Corrupt Bureaucrat Dr. Fauci to Step Down - Let Freedom Ring!

Once the China virus hit the news, Americans were inundated with the slimy, power-hungry, career bureaucrat doctor: Anthony Fauci.

After 54 years in the NIH and 38 years leading the Infectious Diseases Department, Fauci is leaving his post at the ripe age of 81 years old in December. As an advisor to 7 different Presidents starting with Ronald Reagan all the way to President Brandon, Fauci was largely involved with research into HIV/AIDS and other initiatives within the agency.

Corruption by Fauci quickly became apparent to anyone paying attention. It was discovered that Fauci led the movement in 2017 to remove the ban on Gain-of-Function research. After accomplishing this, Fauci funded a group called Eco-Health Alliance with Dr. Peter Daszak (corrupt British Scientist) to fund research into novel bat coronaviruses in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Despite this massive revelation, Fauci, Daszak, and others downplayed the lab leak because it would prove a conscious or negligent effort to release this virus. The World Health Institute’s investigation into China and the Wuhan Lab was given one representative for the United States and they chose the NON-AMERICAN with BLOOD on his hands, Dr. Peter Daszak to represent our country. Needless to say, our values were never reflected in those meetings and the investigation was created as a cover-up to the Wuhan Lab leak. So the guys who are in charge of fighting and exposing this virus were involved in creating it! And they still won’t admit it!

Following the lies of this virus’ origins, we were lied to about “2 weeks to slow the spread”, lockdown policy, mask/vax effectiveness, vax mandates, and the injuries and deaths caused by these shots. New definitions and new practices were established to fit the narrative crafted by the Chinese and Fauci. For example, all scientists until now agreed that natural immunity is stronger and more effective than any vaccine. You can even see Fauci say this in 2004! See below!


Here’s to celebrating the end of Fauci’s career and hope for the truth and corruption to be exposed to the people! We can right the ship if we cut out the BS and fire all the lying bureaucrats and politicians. Our freedom should never be taken again and the truth will come back full-circle. You can be a part of this movement in Minnesota by signing our Never Again Petition or the Stop Vaccine Mandates Petition. Fauci going down is a major victory but we can never stop fighting!

Chief Says CDC Failed During COVID, Wants More Aggressive Agency

CDC Chief Rochelle Walensky recently said that the agency needed an overhaul to fix weaknesses. While this is true, she pushes for a stronger, more corrupt, and more invasive CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Despite the overwhelming proof that Dr. Fauci used the NIH to fund grants for gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the CDC and other “professionals” have told us there was little to no possibility of the virus being a man-made virus.

The fact that this has not been fully exposed yet shows the cowardice of the corrupt scientific bureaucrats and the mainstream media. Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated to the CDC employees  “In our big moment, our performance did not reliably meet expectations” - that's the understatement of the year!

These people have lied to us. They shut down our businesses and churches, forced masks on us and our children in public/schools, pushed untested experimental vaccines into our bodies, and funded the virus from the beginning in Wuhan, China. We have allowed the biggest scandal of corruption, death, and tyranny in our country’s history to go unsolved.

The CDC and media pay little attention to the truth, they instead want to over-fund the corrupt agencies that seek to control our lives. The critiques that the CDC will come to are not nearly enough for restoring our freedom. 

An overhaul is needed and it starts at the top. China inflicted unbelievable damage to our country and the world. All debt to China should be canceled as President Trump has suggested and we must establish our God-given right to medical freedom into law. We cannot allow our country to be influenced by Communist China any longer, our liberty and freedom are at stake.

RINO Liz Cheney Fired by Wyoming Patriots; Removed from Congress

The proud patriots of Wyoming said “You’re fired!” to anti-liberty, Neo-Con Liz Cheney.

The Cheney legacy of corruption, war-mongering, big government, and lies is over! Liz Cheney has been a champion of the Radical Left because she supports their unconstitutional, socialist agenda. 

Despite gross amounts of money from elitists pouring into Cheney’s campaign, Trump endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman won with flying colors because she stood with the America First movement and against the witch-hunt of President Donald Trump.

Liz Cheney's tiny support came mostly from whatever Democrats exist in Wyoming (perhaps some dead and phony voters as well). Conservative citizens of our country are fed up with career politicians who fight against freedom for We the People.

Cheney was so unbearable that even the Establishment of the DC Republicans took away her ranking in the House! The GOP and Wyoming GOP censured her for her failed representation of the people and the grassroots' work paid off! This sends a chilling effect to the Deep State and insider Republicans; If you are out of step with the base, you will lose and be replaced by a PATRIOT!

Hageman still has to hold her word and fight like everything is on the line, because it is! Freedom and Liberty can celebrate a giant victory tonight! Soak in the triumph of the Establishment’s defeat so we can continue to bring it to Minnesota! 

We The People are taking our country back and it’s about time!

MN Nurses Union Strikes for Higher Pay despite Slogan “Patients before Profits”

If you quit showing up to your job, you’d be fired. If a nurse quits showing up, they demand a pay raise.

The Minnesota Nurses Association has announced that their 15,000 nurses will go on strike and are demanding a 37%-39% increase in their pay. This is despite their slogan “Patients over profits”, as this shows where their true intentions lie. 

The negotiations with the hospitals will also address worker shortages, retention, and Covid/other equipment. The union overwhelmingly supported the strike and double-masked like obedient dogs at their press conference behind their leader Mary Turner. 

The contract between hospitals and the nurses union has been expired since June and the corruption and greed from both sides reveals the issues with unions and collective bargaining. Hospitals, health insurance, and unions all benefit from the confusing, over-priced, and anti-capitalist healthcare model we have in Minnesota.

Additionally, the MN Nurses Association fails to admit that retention and staffing is low because they mandated experimental shots and forced masks on medical professionals who knew better. If the issue is that there are not enough nurses, why would 15,000 of them go on strike?! 

If you thought it was hard to get into the hospital before, just wait for things to get a lot worse. The strike is set to take place at least 10 days after the vote which was yesterday, August 15th 2022. We need to reign in the power of hospitals, insurance, and unions so it can be returned to the people! We should be able to make our own medical decisions with transparent pricing and services. This strike will likely cause unfortunate damage across our state.

Minneapolis Teachers Union Contract to Fire White Teachers First

The Minneapolis Teachers Union and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers have released a collective bargaining contract between them that stipulates that schools must fire white teachers first in the event of layoffs, simply for being white.

Apparently the Radical Left no longer trusts white teachers to teach their anti-white propaganda. Schools have become leftist indoctrination camps teaching children to hate their country, freedom, and white people.  

Despite the media and culture wars dividing people, 91% of Americans agree with Martin Luther King Jr. that a person should be judged not by their skin color but by the contents of their character; only 5% disagree.

Wording of this contract can be seen below:

Based on the “continuing effects of past discrimination” (that nobody alive is responsible for), white teachers must be the first cut. This would be DESPITE the teacher's qualifications, seniority, experience, and success rate! To judge someone based solely on the color of their skin is racism and it is on full display here.

This opportunity was granted by the Legislature with support from both the socialist Democrats and the weak-kneed RINOs. There was not a single GOP Senator and only 25 GOP Representatives who voted against HF3346, which was a bill that expanded the use of collective bargaining of unions. The discrimination that will be put into place shows the negative consequences of anti-freedom bills like this one.

See how your Representative voted below:

Parents simply want their children to get a quality education and the teacher’s politics to stay out of the classroom. This would have been the mainline position just a few years ago but this woke ideology has ruined education. The open racism and corruption by the Minneapolis Teachers Union/Minnesota Federation of Teachers/Minneapolis Public Schools is being funded by the taxpayers and is an obvious reason for SCHOOL CHOICE and MONEY FOLLOWING STUDENTS, NOT INSTITUTIONS!

We have to stand up to this Critical Race Theory nonsense before it destroys our schools and state. Political correctness has taken us so far that reverse racism is justified. Ask your Legislators to stand against the corrupt and racist Minneapolis Teachers Union!

RSLC Funded Daudt Aligned Group That Attacked Conservatives, Puts Up Goose Egg

Washington D.C. based group, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), funded a Minnesota Independent Expenditure Committee aligned with Lobbyist Legislator Kurt Daudt that spent an estimated $100,000 against conservative Republican candidates in the August 9th primary. Although total spending amounts won't be known until the October Campaign Finance Reports, the amount of hit pieces spent against Rep Erik Mortensen, Health Freedom Champion Mark Bishofsky, Mike Wiener and Pam Altendorf appear to have reached six figures.

The Kurt Daudt aligned Minnesota Jobs Coalition has a registered political committee called the MN Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund which made the expenditures leading up to last Tuesday's primary. Campaign Finance Records show that the RSLC donated $500,000 to the committee prior to July 18th Pre-Primary reporting period. And another $250,000 after that. All known expenditures were made after July 18th.

The MN Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund then took that money and sent mailers, bought cable tv ads and other expenditures to lie and defame conservative candidates. In the case of Rep Erik Mortensen (A+ rated Legislator on our Scorecard), the Committee accused Mort of supporting wasteful spending. Mortensen in his two years at the Capitol, has voted against every bill that grows the government. 

Even more absurd, expenditures against Mark Bishofsky accused him of being pro-vaccine mandates. Bishofsky emerged on the political scene in August of 2021 when he left his job of 23 years as a respiratory therapist because he refused to get the experimental jab. He then created "Stop the Mandate" rallies that attracted tens of thousands of activists to get involved in the fight against the vaccine mandates. 

Note: While Mark Bishofsky was fighting against vaccine mandates, Kurt Daudt was caught doing paid advertisements encouraging people to get the experimental COVID vaccine. 

Tweets from the RSLC recently suggest their objective is to beat Minnesota Democrats so Republicans take over the majority again; not to beat grassroots, conservative candidates in the primary.

Advising the RSLC on how to fund operations in Minnesota is Lobbyist Legislator Kurt Daudt and Assistance Minority, and Daudt loyalist, Anne Neu. Both sit on the RSLC's Legislative Campaign Committee.

Does the RSLC Board know that these funds are being channeled into Minnesota and used against conservative candidates? In the case of Mark Bishofsky and Mike Wiener, they were endorsed by the Republican Party of Minnesota. So the funds are being spent against the Party's choice for the State House. 

The RSLC tweeted out a congratulations to Tuesday's primary victors. They might be in the dark that at least four of those victors had RSLC money spent against them. 

Fortunately, for grassroots conservatives in this state, the good guys prevailed against the onslaught of money spent against them. The tides are turning in this election. People are sick and tired of crony, establishment groups telling them how to vote.

We WON HUGE Last Night!

Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to CRUSH liberty in Minnesota. From Roseau to Albert Lea, the Swamp was pulling out all the stops.

But the Swamp lost - BIG TIME!

Last night was a HUGE night for the Liberty Movement in Minnesota. The Republican Establishment brought out the big guns in the last couple of weeks to try to STOP grassroots, conservative candidates. 

We asked you to vote in yesterday's primary and it looks like it made a BIG difference.

First and foremost, the top legislator we have in St Paul won last night. Rep Erik Mortensen had the whole swamp working against him, including a state rep who drove 160 miles to door knock his wife and try to get her to vote for Mort's opponent. Can't make this stuff up!

Do you remember the Lobbyist Legislator named Kurt Daudt? He's the one that did a paid commercial telling you to get your vaccine and said on the House floor that masks protect us. A political committee aligned with him spent tens of thousands of dollars to defeat Mort and other liberty candidates in Minnesota.


Speaking of lies, that same political committee spent big money against Health Freedom Champion Mark Bishofsky of Stillwater. They even accused him of being for vaccine mandates despite the fact Mark was the organizer of the massive health freedom rallies at the Capitol.

Luckily, the primary voters in that district didn't fall for the lies. Mark Bishofsky won by 20 points!

That's a big statement. Mark is a solid man and a great, conservative leader. They tried lying about his character and his record. But it DID NOT work.

The Political Establishment will do anything to stop grassroots conservatives like you, me and Mark Bishofsky. But by showing up, we CAN win! In fact, many people showed up in Senate District 10 yesterday...

One of the sweetest victories of the evening was when Liberty Champion Nathan Wesenberg won.

You'll probably remember his name because he was a target by the corrupt Morrison County GOP. That's the organization that removed delegate names on rosters on Caucus night.

They also prohibited Wesenberg from winning the GOP endorsement by shutting down the endorsing convention without counting ballots. Such corrupt cheaters!

But that's in the past. Nathan Wesenberg won last night and will be a champion for the Liberty Movement in the Minnesota Senate!

We so desperately need a good state senator in Minnesota, and I think voters just gave us one. 

But Wesenberg wasn't the only big victory for the Minnesota Senate. Both Tom Dippel and Bill Lieske overcame challenges from the Establishment.

Tom's race was a little more personal for me, if I'm being honest.

Not only is that my Senate District (I had Tom's sign in my yard), but the legislator he beat is a horrible voter. And, that legislator also made slanderous public accusations about our organization.

Well, lucky for us, he was just sent into early retirement from politics!

Listen, I have so much to say about last night. I was so excited about the results that I couldn't sleep.

So I asked Mort, Bishofsky, Wesenberg and MAGA Jesse to join me in the studio today to go through last night's results.

Please give it a watch - you won't get this info from anywhere else!

Last night's results give me real hope for the future of this state and this country. There's a massive grassroots movement rising up right now that you are a part of. We're taking back our government from corrupt politicians.

As you well know, the politicians won't give up their power willingly though. They will continue fighting groups like us who expose them because it threatens their grasp on power.

But our mission to protect liberty for the next generation will carry on. We can't afford to give up.

If you want to keep this movement going, please consider supporting the largest grassroots, conservative organization in Minnesota. We need your help to continue advancing liberty in this state.

Donate $25, $50, $100 or more to keep the momentum of liberty in Minnesota. We promise to ALWAYS fight for you against the Political Establishment!

Legislator Drives '160 Miles’ to Door Knock Wife of Rep Mortensen, Tells Her to Vote for Opponent

A legislator from the Brainerd Lakes area, Rep Josh Heintzeman (Lifetime Rating=67%), door knocked the wife of Liberty Champion Rep Erik Mortensen (Lifetime Rating=100%) in an attempt to persuade her to no longer support Mort in tomorrow's primary. Security camera footage was provided to us which shows Heintzeman introduce himelf using his taxpayer funded business card.

He starts by saying "I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Mort, I'm not trying to cause any trouble, but if you do have any chance of maybe considering an alternative, I would sure love a chance to tell my story."

Heintzeman mentions that he is there to represent the interests of the Old House Republican Caucus. He defends House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt's leadership when Mrs. Mortensen informs him how the caucus spent $30,000 against Erik Mortensen in the 2018 race. She also mentions how the Jobs Coalition, a Daudt affiliated Independent Expenditure Committee, is running ads against Mortensen in the race right now.

In the video, it appears that Heintzeman is unaware of who he is talking to, but it's clear he went there to try and persuade a Mortensen supporter to drop her support the day before the primary election. There is a Mortensen sign in the front yard and a white vehicle is seen coming to pick up Heintzeman half way through the exchange.

Mrs. Mortensen holds her ground pretty well against the seasoned politician. Heintzeman seems puzzled on how to respond to someone who is well informed about the dynamics at the Capitol.

The entire exchange can be seen here:

Mrs. Mortensen also mentions how Rep Mortensen is the top rated legislator on the Legislative Evaluation Assembly (LEA) scorecard while his opponent that Heintzeman is door knocking for was only a 46%. Heintzeman says he is unaware of who LEA.

At one point she asked Heintzeman why he refused to provide "hands" for a roll call vote on the Never Again Bill. Heintzeman admits that only members of his caucus deserve transparency on their bills and amendments and those privileges should not be afforded to legislators like Erik Mortensen.

Mrs. Mortensen fires back that he is showing how he doesn't have principles and only cares about the politics at the Capitol. "So you'll only do it for the good ol' boys" stated Mrs. Mortensen. "You should do what is right for the people, not what is right for you. That is the problem with the House Caucus. You should do what's right for the people, not what's right for you."

The video ends with Rep Erik Mortensen pulling into the driveway after coming home from work. Heintzeman is seen quickly leaving the house and jumping into the white vehicle before Erik is able to get out of his car. 

Your Overview of Tuesday's Primary Election

There's an important primary election on Tuesday. Many people have reached out to me this week to learn more about the dynamics and what's at stake. So we produced an overview for you in this week's show.

Also, Trump was in Wisconsin on Friday so we had MAGA Jesse give us an update on the event while he was standing in line.

If you want the most important primary election information you won't hear from anywhere else, watch this video:

Here's a Primary Election Checklist for you:

  • Find your polling location. Click on this link: FIND POLLING PLACE
  • Look up your sample ballot and make sure to only vote for candidates in one party. The Primary election works a little different than the general election where you can vote for anyone. In the primary, once you vote for a person of one party, you can only vote for the candidates of that party. A sample ballot is found at the same link as above.
  • Learn how sitting legislators vote in St Paul. Did you know that all Senators have a failing grade on our scorecard? And in the Minnesota House, there's only a few who have scored an "A" grade. Visit MNSCORECARD.COM to learn more. 

Illinois Declares Emergency Powers for MonkeyPox

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker declared Illinois is in a "state of emergency" due to Monkeypox. Pritzker stated that monkeypox is a "rare disease," but said he needed an emergency to "expand the resources and coordination efforts of state agencies in responding to, treating, and preventing the spread." However, the proclamation issued by the Governors authorizes him to "exercise all of the emergency powers" provided in the Governor's powers section of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act. 

The proclamation, where the Governor unilaterally declares his own powers, is set to last only 30 days. But like COVID, that will likely be renewed at the end for another 30 days. The powers in Section 7 of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act are far reaching and open the door for violations of civil liberties. In fact, there is even a provision that allows the Governor to "suspend or limit the sale, dispensing or transportation of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives and combustibles."

We don't know how far the Governor will take this for a disease that mostly spreads in the homosexual community. But like what we learned in 2020, allowing Governors to unilaterally declare themselves "kings" is a dangerous course. Stay tuned as we follow this story.