Duluth Voters Revolt Against Tim Walz backed, Leftist Mayor Candidate

On Tuesday night, voters in Duluth sent a strong message to left-wing Mayor Emily Larson. Seeking re-election to a third term, she only advanced to the general election with 35% of the vote. Her more moderate opponent advanced to the general with an incredible 63% of the vote.

Thanks to Duluth’s jungle primary election system, the top two candidates from last night’s primary (incumbent Emily Larson and challenger Roger Reinert) will face off in the November 7th general election. However, Larson getting 35% as an incumbent is embarrassing.

The strong showing for Roger Reinert, a former moderate Democrat State Senator who calls himself  “fiscally conservative,” shows that the far-left leadership in Duluth has let citizens down.

Larson has served as Mayor of Duluth since January of 2016. Under her leadership, the city has:

  • Declared a “Climate Emergency” in 2021. She claims emissions are down 32%.
  • A 25% property tax increase.
  • A $23 million budget increase.
  • An increase of 19 city employees.


Tack these problems onto the already growing issues of low housing inventory and out-of-control crime, it is not hard to see why voters wanted change.

Larson’s poor showing came even after she was endorsed by Democrat Governor Tim Walz and the Minnesota Democrat Party. Embarrassing!

She has between now and November to try and repair her relationship with Duluth voters, though she is already far behind her more conservative opponent. 

What We Saw At Kirk Cameron’s ‘See You At The Library’ Event

Last Saturday, hundreds of libraries across the country hosted actor Kirk Cameron’s “See You at the Library” (SYAL) events, where parents could bring their children for a wholesome and faith-based story hour. 

Our team brought a camera (with permission from the organizers) down to the SYAL event in Hastings, Minnesota. Both myself and our studio producer, Dawson, were pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the event went.

There were roughly 40 people in attendance, which included about 20-25 kids. The books read came from Kirk Cameron’s publisher, BRAVE Books, and included Little Lives Matter and Elephants are Not Birds.

There were no sexualized drag queens reading, nor were any dollar bills tucked away in inappropriate places. Just good children’s books and friendly faces.

Event organizers told the crowd as they departed that they would possibly host more of these events, whether they be annual or even monthly. To keep pace with the increasing frequency of “drag queen story hours,” we recommended the events be hosted as often as possible!


State Provding Grants for Electric School Buses

In their attempt to fight climate change, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency announced that they will be setting aside $3 million for the purchase of electric school buses in Minnesota.

Currently, five school districts in Minnesota are using electric school buses as part of a pilot program. This policy change allows more school districts to join, providing up to $375,000 for the bus.

These funds come from a federal settlement in a 2016 case against carmaker Volkswagen, which violated the Clean Air Act. Minnesota is receiving a total of $47 million from the case.

The glaring issue with electric buses in Minnesota is our harsh winter temperatures. The Associated Press reports that cold temperatures knock off roughly 100 miles of battery capacity from the expected 282-mile range of new electric buses. 

As it goes with batteries, that capacity will pretty rapidly deplete over the years. Despite this, Minnesota will be pushing for an all-electric bus fleet to meet its 2040 deadline to cut emissions.

Democrat Rep Wolgamott Charged With DWI

On Monday, Democrat representative Dan Wolgamott learned that he faces two misdemeanor DWI charges from the Kanabec County Attorney’s Office. According to the filing, the swing-district Democrat was cited with a 0.099 blood alcohol level.

The public first learned about his July 7th arrest from a viral video depicting him chugging a bottle of liquor before getting in his car and driving away.

Thankfully, he "wholeheartedly apologizes" for the incident. It has yet to be seen whether or not voters in the St. Cloud area will forgive him.

Wolgamott will appear in a Kanabec County court on September 6th.

RUMOR: Dean Phillips to Face Primary Challenge for House Seat

In the midst of Democrat Congressman Dean Phillips’ presidential aspirations, rumors are floating that he could face a primary challenge from the left. The former-liquor salesman from the west metro has gained national attention for his criticism of President Biden – agitating the left-wing establishment.

Reporter Blois Olson shared in his Morning Take newsletter on Monday that Phillips could face a challenge from former-Democrat Senator Melisa López Franzen of Edina.

Phillips is not exactly the anti-establishment politician that the media has made him out to be. In fact, he gave speeches on the House floor for Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies back in January.

The left is now considering an attack on Phillips (54) because he dared question Biden’s ability to hold the office of President. At 80 years old, nearly every voter acknowledges that the President is far past his prime.

This just goes to show how ruthless the Democrat establishment is. Step out of line and get run over.

It is unclear whether or not López Franzen will actually make a run against Phillips. Since leaving office this year, she has remained very active in politics. She currently serves as a Minnesota co-chair of the far-left abortion group, Women Winning.

Young Man's Unfair Gun Case Goes to Pre-Trial

Sherburn County resident Walker Anderson’s firearm case went to pre-trial on Friday. Walker is currently under vicious prosecution from his county for exercising his 2nd Amendment Right to responsibly assemble and use a firearm.

The county first went after the 20-year-old when he was target shooting with a friend. The sheriff’s deputy determined that he was shooting responsibly, but then noticed that his firearm did not have a serial number. This is because Walker built his firearm in accordance with ATF standards. Despite this, the county detained and charged him.

Our team first wrote about Walker’s unfair prosecution back in June. Since then, he graduated from Hennepin Technical College and is on his way to the workforce. His mother, Sara, told our team that the trial will continue on August 18th.

We sat down with Sarah in June for an interview, which you can watch here. You can help Walker with his legal funds by going to Give Send Go.

Peaceful Pride Event Protestor Arrested in Wisconsin

A video showing a street preacher peacefully protesting a pride event went viral on Monday. Conservatives and free speech advocates are rallying behind Marcus Schroeder, who was reading the Bible in Watertown, Wisconsin before being confronted by police officers.

The event, called “Pride in the Park” was advertised as “family-friendly," despite the common sexual theme among these types of events. Using a microphone on a public sidewalk, Schroeder was interrupted when a police officer grabbed the microphone from his hand. He was handcuffed and charged with “unlawful use of sound amplification” and resisting arrest.

Clearly, this is a violation of the God-given right to free speech and expression. Considering the event was held in public, this should be a slam-dunk of a lawsuit for Schroeder.

Media Still Using COVID Scare-Tactics

For most of us, the COVID pandemic was over years ago. Yet there are some that still cling to the narrative that it is a deadly virus that can mutate again any day now. Over the past few weeks, many Minnesota news outlets have insisted on writing about this virus – so we will too.

On August 1st, KSTP wrote a story about how “COVID cases are increasing in the metro area.” In their article, they claim that a report from the Minnesota Department of Health shows a 54% increase in “total viral load” from a new subvariant of the virus. Then, they quote a doctor who tells readers to carry a mask and get “up to date on your vaccine status.”

Another article comes from the left-wing StarTribune, which reveals that virus fearmonger Michael Osterholm has long COVID.

The old media makes their living off of fear-mongering, which is probably why they still write these articles. The people who are prone to fear are likely to generate the clicks and ad revenue they need to keep their operations afloat.

Because articles like this are written, a handful of schools and employers nationwide have (albeit, weak) justification to keep their COVID vaccine mandates in place. To them, it is about ensuring control on campus and in the workplace. 

These articles are literally being used in an effort to suppress the health freedoms of American citizens.

So while most of us are ready to finally live our lives, the mainstream media and authoritarian medical elites will keep trying to drag us back into the COVID conversation. Unless it is to make fun of their efforts, we should not even give them the time of day.

104 US Colleges Still Mandate Covid Shot

According to health freedom group “No College Mandates,” there are still 104 colleges that mandate the COVID vaccine for students and even some faculty. During the height of the COVID lockdowns, a majority of college campuses required vaccinations for attendance.

To no surprise, the majority of these pro-mandate schools are in California, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. According to the pro-health freedom group, campuses like Rutgers have no intention of giving up their mandate.

Two Minnesota schools, Macalester College and St. Catherine University both require proof of vaccination.

There was never a need to force an experimental vaccine on college students, let alone anyone in the general population. Now that we are nearly two years removed from the lockdowns – these universities ought to recognize a student’s right to health freedom.

In 2023, we now have data that suggests the vaccine actually harmed individuals who took it. In particular, young men saw increased rates of heart inflammation.

If that’s not enough of an argument for academic elites, maybe Groff v. Dejoy will be. This landmark ruling on religious liberty from the Supreme Court earlier this year recognized expanded protections for Christians, as well as other religions. 

Some of the schools on the ”No College Mandates” list still deny religious exemptions for the vaccine to this day. You can expect to see lawsuits filed against colleges all across the country.

Group Hosting Alternative to ‘Drag Story Hour’ in Minnesota Libraries

This Saturday, August 5th, hundreds of libraries across the country will be hosting “See You at the Library” (SYATL) events, which is promoted by Christian actor Kirk Cameron. In Minnesota, a parental rights group has picked up the torch and prepared ten of these events across the state.

SYATL is proposed as an alternative to the wacky “drag queen story hours” that have popped up across the country. These events will instead promote kid-friendly reading material with lessons based on Christian faith. The Minnesota events are largely organized by Moms for Liberty, a group that the left-wing StarTribune recently called “extremists.”

The Action 4 Liberty team had the opportunity to talk with the chapter chair of Moms for Liberty in Dakota County, Britni Granquist. She told us that these SYATL events let children be “exposed to what other options are out there. Because we are finding out that our library has done a decent job at not carrying conservative books.”


In 2023, it would be nice to have children just read normal books generally. Not the weird LGBTQ-themed reading material that some insist be pushed on kids. Look no further than a drag story hour in Chaska just last month. There, the drag queen read children a drag-themed book.

To find a SYATL event near you, visit Kirk Cameron’s Brave Books website. Our team will be attending the event at Pleasant Hill Public Library in Hastings, which begins at 3:00 on August 5th. Maybe we will see you there!