Ticket Resale Regulation Bill Moving Through Legislature

Reselling tickets is a relatively large market, especially in Minnesota. Not only does our state have a lot of sports teams, but there is a clear and present performance and concert environment. This means that ticket resellers like Stub Hub, SeatGeek, and Ticketmaster have a large presence here. With a new bill moving through the legislature, that could change.

Democrat Representative Kelly Moller first introduced her bill (HF 1989) to regulate ticket resellers in 2023. This year, it appears to be getting more traction – passing through the house on a vote of 112-18. In Moller’s address to the Minnesota House, she states that she spoke with many sports teams across the state about to how to address issues with “fees” and “scalpers.”

Here’s what Moller’s bill would accomplish. 

  • Prohibit buying tickets on behalf of another person.
  • Mandate disclosures on existing reseller websites.
  • Prohibit large amounts of tickets from being purchased, regulated by the Department of Commerce.
  • Heavily regulate resale values for tickets.


Nobody likes buying marked up tickets, especially for popular concerts or teams. Moller repeatedly mentioned her love for Taylor Swift’s music on the House floor. However, this is not a reason to regulate the resale business out of existence.

In a free market system, sales are driven by demand. If there is a higher demand for tickets, there will be a higher price for those same tickets. Imagine this scenario: You buy tickets to a concert for your whole family – but later find out you cannot go – you may have a harder time reselling those tickets through a traditional vendor – God forbid you hope to make some money off of the sale.

Legislators in St. Paul are constantly in search of problems for their big government solution. More regulations will not help the ticket industry, but will instead make it much worse.

Patriot Drew Roach Dominates; Wins District 58B Endorsement

On an early afternoon Saturday, April 13th, House District 58B delegates met in Farmington to endorse a candidate for the State House of Representatives. Incumbent Rep. Pat Garafalo previously announced that he would not seek re-election in 2024. 

Patriot Drew Roach faced off against candidate Sean McKnight as around 85 delegates considered their arguments. Following the CD/State delegate elections and State House candidate speeches, Drew Roach received a dominant 77% of the vote on the first ballot! 

Drew’s mother Deb gave the introduction speech for her son and showed that room that a love for liberty runs in the family! Drew discussed with delegates who he is, the importance of the endorsement process, his small business, his plans to maintain our Constitutional Republic, and the fight he will take to St. Paul! Drew is also a father and understands the battles ahead for younger generations.

Drew was endorsed by Senators Steve Drazkowski and Nathan Wesenberg as well as former Representative Jeremy Munson. Following the convention, Senator Bill Lieske and Rep. Pat Garafolo have officially endorsed Drew’s campaign.

District 58B is a very conservative district that heavily leans red. This means that the Republican nominee will have a high likelihood of winning the district. Because of this, Roach stressed the fact that he will help conservatives in other districts to give Republicans a long-awaited majority in the State House. Roach’s strategic thinking was well received by delegates.

Drew Roach has been attacked by the mainstream, establishment media in our state, making it clear that they see him as a threat to the status quo! They understand that Roach shouldn’t be under-estimated and is a fighter who will never back down. Drew has shown that he will not tolerate corruption and that is a very rare quality in candidates. 

Congratulations to Drew and his family on his massive win! With the endorsement and consolidating GOP support, Drew is well on his way to the State House to be a Champion for freedom! Patriots can keep up with Drew’s campaign on Facebook and X.

Sen. Jordan Rasmussen Refuses To Defend Otter Tail Delegates

Senator Jordan Rasmussen (R-Fergus Falls) has refused to back the disenfranchised Republican Otter Tail County delegates. After GOP Chair Dave Hann unilaterally unseated the duly elected 2024 precinct caucus delegates, dozens of state legislators and hundreds of activists have come to their defense. Rasmussen, who lives in Otter Tail County, has kept quiet.

Rasmussen has benefitted from the swampy operations of the Otter Tail County Republican BPOU. In 2023, the BPOU unseated 33 Republican delegates because they were accused of supporting a conservative write-in candidate who ran against Rasmussen, Nathan Miller. 

This year, it looks like the BPOU has coordinated with the state GOP to unseat an estimated 100 delegates elected on caucus night. GOP Chair Hann alleges that the process was incorrectly conducted, despite evidence of the contrary.

This is an effort to punish grassroots delegates who want to get involved in the Republican Party process. While Senator Rasmussen is not up for re-election this year, Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach is – and she faces an endorsement challenge. Read about that here.

Dozens of GOP legislators have called out this election meddling, including representatives Mary Franson and Tom Murphy who represent districts 9A and 9B in Otter Tail County. Senator Rasmussen’s silence sticks out like a sore thumb.

The Republican Party leadership cannot pick and choose its winners and losers. They also cannot punish voters for their actions. Both the activists and the politicians have united in their opposition to the delegate election meddling in Otter Tail County. Only Senator Rasmussen, Congresswoman Fischbach, and Chair Dave Hann appear to benefit. They must now to the right thing and call for the reinstatement of the 2024 delegates.

MNGOP Raises Fees for State Convention and State Central; Pricing Grassroots Conservatives OUT

Grassroots conservatives across our state are having their wallets stretched thin with Biden’s inflation and the rising cost of living. Minnesota has become more and more unaffordable as politicians continue to grow the budget and waste the overtaxed surplus dollars. 

Now, when Minnesota citizens could use a break from ridiculous fees, the MNGOP has implemented high costs to attend their State Convention and State Central Convention. The (1)State Convention cost is $150 or $175 at the door! The (2)State Central Meeting taking place the day before costs $75 or $100 at the door! This applies to both delegates and alternates in each case. See below:




This is up from the $65-$85 State Central fees in December 2023 and the 2022 State Convention which cost $110. This is price gouging at its finest! Consider that many delegates and alternates will be required to get a hotel during this time too!

The MNGOP also incentivizes credit cards over cash and checks as seen above. They will not accept cash and checks until the day of registration so people will be forced to pay the higher rate EVEN if they want to pay ahead of time! What does the MNGOP have against tangible monetary exchanges? 

This is an attempt to price out common people from their civic duty and Right to vote. Establishment, social-club RINOs are the only people that MNGOP Chair David Hann is interested in having attend their meetings. Perhaps this is an attempt to get the MNGOP out of deep debt and financial ruin. Or this is an attempt to force out new delegates from voting in the US Senate or RNC Committeeman races? Both of which are currently contended.

MN Democrats prohibit fees for National Convention delegates but the MNGOP charges $1000. MN Democrats are charging $150 for delegates and $75 for alternates to their State Convention (Coronation) for Biden and Klobuchar.

The MNGOP State Executive Committee should take immediate action to lower the fees so common people can afford to participate and exercise their Right to vote. 

The 24th Amendment to the US Constitution states: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay poll tax or other tax. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.The MNGOP is imposing a poll tax on conservatives and that un-American practice should be ended.

Grassroots conservatives know not to give the MNGOP their hard earned dollars and instead to support candidates and organizations who represent their values. This price gouging is simply the latest evidence that the only use for conservatives in the party is their money.

MN Dem Bill Raises Minimum Wage with Bureaucratic, Backdoor Loophole

MN Democrats in the state Legislature have shown themselves to be bad faith actors who will manipulate and twist the power of government whenever they see it as beneficial for their agenda. There is zero principle within the Democratic caucus, in either chamber, except the principle of obtaining and retaining political power.

In their latest attempt to destroy Minnesota, Democrats unanimously passed the Omnibus Labor and Industry policy bill SF3852. This bill which raised the minimum wage by increasing the inflation index cap from 2.5% to 5%. This means that the further the federal government devalues our dollar with mass debt, mass spending, and mass printing, the higher the minimum wage will be in Minnesota. Underlined words are new law and struck out words are laws that are removed. See below:

It is important to note that there are no carve outs or exceptions for small or medium sized businesses. In fact, this bill specifically eliminates distinctive statutes for small businesses. This means that all wages for businesses will be set at the same standard, regardless of size. See the eliminated language below:

MN Democrats also continue to classify any business with sales over $500K as a large business. Anyone in the business world knows that smart and innovative entrepreneurs could make millions of dollars and still have a fairly small staff and operation. In the eyes of power hungry socialist Democrats, a small business with a few employees should be held to the same exact standard as billion dollar corporations. If the Communists in the Legislature truly wanted to fight undue corporate influence, why are they taking it out on mom and pop shops?

It would have been bad enough if Democrats proposed a basic increase in the minimum wage statutes but instead, they use a loophole by raising the annual cap. Despite Democrats gaslighting Americans about inflation and telling us that we are too stupid to understand how good the economy really is. Meanwhile, consumer prices rose 3.5% in the last year according to the Consumer Price Index. This is largely due to raising prices in property and gas prices (Biden’s anti-oil agenda is not helping).

This bill additionally is multi-subject and is unconstitutional according to Article 4, Section 17 of the MN Constitution. On top of the minimum wage hike, this bill (1)creates additional occupational licensing requirements for power-limited technicians and (2)allows the Dept. of Labor and Industry Commissioner to force employers to reinstate employees who filed complaints against them. See below:



This bill passed the State Senate on 4/2/24 by a vote of 34-30. Senator Steve Drazkowski (R-20) was absent but the Senate Journal does not suggest it was an excused absence. Senators Jim Abeler (R-35) and Justin Eichorn (R-6) did not vote on this bill despite voting on previous bills and measures. 

It passed in the House, with amendments, on 4/11/24 by a vote of 70-61 and all three absences were marked as excused in the House Journal; Lisa Demuth (R-13A), Joe McDonald (R-29A), and Nathan Nelson (R-11B).

This piece of legislation will return to the State Senate and would have to be passed again in order for Tim Walz to be able to sign it. Patriots, small business owners, capitalists, economists, and common citizens must speak out against this legislation and demand that their representatives oppose wasteful government!

Sales Tax in St. Paul Reaches 10%

It’s not a joke. On April 1st, the sales tax in St. Paul reached a total of 9.88% per sales transaction. This move comes as inflation continues to soar nationwide, and the cost of living continues to increase with it. 

Voters in the city determined last election that they would be okay with increasing the tax by 1% from the original 0.5%. In 2023, the Minnesota legislature passed a new metro-area sales tax of 0.25% that fund public housing and a metro-area transportation tax of 0.75%. With a base sales tax of 6.88% statewide, families in St. Paul will be paying a whopping 9.88% sales tax per transaction.

A 10% sales tax is almost unheard of. It is certainly the highest in the state and ranks among the highest nationwide. Why would anyone buy groceries, cars, services, or goods in the capitol city when they can visit a neighboring city for a better price. Or, better yet, Minnesotans can hop across the Wisconsin border to do their shopping. 

Wisconsin has a statewide sales tax rate of 5%, while the City of Hudson (for example) only tacks on .5% on top of that. This means that you would be paying almost half as much to the Wisconsin government as you would to the Minnesota government.

The tax and spend culture in St. Paul is deadly for working Minnesotans who are just trying to get by. If politicians are hoping to push the taxpayers who are paying their salaries out of the state, they are succeeding. 

Fischbach Refuses Support to Ousted Otter Tail County Delegates

The silence from Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach’s campaign is deafening. It has now been 26 days since Minnesota GOP Chair Dave Hann unilaterally canceled delegate lists from Otter Tail County’s caucus night. His decision was met with outcry from hundreds of activists, legislators, and even Republican Party Units. Congresswoman Fischbach, notably, has not said a word.

Below is the email Hann sent out to duly elected Otter Tail County Delegates on March 6th.



Chair Hann canceled the delegate lists from caucus night with a claim that the caucus was not properly conducted. Despite his debunked claim, many have spoken out in favor of the delegates – demanding they be reinstated. This includes:


Rep. Mary Franson

Rep. Jeff Backer

Rep. Tom Murphy 

Rep. Pam Altendorf

Sen. Nathan Wesenberg

Rocks and Cows of Minnesota

Wadena County Republicans 

St Cloud Area Republicans 

Diana 4 House

Minnesota Constitutional Grassroots Group

Action 4 Liberty


Congresswoman Fischbach – who represents the 7th congressional district – has not said a word. Many believe this is because she faces a challenge from the right. Businessman Steve Boyd is seeking the Republican Endorsement for Congress. 

Fischbach must believe these conservative, grassroots delegates would not be in her favor. Tell her to do what’s right! Reach out to Congresswoman Fischbach and let her know what you think.


Fischbach’s Twitter handle: @FischbachMN7


Campaign phone number: 320-593-3145


Campaign email: [email protected]

New Vax Mandates for Infants and Toddlers?

The Covid tyranny regime will continue as long as people tolerate it and it will end as soon as Patriots fight back. The insanity reaches new levels as time passes and power hungry politicians are always trying to regain control over your lives. Instead of imposing new BS laws on you, they want to impose them on your children.

HF367 is a bill that allows child care facilities to mandate vaccines, including the covid clot shots, or children cannot be enrolled. This is the first step to requiring vaccine mandates for childrens’ learning/daycare facilities and must be confronted. Parents should have the ultimate say on their child’s health and the last thing we need is outsiders superimposing themselves into decisions that have nothing to do with them! 

This bill is sponsored by 8 Democrats, 5 in the House and 3 in the Senate. This includes his bill additionally wipes out the “conscientious” objection parents can raise against vax mandates! The slippery slope is beyond obvious on this one.

The Florida Dept. of Health recently published a report on vaccine injuries showing adverse reactions on 1 out of 550 vaccinated individuals, far surpassing the norms of vaccine injuries. This report publishes and cites several studies that provides a truthful, counter narrative to the big government, anti-freedom agenda pushed by the Democrats, Globalists, and RINOs. 

By expanding the authority of child care facilities to mandate untested, experimental shots, Minnesota is headed down a dark path. Health freedom is one of our most basic, natural rights that should not be infringed upon. Protecting our children from harmful mandates that could result in injuries must be a top priority. The tyrannical, unconstitutional, and control-freak state of Minnesota must be defeated! 

MNGOP Chair Hann Asks for Money After Disenfranchising OTC Delegates; Says Re-Elect Fischbach

After disenfranchising hundreds of grassroots, conservative delegates in Otter Tail County, Corrupt MNGOP Chair David Hann is asking us for money. 

If it's not bad enough he's asking us for money after showing his disdain for the grassroots, Hann also commits a major foul. On the back page of the letter, he states how we need to re-elect Michelle Fischbach to the U.S. House. Fischbach currently is a candidate for the Party endorsement against newcomer and business owner Steve Boyd. The Republican Party is supposed to remain neutral until the delegates choose an endorsement.

The Congressional District 7 endorsing convention is on April 27th. Hann's move to disenfranchise hundreds of conservative Otter Tail County delegates who may have become delegates to that convention is widely seen as a move to protect Fischbach from losing the endorsement to Steve Boyd.

MN GOP State Exec Upholds Decision to Boot Otter Tail County Delegates

On Tuesday, the Minnesota GOP State Executive Committee held a secret meeting to determine the fate of the duly elected delegates of Otter Tail County. After Chair Hann’s decision to unilaterally remove hundreds of delegates from the caucus process, activists and legislators across the state made their voices heard.

Shortly after the February 27th caucus night, hundreds of delegates in Otter Tail County were informed by Chair Hann that they were no longer delegates to their BPOU convention. He claimed they did not follow the rules, despite proof saying otherwise.

After a third meeting to discuss his actions, the 15-member executive committee voted to uphold the decision to leave the delegates out of the party. This means that delegates elected in 2022 will likely be seated in 2024. 

This decision was made despite the hundreds of activists and dozens of legislators who called, emailed, and issued public statements condemning the actions of the State Executive Committee.

There are a few theories as to why Hann is working hard to keep these delegates from being seated. The most prominent theory being that Tommy Merickal – an establishment hack who is in the ear of Dave Hann – wants to protect his favorite congresswoman from losing the Republican Party Endorsement. That’s right, Fischbach is facing an endorsement challenge from conservative business owner Steve Boyd.

If this is true, it sets a dangerous precedent within the Republican Party. This new precedent means that party leadership can pick and choose the winners by silencing any opposition. Not only is that wrong, but it is anti-American.

It’s not too late to stop Hann and his effort to disenfranchise these delegates. It is up to CD 7 convention goers to rectify this wrong by voting to break into precincts and voting to seat the disenfranchised delegates. 

According to Truth Hurts News, State Exec members Joe Ditto, Wendy Phillips, Mark Bishofsky, Jenna Dicks, and Alec Beck voted to overturn Hann’s decision and seat the delegates.