RINO Congressmen Grift behind MAGA; Endorse Trump

Yesterday Minnesota’s four RINO Congressmen lined up unanimously to grift behind MAGA and endorse President Trump’s 2024 campaign. See endorsement below:

This comes after Patriot Senator Nathan Wesenberg became the first Minnesota Legislator to endorse Trump and was followed by Patriot Representative Ben Davis.

One might think that this unified front is a sign that our Representatives are prepared to fight for the America First agenda and drain the swamp. Unfortunately, they are masquerading as Patriots while doing the bidding of the swamp. Establishment politicians like Tom Emmer, Brad Finstad, Michelle Fischbach, and Pete Stauber are out of touch with grassroots conservatives so they pull off moves like this to deflect attention and fool uninformed voters.

True supporters of Trump and the MAGA movement did not have to wait until he was 49 points ahead of his primary opponents, they supported him the day he announced and even before! It is clear to any impartial observer that Trump will be the GOP nominee and the politicians who have been unwilling to endorse him are either anti-MAGA or just go with the political winds. Being unable to take a stance for yourself is typical deception from crony politicians.

Speaking of which, it is strange that all four MNGOP Congressmen endorsed Trump on the same exact day. This coordinated effort blindfolds voters from their big government voting records and gives them cover from the America First revolution. Crooked politicians only care about re-election and maintaining power, the MNGOP Congressmen have become fully aware that they will not continue to be re-elected if they are anti-Trump RINOs. This desperate endorsement may fool some, but plenty of Patriots see straight through it.

It is clear that they fear primary challengers with conservative credentials that can out-flank them. The most obvious case of this is in CD7 where RINO incumbent Michelle Fischbach faces a primary challenge from Constitutionalist businessman Steve Boyd. This endorsement is meant to fool voters from her safe red district when she has shown no sign that she will truly implement an agenda to Make America Great Again.

Tom Emmer’s endorsement of Trump is perhaps the most embarrassing and humiliating things he has done in his career. While Emmer’s short lived run for Speaker of the House was underway, Trump took to Truth Social to call Tom Emmer a “Globalist RINO” who should not be Speaker. See below:

Emmer is hoping to mask his globalist, establishment record with an endorsement for Trump, despite Trump knowing Emmer is a RINO fool. Trump posted a response to this new endorsement on Truth Social, see below:

Notice how Trump says he will not let our country down (instead of saying I will not let “you” down). Trump will let Emmer and the other RINOs down when he finishes his war on the deep state, ends the globalist agenda, restore clean and proper American elections, and Save America from establishment, corrupt, RINO politicians!

U.S. Debt Tops Whopping $34 Trillion Mark

Washington’s reckless spending continues. The United States surpassed the $34 Trillion mark for the first time in history, which equates to $264,000 per taxpayer. And there’s no end in sight on this dangerous course politicians are taking. The federal budget is on pace to add another $1.7 Trillion in debt this year.

Most concerning about the debt is the fact that a growing portion of it is financed through a money printing scheme by the Federal Reserve Bank, called Quantitative Easing. This is the process where the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air to buy up the U.S. Treasuries to fund politicians’ reckless spending. That money creation is why consumer prices have risen so much in the last couple years.

If politicians don’t reverse course soon, rising interest rates on U.S. debt will make annual interest payments consume too much of the federal budget. Currently, interest payments are already larger than the entire military budget.

Republican Governor Mike DeWine Vetoes Bill Banning Child Genital Mutilation Surgeries

RINO Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio, vetoed a bill that bans genital mutilation surgeries for minors and forbids trans athletes from competing in sports against girls. This isn't the first time we've written about DeWine. He was also a COVID tyrant, shutting down his state government and mandating the wearing of useless masks back in 2020.

The bill, known as the "Ohio Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act," passed the Republican controlled House on a 62-27 vote and the Republican controlled Senate on a 24-8 vote. 

But Governor DeWine thought the bill went too far. And some of his fellow Republicans in the legislature must've had similar feelings. According to our count, five Republicans in the House didn't vote on the measure and two in the Senate followed in avoiding a recorded vote.

Here's what the bill does:

  • Protect the rights of a parent who does not want his child to undergo transgender surgeries when there is a dispute with a  spouse or ex-spouse
  • BAN a physician from conducting gender reassignment surgery or prescribing puberty blocking drugs on minors
  • Disallow government sponsored medical assistance from covering sex change operations for minors
  • Only allow athletes to compete in Ohio based on their biological gender


According to the Associated Press, DeWine "listened to people on both sides of the legislation who all 'sincerely and truly believe their position best protects children,' ultimately deciding he could not support legislation that bans healthcare so many patients, families and doctors told him is saving lives."

In Minnesota, Governor Walz and the Democrat legislature legalized the practice of genital mutilation surgery for minors, even if a parent is against their child going through the dangerous and irreversible procedure.

Crow Wing County Board to Vote on Resolution Objecting to New MN State Flag

The Crow Wing County Board is voting on a Resolution on Tuesday that would formally send an objection to the legislature of the new flag redesign. Citing concerns from numerous constituents, Board members are taking this action as an effort to persuade the legislature to veto the commission's new flag and seal.

Action 4 Liberty has also heard countless complaints about the new flag and seal. Spearheaded by a ridiculous complaint of racism in the original flag, the Democrat controlled legislature decided to tear down our historical symbols and replaced them with something of less substance. Here's our recent write up about it.

The Resolution being voted on Tuesday argues that "the official state flag and seal are not only symbols of our state, but [...] contain historical information on our farming, background, Native American heritage."

It also addresses something overlooked by the legislature when it decided to redesign the state flag and seal: the costs to the rest of the state. "Every deputy badge, seals in every courtroom and County Board Rooms" throughout Minnesota will bear the costs of replacing the old seal with the new one.

Here's the language of the proposed resolution:

Let us know what you think in the comments section. If you would like to share your thoughts with the Crow Wing County Board members, you can contact them here.

Here's the law that created the flag redesign commission.

Here's the Law that Created the Minnesota Flag Redesign


The Minnesota state seal and flag have been redesign and are scheduled to become official in May because someone complained that the current flag and seal have racial undertones

Here's the part of Minnesota law (Chapter 62) that was passed by the Democrat controlled House and Senate and signed by Governor Tim Walz:

Sec. 118.


Subdivision 1.


The State Emblems Redesign Commission is established. The purpose of the commission is to develop and adopt a new design for the official state flag and the official state seal no later than January 1, 2024.

Subd. 2.

Membership; meetings.

(a) The commission consists of the following members:

(1) three members of the public, appointed by the governor;

(2) one member appointed by the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage;

(3) one member appointed by the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs;

(4) one member appointed by the Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans;

(5) one member representing the Dakota community and one member representing the Ojibwe community, appointed by the executive board of the Indian Affairs Council;

(6) the secretary of state or the secretary's designee;

(7) the executive director of the Minnesota Historical Society or the director's designee;

(8) the chair of the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board or the chair's designee;

(9) the chair of the Minnesota Arts Board or the chair's designee; and

(10) the executive director of Explore Minnesota Tourism or the director's designee.

(b) The following serve as ex officio, nonvoting members of the commission: (1) two members of the house of representatives, one each appointed by the speaker of the house and the minority leader of the house; and (2) two members of the senate, one representing the majority caucus appointed by the senate majority leader and one representing the minority caucus appointed by the senate minority leader.

(c) Appointments to the commission must be made no later than August 1, 2023. The voting members of the commission shall elect a chair and vice-chair. An appointee designated by the governor shall convene the commission's first meeting. Decisions of the commission must be made by majority vote. The Minnesota Historical Society must provide office space and administrative support to the commission.

Subd. 3.


Meetings of the commission are subject to Minnesota Statutes, chapter 13D.

Subd. 4.

Duties; form and style of recommended state emblems.

The commission shall develop and adopt a new design for the official state seal and a new design for the official state flag. The designs must accurately and respectfully reflect Minnesota's shared history, resources, and diverse cultural communities. Symbols, emblems, or likenesses that represent only a single community or person, regardless of whether real or stylized, may not be included in a design. The commission may solicit and secure the voluntary service and aid of vexillologists and other persons who have either technical or artistic skill in flag construction and design, or the design of official seals, to assist in the work. The commission must also solicit public feedback and suggestions to inform its work.

Subd. 5.


The commission shall certify its adopted designs in a report to the legislature and governor no later than January 1, 2024. The commission's report must describe the symbols and other meanings incorporated in the design.

Subd. 6.


The commission expires upon submission of its report.

Minnesota Flag Officially Getting Ousted with Design that Sparks Outrage

Minnesota's long standing flag may not have been the most appealing to the eye, but it means something to a lot of Minnesotans who take pride in the land where they were born and raised. So when someone from one of the various tribes accused the flag of racial overturns (whatever that means), it's understandable why a lot of Minnesotans were upset that the Democrat controlled legislature set up a commission to remove the historic flag and replace it with a new one.

Plus, the Commission took $35,000 of taxpayer money to fund the change.

Our local media excitedly reported on the progress of the Commission's work from the day they first asked for public submissions. In total, over 2,000 submissions were sent to the Commission to choose from. Within the last week, they narrowed down the winning design to a young 24 year old man from Luverne, Andrew Prekkner.

Here he is with his winning submission:

The Commission then managed to anger a lot of people when they rearranged the chosen design and change colors to eerily resemble a flag of a province in Somalia. News of this spread like wildfires on social media. You may have seen the posts.

At 9 am this morning the Commission met to finalize the design and emerged late in the morning with a consensus winner. They ended up reorienting the north star, kept the dark blue K shape on the left, and abandoned the controversial mixed color stripes and went with solid light blue. They definitely avoided the shit storm that would've came down on them if they'd kept the previous concept.

Here's your new flag Minnesota:

I'm going to be honest with you - I don't fully hate this flag. Maybe it's the fact my favorite color is blue, so this one speaks to me more than the next guy.  And the flag makes you shiver just looking at it which accurately captures our freezing climate.

But many people are still upset that the old flag was ditched in the first place. They have a good point since it seems the Left in this country is hellbent on erasing our history at every turn. There was absolutely nothing racist about the old flag. People make up stupid stuff all the time.

In the end of the day, politicians should have focused on more important things like advancing our liberties, giving back the budget surplus to taxpayers and removing fraudulent government programs. People are right to be upset with this project.

Here are some of the top comments from our social media in response to the new flag being revealed:

We discussed the new flag on today's Truth Hurts show. Watch below:

Keith Ellison Wins Court Case to Infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights

The Minnesota Court of Appeals just ruled in favor of Attorney General Keith Ellison that the government has the ability to infringe on the rights of individuals who keep and bear arms they made themselves. This case stems from a gun made by an individual that allegedly lacked an arbitrary serial number on it. 

In February of 2022, state troopers responded to a vehicle rollover. The driver, a young man named Logan Hunter Vagel, was transporting a pistol and informed the trooper he did not have a permit to carry it. The trooper located the firearm and concluded that it was not marked with a serial number. Vagel was charged by Anoka County attorneys with "possession of a firearm that is not identified by a serial number, in violation of Minnesota Statutes section 609.667(3)."

Since federal laws do not require a serial number on self-made firearms, Vagel moved to dismiss the charge for lack of probable cause. The court agreed with him and dismissed the charge.

But that wasn't good enough for gun-grabbing Keith Ellison and Anoka County attorneys. Despite taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution, which clearly says the right to keep and bears SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, they appealed the district court's ruling to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. 

Today the Appellate Court ruled:

Minnesota Statutes section 609.667(3), which prohibits the possession of a firearm that is not identified by a serial number, is not unconstitutionally vague as applied to Vagle’s possession of a privately made firearm without a serial number. The district court erred by granting Vagle’s motion to dismiss the section 609.667(3) charge for lack of probable cause. Reversed and remanded.

This is a sad blow to our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Judges act more as agents of the state, propping up unconstitutional overreaches of power, than arbiters of individual rights and liberties.

There's no stronger language in law than "shall not be infringed," yet lawyers manufacture exceptions to the Supreme law of the land all the time. Patriots need to start taking back this country and reclaiming our God given rights or they'll be gone forever.

IRS Agents are Rotten THIEVES for Stealing Our Tax Rebate Money

Minnesota's government overtaxed us by $21 Billion in the last several years. When Democrats took over the entire government, they decided to spend nearly the whole surplus on more wasteful government. But a small fraction did come back to us in the form of a rebate check. Individuals received $260 and families with 5 or more dependents got $1,300.

Now the IRS wants to get its greedy hands on that money!

The rebate money you received is coming from income that was ALREADY TAXED by the federal government. If any business ran a theft scheme like this, they'd be behind bars. But the federal government is taxing the same money twice purely because it was collected by the state and then returned.

News of the tax has Governor Walz upset, according to reports, but Walz philosophically believes in a taxation system that prioritizes funding more government over keeping money in the hands of people. In fact, Walz increased taxes on Minnesotans this year despite having a record budget surplus.

Walz crony, MN Dept of Revenue Commissioner Paul Markquart, estimates that recipients of the $260 checks will pay between $26 and $57 to the federal government that is currently using tax money and shipping it off to fund the Ukrainian money laundering scheme. Families who received $1,300 will have to cough up between $130 to $286.

The federal government is running a $1.7 Trillion budget deficit so they're looking for any money they can steal to help make up the gap. When they can't steal more directly, they borrow money from the Federal Reserve, which inflates the money supply and indirectly steals from you and me by devaluing our dollar.

Crooks and thieves are running our federal government. The only way to STOP these criminals is by getting politically active. Patriots need to show up to Minnesota precinct caucuses on February 27th to take over the Political Parties and oust bad politicians!

Action 4 Liberty's Win Against Weaponized Campaign Finance Board

Republican Establishment weasels filed false allegations against us with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board.A case that should’ve been dismissed right away, ended up getting investigated by the highly politicized, Tim Walz appointed Board.

Even when their legal staff found no evidence of wrongdoing, they ignored the recommendation, and kept the witch hunt on.

And it’s obvious to us why.

They wanted to make us drown in legal costs, scare people away from our organization and waste many hours of our time fighting to prove our innocence. And the more time and resources that went to fighting erroneous charges, the less time we can spend holding corrupt, anti-liberty politicians accountable.

GOOD NEWS - their corrupt scheme against us backfired! We WON TODAY!

The CFB has dismissed the most recent case against us.

Their conclusion after months of a witch hunt is that we did NOTHING WRONG and are totally vindicated.

This is a blow to the swampy, Republican Establishment that launched this attack on us. It's important to understand that this was supported all the way to the top of the Republican Party of Minnesota. They used a weaponized government agency to go against the largest grassroots conservative organization in the state.

At last Saturday's State Central meeting, David Hann's right hand lawyer, Reid LeBeau, was given stage time to talk to the delegation. Reid LeBeau and his law firm are the lawyers behind the erroneous complaints against us.

Last year, MNGOP Chair David Hann used the Party's mass email system to tarnish our reputation with false accusations about guilt. Meanwhile, the Party has expenses to Reid LeBeau that synch up with the timeframe of the case against us.

No matter how many times the Establishment, Radical Left and RINOs come after us, we prevail. Our mission is to protect liberty for the next generation. We won't allow these cronies to defeat us.

Irish 'Hate Speech' Bill Has Dangerous, Orwellian-Style Implications

It is important to follow what is going on in the world, because the tactics that Globalists pursue elsewhere first will inevitably come to the US.

Ireland’s left wing radicals are now pushing a bill that would allow Irish police to enter people’s homes, take their phones, search through anything warrantlessly, and lock you up if you say anything deemed “hate speech”.

The woke social credit score system comes in all shapes and sizes, and will be masked as a tool to help the “common good”. However, limitations on speech have always been the tactic of authoritarians and the same is true today. Attempts to throw people in prison for use of their free speech will always favor the establishment ruling class globalists, and never the individuals they are pretending to support. 

Keep in mind that this debate comes off of the heels of the Dublin riot which was sparked by a stabbing of a woman and three young children by a Muslim immigrant from Algeria. The intent of the criminal is still unknown, whether that be jihad or otherwise. A Muslim city councilor in Ireland called for protesters to be shot in the head or beaten to death in the public square. He has since backed away from those comments, but it is beyond evident that many politicians have an absolute disdain for the common people they are supposed to represent.

US Senator JD Vance and journalist Michael Shellenberger have sounded the alarms and called out this creeping tyranny that will target and attack grassroots people for freedoms they have through God, not government.  The bill itself would allow for Irish citizens to be imprisoned for up to five years if they violate this draconian woke language policing. In this bill the following categories will be selectively enforced by a corrupt judicial system:

A4L has been on the frontlines on free speech issues like this. We immediately called out and fought the hate speech database that radical left MN Legislators were pushing in January 2023. This battle is already at our doorsteps and must be fought! 

Free speech and free expression is paramount to a citizen’s freedom. As Ron Paul has said “We don’t have the freedom of speech to talk about the weather. We have the First Amendment so we can say some very controversial things.” And when hate speech is indeed present, the only way to defeat bad arguments is with good arguments through open exchange. Freedom has all the answers we need, if we have the guts to be free.