Biden Tests Positive for COVID Again

Fully vaccinated and double boosted, Joe Biden, tests positive for COVID a second time this month. The President announced on Twitter today that he had the new positive test which he claims only "happens with a small minority of folks." However, both he and Anthony Fauci have had two back-to-back cases, suggesting it's more common amongst people in the Biden Administration. 

Biden's two cases of COVID show that the vaccine is ineffective at stopping the spread of the disease. And, at his age and health status, it's immoral that he continues to punish young healthy people in the health care field and military who don't want to get the experimental jab.

Fully Vaccinated Biden Tests Positive For COVID

Joe Biden tested positive for COVID following his recent trip overseas. Biden is the oldest living president at 79, which puts him in a high risk class. He's also fully vaccinated and boosted, yet still got the disease.

In 2021, we were told numerous times from the Biden Administration and the corporate media that getting the vaccine will stop the spread of COVID. Cases of vaccinated individuals who got the disease were labeled "breakthrough" cases. However, nearly all prominent, vaccinated and mask wearing members of the Biden Administration have contracted COVID. In Minnesota, all the statewide elected politicians have had "breakthrough" cases as well.

Corrupt GOP Chair David Hann's Radical Move to Harm Conservative, Endorsed Candidates

The Republican Party of Minnesota is being disgraced by a Party Chair who is doing the dirty work for the Political Establishment. Alpha News published a piece this morning showing that the Party is working against some of its endorsed candidates. At least five conservative, Republican endorsed candidates had their Republican data system cut off by MNGOP Chairman Hann at a crucial moment before the August 9th Primary.

Candidates Tom Dippel (Cottage Grove), Mark Bishofsky (Stillwater), Bill Lieske (Lonsdale), Natalie Barnes (Prior Lake) and Bret Bussman (Browerville) noticed their data access was locked out last Friday. All weekend long, they were unable to access the party data that allowed them to conduct campaign activities like door knocking and phone calling. 

Initially it appeared that there was a system-wide issue, but chatter picked up around the ranks of candidates statewide and quickly people noticed it was only a select few of the more conservative candidates who got booted out. The entire weekend passed before the Party even acknowledged they were behind the scheme. Four of the five candidates received emails from the Party on Monday morning. Lieske did not.

According to Lieske, his data access was removed last week and the Party hasn't even reached out to him about it. "I'm shocked that they would work against the endorsed candidate" stated Lieske when we spoke to him earlier. "What I read in the Alpha News article about the accusation of data share violations is objectively false. Let's be honest - they're doing this to hurt candidates who don't align with the Establishment. It's that simple."

Chairman Hann alleged that the candidates weren't upholding their part of the data agreement because they weren't uploading voter data back into the system. But there's no timeline for candidates to do it and party units like the House Republican Campaign Committee and the Senate Victory Fund are actively helping the endorsed candidate's primary opponents. Entering data back in the system could help their opponents.

Rep Jeremy Munson was primaried in 2020 by an Establishment backed candidate and the Republican Party used the same tactic against him the weekend before the primary. Munson wrote on Facebook that if a candidate "door knock[s] using the party data, [their] opposition can see where [they] are door knocking, which walk-books [they] are creating, what mailing lists [they] are creating, etc." 

The job of the Party is to support its endorsed candidates. If Hann was a good actor, and legitimately thought there was an issue with the data agreement, he should have contacted the candidates directly to work things out. But that's not the route he took which reveals there is more to this story. 

What this appears to be is an assault on the grassroots, conservative movement that has sprung up in the last two years as hundreds of thousands of patriots have grown upset with the Political Class on both sides of the aisle.

Action 4 Liberty was in the crosshairs of Corrupt Chair Hann last week as he sent out a press release defaming our organization. Most of the candidates that had the data revoked align with Action 4 Liberty's stances on the important issues like giving back the surplus, passing the Never Again Bill and not voting for unconstitutional, omnibus bills. Regardless of Hann's feelings on this, these candidates were endorsed by Republican delegates this Spring.

But Hann is looking to do the dirty work for the Republican Establishment, and he's using the Republican Party of Minnesota as his tool. There are many great, dedicated activists in the Party and this is going to leave a black eye on the Party. It's also a move that hurts the Republican Party's opportunity to grow its ranks, which is desperately needed since the Party is broke and hasn't won a statewide race since 2006. 

One former Republican Party officer we spoke to said "the MNGOP would rather let Democrats win than see real conservative Republicans elected. I think it's clear that torpedoing the endorsed candidates hurts our chances against the Democrats."

Three of the five candidates won endorsements against sitting legislators from the Political Establishment. Tom Dippel beat Rep Tony Jurgens for the open seat in Senate District 41. Bret Bussman beat incumbent Sen Paul Utke for Senate District 5. And Nurse Natalie Barnes beat Sen Eric Pratt for Senate District 54. Both Bishofsky and Lieske won the Party endorsements in districts with no incumbents, but face a primary opponent backed by the Political Establishment.

In the case of Bishofsky, the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) isn't even secretive about their support for the unendorsed primary challenger. They are openly breaking party rules and have received no backlash from Chairman Hann for doing it.

(Mark Bishofsky's primary opponent is pictured above attending the HRCC's mass filing press conference in May, after she lost the Party's endorsement)

Corrupt Chair Hann has also turned his guns on a rural County GOP unit and got caught lying about a Campaign Finance Board investigation. Kittson County Chairwoman Amanda Hughes received a letter from Hann last month stating that the Kittson County GOP was not in compliance with state campaign finance laws and is no longer recognized by the Party.

State statutes do not require an organization to register with the CFB if it does not raise or spend more than $750 in a year. Hughes contacted the CFB and sent a response stating there was no investigation being conducted, a direct contradiction of Hann's statement. See both letters below:


Hann wants to appear a strict enforcer of Party rules, but his enforcement is completely lopsided. He did nothing to correct the issues of delegate roster manipulation by Morrison County GOP. And when Senate District 10's Endorsing Convention was promptly recessed to stop an outsider from winning the Party's endorsement, Hann did nothing to ensure a new convention would take place. That means Senate District 10 is without endorsed candidates for Senate and both house districts.

To make matters worse, the Morrison County GOP decided to donate $8,000 of its funds to the unendorsed Establishment-backed candidate, Ron Kresha. That violates the Party's Constitution. Hann is silent about that one.

The Political Establishment has decided to go to war with the new block of grassroots, conservative activists because they seek to limit the power of government, which threatens the Establishment's power over us. Corrupt Chair David Hann is abusing his position by using the Republican Party of Minnesota to squash the grassroots, conservative candidates against the will of delegates. Activists say he should resign for violating the Republican Party of Minnesota's mission of supporting endorsed candidates.

Members of the Political Establishment have been trying to kick out new activists for years: Ron Paul people in 2012, Trump supporters in 2016 and now the new activists who rose up against COVID tyranny. The Republican Party MUST open its doors to these large, energetic blocks of activists. There are many in the ranks of the Republican Party that have done that. Unfortunately, Corrupt Chair Hann is working against them.

Soldiers Losing Benefits for Refusing to Get Experimental Vaccine

We had a motto at my first MN Army National Guard unit: "to the Last Man!" That came from a historic moment in the Battle of Gettysburg where the Regiment, from Minnesota, told the commanding general his men would hold the line to the last man. As a former Army officer, I feel compelled to carry out the tradition, and hold the line on our freedoms to the last man.

Alpha News reports that 40,000 National Guard soldiers and 22,000 Army Reservists are losing their military benefits and are facing discharge for refusing to get the experimental COVID vaccine. It's a vaccine that experts say does little against the most recent variant of COVID. And like any other drug, there are side effects, some pretty catastrophic like inflammation of the heart - a reason for any young, healthy individual to question getting the shot.

But policymakers at the Pentagon and in the Biden Administration do not care about "my body, my choice." They've gone all in on lining the pockets of Big Pharma. Instead of having the backs of our brave young men and women, they have the backs of the lobbyists and corporate officers running these drug companies.

This absurd policy is being implemented at a time when our country can least afford it. Army recruitment is struggling. Recruitment is so bad that the Army changed its long-standing requirement for a High School diploma in order to widen the pool of potential recruits. Meanwhile, perfectly fit and trained soldiers are going to be dropped because they don't want to take part in the mass experiment.

Luckily, some Republican governors have intervened on behalf of Guardsmen in their states, saying they'll not enforce the policy. But a lot of Guard training is federally funded, including benefits, so the Biden Administration's policy will still have a major impact.

We need to stop this non-sense. These vaccines do nothing to stop the spread of the respiratory disease. Our young, healthy warfighters are not in a high risk category. If we want to be a great country, we MUST stand by our service members, not turn our backs on them. This is just another great example of how the Political Class is not on our side.

Rep. Mortensen Lays Smackdown on RINO Bob Loonan in Debate

Representative Erik Mortensen and Bob Loonan met at a debate for House District 54A sponsored by the Shakopee Chamber and Visitors Bureau on July 12th and it was uploaded online last night. If you are yet to witness the verbal beatdown Loonan took from Mortensen, you can check it out here.

This debate was the epitome of the divide within the Republican party as it featured two figures who embody extremely different wings of the GOP. On one side is Rep Erik Mortensen, a young, firebrand from the pro-liberty side of the GOP. On the other side is recycled politician and liberal voting Republican, Bob Loonan.

Mortensen began the debate by emphasizing the debate with Loonan two years ago where he made promises to his constituents to never grow government, raise taxes, support unconstitutional omnibus bills, and refusing to spend any of our overtaxed surplus dollars. Mortensen then said he has been doing everything he said he would, on the other hand, Bob Loonan has supported big government, raising taxes, voting for thousand page unconstitutional omnibus bills, funding Planned Parenthood, and spending surplus money.

Loonan came out swinging at Mortensen, hoping for a golden moment that never happened. The Republican Establishment is willing to do anything to take out Mortensen, unfortunately for them, they’re up against grassroots conservatives fed up with political BS. Loonan’s campaign is in shambles as he was caught lying on his campaign material, claiming to be the endorsed GOP candidate. The reality is that Loonan has not won an endorsement or election in 6 years. This is partially due to the drunk driving DWI he got in 2018.

However, Mortensen kept the debate focused on policy, while Loonan tried phony lines of attack. Here’s how some of the debate went down on certain topics:


Loonan's basic premise is that Mortensen doesn't work with the politicians at the Capitol. He said Mortensen hasn’t passed a single bill.  Mortensen immediately addressed the objective falsehood, listing off multiple bills he’s passed and explaining he has passed more bills than 90% of the freshman Republicans in the House. Mortensen talks about the projects he has helped with like getting a handicap ramp built and standing up for nurses who were being fired with vaccine mandates. 

Government Growth

Loonan also tried to argue that the government grew more under Mortensen than himself, to which Mortensen replied “Bob saying the government grew under my watch, that’s so funny. Do you think the people are that stupid Bob? I mean I voted against these things.” Loonan then said “Look it up” and Mortensen replied “I don’t have to, I voted against these things, this growth in government, Bob voted for 10% increases in budget, so to say that I’m somehow to blame is absurd because I voted against every single growth in government, Bob voted for 10% increases when he was in office.”

Bob's score on the Action 4 Liberty Scorecard, when he was in office in 2018, was an abysmal 36%. His failing score was mostly attributed to his votes on growing government. Mortensen is a 100% on the Scorecard.

Constitutional Carry

Loonan came out against Constitutional Carry in the Republican debate! He started by saying “not everyone should have a gun.” and continued “I don’t support the Constitutional Carry bill the way it is written right now. Not any person should be able to buy any gun and carry it anywhere. There are people that shouldn’t have guns.” Mortensen replied “Maybe Bob should go out and buy a gun so he knows the process. Constitutional carry law does not change who can buy a gun, and I guess Bob needs a schooling on this, he’s anti Constitutional Carry but he doesn’t understand the law as it's present in 27 states now."

Constitutional Carry is a big issue for gun owners. Seeing Bob come out against it was quite a revelation.

Climate Change

When asked about climate change, Bob Loonan gave a long-winded answer about carbon capture technology while Mortensen simply said “In this Republican primary, I’ve heard nobody out of the thousands of doors we knock expressing concern about climate change. So I’ll take this opportunity to talk about something else.” From there Mortensen began exposing how the political game works and how he was told by legislators/Loonan’s old drinking buddies to do nothing for his entire first term. Mortensen of course did not take that advice, within minutes of being sworn into office, Mort forced a vote to end Walz’ Emergency Powers. 

Final Thought

For any lover of liberty or debates, this is a must see. Loonan resorts to name calling Mortensen supporters as “Mort-pansies” like a bunch of monkeys while Mort remained focused. The Establishment is desperate to take out the only fighter for freedom in the State House because Mortensen is the only Representative who has refused to kowtow to leadership, spend our surplus, wear a mask at the Capitol, vote for unconstitutional bills, or hide the truth from the public. Erik Mortensen has become the standard bearer of the Legislature for patriots across our state and Bob Loonan is a go along to get along type. The voters of Shakopee and District 54A have a very important choice for the future of the GOP, will they support liberty or RINOs? 

Here's the video: 



Surplus Grows by Another $3 Billion, State Keeps Overtaxing Us

The Minnesota Management and Budget released the July Revenue Forecast Report that showed the state overcollected tax money by a whopping $3 Billion more than originally projected. Although the office states the "higher-than-expected revenue" is a result of payments from "Pass-Through-Entities (PTE)." They admit they don't have enough information to estimate how much of it is due to the PTE timing shift, leaving speculation if some of the money will be adjusted at a later date.

There's been a trend for many months of the state overcharging Minnesotans, on top of the fact that the February Forecast Report showed the state already had a record $12 Billion surplus. Republican and Democrat legislators spent about $2 Billion of that surplus money on more government, but it appears that the coffers have been replenished, and then some. Only one legislator, Rep Erik Mortensen, has voted against spending a dime of the surplus. 

If the surplus money is returned, taxpayers would be entitled to $4,000 back. That would go a long way in helping ease the pain of inflation.

Inflation up 9.1%; Politicians Hold Surplus Hostage

The economy has been in shambles under Joe Biden. Between food shortages, rising prices, and jab-or-job mandates, things are not going well. Inflation is up 9.1%, a new high in four decades. Inflation is caused by the government printing money at uncontrollable levels, causing the value of the dollar to deteriorate. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen takes no blame in the destruction she and Biden have caused, despite the economy being her #1 responsibility. 

In Minnesota, our state government is sitting on a massive surplus of our tax dollars that could have been divided up to give each taxpayer $4000. The Legislature has already spent a chunk of it (despite the state government being fully funded for two years), but they keep bringing in records amount of overtaxed revenue. In other words, we are being overtaxed while living expenses are going sky high.

Tim Walz has suggested giving back some of the surplus, but this of course is only to buy votes and save his ass. Walz is desperate and knows his party is on the losing side of this battle.

On the Republican side of things, the Senate wants to do long term tax cuts, funded with the surplus. That means they will hold onto your money in this time of rising prices. The vast majority of them are voting to spend the surplus. Only Rep Erik Mortensen (R-55A) has voted to not spend your surplus money away.

Out of control inflation is hurting our country and state - people are in desperate conditions right now and it is up to Tim Walz and the Legislature to return their money. Families across Minnesota could use their surplus money. GIVE IT BACK!

Cultural Decline in Minnesota? Toddler Attacks Cops

Minnesota has been at the forefront of the discussion on how police and citizens interact. Following George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests and riots that plagued Minneapolis, Minnesota still struggles with the relationship between people and police. 

The negative stereotypes of police officers have been heightened and exaggerated to fit liberal social justice narratives. The radical liberals of Minneapolis assume racism is deeply engrained in the profession. Defund The Police, ACAB, and Black Lives Matter have wedged a culture divide between black people and the police and it appears the children are taking notice.

Children are very impressionable and soak in the information they get from their family, friends, and community. Kids adopt the views of others they respect and many have a blatant disrespect for police. Sometime last week, two police officers in St. Paul were searching for a murder suspect when a child, just a few years old, wearing nothing but his underwear, began swinging fists and cursing out the police officers. The toddler’s behavior is encouraged and continued by older kids and what appears to be an adult in the background. They called one of the black officers an “oreo head a**” and set the example for the toddler to follow. Reports say that the kids even threw rocks in an unfilmed exchange. The police remained calm, respectful, and professional in their business.

This disturbing video may show the cultural decline in Minnesota as the people have been fed false narratives about the police. Most police officers are stand up individuals who want to help people and keep the streets safe. Feeding propaganda to children that says otherwise is setting them up for problems. 

Every problem has its origin and beating around the bush is worsening the problem. There needs to be a bridge of trust between the police and black people to establish peace in Minnesota. This not only can happen, it needs to. Respect to the police officers in the video for keeping their cool and handling the moment like professionals!

Minneapolis in Chaos; Mayor Refuses to Celebrate 4th of July

The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, is a hardcore leftist who bends to the whims of radical socialists. Rising crime, violence, and taxes have run Minneapolis into the ground, yet Jacob Frey is more concerned with social justice issues than the real issues affecting the people. From Black Lives Matter to muslim refugees, Frey has been a tool of the radical left. This year, he has taken an even more Un-American turn. 

Unlike our OWN Independence Day this year, Frey was happy to celebrate and encourage the Somali Independence Day. On July 1st, Jacob Frey sent out a tweet about this and ended by saying “Somalia ha noolaato!” which means “Long live Somalia”. See the tweet for yourself.

Following this remark, Frey was silent on the 4th of July! The day in which our country declared Independence from a tyrannical king is somehow less important than Somalia. I guess Jacob Frey hates to recognize the greatness of our country and our natural freedoms. How much do you have to hate our country to not even recognize our freedom and independence?

We’ve all been watching the violence and horrific videos of what took place in Minneapolis on the 4th of July. Frey was ready to gaslight and tweet again on July 5th about it, but of course this will do nothing to solve the problem. Frey has allowed Minneapolis to burn to the ground and does the bidding of those who hate our country. 

Double Boosted Keith Ellison Gets COVID Again

Double boosted Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, got COVID for a second time. At the beginning of the rollout of the COVID vaccines, public officials told us that the vaccines would create immunity to the virus. In the rare case that someone got COVID while being vaccinated, we were told those were called "breakthrough" cases. However, in Minnesota all statewide elected Democrats have had COVID despite their very public vaccination status. Ellison is the first to have encountered two "breakthrough" cases of the bunch.

Like all other Democrat politicians who got COVID, Ellison used Twitter to spew propaganda about how his boosted status lessened the severity of his case.