Walz Just Said He's Keeping the Mask Mandate

Governor Walz is a tyrant. He believes he is above the law. And his so-called plan to "follow the science" is the biggest con ever played on Minnesota. There's no science suggesting masks have any utility in stopping the spread of COVID outdoors, but he continues on with his unilateral mandate.

Today Walz dialed up our allowable freedoms when he mentioned that there is a path later this summer to remove COVID restrictions. In other words, he is keeping his Emergency Powers and continuing to force you to wear a mask.

Walz' Unilateral Emergency Powers are a huge problem because the judicial system in Minnesota has thrown out our Constitution and enforced Walz' illegal orders in the courts. It's created legal nightmares for people like Jane, Lisa, and Larvita. And it's put Lisa Hanson in handcuffs. In order to STOP our government and judicial system from infringing on our rights any longer, it's critically important to pass the Never Again Bill immediately!

Unfortunately, weak Republicans at the Capitol are not putting up an iron wall against Walz' tyrannical powers. In response to Walz' announcement today, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said "My reaction today is simple: Not good enough and not soon enough. The emergency is over and the mandates need to end . . . The Governor continues to lead alone, ignoring our suggestions and the suggestions of the businesses and medical community to find any compromise- especially on the mask mandate."

But what is Gazelka actually doing for Minnesotans to stop Walz? Just two days ago he released the Republicans demands about the state budget and failed to list passing the Never Again Bill as one of the items. He didn't even call for Ending Walz' Emergency Powers. This is outrageous!

Gazelka and Senate Republicans MUST REFUSE to pass a budget with Democrats until the Never Again Bill is passed so Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated for good. If they don't, then the legislature will adjourn for the summer with Walz' powers intact and our rights continually violated. 

It's critically important that you contact your state senator immediately. Demand he or she does not vote for a final budget until the Never Again Bill is passed. We can't let Governor Walz continue his Unilateral Emergency Powers forever. 


Gazelka Budget: Grows Government by Whopping $4.2 Billion

Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka's proposed budget would grow state spending by a whopping $4.2 Billion or a 9% increase. Republicans kept their majority in the Minnesota Senate, but seem disinterested in actually reducing the size and scope of government according to their proposal. Even more disturbing, the Senate Republican's largest line item increase is funding for the Minnesota Department of Health - the agency that is targeting our small businesses and illegally enforcing Walz' unilateral orders. The Senate budget increases the department by $2.5 Billion or 18%.

Their budget, which has already passed the state senate, is the starting point of negotiations with Governor Walz and radical House Democrats. And the Governor's budget isn't that much more than their proposal. Meaning we, taxpayers, are already losing big time on this one.

If state spending was a football field, the Senate Republicans would be within field goal distance of the higher spending end zone. In fact, their proposals' price tag is nearly on par with the Governor's, although the Governor's plan would actually increase taxes, therefore taking more money out of the private sector, which is a ridiculous proposition when the state is running a surplus. Also, both Republicans and Democrats want to keep a massive Budget Reserves Account which is another $1.9 Billion sitting in a government account for future spending. So technically, Gazelka and Senate Republicans' budget is closer to $54 Billion.

What Gazelka and Senate Republicans should be promoting is a budget that cuts government and they should REFUSE to negotiate a final deal with Democrats until the Never Again Bill is passed. That's the only way to ensure that Governor Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated for good and we stop him from issuing permanent mask mandates or implementing a vaccine passport program. 

Just yesterday, Gazelka publicized the Senate's list of budget demands, and Ending Walz' Emergency Powers by passing the Never Again Bill wasn't on it. In fact, under Gazelka's list, the Governor would retain his powers going into the summer while the legislature would not be in session. This is a tremendous sell out by Gazelka!

Contact your state senator and tell him or her "No budget deals with Democrats until the Never Again Bill is signed into law"!


Gazelka, Senate Republicans Prioritize Health Insurance Bailouts Over Never Again Bill

Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka held a lackluster press conference this afternoon where he listed the top priorities for Republicans in the budget negotiations. Absent from the list was the Never Again Bill that would eliminate Governor Walz' Unilateral Emergency Powers. In fact, Senate Republicans priorities don't actually include removing Walz' powers.

Instead, Gazelka stated that the Senate caucus wanted certain Emergency Executive Orders repealed such as the eviction moratorium and restrictions on businesses. However, once the a budget is voted in and the legislature adjourns, nothing would stop Governor Walz from reissuing the same exact orders.

The Never Again Bill would change that because it changes state law so that the Governor would no longer have the ability to declare an emergency by himself. It's quite clear at this point, that we are no longer in a state of an emergency. So why on earth would Governor Walz get to keep these powers that he has abused many times over the past 14 months? This is a massive sellout by Gazelka and Senate Republicans.

Gazelka and team failed to put the Never Again Bill in their list of priorities, but they did put another round of bailouts for the Health Insurance companies in it (called Reinsurance). That plan takes your tax dollars and gives it to insurance companies on claims over $50,000. So much for the Party of free markets. It's a plan that has also been endorsed by far left Senator Amy Klobuchar

Paul Gazelka is selling us out! Don't let him cut a final deal with Democrats unless the Never Again Bill is passed. This is the only way to ensure that Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated!

Senator Paul Gazelka

Phone: 651-296-4875

Email: [email protected] 


Senate Republicans 'Lights On' Bill is Massive Sell Out

Paul Gazelka and Senate Republicans claim they will be passing a "Lights On" bill to avoid a government shutdown in the case negotiations break down between them and the Democrats. But this supposed "solution" is actually a massive compromise towards the liberal agenda, which will fund most of Governor Walz' budget. In other words, those of us who are calling for "No Deals until Walz' Powers are Terminated" are being sold out by the Senate Republicans.

Instead of getting tough on reducing government spending, Gazelka and the Republicans are going to use the recent budget forecast figures which grow state spending by $3 Billion or 7%. Passing this "Lights On" bill would then fully fund the Attorney General's office and MN Dept of Health, who are currently abusing power and targeting business owners like Lisa Hanson for opening up back in December.

Passing the "Lights On" bill will take all the pressure off of Walz and radical Democrats. They'll have most of their priorities funded, so it gives up a tremendous amount of the Republicans bargaining power. 

Action 4 Liberty calls upon Paul Gazelka and Senate Republicans to make no deals, pass no budget until Governor Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again Bill is signed into law! It's time we get our government back and stopping funding Governor Walz' agencies until their powers are removed. 


Lisa Hanson Arrested Today

Lisa Hanson, the owner of the Interchange Bistro in Albert Lea, was arrested today following a court order stemming from her defiance of Governor Walz' Emergency Orders. She was on vacation in Clear Lake, IA and was arrested by local police after receiving a tip from a person in her hometown. Lisa posted bond and is already free. 

This marks the first person to be criminally prosecuted by Governor Walz' administration and the first business owner arrested who refused to follow orders. At the time of her defiance, Iowa was wide open for business just 20 miles south of Albert Lea.

Action 4 Liberty will do a Facebook Live tonight at 8:30 pm to provide more details about the arrest and the case. 

Woke Mob Trying to Derail 'Stand for Liberty' Event on Saturday

The Woke Mob, and their buddies in the media, are doing everything they can to derail the "Stand for Liberty" event this Saturday featuring Action 4 Liberty's president, Jake Duesenberg, and Liberty Champion, Erik Mortensen. Stand for Liberty is an event created to support the legal defense of Lisa Hanson, owner of the Interchange Bistro in Albert Lea, who publicly defied Governor Walz' orders to shut down her restaurant last December. The government is throwing the book at her for her defiance and there is an active warrant for her arrest.

A woke activist and disgraced former MNGOP Staff took to Twitter to condemn the event's line up featuring Republicans who represent the party of "law and order". What seems like a blatant hypocrisy to the weak minded like Brodkorb, actually is a courageous stance for the tenets of liberty. Lisa Hanson has an arrest warrant because she refused to follow the orders of a Governor who acted illegally and unconstitutionally. There's no "law and order" when one man creates unilateral dictates in America. That's the kind of thing we've fought wars against.

Rep Erik Mortensen and Action 4 Liberty President Jake Duesenberg aren't backing down to the woke mob and will be featured in the early line up for the event that begins at 2 pm. Quoting Thomas Jefferson, Mortensen states "if a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." Of course, the matter at hand, doesn't involve a law; it centers around an order from one man. In a Constitutional Republic, laws are only passed by legislatures.

The left wing press have started to cover the event and the woke mob, including DFL legislators have taken to Twitter to voice their condemnation. In one case, a woke activist assumed that if Lisa was a black woman, she'd been arrested already. This remark caught the attention of Larvita McFarquhar, a black woman and owner of Havens Garden in Lynd, who defied the Governor's order back in November and has never been arrested. Larvita is likely to be speaking at the Stand for Liberty rally as well.

Want to join a group of patriots who are standing up against the tyranny of Governor Walz' and the woke mob? Come on down to Fountain Lake Park in Albert Lea, this Saturday, May 1st from 2 pm to 7 pm. Support Lisa Hanson's courageous stance against Walz' illegal and unconstitutional orders. Here's the Facebook Event page.

Emails Reveal Walz Was Not Following the Science on Youth Masking

Emails obtained by the Minnesota Senate from a data request show that staff in the Governor Walz Administration made a political move not led by science when issuing the youth athlete mask mandate. One email stated "there isn't much" evidence when the team tried to match Walz' mandate with science. 

In turns out, at one point, the Walz Administration recognized the political realities and how that interfaced with Walz' orders. Alpha News reports that an email read "The election, particularly the loss of six DFL seats in the House, was in part a referendum on our guidance and sports was part of that,” said Laura Oliven, who identifies herself in emails as a member of the “COVID-19 Response.”

Senate Republicans have done a fine job uncovering this information, but what are they planning to do with it. The Legislature only meets for another 3 weeks and so far, Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, REFUSES to pledge to not vote for Walz' Budget until his Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again Bill is passed.

Action 4 Liberty remains committed to bringing the pressure against politicians of both parties who won't do the necessary work to End Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all.

Gazelka Cowering to Democrats, Thinks Walz' Emergency Powers is 'Good Government'

Minnesota has been under the Unilateral Emergency Powers control of Governor Walz now for 409 days. In this anti-democratic move, Walz has assumed unprecedented powers that have locked us in our homes, shut down small businesses and force youth athletes to wear masks. Our Constitutional Republic has been overthrown so we can be ruled by one man. 

So why on earth is weakling Paul Gazelka, the leader of the Republican controlled Senate, talking about passing a two-year, $52 Billion budget to fund Governor Walz' government???

We've asked for one simple thing: Cut no deals, make no concessions on the budget until Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again is passed. If we don't use this one last leverage point that remains, then Governor Walz will go into his second summer of Unilateral Emergency Powers without a legislature that's in session. Which means we could see the reality of permanent mask mandates AND Vaccine Passports come true!

All of this is happening, because Paul Gazelka is one huge wimp! He's not a fighter and he continually cowers to the left in Minnesota. He's more concerned about getting along with our political enemies, then standing up to them. In fact, he's even bending to the radical left who want to force police reform legislation in the final 3 weeks.

Gazelka is telling our supporters when they reach out to him this:

I feel obligated to pass a budget by June and I reject those that want to shut down the government or fire every commissioner if we don't get our way. All of these strategies destroy the fabric of good government.

Good government, Paul? We have a tyrant in office who unilaterally declared emergency powers 409 days ago and has refused to give them up. He can issue any order he wants and the Democrat controlled House will pat him on the back. The courts will accept his powers as laws and the MN Dept of Health will go after anyone who violates his decrees!

If Wimpy Gazelka continues to let Walz and the radical left steamroll over him, then I'm afraid there's not much left that will stop Walz and his Dept of Health from instituting dangerous Vaccine Passports. 

But Gazelka has the greatest bargaining chip at his disposal. Governor Walz' government agencies will not be funded until the Republican Senate passes spending bills. And negotiations are starting to shape up now that we are in the final three weeks of the legislative session. It's critically important that Gazelka goes into those closed door sessions stating that he will not pass a single budget bill until Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again Bill is passed.

If Democrats don't want to concede that point, then their government will not be funded. Which means the Attorney General and the Dept of Health will no longer be able to attack our small businesses. And they won't have new money to impose a Vaccine Passport program on the people of Minnesota.

Call Wimpy Gazelka now and tell him "No deals, no compromise with Democrats unless Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again Bill is passed!"

Senator Paul Gazelka

Phone: 651-296-4875

Email: [email protected] 

Walz Fabricates Science, Ties LTC Deaths to Youth Sports, Court Documents Show

Let Them Play MN, a group that has a pending legal challenge to Governor Walz' mask mandates of youth sports, just amended their court filing after receiving email communication between Walz' team's decision on youth sports. The court document shows email communication from one of Governor Walz' political consultants who stated "we need to more explicitly tie youth sports to LTC", referring to the high level of deaths in long term care facilities. 

Those who have read our articles know that Governor Walz, like New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, sent COVID positive patients back to nursing homes. He has never been held accountable for this decision and the media has mostly ignored it, despite the backlash Cuomo faced when his Administration did the exact, same thing. 

Instead of owning up to his errors, Walz apparently used the high death rate in LTC facilities to shut down youth sports. Here's the amended brief:

Let them Play MN - Amended ... by FluenceMedia

Daudt Attempts to Put Walz' Unilateral Emergency Powers in Constitution

Lobbyist Legislator Kurt Daudt, who serves as the Republican Minority Leader in the Minnesota House, made a motion on Wednesday in the House Rules Committee to advance a bill that would put the Governor's Unilateral Emergency Powers in the State Constitution. HF101, authored by Rep Steve Green, is a proposed Constitutional Amendment that codifies the unilateral powers of the Governor granted under state statute into the Constitution, then requires a simple majority to extend them. In other words, if Democrats were in complete control of the legislature, Minnesota could experience permanent Emergency Powers like we have right now.

This bill stands in stark contrast to Rep Erik Mortensen's Never Again Bill, or Unilateral Emergency Powers Repeal Act, which would strip the Governor of his ability to unilaterally call an Emergency. Mort's bill goes further and requires a 2/3 majority to declare an emergency, ensuring that emergency matters are non-partisan. On top of that, the Never Again Bill removes the Governor's order from being treated as law and has a Bill of Rights for Emergencies. None of those parts are found in Rep Green's bill that Daudt tried to move in the committee.

HF101 clearly has the support of the Old House Republican Caucus leadership, who are silent on Mort's Never Again Bill. Reps Lucero, Pfarr, Bennett, Daniels, Bliss, Burkel, O'Neill, Quam, Novotny, Erikson and Poston are all co-authors on the bill. The Senate Companion bill is authored by Sen Utke. 

Action 4 Liberty stands strongly opposed to this Fake End Walz' Powers Bill. Republicans in the Legislature need to fight to FIX the problems of Emergency Powers, not codify them in our State's Constitution. We call on the Legislature to pass no budget and make no deals with Governor Walz until his current Emergency Powers are terminated and the Never Again Bill is passed!