Group Hosting Alternative to ‘Drag Story Hour’ in Minnesota Libraries

This Saturday, August 5th, hundreds of libraries across the country will be hosting “See You at the Library” (SYATL) events, which is promoted by Christian actor Kirk Cameron. In Minnesota, a parental rights group has picked up the torch and prepared ten of these events across the state.

SYATL is proposed as an alternative to the wacky “drag queen story hours” that have popped up across the country. These events will instead promote kid-friendly reading material with lessons based on Christian faith. The Minnesota events are largely organized by Moms for Liberty, a group that the left-wing StarTribune recently called “extremists.”

The Action 4 Liberty team had the opportunity to talk with the chapter chair of Moms for Liberty in Dakota County, Britni Granquist. She told us that these SYATL events let children be “exposed to what other options are out there. Because we are finding out that our library has done a decent job at not carrying conservative books.”


In 2023, it would be nice to have children just read normal books generally. Not the weird LGBTQ-themed reading material that some insist be pushed on kids. Look no further than a drag story hour in Chaska just last month. There, the drag queen read children a drag-themed book.

To find a SYATL event near you, visit Kirk Cameron’s Brave Books website. Our team will be attending the event at Pleasant Hill Public Library in Hastings, which begins at 3:00 on August 5th. Maybe we will see you there!

Election Interference: Trump receives Third Criminal Indictment

Written by MAGA Jesse

The radical left Prosecutors across our country have been ordered by the Deep State to ignore criminals committing property damage, theft, and murder by instead targeting innocent men like President Donald J. Trump. Now a third criminal indictment has been filed against the Great MAGA King.

Two and a half years have passed since President Trump left the White House. In that time, nothing was done to criminally charge or prosecute Trump until he announced he would run again in 2024. With fears that Trump will drain the swamp and get revenge for the witch-hunts and smears against him, the Deep State will do and say anything they think will discredit Trump.

Deranged, corrupt, and ultra-liberal Prosecutor Jack Smith is now charging President Trump with “conspiring to defraud the country” because of the incidents on January 6th. Smith and the Left claims that President Trump was attempting a coup by rejecting the electoral count of certain states. However, Trump and MAGA allies were not looking to change the result of anything, they were voting to send the electoral counts back to the states so that a proper investigation can be conducted into voter fraud.

The vast majority of conservatives in this country believe in one way or another that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged to favor Joe Biden. Whether through censorship on social media to cover-up Hunter Biden’s laptop, mass mailed ballots, fraudulent ballots, Biden ballot dumps, broken/rigged Dominion machines, or the unilateral changing of election laws in swing states; conservatives were extremely skeptical of the supposed election results.

Patriots from across our country went to DC for the Million MAGA rally to protest the stolen election and expose the truth. This protest was ultimately taken over by Deep State agent provocateurs who suggested Patriots commit illegal actions. If President Trump was not stopped by Secret Service from speaking at the Capitol Building, perhaps none of this would have taken place. President Trump told the crowd to remain peaceful and non-violent. He even went as far as to condemn the calamity of the Capitol and expose the truth. 

The charges are the most blatant form of election interference since Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in 1968. Jack Smith is a puppet who will do and say anything his masters want. As per usual, Trump did nothing wrong and the government is totally weaponized against him. 

This is a battle between America First and the Deep State that could destroy our country entirely. If Trump is such a massive threat to our country, why do his poll numbers continue to climb and why do the American People not trust phony allegations against him? We’ve all witnessed the hit-jobs, bogus impeachments, and failed character assassinations. If our country wants to have any future we cannot allow this election interference to continue! The rule of law and fair courts are crucial because without them, America is doomed.


Minnesota's New Overreaching Gun Control Law Goes Into Effect Today

The Democrat Gun Control provisions tucked into the Omnibus Public Safety Policy & Finance Bill (SF 2909) officially takes effect today, August 1st. These new rules make bring new barriers to purchase, transfer, and own firearms in Minnesota.

Specifically, this means that the state is now practicing universal background checks. Here’s what that means if you are a current or prospective gun owner. 

  • When transferring a “semiautomatic military-style assault weapon” (their language, not ours) or pistol, you now need to either go to a federal firearms licensee (FFL) or keep a paper record of the transfer which must be kept by both parties. 
  • Already on the books -- anyone who is looking to purchase a “semiautomatic military-style assault weapon” will need to apply for a permit to purchase or a permit to carry. The change to the law now allows your county/police chief 30 days to approve or deny, instead of the previous 7 days. 
  • These rules also give an incredible amount of authority to county sheriffs as to whether or not a permit to purchase or carry is issued. If you think about the incredibly liberal sheriffs in the Twin Cities metro, it is not hard to see this provision abused to deny law-abiding citizens the right to purchase a firearm.


Sadly, the worst is yet to come. When Red Flag Laws take effect on January 1st, 2024, they will know exactly who to take guns away from when the state deems you “unfit” to carry.

Today also marks the beginning Minnesota’s complicated marijuana legalization law. However, law-abiding gun owners will want to stay away. The Federal ATF still bans marijuana consumption for gun owners. Whatever happened to state's rights?

Top 3 Things We Learned From Adam Fravel Unsealed Documents

Maddi Kingsbury, a beautiful, inspiring young mother of two was brutally murdered this Spring and her on again/off again boyfriend Adam Fravel is currently in jail waiting trial for murder. His defense team was given discovery and now warrant documents have been unsealed and made publicly available. Here are the Top 3 Things we learned:


1. Maddi feared for her life and alerted friend that if something happens, it was Adam

A friend of Maddie's, Lauren DeBois, was hospitalized in Rochester where Maddi worked. So Maddi visited her and told DeBois that "everything [was] bad with Adam at the House" and that he was "beating the hell out of her for years." Then she had a shocking prediction. "According to DeBois, Maddi told her that "if anything happens to me, know that Adam did it. I would never leave my kids."

2. Adam Fravel was seen on UTV with shovel that cadaver dogs later detected human remains

On Easter Sunday (April 9th), Fravel was seen on a trail camera just north of the Fravel family property, driving a UTV on the property with a shovel in the bed. One day later, police seized the UTV and the shovel and cadaver dogs were alerted to the bed of the UTV and the spade of the shovel. Cadaver dogs are trained to detect dead bodies, not live human scent.

3. Fravel Admits to Police an Infatuation with Gabby Petito Case

Maddi texted friends last December that Fravel told her she would "end up like Gabby Petito" if she didn't learn to "mind." If you remember, Gabby Petito was a young woman murdered by her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, while they were traveling the country documenting on their social media channels. When questioned about the statement by police, Fravel admitted to being infatuated with Petito, but told them it was "a joke."

BLM Minnesota Prepared to Mobilize After I-94 Shooting

The Minnesota branch of left-wing group Black Lives Matter is potentially mobilizing after the fatal shooting of Ricky Cobb III by a state trooper. At this moment, we still don't know many details that led to the 2 AM shooting, but Cobb had an arrest warrant for a felony charge and resisted arrest. The event unfolded this morning on I-94 in the Twin Cities and led to the freeway shutting down on Monday morning as BCA investigated.

BLM MN is holding a candlelight vigil tonight (July 31st) in North Mississippi Regional Park in Minneapolis. We assume that it will be peaceful, but BLM's reckless Facebook promotion states that Cobb was "murdered" by State Troopers. 

This story is developing. Follow our team on Twitter for the latest updates.

Walz Says Good Neighbors 'Mind Your Own Damn Business'

Governor Walz spent nearly two years as King of Minnesota. His self-anointed emergency powers allowed him to operate without legislative approval. On top of that, he spent the last few months passing some of the most extreme legislation in the country. 

On Friday, Walz traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to lecture Republican leaders about how they ought to lead.

"We don't need you in the exam room. We don't need you telling us who we can love. We don't need you dictating to us about rewriting the history of what happened in this country around slavery!" Walz continues, "Good neighbors are built by minding your own damn business!"

But it was Governor Walz who divided Minnesota citizens into "essential" and "non-essential" workers in 2020. During his illegal lockdowns, he instituted a tip line that encouraged neighbors to snitch on one another. The "stay-at-home violation" hotline was in use all the way up to the 2022 election, when Walz was pressured by his political opponents to take it down. 

Of course, Walz also implemented vaccine mandates for state employees. Pressuring those who value medical freedom to either violate their bodily autonomy or get another job. Walz certainly did not respect the privacy of the "exam room" then.


Governor Walz should start by minding his "damn business" before traveling the country and telling others to do the same.


Donors Urging Minnesota’s Dean Phillips to Challenge Biden

If the big-money elites prefer Dean Phillips over Joe Biden, you know the Democrat party is in trouble.

Politico reported on Friday morning that Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips (MN-3) is being urged to challenge President Biden in the Democrat primary. They also reported he will be soon meeting with donors in New York about the prospect of running.

Many falsely believe that Phillips is a moderate. According to, the former-liquor salesman votes with his party 96% of the time. In other words, he is just as far-left as your average Democrat in 2023.

At 54, he is younger and likely more functional than the Democrat Party’s 80 year old leader, but is unlikely to make a dent in the primary stage. Phillips is largely unknown and is only in his third term in congress.

Plus, he is boring! Democrats are better off going with a candidate like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. than they are with Phillips.

Then again, many conservatives in the western Twin Cities metro wouldn’t complain if he gave up his seat to run for President. Maybe we should encourage him to run after all?

Idaho Man Arrested For Defying Lockdown Awarded $300,000 in Settlement

Gabriel Rench, an Idaho Deacon who defied his city’s lockdown order in 2020, has finally received vindication. Courts have ordered that the city of Moscow, Idaho must pay him and fellow congregants a settlement of $300,000.

Rench was among a handful of patriotic leaders in 2020 and 2021 who was arrested for exercising his God-given rights. In September of 2020, Christ Church congregants protested masking and lockdown mandates that prohibited their ability to worship freely. When Rench organized a peaceful protest outside of the Moscow City Hall, he was arrested.

This story went viral at the time, and had earned the condemnation of President Trump on Twitter.

He along with two other protestors sued the city and won their case earlier this year. Just last week, a judge finalized the $300,000 settlement.

Rench is one of the few patriots who have been vindicated. Lisa Hanson similarly defied lockdown orders with her bar in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Instead of receiving a cash settlement, she spent over 90 days in jail.

There is a growing faction of power-hungry leftists that want to control you and your family. If our American Republic is to last, we cannot let them win. 

Rench will be coming on The Truth Hurts Show on Thursday, August 3rd to discuss his legal victory. You can tune in live at 1:00pm here.

The Facebook Files: Documents Reveal Biden’s Censorship Scheme

Congressman Jim Jordan shared documents from Meta on Thursday that show they complied with President Biden’s censorship demands in 2021. Meta is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more tech companies.

After threatening Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg with a contempt of congress charge, Jordan received a plethora of emails from the tech giant that show how far the Biden White House went in their effort to control the narrative around COVID-19. As we know from the Twitter files, Biden went to great lengths to ensure that any posts that questioned the efficacy of the vaccine were deleted.

In a particularly damning email to staff in 2021, Zuckerburg writes that “We are facing continued pressure from external stakeholders, including the [Biden] White House” to censor and remove content.

Emails released by Jordan also detail the pressure that Facebook felt from the Biden White House. This includes claims from Biden that Facebook and Twitter were “killing people” by letting “disinformation” on their platforms.

Before these files were released from Facebook, a Judge put an injunction on the Federal government working with social media companies to censor speech. It is likely this same Judge will rule Biden’s actions as unconstitutional. Our team wrote about this story a few weeks ago.

More and more evidence is mounting that President Biden is abusing his power as President. This is part of the reason why House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is preparing to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Minnesota’s Omar, McCollum & Craig Propose $17 Federal Minimum Wage

Far-left congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MN-5) introduced the “Raise the Wage” bill on Wednesday, which would gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $17 an hour by 2028. After then, the wage would increase based on inflation rates. Bill co-sponsors include Betty McCollum (MN-4) and fake moderate Angie Craig (MN-2).

This proposal does not have a bill number as of writing, but you can read the language here.

Gone are the “fight for 15” days, when Democrats pushed for a minimum wage of $15/hour. Now, the argument starts at $17/hour. Some Democrats even argue that the minimum wage must start at $25/hour.

The minimum wage debate should have been long dead and buried in post-lockdown America. With the workers shortage lingering on, most retail employers have been forced to raise wages to meet with market demand. According to Statista, the average wage for retail employees ages 16 and older is over $23/hr. 

Do let that stat fool you, though. Raising the minimum wage across the board would still hurt small businesses and employers in states where costs are lower. When you look at small-town America, the cost of living is far cheaper than the big cities. For example, workers in California pay 74.6% more for housing than workers in Kansas do.

Small-town America will feel the most pain with this minimum wage increase. With Congresswoman Angie Craig representing the greater Twin Cities suburbs, you would think she would know that. Ilhan Omar, to be fair, should also know better – but her constituency is probably begging for more legislation like this.