problem with giving the government more control over health care, they now use federal dollars to infringe on your health freedom.Thankfully, Representative Erik Mortensen will be introducing an amendment to nullify federal vaccine mandates during this fall’s special legislative session.

Rep Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment would make Biden's executive order unenforceable in Minnesota. Sign the petition below to show your support.


Rochester Mayor Norton Issues New Emergency Mask Mandate

Rochester Mayor, Kim Norton, signed an citywide Emergency Declaration yesterday that requires citizens to mask up at Rochester businesses and other indoor public spaces "when children are present". Her unilateral declaration expires in three days, so an extension would require approval by the City Council. The Council is scheduled to have an "emergency" meeting on Thursday to determine if they should extend.

The Post Bulletin states that 78.1% of the population in Olmsted County is "fully vaccinated", which is a higher percentage than the state average in Minnesota. At the same time, the state government and hospitals and businesses are starting to mandate vaccines. If the vaccines were effective, why declare an emergency mask order in one of the highest vaccinated populations? 

Action 4 Liberty opposes government mask mandates and believe the choice of wearing a mask should be left to the individual. We encourage people in Rochester to contact City Council.

City Council contact info:

Brooke Carlson, City Council President


Office Phone: 507-328-2983

Pronouns: she/her/hers (that's what is listed on the website)


Patrick Keane, City Council Member, 1st Ward

Email: [email protected] 

Cell Phone: 507-259-2870


Mark Bransford, City Council Member, 2nd Ward

Email: [email protected] 

Cell Phone: 507-254-4430


Nick Campion, City Council Member, 3rd Ward

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 507-722-0078

Pronouns: he/him/his (just so you know)


Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick, City Council Member, 4th Ward

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 507-271-1081


Shaun C. Palmer, City Council Member, 5th Ward

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 507-254-9484


Molly Dennis, City Council Member, 6th Ward


Phone: 507-269-2916 

Pronouns: she/her/hers (not they)

Massive Crowds Everywhere to Stop Vaccine Mandates

The movement to Stop Vaccine Mandates and promote health freedom is growing fast. Our team has traveled from Rochester to St Cloud to Stillwater in support of nurses, health care workers and Minnesotans who don't want government and employers forcing them to take the experimental jab.

Political movements like the Stop Vaccine Mandates movement (SIGN THE PETITION) come once in a decade. And it's no surprise that thousands are showing up for events like these. If we can't control what goes in our bodies, we have lost everything.

We spoke to a group of nurses in Rochester last week who were worried they wouldn't have jobs by the end of September. They were looking for solutions. On Wednesday, we'll be traveling up to Hibbing to talk to Iron Rangers who recently had a vaccine mandate imposed on them by their employer. 

Our message to these groups is direct. We have a political problem right now in this state, and there is a political solution. Politicians fear large amounts of angry voters, because it's a signal to them that they will be voted out of office. And politicians care about one thing: getting re-elected.

Action 4 Liberty is a grassroots organization focused on activating people to protect their rights. We successfully ended Governor Walz' Emergency Powers in June by bringing pressure to politicians in St Paul. Our team knocked on over 40,000 doors and made 55,000 phone calls. We CAN win in this state.

Later this week we'll unveil our plan to Stop Vaccine Mandates. Please immediately sign the petition so you know exactly what to do to win this battle!


Walz Makes Unvaccinated State Workers Second Class Citizens

Governor Walz just unilaterally decided that all state employees must be vaccinated or they will be tested weekly. The order, known as the "vaccine-or-test" mandate, will go into effect starting on September 8th. There are over 30,000 state employees affected by this unilateral order.

Action 4 Liberty received several emails from state college employees immediately following the new mandate. Several are worried about the ability to keep their jobs and feel treated like a second class citizen for making a personal, health choice. Here's a letter that is being sent to employees at all state universities. 

Vaccinations rates are the lowest amongst black Americans. Therefore, this policy will most adversely affect minorities, subjecting them to weekly testing. 

Action 4 Liberty proudly stands for the health freedom of all Minnesotans. We encourage every patriot to take a stance against this authoritarian demand. There's strength in numbers!

Gov Candidate Dr. Neil Shah Signs Never Again Pledge

The race to remove Governor Walz from office has a new doctor in it! Dr. Neil Shah launched his campaign this morning to Save Minnesota from career politicians. 

Dr. Shah owns a growing medical practice in Minnesota that was shut down unilaterally by Governor Walz when he decided to ban elective surgeries in 2020. It not only impacted the business he worked so hard to build, but his patients missed early diagnosis for serious issues like skin cancer. 

So Dr. Shah decided to get in the race as an outsider, because career politicians keep screwing things up. And he just signed the Never Again Pledge today pledging to the people of Minnesota to make passing the Never Again Bill his top priority as Governor

Here's his campaign launch video:

Thank you Dr. Neil Shah for pledging to stop the tyranny and ensure it Never Happens Again. He joins Mayor Mike Murphy and businessman Mike Marti who also signed the same pledge. Scott Jensen still refuses to sign the Never Again Pledge and has stated he is open to using Emergency Powers for things like curfews. 

Walz Luring 12 Yr Olds with Money to Get Experimental Jab

Governor Walz and the Department of Health just launched a new program aimed at getting minors, as young as 12 years old, to take the experimental COVID vaccine. The incentive for them is that they get a VISA gift card worth $100 once they notify the government's Department of Health. All they have to do to receive the "prize" is "roll up [their] sleeves", according to the program's promotion.

The long term impact of the COVID vaccines (mRNA) are unknown at this time. Which has raised caution from leading medical professionals like Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology. The vaccines are also not FDA approved and have not had the trials necessary to ensure safety. Instead, the vaccine's usage comes from an Emergency Use Authorization from the federal government. 

More and more Americans are starting to question the vaccines, but the ability to spread information is being heavily censored by big tech. We're in a position now that the mainstream media, big tech and the government's narrative is almost unchecked. For those who have researched it themselves or don't trust the media and government, Walz thinks he can increase vaccinations by taxpayer funded incentives. 

Recent guest on Joe Rogan's podcast revealing the horrible effects of the vaccine:


DFL's Fake Complaint Against Us Dismissed by CFB

Many months ago, the Minnesota Democrat Party hired a big law firm to go after us for putting pressure on Democrat legislators who voted to protect Walz' Emergency Powers. They levied a baseless complaint with the Campaign Finance Board, asserting we were not following the laws and trying to directly influence elections.

Influence elections? This isn't even an election year. What we were doing is contacting constituents to tell them how their legislator is voting on Walz' Emergency Powers. And it was clearly effective!

Baseless, false claims are what the Democrats know. This is the Minnesota Democrat's version of a Russia, Russia, Russia hoax!

They wanted to DESTROY us. They wanted YOU to lose your voice at the Capitol, so Walz' biggest adversary would go away.

But guess what...It didn't work!!!

The Campaign Finance Board just dismissed the baseless claim against Action 4 Liberty.

We Beat the Democrats!

Let's be honest what is behind all of this. The Democrats did this to scare us away. They wanted us to STOP bringing pressure against their weakest members. And they assumed it would work because they are used to Republicans who constantly cower to them.

But we're something completely different. We don't back down. We take the fight to them. And because of your support, we have the ability to carry on the mission.

Please continue supporting the one group in Minnesota who does not back down to the Democrats and Radical Left!

Walz Hints at New Emergency Powers, Mask Mandate

Governor Tim Walz hinted that he may unilaterally declare new emergency powers due to the Delta variant. His comments were made on WCCO radio over the weekend in a discussion about a new mask mandate. According to Walz, a new mask mandate isn't possible because "I don't have the authority, my executive powers ended". 

However, Walz later added, to reinstate a mask mandate, "it would require a new declaration of emergency". 

The legislature terminated Governor Walz' peacetime emergency powers for COVID-19 on June 29th after receiving pressure from supporters of Action 4 Liberty. We also called on Senate Republicans to refuse to pass Walz' budget until the Rep Mortensen's Never Again Bill becomes law. 

We are in this bizarre predicament where our Governor thinks he can just reissue a new emergency because Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka sold out and refused to pass the Never Again Bill. Our fears seem to be real - Walz thinks our Constitutional Republic can continue to be on hold as long as there is a virus spreading.

Here's the audio of Walz on WCCO Radio.

MNGOP Attacks Conservatives in Leaked Audio

Did you see what the Chairwoman of the MNGOP just said about you and me? Alpha News received a recording this week of a Republican party meeting with Crazy Chairwoman Carnahan and well known RINO Rep Keith Franke. In that audio they talked about "purging" Action 4 Liberty supporters from the Republican Party.

Crazy Carnahan stated that Action 4 Liberty supporters "need to go away" and people in the GOP should "stop paying attention to these people" because that gives them "power."

RINO Keith Franke was then heard saying "the crap that they do to divide us, to pick off the more moderate members. We need those members, we need members like me."

Can you believe this? These are the people running the MNGOP!

No wonder why Walz keeps running circles around these weaklings. It's crystal clear they don't want STRONG CONSERVATIVES like you and me inside their ranks.

To make things even crazier, Franke asserted "half of [Action 4 Liberty’s] money comes from the DFL, secretly, because it has to."

What these guys don't understand is that our support comes from thousands of people like you who are fed up with do-nothing, weak Republicans who constantly lose to the Radical Left. Not from Democrats!

While RINO politicians and the crazy person running the MNGOP want to continue attacking you, our team is busy putting pressure on politicians on your behalf.

We still have door knocking teams on the ground, alerting voters of how to make sure Walz' Emergency Powers never happen again. We've knocked on over 40,000 doors so far this year, made over 55,000 phone calls to targeted districts across the state and continue building an online presence that influences hundreds of thousands of Minnesota voters.

Supporting Action 4 Liberty is different than supporting the MNGOP. With us, you at least get results!

Despite efforts by RINOs like Franke, we were able to catapult Ending Walz' Emergency Powers to the top issue at the Capitol. We refused to compromise because this issue was too important to you. That's why Walz' Emergency was terminated.

Unfortunately Weakling Paul Gazelka sold out on us by passing Walz' budget without passing Mort's Never Again Bill first. He didn't even get election integrity passed in the final deal. 

We MUST pass his Never Again Bill so we don't get a repeat of the last 15 months!

However, if it was up to Crazy Chair Carnahan and RINOs like Keith Franke, we'd never get there.

They'll do everything in their power to get rid of guys like Rep Erik Mortensen. Remember when Carnahan REFUSED to support the more conservative candidates in the 2020 primary?

Fortunately, Action 4 Liberty supporters have volunteered their time, money and effort to getting better candidates elected.

That's why Rep Erik Mortensen was the ONLY Republican elected in the metro area in 2020 who had never served in office before. And the Party spent zero dollars to help him.

Mort was ONLY successful because of supporters like YOU! 

It's crystal clear that we are under attack by both the Republican and Democrat Establishment (is there a difference?). They want to see us go away. But this mission is too important to let them win.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to send them a message that we are here to stay.

Supporting Action 4 Liberty ensures the conservative agenda advances in Minnesota. We're the one team standing up to the Political Class in this state!

Let's continue building a massive liberty movement in this state to STOP government encroachment on our liberties. Let's make sure Unilateral Emergency Powers NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! And let's STOP Crazy Chair Carnahan's dream of purging conservatives like you from politics.