Jane Moss on Fox & Friends - Won't Follow Illegal Orders

Jane Moss, the owner of the Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks, joined Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the movement in Minnesota to open up in defiance of Governor Walz' illegal and unconstitutional orders. Over 150 businesses plan to open up by the end of the week as part of the ReOpen MN Coalition. News broke last night that Walz would continue his illegal shutdown of bars & restaurants through the holiday season.

Currently, Jane is being sued by Attorney General Keith Ellison and had a restraining order placed on her by a Walz' appointed judge. There's even a looming threat of arrests for Jane. But she vows to stand up to Governor Walz despite the threats.

A legal defense fund has been set up for Jane to help with costs. Click here to support her.

List of Businesses Opening Up Across Minnesota

Here's the list of businesses who are already open or will be open by this Friday as part of the ReOpen MN Coalition and are willing to have their names public. If you don't see your favorite bar or restaurant on the list, call them up and ask if they are joining the effort to open up in defiance of Governor Walz' illegal order.

Republicans and Democrats Pass Walz' Shutdown Bailout Bill

On Monday, the Republican controlled Senate and Democrat House both passed the Governor Walz' Shutdown Bailout bill (SF31). The bill uses taxpayer money to give small businesses impacted by the illegal shutdown temporary relief, which won't make up for the complete loss of revenues due to Walz' orders. It also expands unemployment benefits for workers affected by the shutdown, making more Minnesotans dependent on government paychecks instead of ones from their actual jobs. 

Only four senators voted against the bill in the Senate: Bruce Anderson, Jeff Howe, Scott Jensen & Andrew Mathews. The House vote had more opposition:

Before voting for the bailout bill, the Minnesota Senate passed the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution with six Democrats voting with them: Bakk, Even, Hoffman, Simonson, Sparks & Tomassoni.

The Minnesota House passed the massive Walz' Shutdown Bailout bill first, then Republicans had to force a vote on the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution. It failed on a 62-63 vote. Rep Rob Ecklund, one of our targets, finally flipped his vote.


Walz Tries Shutting Down Indoor Gun Range - Owner Defies His Illegal Order

Governor Walz and the Attorney General's office are going after an indoor gun range in Cloquet, MN for remaining open in defiance of the Governor's recent illegal executive order. Chad Walsh and his wife, Laura, own Dead On Arms which provides law abiding gun owners a place to train their self defense skills; an important part of exercising our 2nd Amendment rights. However, Walsh has been harassed by the state and sheriff's department for remaining open, pointing to the closure of "indoor sports facilities" in Walz' orders as the basis of the complaint.

Chad not only believes the orders are illegal, he says they go against an important state statute that protects the rights of gun owners during state emergencies. MN Statute 624.7192 states that no government official may "prohibit, regulate, or curtail the otherwise lawful possession, carrying, transportation, transfer, defensive use, or other lawful use" of firearms, ammunition or components of those items.

As the chief legal officer in the state, it's a shame that Attorney General Keith Ellison is ignoring our state's rule of law and Constitution. Governors cannot create laws unilaterally, especially ones that infringe on protected rights. This matter is particularly important to Chad because he also serves as police officer with the Moose Lake Police Department. When he makes arrests or cites individuals, he has a state statute behind the enforcement. But in the case of Walz' illegal shutdown, there's no law that has passed and is therefore unenforceable.

We asked Chad what he plans to do and he stated he'll fight this one to the end. Jail and fines do not deter him from doing what's right. If we allow Walz to chip away at our gun rights, we will lose far more down the road. We stand with you, Chad!

Larvita Joins Harris Faulkner on Fox News

Larvita McFarquhar continues to get national attention for her heroic stance against Governor Walz' illegal and unconstitutional shutdown of Minnesota. Here's her newest media appearance with Harris Faulkner of Fox News:


Government bullies have stripped Larivita of her food license, threatened her with jail time and are looking to arrest her for operating a legal business. But she WON'T BACK DOWN!

This courageous act of defiance is already spreading to other areas of the state. We met with another patriot named Jane who plans to open her Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks on Wednesday. Jane saw the ridiculousness of Walz' illegal orders that allow big box stores to be open. She told me that across the border in North Dakota, businesses is booming. And it's killing East Grand Forks.

Of course, these illegal executive orders aren't only happening in Minnesota. We're learning about business owners rising up in other parts of the country against tyrannical, unilateral Governor decrees. 

Join Action 4 Liberty's effort to End Emergency Powers in Minnesota. Once this state rejects it, the dominoes will fall everywhere else.



Larvita on Fox & Friends Again - Refuses to Obey Walz' Illegal Orders

Larvita McFarquhar, the small business owner from Lynd, MN who REFUSED to comply with Governor Walz' illegal orders, was on Fox & Friends again this morning.


Government bullies have stripped Larivita of her food license, threatened her with jail time and are looking to arrest her for operating a legal business. But she WON'T BACK DOWN!

This courageous act of defiance is already spreading to other areas of the state. We met with another patriot named Jane who plans to open her Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks on Wednesday. Jane saw the ridiculousness of Walz' illegal orders that allow big box stores to be open. She told me that across the border in North Dakota, businesses is booming. And it's killing East Grand Forks.

I know what Jane means. Last night I took a trip over to Hudson, WI to feel normal again but couldn't get a table anywhere. There were three hour wait times and a sea of Minnesota license plates. Are you kidding me?!

Walz is a destroyer of jobs and businesses. And it's time this nonsense ends. So we stand with Larvita, Jane and all other businesses who will defy Governor Walz. Will you?



Government is Lying to You - There's No Budget Deficit

Another economic forecast was released today by the state economist. Instead of showing a massive budget shortfall, like was projected back in May, the government is now predicting a $641 Billion budget surplus for the fiscal year ending in June. Of course, in our opinion, that money was overtaxed and should go right back into the hands of our overburdened taxpayers. 

Interestingly, the forecast also says there will be a budget deficit for the upcoming biennium. The media and politicians were quick to get their messaging out to the masses, but few actually look at the numbers. When the government creates forecasts, they assume spending will grow in the next biennium. In the case of today's report, they calculated a 7.3% increase in spending. The current budget totals $47.6 Billion and they used spending for the upcoming budget of $51.1 Billion. 

But no budget has been enacted yet. That's the role of the Legislature and Governor at the beginning of odd number years: to determine the upcoming biennial budget. If you crunch the numbers with current spending, we actually have a $2.9 Billion budget surplus. On top of that, they are holding onto $1.9 Billion in a Reserve account for future political spending.

Why is this important? The Democrats will argue that we must raise taxes on Minnesotans to balance the budget, therefore locking in a 7.3% increase in state spending. RINOs will argue that we should cut spending by the budget deficit amount, then act as if they are actually cutting spending. They're not. Ever heard the phrase: cut the growth of spending?

Politicians are growing spending by a lot, then coming back and telling us we're short the funds! What a bunch of frauds!

Meanwhile, Minnesota taxpayers are not getting the same level of service from government during COVID. So we should be receiving money back from the government since they keep taking it from us. Especially those in the hospitality and fitness industries. Demand they Give it Back!


Gym Owner & Iraq War Vet Defies Governor; Keeps Gym Open

Another courageous business owner has emerged on the scene in defiance of Governor Walz' illegal orders that have shut down gyms, restaurants, bars and prohibits people from having family and friends in their homes. We first reported how Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen sent a letter to the Governor and Attorney General Keith Ellison stating he was going to have friends over for a backyard party and not comply with his unconstitutional mandate. Then we told the story of Larvita from Lynd, MN who successfully defied the Governor on Friday night by hosting a music event in her restaurant Havens Garden.

We've learned about several other business owners who are planning to disobey Walz' illegal order, but the one that immediately stood out is Brandon Reiter and his gym in Plainview, MN. Brandon is an Iraq war veteran who served with the Minnesota Army National Guard overseas. Something that the deployment-dodging Governor Tim Walz was not willing to do in 2005. 

Brandon bravely served our country in a combat zone in a country once ruled by someone who created unilateral laws. Sound familiar? So when he heard the Governor was following the same path of governance as dictators around the world, ignoring the rule of law and the Constitution he took an oath to defend, he decided to disobey Tim Walz and open his gym anyway.

Like Larvita, the Attorney General's office targeted and threatened Brandon with legal repercussions. But Brandon has not backed down. He built his business from scratch. As Wal-Mart's parking lots are full of vehicles for Christmas shopping, so too can his gym be open to help his customers' physical and mental health. 

Brandon Reiter inside his gym, Plainview Wellness Center (Photo courtesy: Post Bulletin)

We owe a debt of gratitude to Brandon for his service to our country. And more important, we MUST have his back when it comes to the tyranny of this Governor and the weaponized Attorney General's office.



Larvita on Fox & Friends

Larvita McFarquhar, the small business owner from Lynd, MN who REFUSED to comply with Governor Walz' illegal orders, was on Fox & Friends today.

Larvita opened up her business last night in defiance of Tyrant Walz and in the face of threats of imprisonment from Attorney General Keith Ellison. 

Action 4 Liberty's team were on the phones this week calling patriots in the area to rally behind Larvita. Thank you to everyone who made the trip down to Lynd, MN to show your support. Larvita could not be more thankful for your commitment to expanding liberty. 

At this point, Walz and Ellison's threats appear to be a bluff. No law enforcement resources came to Havens Garden last night and the AG's office did not get an injunction against her. 

Larvita's courageous act is powerful and will spread like brushfires of freedom in this state...and country. 

Now we've learned another heroic story is emerging on the other side of the state. Iraq war veteran and small business owner, Brandon Reiter, is opening his gym in Plainview, MN in defiance of Tyrant Walz too!

Brandon proudly served his country overseas and took his oath of office seriously. He refuses to let the Governor's illegal orders ruin the business he created. Business owners like Brandon can open up in a safe and reasonable way. 

It's time governement gets out of our way. It time our politicians take their oaths seriously. Demand they END these Illegal Emergency Powers NOW!



A Look Into Governor Walz' Two Minnesotas

It's quite evident, that when Governor Walz talks about his vision of "One Minnesota", he's lying to us. We now know that his rubber stamp chief legal officer, Attorney General Keith Ellison, treat violators of Walz' new Executive Order differently. There's one treatment for those who are in the political class. And another one for us in the private sector. 

Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen has garnered a lot of attention in the last couple days about his public defiance of Governor Walz' illegal order. Mort plans on throwing a backyard party on Wednesday night at his home in Shakopee. Walz' recent order prohibits anyone from outside a person's home to social gather with them. But Mort doesn't care that Walz' thinks he has this power; he stands by freedom and the Constitution.

According to Executive Order 20-99, Mort's defiance could result in a fine of $1,000 or up to 90 days in jail. And he fully understood this when he sent an invitation to his party to both Keith Ellison and Governor Walz. 

Meanwhile, down in the small town of Lynd, MN a single mom and small business owner named Larvita is also openly defying the Governor's illegal orders. She owns and operates a gymnastics studio and small restaurant. Walz' order puts her out of business, without any stream of revenue to feed her children. So she told her customers she has no intention to obey Governor Walz' unconstitutional dictate.

Here's where the story gets interesting. Both Mort and Larvita are breaking the same Executive Order and face the same penalties according to the document. However, Mort, being a newly elected member of the legislature, received no threats from the Attorney General. Meanwhile, Ellison is threatening massive fines and a year in prison for Larvita. That's a tale of Two Minnesotas.

Here are the letters from the AG.

Mort didn't ask for special treatment from the Attorney General, nor does he want it. In a video he released this afternoon, he calls on Governor Walz and AG Ellison to treat everyone equally. Or better yet, end their illegal, unconstitutional lockdown. Both letters have not deterred Mort or Larvita from their defiant acts this week. Larvita's business, Havens Garden, will open up on Friday for music night.


Show Larvita your support by signing the Petition.

Justice For Larvita