These Politicians Joke About Your Liberties

The political class would like you, the grassroots conservative, to believe that Republicans and Democrats are sparring in Washington D.C. and in St. Paul. They will tell you that they are powerless to stop the crooked Democrats because they simply have more power.

What if we told you that they are all really friends?

It probably does not surprise you, but it is truly appalling at how blatant they make it. The left-wing Minnesota Reformer just reported about a cutesy exchange between Democrats Kelly Moeller and Jamie Becker-Finn with Republican Peggy Scott in the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

When discussing a bill that would regulate the price of concert tickets, several Taylor Swift lyrics were exchanged back and forth. Here’s what the Reformer said in a newsletter:

“The hearing was filled with references to Swift songs and lyrics — which land with Swift fans in the room, and no one else —before the committee moved the bill on to the commerce committee.

‘Representative Scott, why do you gotta be so mean?’ Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn said at one point. 

‘I can tolerate it,’ Moller responded. 

‘There really is no bad blood,’ Becker-Finn continued. ‘Sorry not sorry.’

When writing this story, Action 4 Liberty President Erik Mortensen needed to be told that these were references to Swift’s music.

On its face, this exchange should not mean much to you. However, it gives you a peak behind the scenes of what Republicans and Democrats in St. Paul really think of each other. For the most part, they are all buddies trying to help each other out. 

Even when House Republicans had limited leverage last year with bonding bill negotiations (HF 669), most Republicans voted to approve the second that it made it to the floor – while getting nothing in return. No emergency powers restrictions, no tax cuts – nothing! See how your representative voted here.

These politicians think robbing you of your liberty and trampling on the free market is a giant joke. Then, they joke and laugh about it. That's how evil these people really are.

MN RINOs Endorsing Nikki Haley and Promoting her Events

Too many RINO legislators and party leaders in Minnesota are in conflict with the grassroots conservatives of our state on a number of issues. Perhaps most notably is the swamp refusing to support President Trump and openly advocating for RINO, Never-Trumper, anti-MAGA Nikki Haley.

RINO Representative Kristin Robbins and Senator Julia Coleman have both formally endorsed Nikki Haley despite Republican voters making it painfully clear that President Trump has their support. Former legislators Drew Christianson, Kelly Fenton, and Barb Haley have also joined the Nikki team. Barb Haley was once the establishment’s dream candidate for Governor of Minnesota, a bullet we successfully dodged.

To make matters worse, the MNGOP is tilting the scale and making their establishment preference be known. The party is supposed to act as a neutral arbiter for candidates pre-endorsement but any impartial observer can see the MNGOP as the anti-Trump, anti-MAGA bad faith actors they truly are. The MNGOP is promoting Nikki Haley’s “rally” in Bloomington on February 26th. See below:

The MNGOP even highlighted the event again in their 2/22/24 newsletter, followed by a pitch to become RNC delegates. Sound suspicious? See below:

When Trump’s home gets raided, MNGOP is silent. When Trump is charged with BS crimes to hurt his campaign, MNGOP is silent. When election fraud cheated Trump out of re-election in 2020, MNGOP is silent. But when Nikki Haley comes to town, the MNGOP gets giddy and will do campaign leg-work for her. Nimarata Haley is a fraud who is funded by Democrats and is only running in the hopes that President Trump is arrested on illegitimate lawsuits. No wonder MNGOP is lining up behind her, bird of a feather flock together…

Minnesota is a part of the Super Tuesday primary elections happening nationwide on March 5th. The primary will take place after Nikki is expected to get crushed in her home state of South Carolina (by a 36 point margin). The vanity project of Nimarata’s campaign has become irritating and bad for the party according to MN Patriots supporting President Trump.

The establishment’s last ditch effort to abandon President Trump is making it very clear to grassroots conservatives, party leadership and many GOP legislators do not have the same goals and vision as you do. This comes after all four MN US Congressmen grifters endorsed Trump recently like Representative Ben Davis and Senator Nathan Wesenberg did months ago (Wesenberg was the first MN Legislator to endorse Trump).

Ultimately, this election is decided by We The People and not party elites. 2024 could be the most consequential election of our lifetimes and conservatives are paying close attention to candidates, policy, and how party leadership handles issues. Super Tuesday will likely be the end of the road for Nimarata’s failed campaign and Minnesota could play a major role in ending this presidential primary once and for all. From there it will be time for Republicans to take the fight to Joe Biden, that is if the establishment RINOs in MN will unite and rally behind the We The People’s choice, President Donald J. Trump.

Representative Jon Koznick Unanimously Censured By His Local GOP


Republican State Representative Jon Koznick was censured by the Scott County GOP on Monday night. According to officials from the party, the liberal lawmaker failed to sign a list agreement prior to calling Republican delegates. His censure passed unanimously.

In plain terms, Koznick failed to respect the privacy of Republican delegates by refusing to first ask the Scott County GOP for the list of names and phone numbers. This violates local party bylaws.

The 5-term representative is no stranger to spitting in the face of conservative grassroots activists. In fact, Koznick is a well-known lapdog for the House Republican Establishment. During the 2022 legislative session, he admitted this much on the House floor when he said “we’re very much told to follow our leadership…”

Watch that clip here.

Moreover, Koznick has campaigned against good conservative Republicans in gruesome primary battles. In fact, he was caught on camera door-knocking AGAINST conservative Republican Representative Erik Mortensen in 2022. Koznick can be seen in the image captured by a home security camera stumping for Bob Loonan, who cast himself as a much more moderate candidate for Mortensen's seat. 

Worse yet, his voting record is atrocious. Koznick repeatedly votes for big budget debt bills and fails to fight for your liberties. The Action 4 Liberty 2022 scorecard reports a lowly lifetime score of 53%.

Do not be fooled, Koznick does not represent a swing district, either. In 2022, he won re-election to a 5th term with an incredible 62.5% of the vote. 

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats? Conservative voters in Koznick’s district will now need to weigh the consequences of re-electing a politician who has been censured by his own local Republican Party.

Not Just Purchases: Democrats Introduce Ban on POSSESSION of Firearms

Minnesota Democrats are looking to prohibit the purchase and possession of semi-automatic firearms this legislative session. Two bills have caught the eyes of gun owners last week: HF3570 and HF3628. The former seeks to ban the purchase of so-called “assault weapons” while the latter bans the ownership of them whatsoever. 

If you have ever heard a Democrat tell you “We’re not coming for your guns,” you now know they’re lying. 

HF3570 was introduced by transgender state representative Leigh Finke, who has blocked Action 4 Liberty on X (formerly Twitter), which bans the sale of semiautomatic weapons and allocates funds to initiate a voluntary buyback. HF3628 is introduced by Representative Pérez-Vega, which takes Finke’s bill a step further by forcing police officers to round up firearms from gun owners. This legislation also prohibits the ownership of large-capacity magazines.

Penalties for violating Pérez-Vega’s anti-gun proposal can face a $25,000 fine and 5 years in prison. 

These unbelievable proposals are certainly unconstitutional. Of course, these first-term Democrats do not care. They care about forcing their worldviews and beliefs down the throats of law-abiding Minnesotans who are just looking to live their lives.

Do not be surprised if these proposals make it to the floor of the House and Senate. Democrats in 2023 successfully passed crazy tax hikes, a 40% spending increase, elimination of any restrictions on abortion, and a crazy red flag law. This is the most far-left government in Minnesota history and nothing can stand in their way except the voters in their districts.

Will the GOP Utilize Leverage to Oppose Big Govt. Bonding Bill?

If you want to find the legislation that encompasses the pet projects for the special interests and lobbyists in Minnesota, look no further than the bonding (debt) bill.

Bonding bills are omnibus, multi-subject, big spending bills that allow for Legislators to tuck random funding schemes in that will largely go unnoticed. Despite Article IV, Section 17 of the Minnesota Constitution stating “No law shall embrace more than one subject, which shall be expressed in its title”, big government politicians and judges have given the green light to this type of corrupt legislation.

Unlike most bills, which only require a simple majority vote from each chamber, a bonding bill requires 3/5ths of the Legislature’s approval in order to pass. While Democrats do have a trifecta of power in our state, they do not have 3/5ths control of either legislative body. This means that a debt bill is the only piece of legislation that Republicans can leverage in order to push conservative legislation.

Unfortunately, many so-called conservative legislators let this opportunity slip through their fingers during the previous legislative session, but perhaps they have since grown a backbone and are willing to fight radical Democrats and their socialist agenda. Republicans caved without gaining a single ounce of dignity and without a single meaningful concession from Democrats. Only 11 GOP Senators and 35 GOP Representatives stuck to their guns last session and opposed this corrupt bill.

Additionally, last session’s debt bill was admittedly a pay to play scheme and the game became very clear when Democrat Sen. Sandra Pappas (SD65) broke down and began crying in a committee hearing and stated that if Republicans wanted projects in the bonding bill then they have to vote for the bill. This kind of activity is very common in politics. Crony politicians threaten to withhold projects for districts unless a legislator agrees to vote for their unconstitutional racket. 

The 2024 legislative session is now underway and a new debt bill is on the table. This presents a golden opportunity for conservatives to shake out the contenders from the pretenders. There is no reason for Republicans to back down and allow Democrats to steamroll them yet again. If 2023 was a learning lesson for Republicans then 2024 is the year to implement a change of strategy to prevent the same exact fate.

Democrats take advantage of weak Republicans who abandon their principles and cave to ridiculous threats. Conservative legislators must withhold their support on bonding bills until the following is done:

  1. Child mutilation is made illegal
  2. Driver’s licenses for illegals are revoked
  3. Removal of carbon neutral energy mandates
  4. Revoking extreme abortion laws
  5. Repealing anti-2nd Amendment gun control laws

The bonding bill is the single piece of leverage that Republicans can utilize and if the opportunity is squandered yet again, grassroots conservatives will be forced to hold their elected officers accountable. Contact your legislators today and tell them to oppose the debt bonding bill until the Democrat’s evil agenda is reversed! It is now or never!

Minnesota Democrats Move Extreme Sanctuary State Bill

Minnesota Democrats are pushing extreme legislation that would make the state a haven for criminal aliens, child labor exploitation, sex trafficking, and murderers. The North Star Act (SF 3516/HF 3459), sponsored by ignorant State Senators Omar Fateh & Susan Pha, would restrict state & local law enforcement and judicial authorities from cooperating with federal immigration agencies.

While many of us agree that there are many illegal aliens that are just GOOD people fleeing a bad situation, unfortunately, there are a lot of BAD people as well. We all have heard the numerous stories from across the nation, and in our own communities as well, of illegal aliens committing crimes ranging from simple theft & identity fraud, to assault, sexual assault, child rape, and even murder.

Just last week illegal migrants were caught on video beating up a New York Police Officer in broad daylight!

Migrants, including minors, are regularly trafficked through Minnesota. This “North Star Act” would create conditions to further exploit illegal alien labor, including child labor, while simultaneously driving down wages across the state as citizens will now have to compete with more potential employees. 

Then there is also the issue of voter fraud. Last year, Democrats pushed through their “driver’s licenses for all” initiative, which gives illegal aliens a driver’s license with no questions asked. This same thing happened in California which has led to an overwhelming number of illegal aliens and other legal immigrants being placed on voter rolls. There are also groups actively trying to get aliens, both legal and illegal, to vote. A legal alien friend of mine received a letter in the mail the other day from a group trying to get him to register to vote.

The legislation is so extreme that even some Democrats have come out against it. State Senator Grant Hauschild told voters on X (Twitter) he would vote against the bill. "The Sanctuary State proposal is just that, a proposal. While every legislator has a right to introduce legislation, you need 34 votes in the Senate to pass anything. I will not be supporting this legislation and it is very unlikely to become law." In the House, Democrat Representative Dave Lislegard also announced his opposition to the bill.

You can read the full bill text of SF 3516/HF 3459 here.

In fact, the McLeod County Board just passed a resolution condemning the North Star Act proposal. The resolution states "McLeod County citizens should not be negatively impacted from the results caused by illegal immigration and the North Star Act on the budgeting of taxpayer dollars and public resources." Hopefully, more counties follow suit! 

Illegal aliens have broken our laws just by the simple act of being here. Why should they be rewarded while the rest of us struggle to get by?

United Hospital Quietly Issues Mask Mandate; Nurses Revolt, Say Not Following Own Rules

Nurses at United Hospital in downtown St Paul, MN reached out to us about a recent policy that went into effect that is causing some contention with medical staff. A new mask mandate is in effect at Allina Health system hospitals for all "direct and indirect patient care" and it impacts "staff, volunteers, contractors and vendors."

According to the policy, posted below, this mask mandate was only supposed to take effect if the "CDC state/county COVID-19 hospitalization levels" are at a medium level or higher, for two consecutive weeks. Those levels never reached it and currently sit at green.


The masking requirement also is met if the state ILI (Influenza-like illnesses) activity is moderate or higher, but according to the CDC, Minnesota is at a very low level. 

So what's the rationale behind the masking policy? Cloth masks are useless at stopping the spread of COVID-19 and wearing them becomes a nuisance when outside of operating rooms. The current policy calls for staff to wear them anytime they're "traveling in public spaces."

Our sources at the hospital informed us that some staff are already revolting and refusing to participate in the bizarre policy. However, one nurse was scolded in front of others by her superior for taking a stance against wearing the useless masks. Many are hoping the hospital will change its policy though, just like Children's Minnesota did following our reporting on their mask mandate in January. 

Parting ways from the discussion on the efficacy of masks, as a human, I prefer seeing the face of the people I'm interacting with. And I don't think I'm abnormal here. Masking takes away that personal human connection because we are hardwired to study people's faces and facial expressions. If there's no scientific reason for masking, for God's sake, let's return to normal!

Fool Me Once! Con Artist Lislegard Weighs In on Sanctuary State Bill

Con Artist politician Dave Lislegard (DFL - Aurora) weighed in on the Democrat's big push to make Minnesota a Sanctuary State for illegal aliens. "SO THERE IS NO MISUNDERSTANDING" tweeted Lislegard, "I do NOT support Minnesota becoming a Sanctuary State."

Many Capitol observers look at this statement as a sign that the Sanctuary State bill doesn't stand much of a chance of passing the Minnesota House, where Democrats have a small majority. But what good is Lislegard's statement? In 2020, Lislegard infamously broke from the Democrat caucus and voted to end Governor Walz' Emergency Powers many times. But after the election when the Democrat majority shrank, and his vote could've instantly ended the powers and helped businesses in his districts from Walz' illegal shutdown orders, Lislegard did a 180 and voted to protect Walz' powers.

Con Artist Lislegard has no integrity. His great con of 2021 shows he doesn't call all the shots - instead, he listens to the Metro Democrat bosses. His recently publicized finance report shows it. Lislegard set a self-declared off-election year legislative fundraising record by bringing in large donations from wealthy Twin Cities donors, lobbyists and Special Interests. 

It doesn't matter how much Lislegard pretends to be a moderate Democrat from the Iron Range, he's just another radical Democrat politician who is destroying this state. He continues caucusing with the same people who legalized transgender surgeries for 6 yr olds, allowed pedophilia to be considered a sexual orientation, and who spent a $21 Billion surplus instead of giving it back to us.

2024 Leg. Session Starts: Dem Agenda to Further Destroy MN














The 2024 legislative session has begun today and it is time for Patriots to prepare for the upcoming political fights against the radical, socialist agenda by MN Democrats.

While the vast majority of media will prop up the immoral, big government plans by Democrats, Action 4 Liberty will continue to provide substantive review of legislation and plans in our State Legislature.

After the worst legislative session in the history of our state in 2023, from legalizing child mutilation and hormone blockers to failed energy mandates to drivers licenses for illegals to abortions up to the moment of birth, among other issues, MN citizens know just how evil, backwards, and under-handed the Democrats and RINOs will be this session. However, with an election coming up Democrats will pretend to moderate. Tyrant Tim Walz says this session will be “normal” but nobody can trust him at his word.

Below you can see several of the big items that will be addressed this session and how We The People can fight back:

Sanctuary State for Illegals

Socialists Sen. Omar Fateh (SD62) and Rep. Sandra Feist (39B) have 18 other co-authors on HF2860/SF2724 which would make Minnesota a sanctuary state for illegals and prevent the enforcement of immigration laws in our state. This would prevent our law enforcement and government agencies/agents from cooperating with federal immigration officials, arresting illegals for unlawfully crossing the border, or even questioning an individual on their immigration status. This comes on the heels of ICE confirming a terrorist who illegally entered our country was caught in Minnesota.

This bill would also give Antifa Keith Ellison new power to target individuals who violate this law. In practice, this would allow illegals to weaponize the government against individuals who seek to enforce law and order. This bill would be detrimental to election integrity, crime, safety, and our state at large. As illegals have already been given drivers licenses with no indication on them that suggests they are not citizens, Patriots on the ground must fight this tooth and nail.

Patriotic citizens must demand their elected officials oppose this radical legislation and sign up to be election judges/observers to prevent illegals from voting in our elections in 2024.

So-called “Equal Rights Amendment”

One big ticket item the Democrats did not pass last session that is sure to be debated is their so-called “Equal Rights Amendment”. This bill would prevent “discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and national origin” among other things. 

In short, this would enshrine protections for transgenders to compete against your daughters in sport competitions and create prosecutorial authorities against citizens with common sense who try to fight this BS. Last session, this was passed in the State Senate with all Democrats and 6 RINOs (Julia Coleman, Rich Draheim, Zach Duckworth, Karin Housley, Jeremy Miller, and John Jasinksi). Patriots must expose this issue and pressure RINOs and so-called moderate Democrats to prevent this from going any further.

Assisted Suicide

While one might think that individuals deserve the Right to die (when facing terminal illnesses) just as they have the Right to Life, this issue is far more complicated than Democrats would ever let you know. 

Our Communist neighbors to our north, Canada, has instituted euthanasia laws that has led to deaths of individuals who had no terminal illness and were pressured to be killed by evil white coats. Stories like the one linked are all too common once laws for “assisted suicide” are passed and we cannot allow Minnesotans to be killed out of convenience for morally bankrupt doctors and nurses. Citizens must become informed on this issue to prevent this fate from happening to a loved one.

Eliminating Electoral College

Another attempt to eliminate the Electoral College and subjugate Minnesota to the electoral desires of California and New York is likely to be debated again. This would make our votes in the Presidential election meaningless and allow radical states to determine the President entirely. If Democrats would take the time to study American history and the genius of our Electoral College system, perhaps they would get the wake up call they need.

Bonding Bill

Last session’s pay to play bonding bill was the single biggest piece of leverage that RINOs squandered by caving. Bonding bills are special interest, big government pet projects that require 3/5ths approval by the Legislature. It is again expected that the Legislature will take up the lobbyists’ favorite bill, but conservatives should withhold support unless a reversal of all radical policies is accomplished.


Citizen engagement is the only thing that will prevent another radical session from further destroying our state. It is up to We The People to inform ourselves on the issues, pressure our Legislators, and provide consequences for those that support the Democrat agenda. Today is only day 1 and we’ve got plenty of fights ahead. Now is the time to get your boots on and charge onto the battlefield to save our state and defend the Constitution!

Sherburne County Judge DENIES Motion for Walker; Pre-Trial Set for Feb 12th in Anti-Gun Rights Case

Here's a local gun rights case that YOU should care about.

Back in June, we reported about a young patriotic, law-abiding man named Matt Walker Anderson, who was being prosecuted by an aggressive county attorney for two felony count gun charges. The county attorney argued that he owned firearms lacking serial numbers on them. The case was brought to the attorneys office because a sheriff's deputy encountered Walker, while legally targeted shooting in the country, and asked to see his firearms. When Walker's self-assembled firearms lacked what the deputy believed to be a "serial number," Walker's journey against a crazy and anti-gun loophole began.

The loophole is interesting. According to federal law and the ATF, there is no federal law requiring an arbitrary serial number on a self-assembled firearm. Many shooters enjoy putting together firearm parts so they can assemble their own unique sporting rifles. And that practice is totally legal. However, anti-gun government officials interpret a state law (609.667) in a way where it is illegal to possess a self-assembled firearm unless it has a "serial" number on it; there's no clear definition of what a serial number is in this case.

Walker's firearms had numbers on them and the court argues they are parts numbers and don't qualify. If Walker painted a white number "1" on the firearm, would that have qualified as a serial number?

This gets to the heart of the matter. What crime to humanity is being committed here? Walker isn't a gang banger in the lawless streets of Minneapolis, recklessly shooting firearms in densely populated areas. He's one of us. A law-abiding, patriotic Minnesotan who is at the beginning of his career as a mechanic. We need young men working the trades, helping our economy grow. But anti-gun officials are trying to make him a felon and put him behind bars.

Who is the victim of this alleged crime? That's what makes this case such a terrible injustice and should have been thrown out months ago. Instead, the anti-gun prosecution team pushes on, willing to destroy this young man's life and put his mom and family in a constant state of stress. We had his mother, Sara Fogues, on the Truth Hurts Show last June and I keep in touch with her regularly. 

There's a GiveSendGo set up for Walker to help pay legal bills. I'm going to make a donation to it right now. We can't stand for this injustice!