Keith Ellison Wins Court Case to Infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights

The Minnesota Court of Appeals just ruled in favor of Attorney General Keith Ellison that the government has the ability to infringe on the rights of individuals who keep and bear arms they made themselves. This case stems from a gun made by an individual that allegedly lacked an arbitrary serial number on it. 

In February of 2022, state troopers responded to a vehicle rollover. The driver, a young man named Logan Hunter Vagel, was transporting a pistol and informed the trooper he did not have a permit to carry it. The trooper located the firearm and concluded that it was not marked with a serial number. Vagel was charged by Anoka County attorneys with "possession of a firearm that is not identified by a serial number, in violation of Minnesota Statutes section 609.667(3)."

Since federal laws do not require a serial number on self-made firearms, Vagel moved to dismiss the charge for lack of probable cause. The court agreed with him and dismissed the charge.

But that wasn't good enough for gun-grabbing Keith Ellison and Anoka County attorneys. Despite taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution, which clearly says the right to keep and bears SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, they appealed the district court's ruling to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. 

Today the Appellate Court ruled:

Minnesota Statutes section 609.667(3), which prohibits the possession of a firearm that is not identified by a serial number, is not unconstitutionally vague as applied to Vagle’s possession of a privately made firearm without a serial number. The district court erred by granting Vagle’s motion to dismiss the section 609.667(3) charge for lack of probable cause. Reversed and remanded.

This is a sad blow to our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Judges act more as agents of the state, propping up unconstitutional overreaches of power, than arbiters of individual rights and liberties.

There's no stronger language in law than "shall not be infringed," yet lawyers manufacture exceptions to the Supreme law of the land all the time. Patriots need to start taking back this country and reclaiming our God given rights or they'll be gone forever.

IRS Agents are Rotten THIEVES for Stealing Our Tax Rebate Money

Minnesota's government overtaxed us by $21 Billion in the last several years. When Democrats took over the entire government, they decided to spend nearly the whole surplus on more wasteful government. But a small fraction did come back to us in the form of a rebate check. Individuals received $260 and families with 5 or more dependents got $1,300.

Now the IRS wants to get its greedy hands on that money!

The rebate money you received is coming from income that was ALREADY TAXED by the federal government. If any business ran a theft scheme like this, they'd be behind bars. But the federal government is taxing the same money twice purely because it was collected by the state and then returned.

News of the tax has Governor Walz upset, according to reports, but Walz philosophically believes in a taxation system that prioritizes funding more government over keeping money in the hands of people. In fact, Walz increased taxes on Minnesotans this year despite having a record budget surplus.

Walz crony, MN Dept of Revenue Commissioner Paul Markquart, estimates that recipients of the $260 checks will pay between $26 and $57 to the federal government that is currently using tax money and shipping it off to fund the Ukrainian money laundering scheme. Families who received $1,300 will have to cough up between $130 to $286.

The federal government is running a $1.7 Trillion budget deficit so they're looking for any money they can steal to help make up the gap. When they can't steal more directly, they borrow money from the Federal Reserve, which inflates the money supply and indirectly steals from you and me by devaluing our dollar.

Crooks and thieves are running our federal government. The only way to STOP these criminals is by getting politically active. Patriots need to show up to Minnesota precinct caucuses on February 27th to take over the Political Parties and oust bad politicians!

Action 4 Liberty's Win Against Weaponized Campaign Finance Board

Republican Establishment weasels filed false allegations against us with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board.A case that should’ve been dismissed right away, ended up getting investigated by the highly politicized, Tim Walz appointed Board.

Even when their legal staff found no evidence of wrongdoing, they ignored the recommendation, and kept the witch hunt on.

And it’s obvious to us why.

They wanted to make us drown in legal costs, scare people away from our organization and waste many hours of our time fighting to prove our innocence. And the more time and resources that went to fighting erroneous charges, the less time we can spend holding corrupt, anti-liberty politicians accountable.

GOOD NEWS - their corrupt scheme against us backfired! We WON TODAY!

The CFB has dismissed the most recent case against us.

Their conclusion after months of a witch hunt is that we did NOTHING WRONG and are totally vindicated.

This is a blow to the swampy, Republican Establishment that launched this attack on us. It's important to understand that this was supported all the way to the top of the Republican Party of Minnesota. They used a weaponized government agency to go against the largest grassroots conservative organization in the state.

At last Saturday's State Central meeting, David Hann's right hand lawyer, Reid LeBeau, was given stage time to talk to the delegation. Reid LeBeau and his law firm are the lawyers behind the erroneous complaints against us.

Last year, MNGOP Chair David Hann used the Party's mass email system to tarnish our reputation with false accusations about guilt. Meanwhile, the Party has expenses to Reid LeBeau that synch up with the timeframe of the case against us.

No matter how many times the Establishment, Radical Left and RINOs come after us, we prevail. Our mission is to protect liberty for the next generation. We won't allow these cronies to defeat us.

Irish 'Hate Speech' Bill Has Dangerous, Orwellian-Style Implications

It is important to follow what is going on in the world, because the tactics that Globalists pursue elsewhere first will inevitably come to the US.

Ireland’s left wing radicals are now pushing a bill that would allow Irish police to enter people’s homes, take their phones, search through anything warrantlessly, and lock you up if you say anything deemed “hate speech”.

The woke social credit score system comes in all shapes and sizes, and will be masked as a tool to help the “common good”. However, limitations on speech have always been the tactic of authoritarians and the same is true today. Attempts to throw people in prison for use of their free speech will always favor the establishment ruling class globalists, and never the individuals they are pretending to support. 

Keep in mind that this debate comes off of the heels of the Dublin riot which was sparked by a stabbing of a woman and three young children by a Muslim immigrant from Algeria. The intent of the criminal is still unknown, whether that be jihad or otherwise. A Muslim city councilor in Ireland called for protesters to be shot in the head or beaten to death in the public square. He has since backed away from those comments, but it is beyond evident that many politicians have an absolute disdain for the common people they are supposed to represent.

US Senator JD Vance and journalist Michael Shellenberger have sounded the alarms and called out this creeping tyranny that will target and attack grassroots people for freedoms they have through God, not government.  The bill itself would allow for Irish citizens to be imprisoned for up to five years if they violate this draconian woke language policing. In this bill the following categories will be selectively enforced by a corrupt judicial system:

A4L has been on the frontlines on free speech issues like this. We immediately called out and fought the hate speech database that radical left MN Legislators were pushing in January 2023. This battle is already at our doorsteps and must be fought! 

Free speech and free expression is paramount to a citizen’s freedom. As Ron Paul has said “We don’t have the freedom of speech to talk about the weather. We have the First Amendment so we can say some very controversial things.” And when hate speech is indeed present, the only way to defeat bad arguments is with good arguments through open exchange. Freedom has all the answers we need, if we have the guts to be free.

Satanists Erect Satanic Statue at the Iowa State Capitol Building

A satanic statue and display stands erect in the halls of Iowa's State Capitol building. When the government welcomed displays by the public, the Satanic Temple of Iowa was quick to use the opportunity to decorate the halls of government with satanic imagery. Perhaps that's fitting of a government building.

Advocates for the display were quick to cite religious protections under the First Amendment to the Constitution. But is the Satanic Temple (not to be confused with the Church of Satan, according to their website) really a religion? A short dive into their overtly political website shows the Satanic Temple doesn't actually believe in Satan.

There's always been something bizarre about satanists. How does one read the beautiful work of the Bible and choose to worship the evil character from the book? But the Satanic Temple appears to use its name as a mockery to religion instead of a devotion to the Father of Evil - which would actually more resemble a religion. In fact, everything on their website makes them appear to be a political group. They're a big advocate for aborting unborn babies.

Here's a snapshot of their welcome page:

This display isn't a religious display. When someone puts up a Nativity scene, they're highlighting the virgin conception of the son of God. The Satanic Temple of Iowa is just making a mockery of the evil character they don't believe exists in the world's largest religion. 

Let's be honest here: this group's mission is to erode the traditional values of Iowans by mockery and removal of Christian displays in the public. This is an obvious publicity stunt to change the policy at the Capitol so any religious display is no longer allowed. 

Regardless of the legal and political blowback of this publicity stunt that is the talk of Iowa, there's something much larger going on...

Our culture today is moving so fast away from traditional values and our Christian tradition, and I don't think that's a good recipe for our future. We're mocking God at every turn and teaching things counter to the Bible like PRIDE is a virtue, lying is noble and all truth is relative.

In Minnesota, left wing radicals and Democrat politicians cheered on a drag performer who twerked and performed in front of children on top of the Rotunda star at the Minnesota State Capitol last March.

Is it any surprise that that Drag Performer also has been seen donning the satanic imagery?

Here's the big picture...sinister globalists forces are advancing a dark, destructive agenda to consolidate power and money in the hands of the wealthy, ruling elite. The COVID pandemic was the largest wealth transfer in the history of man - and that's just the appetizer to what's in store.

The global elite seek to limit our freedoms and keep us burdened by debt. 2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year in the history of our country. The battle we're about to encounter will be difficult and spiritually and faith are needed for the storms ahead. While many in our culture our mocking and attempting to undermine the values that got us here, it's probably a better idea for us to go back to those values to help in the upcoming fight for our liberties, and the liberties of our future generations!

State Central Scam; MNGOP Debt Problem is all on David Hann

This is an opinion piece by MAGA Jesse

The State Central Scam of 2023 was an intentionally designed time-suck for the Establishment to screw the grassroots out of time, money, and energy. Perhaps Hann will utilize some of the State Central money paying off the $414,000 party debt instead of lining his own pockets.

Here's a recap of what I witnessed at the State Central delegate meeting on Saturday...

The morning started off with a bang as an Establishment henchman Sergeant at Arms began blockading a door leading to a room rented by Rebuild the MNGOP. This group of Patriots wanted to provide a nice space for delegates to mingle, enjoy water and snacks, and discuss ideas. The very concept of this sent chills down the MNGOP Swamp’s spine, individuals thinking for themselves is not allowed in the high ranks of the party!

Tommy Merickel, a well known RINO, was rude and mean to several female delegates, who had no prior knowledge of the person they were encountering. Merickel is connected with the Minnesota Jobs Coalition and fundraised big money for RINO state house candidates. They won a whopping ZERO primary wins. His antics appear to be in line with his out of touch philosophies!

Merickel is also known for his role in removing 33 duly elected delegates in Otter Tail County and tilting the scale in the BPOU endorsing convention for RINO Jordan Rasmussen and against Patriot Nathan Miller. Tommy has been a strong backer of new MNGOP rules that allow BPOU and CD Chairs to ban delegates who break some kind of anti-free speech loyalty allegiance. The irony is rich considering all of the money he spent on unendorsed candidates in the primary against conservatives like former Rep. Erik Mortensen, Rep. Mike Weiner, and Mark Bishofsky.

The MNGOP leadership has shown an unwillingness to adapt and exemplifies the weak Republican Party that we ditched in 2016 - the MAGA era. In almost every single state, MAGA defines the average GOP voter, but the MNGOP is defined by debt, no principles, and losing. 

Social club Republicans hold a majority stake in this Party. To them, it’s better to lose every election than lose their grip on center-right political power. Patriots who question the status quo are considered opposition instead of allies. Several hardcore conservatives were called Democrats by establishment, big government RINOs; further cementing the outrageous lies and smears they will whip out over the tiniest bit of pushback to the failed MNGOP leadership.

Flyers were distributed by delegates like William Beck, Drew Roach and myself, showing dissatisfaction with David Hann. Many of us hoped to chart a new direction for the MNGOP. See flyers below:

While some delegates were hopeful for the future of a Party that would embrace MAGA patriots, eliminate party debt, support the grassroots, abide by endorsements, campaign on a conservative agenda, win elections, and save our state/country, others were fine with a continuation of a George Bush style Party into 2024. Delegate William Beck even provided a detailed list of qualified individuals who the party could rally behind:

Some Patriots faced consequences for wielding their free speech against the powerful. Delegate David Penn was ejected early from the meeting after powerfully calling for the removal of several MNGOP members in leadership. Another delegate was ejected after comparing RINO convention Chair Dave Osmek's silencing of him to Germany in the 1930s. Osmek later went on AM1280 to call my Trump flyer "unhinged and crazy"... That is how the establishment sees MAGA.

In another instance, while I was distributing the literature calling on delegates to find a “Mike Johnson” type leader to unify, establishment pawn Kip Christensen began pushing me, falsely claiming that there was no disclaimer, and hoping to ban me from the floor. I pointed out the obvious disclaimer at the bottom and called Kip an idiot, which offended him, but he should expect to be called as he acts, especially when committing a definitional case of simple assault. 

The goal of delegates was to revitalize the party and support a new leader that all conservatives could rally behind but that goal was cut short by under-handed, cherry-picking and intentional misinterpretations of the MNGOP rules, bylaws, and Constitution. In a ridiculous show of theatre, White Knight David Hann pretended like he supported the motion going on the agenda! Convention chair Dave Osmek served as a mouthpiece for the establishment by showing favor towards them in almost all rulings. Osmek completely and utterly failed at serving as an impartial chair as his bias was apparent to any clear-minded observer.

Unlike the previous attempt of removal of David Hann, this removal was sent in well beyond ten days in advance (as required by the MNGOP Constitution) and was served in person and electronically. Hann falsely claimed that the removal was anonymous, even though every delegate was notified immediately that it was filed by Larry Doose, and they were notified of that fact from Larry Doose. Hann’s slight of hand is in reference to other removal charges that were filed against MNGOP Secretary Jenna Dicks and RNC Committeeman Alex Plechash, which were anonymous. Hann also was shrugging and shaking his head at the idea of being served, misguiding delegates from an undeniable truth.

However, this does not dispute the original point so I went to the microphone and asked the Chair if removals had to be filed before a convention call is out and how to amend an agenda that doesn’t yet exist. Osmek avoided the question multiple times until he finally answered yes, even though no language in the MNGOP Constitution, bylaws, or rules would indicate that to be the case. Osmek, Hann, and the parliamentarian were experts at masquerading Robert’s Rules of Order as a tool to confuse delegates from the truth. The truth is simple, Larry Doose is a Patriot who felt the need to rebuild the party and win big in 2024. The attempts to smear his integrity were desperate swings at a Patriot standing his ground. If the MNGOP had a few more Larry Dooses, then maybe their leadership could be held accountable.

Delegates and guests paid $65-$85 to help dig Hann out of his debt problems and get run over by establishment proceedings. The disdain and disregard the establishment has for the activists on the ground makes it clear how things stand with the grassroots and the MGNOP. At one point, MNGOP leaders began chastising delegates for not giving the party enough money! They blamed the grassroots for their terrible fundraising numbers and some delegates spoke up and said that they didn’t trust the party with their money - as they shouldn’t.

David Hann, for whatever reason, still wants to lead the MNGOP to disaster. He is an avid Anti-Trump RINO who has put the party in massive debt and the majority of the grassroots do not trust his leadership. Why would you want to lead a party that has such a large faction fighting you? If Hann truly wanted conservatives to unite, he would understand he needs to step aside. Instead, Hann will squirm and tell bald-face lies to any poor sap buying what he’s selling. If he had an ounce of self-reflection, he would see he is not the right person to lead the party.

There is a new era of freedom on the horizon but RINOs are doing everything they can to roadblock that effort. It has become evidently clear that the MNGOP leadership, and even a good segment of the State Central delegation, have become out of touch with 'We The People.'

Now, does this mean the party can’t win? In a lot of cases, yes. Their only hope is to siphon off the electricity made by President Donald Trump in this race and use the work of Patriots as their own accomplishments. Additionally, candidates must not listen to the campaign advice of David Hann, who sent an email directing candidates to call abortion a “Constitutional Right”, see below:

Was Hann suggesting that Republicans lie to voters about abortion law in Minnesota or that they lie about what their actual position is? Was his goal to ensure that this issue does become a “Constitutional Right”? Why would the messaging of campaigns cave to false leftist talking points instead of discussing the Democrat’s radical policies on late-term and post-birth abortions or the tax dollars funneled to Planned Parenthood?

Hann will say anything and feeds intel to DFL Chair Ken Martin. Martin and other high level Democrats know that Hann is a weak opponent, and that’s why their friends in the media covered these proceedings in such a negative light. There are zero young people, black people, Hmong people, Somali people, or anyone for that matter coming to the party with Hann in charge. Uninspiring leadership co-opts potential growth efforts.

The $414,000+ worth of debt the MNGOP has is not the fault of any voter, it is the result of poor fiscal management by David Hann. The party is in shambles and the delegation of State Central has been fooled yet again. If Trump and down ticket Republicans are going to win in 2024, it will be done from the outside of the party, not the inside. The MNGOP would be totally dead in the water if it weren’t for Trump and the America First movement. If they can ride off our coattails effectively, we could see some big things out of Minnesota in 2024!

MN Deer Hunters Starting to Organize Politically After Another Awful Deer Season

I was disappointed by the low numbers of deer I saw while hunting in Northern Minnesota this November. On opener, I was in the forest bordering the BWCA and heard less gun shots and saw less deer sign than every other year I've hunted the area. The following weekend, I hunted an hour and a half north of the Twin Cities in a zone that no longer allowed hunters to shoot does. We unfortunately didn't come across any bucks.

My experience appears to be shared by most Minnesota hunters this fall as the deer harvest was down and license sales dropped. Preliminary deer harvest numbers show a drop in nearly 19,000 deer shot, or an 11% decline from 2022. And there was a drop of 3% statewide in total deer licenses sold in 2023. Both harvest and license sale numbers are even worse when filtered for norther hunting zones.

The dwindling numbers and lackluster experience hunters are having in one of the state's most historic traditions has motivated thousands to get politically involved. 

What is the culprit behind the decline? Some point to the recent tough winters. And no doubt, they've been cold and snowy. But if you talk to the average hunter in the woods, fingers almost always get pointed at Minnesota's infamous howling apex predator - the wolf. 

A group called Hunters for Hunters (website) recently organized and is hosting events around the state to unite hunters and steer their focus towards political solutions to save the Minnesota deer hunt - including restarting a wolf management program. In fact, the group has eight upcoming meetings labeled "Wolf Predation Meeting." 

Sen Nathan Wesenberg (R - Little Falls) has been the leading voice at the Capitol so far for the group and recently spoke to a packed room of 400 hunters in Carlton. That crowd seemed small compared to the numbers that turned out in Auora over the weekend.

Wesenberg recently came on our show to discuss the objectives of Hunters for Hunters, the shortcomings of the DNR, and what needs to be done to revive the Minnesota deer population. See video below.

EXCLUSIVE: The Great Silent Facebook Purge of Conservative Pages This Week

Facebook erased the page of a conservative, Minnesota-based group called North Star Liberty Alliance (NSLA) this week. And it appears they did this to many others without any media outlets reporting about the purge.

William Beck helps manage the social media pages for NSLA and alerted us this week to the page being completed removed from the platform, without any explanation. Facebook then removed William's account (who also helps manage Action 4 Liberty's social media) and the accounts of the other members who help manage NSLA.

In 2021, Facebook completely removed Action 4 Liberty's popular page from the internet as we were spreading truthful information about COVID tyranny and the vaccine mandates. Over $50,000 spent on the Facebook platform to build the page and its audience was wiped out over night. Since then, Action 4 Liberty has built back a page and thus far has not been removed or suspended.

But A4L's ally, and the host of our popular training events, NSLA, somehow ended up in the crosshairs of the Big Tech company. According to William Beck, they're not the only ones.

Facebook recently announced that it "shut down" thousands of accounts tied to China that were meant to "polarize voters." Did the popular social media platform use this opportunity to deplatform legitimate, pro-liberty American voices as well?

We'll discuss the rest of this story on Tuesday's episode of the Truth Hurts Show on Rumble.


Action 4 Liberty Welcomes Former Rep Erik Mortensen to its Leadership Team

We're happy to announce that Former Rep Erik Mortensen is joining the leadership team at Action 4 Liberty. While this will certainly trigger the Republican and Democrat Establishment who have grown to hate Mort for his courageous stances at the Capitol, we are pleased to get the wisdom and tenacity of Minnesota's greatest liberty champion.

Mort was a champion for the liberty movement, using his position as a legislator to travel the state and empower activists to rise up and STOP vaccine mandates, end ridiculous mask mandates and ultimately, end Governor Walz' emergency powers.

For that, he became HATED by the Republican and Democrat Establishment.

From Day One, politicians at the Capitol feared him and tried to derail his efforts at every turn. They told us he was ineffective, not a team player and his path in politics will never work. 

But in 2021, Rep Erik Mortensen raised more money than any other legislator, including all Democrats and Republicans in the House and in the Senate. That money came from small, grassroots conservatives all across the state.

We are pleased to bring Mort on our leadership team to help us fight and win the big unknown battles that lie ahead of us in 2024. Our mission is to protect liberty for the next generation. We need all hands on deck!

NEW REPORT: Minnesota Has $5.3 Billion Budget Surplus, You're Owed $2,000

The government keeps lying to you and the corporate media goes along with the deceit. Headlines today read that Minnesota Management & Budget projects a $2.4 Billion surplus, but the actual figure is over double the amount. YOU are owed $2,000 back!!!

Politicians are holding onto a historically high, $2.9 Billion rainy day fund called the "Budget Reserves." This money was taxed from us, held for years in the government coffers, and has not nor will ever be needed. Even during the COVID pandemic, the government didn't use the budget reserve funds.

When added to the budgetary balance after the expenses are subtracted from the beginning balance and revenues, there's $5.3 Billion in estimated surplus by the end of FY2025 (July 31st, 2025).

Notice how spending in this budget far exceeds revenues. This was a result of the Democrat controlled government blowing through the previous budget surplus to spend on more wasteful government projects and political kickbacks to their special interest.

When the government overtaxes us, it should IMMEDIATELY return those funds back to taxpayers. Could you use $2,000 back in your pocket in these days of rising consumer prices?!