Facebook BANS Popular MN Medical Freedom Group - Over 50k Members

On the Eve of Christmas, Facebook disabled a popular Medical Freedom group called "Rally for V Choice MN" because, according to the company's message to the group, it "goes against [Facebook's] Community Standards on drugs". Rally for V Choice was started by a group of nurses who wanted to promote medical freedom in the face of vaccine mandates and misinformation by the corporate media and medical bureaucracy.

The group was extremely popular from the onset. It quickly ballooned to a size of over 50,000 members who were actively engaged in dialogue about medical freedom. Samantha Schwartz, one of the founders of the group, ended up leading a statewide "Stop the Mandate" sign distribution program. Her leadership of the group and sign program was noticed by the team at Action 4 Liberty, which presented her with the Activist of the Year Award at the December 8th Christmas Event.

According to the Admin of the group, Facebook has constantly been flagging comments of posts, labeling them "misinformation" that goes against their "Community Standards". Managing the comments of 50,000 members is a near impossible task. And most likely what violated Facebook's Community Standards, was in reality, actual news and facts that counter the misinformation from the mainstream COVID narrative.

Facebook is once against silencing speech of political groups. In October, Facebook unpublished Action 4 Liberty's Facebook page.

Mask Wearing, Fully Vaccinated Governor Walz Tests Positive for COVID

Fully Vaccinated Governor Walz told the media today that he tested positive for COVID-19. Despite mask wearing and recently receiving the booster shot, Walz still contracted the virus. In October, Walz was joined by former Governor Tim Pawlenty in a media stunt showing them both getting their booster shots. 

"I encourage every Minnesotan to get tested before the holidays, and to roll up their sleeves and get their vaccine and their booster to ensure they, too, have strong protection against COVID-19," stated Walz. For those paying attention, Walz has abandoned his talking point earlier this year on "get the vaccine to stop the spread".

Back in July, prior to the Minnesota State Fair, Walz was urging Minnesotans to get vaccinated to limit the spread of COVID. Now the Governor is selling the vaccines as a way to protect one's self from getting really sick. Although data suggests, that hospitalizations are growing amongst the vaccinated.

Mortensen Bill Would Make Ivermectin an Over-the-Counter Drug

Rep Erik Mortensen has drafted a bill that will make Ivermectin available to you by becoming an over-the-counter drug. It's safe, cheap to make and appears to be effective at treating early symptoms of COVID. But the medical bureaucracy and media is doing everything they can to keep it out of your hands.

In fact, if you can find a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin to you, pharmacies across Minnesota won't fill those prescriptions. The corporate media continues to spread misinformation about the drug that has been administered to humans over a billion times.

Here's popular podcast host Joe Rogan confronting CNN's Chief Medical officer about their lie that he took "horse dewormer" medicine.

Mortensen's bill comes from language written by Citizens Council for Health Freedom, a pro-liberty group on the frontlines of health freedom in Minnesota. Here's the draft language:

We need this legislation to pass when the legislature reconvenes on January 31st of 2022. You can learn more about Rep Erik Mortensen by visiting mortforhouse.com

Andersen Windows Coercing Employees to Get Jab By Withholding Profit Sharing

Andersen Windows (Bayport, MN) is trying to coerce its employee into getting the experimental vaccines by withholding profit sharing for those who aren't willing to get the jab. "Eligible employees" are entitled to $4,000 of profit sharing, paid in quarterly installments in 2022. The company employs 11,000 workers, according to an article by Yahoo! News

New hires at Andersen are also required to be "fully vaccinated" as of December 4th, 2021. Andersen's policy seems contrary to data we now know about the vaccines. The vaccines do not stop the spread of COVID, which one would assume is the basis of Andersen's policy. For the first 6 months, the vaccines may offer some bit of protection against hospitalization, but there are several alternative treatments that are safer and as effective. Meanwhile, the long term impact of the vaccines are unknown.

Many workers we've talked to who face similar coercion at work point to the liability of vaccine injuries as a major concern. Under the Emergency Use Authorization, the pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability. So if an employer uses coercion, it's not clear that the employer can be held liable in court. According to VAERS data, more than 20,000 vaccine caused deaths and over 100,000 serious injuries have been reported.

For those who want to see Andersen Windows change its policy, you can contact them here.


Dr. Neil Shah Dominates in GOP Debate; Gazelka Comes in Last

Dr. Neil Shah, an outsider and newcomer to the political arena, dominated in the heavily publicized debate hosted by the Freedom Club, Minnesota Family Council and Alpha News. Shah came across as a fighter when he attacked the liberal record of former Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka. All other candidates on the stage failed to spar like Shah, which is likely why the Straw Poll taken at the end showed Shah as a massive winner.

Dr. Shah won by a huge margin, taking 48.5% of the votes. Coming in a distant second was Michelle Benson at 15%. Establishment candidate Paul Gazelka came in dead last with only 10.2% of the vote.

Another candidate, Dr. Scott Jensen, recognized Shah's performance in an Alpha News interview following the debate. "Hats off to Dr. Neil Shah...well spoken, charming personality, and a true wit, i think Neil was truly the dominant voice on the stage" stated Jensen. 

The Shah campaign, which can be found by visiting ElectNeil.com, released the following video of some of his responses:

Alpha News also tweeted out a video clip of Dr. Neil Shah's stance on the 2nd Amendment, which included him mentioning how he regularly carries a "Glock 43, with a plus 2 base plate" and that he believes ".300 blackout is the best round out of an AR." 

Patriots Come Together to Support Lisa Hanson's Family After Storm

Patriots from across the state came down to the Albert Lea area on Saturday to help Vern and Lisa Hanson recover from damage caused by the big wind storms. Lisa Hanson is currently sitting in jail for opening up her business against the unilateral orders of Governor Tim Walz. She is grandma, mother and business owner who will be spending time behind bars instead of with family for Christmas.

Organized on short noticed by activist Keith Haskell, more than 50 people showed up to help the Hanson family. Even State Representative Erik Mortensen from Shakopee, made the trip down to lend a hand. Keith had planned two days of help, but the amount of people that showed up, had such an impact that the majority of work was finished by Saturday evening.

Some showed up with chainsaws, others showed up cooking hotdogs. We, at Action 4 Liberty, chipped in to buy lunch everyone who participated. This event shows that a community of patriots in Minnesota will take care of our own in challenging times. Lisa Hanson is a hero and a true patriot - she should be free and at home with family right now, not sitting in jail. 

We spoke to Vern Hanson this evening. "I'm amazed by the overwhelming support, of not just the people that came out, but the amount of people who have supported financially" said Vern. "I've got calls from people across the country. I even got a call from a gal in San Antonio who offered support."

Judge Sentences Grandma for Not Obeying Governor Walz' Illegal Executive Orders

Lisa Hanson made headlines one year ago when she defied Governor Walz' Executive Order. In late November, Walz unilaterally determined to shut down small businesses for the second time. Pointing to Chapter 12 Emergency Powers, Walz essentially eradicated the Constitutional framework of the state government and started issuing Executive Orders like they were laws. And last night, a judge and jury sided with Walz' belief that one person can unilaterally create laws in Minnesota - they found Lisa Hanson guilty of six misdemeanor charges.

Citing concerns for public safety, Judge Joseph Bueltel threw the book at Mrs. Hanson. "You wanted to make money over the interest of public safety," stated Bueltel. "You don't recognize the law. You don't think you're subject to the law." Bueltel gave Hanson 90 days in jail.

But what laws did Lisa break? The Minnesota Constitution only gives the Legislative branch the power to create laws and in Article III, expressly states that "the powers of government shall be divided into three distinct departments: legislative, executive and judicial. No person or persons belonging to or constituting one of these departments shall exercise any of the powers properly belonging to either of the others."

(Photo courtesy of Kare11)

Why throw the book at Lisa Hanson, who is a mother, grandma, and a business owner in the community with no criminal background? In fact, all Hanson did was open her business. The violators of Walz' illegal Executive Orders were all of us who went to businesses like Lisa's to feel normal again and help out our beloved small business owners make ends meet.

In Iowa, just 20 minutes south of Lisa's Interchange Wine & Bistro, business were wide open, serving countless Minnesotans who made the small trek to gather with friends. Iowa fared the exact same as Minnesota during the second COVID wave, suggesting that Walz' illegal shutdown orders had nothing to do with "public safety".

Lisa will surely be vilified by the bought-and-paid-for corporate media though. They're still dishing out the propaganda of "shutdowns save lives". Although, Governor Walz himself recently admitted they didn't save a single life.

The COVID Cult must be rejoicing that Public Enemy Number 1, a small business owner, and grandma, is now sitting behind bars for the dangerous and illegal act of serving her community. This is the America that the Radical Left desires: Do as we say or else. Screw your freedoms! 

Action 4 Liberty appreciates the heroic leadership of Lisa Hanson. She knew she was facing possible jail time by a society who has forgotten its Constitutional roots, but she took a stance anyway. For that reason, Lisa Hanson won one of our Top Activist Awards at our Christmas Event on Wednesday. We look forward to presenting it to her in person soon.

Minnesota Gov’t Overtaxed Us By $10 Billion - Give it Back

As we’re closing out 2021, a year of massive government expansion and restrictions on our rights, we learn that the state government has overtaxed us by over $10 Billion according to the Economic Forecast released today. And as expected, Governor Tim Walz is celebrating as he rolls out his plan to spend the surplus funds on more wasteful government projects. 

Budgets are set by politicians in St Paul to determine the amount of revenue the state will collect from you and how they will spend it. It is designed to be balanced so that our citizens are not overtaxed. The amount collected SHOULD be the amount spent, otherwise they are illegitimately holding onto our money. Our taxes exceeded what our government spent so our state is wrongfully taking possession of YOUR hard earned dollars.

The budget surplus is reported by many to be $7.7 Billion but the liberal media and others HIDE the budget reserve funds/rainy day funds which totals nearly $2.5B. A rainy day fund is a fine concept for a fiscally conservative family but it is NOT to be used by a bloated and heavy-handed government. Our money will only be wasted if we do not fight to get it back. The state has already determined the budget so they have no need for extra money to be sitting around. We do not want more government programs and spending. We want our money back!

If we eliminate the Budget Reserves, the surplus tops $10 Billion:

A surplus by the government is a deficit on the taxpayer. If you were overcharged on an item while shopping, say an item has the wrong barcode, the store would refund you the wrongfully collected money. The logic should follow with this $10B surplus, but we all know it won’t be easy taking our money back from the Minnesota swamp creatures.

Action 4 Liberty is calling for every penny of the $10B to be returned to the people. Minnesota is one of the worst taxed states in the country and that severely hurts the private sector. Many are struggling with unemployment due to vaccine mandates and could use this money to pick themselves back up. With 2.5 Million taxpayers in the state, the government has over $4,000 per taxpayer's money. Putting money back in the hands of common people in our state will do much more than the government ever could do for us.





Vaccinated Man Brings Omicron Variant to Minnesota

Don your biohazard suit and hide away in your basement for the holidays, because the Omicron variant is in Minnesota. Governor Walz' Dept of Health confirmed today that a vaccinated man tested positive for the new variant the media is hyping up in their new scare campaign. That individual had mild symptoms, which at this point, seems to be commonplace amongst the people with the variant. But trust the media, you should probably still be scared!

The Minnesota Dept of Health stated in a press release this morning, "the person with the Omicron variant is an adult male, is a resident of Hennepin County, and had been vaccinated. The person developed mild symptoms on Nov. 22 and sought COVID-19 testing on Nov. 24."

A statement from Governor Walz read, “this news is concerning, but it is not a surprise. We know that this virus is highly infectious and moves quickly throughout the world. Minnesotans know what to do to keep each other safe now — get the vaccine, get tested, wear a mask indoors, and get a booster. Together, we can fight this virus and help keep Minnesotans safe.”

Sure Walz, get vaccinated to stop the spread of the Omicron variant. That makes a lot of sense considering 100% of the confirmed Omicron cases in Minnesota is amongst the vaccinated. By the way, the vaccine didn't stop Walz' Lt Governor running mate from getting COVID last month. 

If the power hungry political class led by Tim Walz try using this new variant to shut down our state again, Action 4 Liberty will spring to action to cause political pain for all politicians who enable it. Let's continue living in a free country!

Gazelka Says Senate GOP Wants to Stop Vaccine Mandates; Then Show Us!

In an interview with Kyle Hooten of Alpha News, former Senate Majority Leader and now candidate for Governor, Paul Gazelka, addressed why Senate Republicans and Governor Walz have not agreed to a Special Session. According to Gazelka, Senate Republicans were appealing to the Governor to peel back government and private mandates on workers. "[Senate Republicans] wanted to provide more options for people who are being forced to be vaccinated, through their work or the government" said Gazelka.

This is in stark contrast to what Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller stated in his letter to the Governor last week. Senate Republicans are refusing to push healthcare freedom for ALL workers. Instead, they narrowed their focus to the government mandate on state employees only. This is a big sell out since people all across the state are currently being terminated from their jobs for refusing to get the jab. 

So why is Gazelka saying that Republicans are demanding more? He's essentially stating a demand for the tenets of the Stop Vaccine Mandate Amendment, which protects the health freedom of all Minnesotans. But that hasn't manifested into any public demand from the Senate Republican Caucus. 

Here's the video of Gazelka's statement:

Here's the recent letter from Senate Republicans to the Governor that does not do what Gazelka stated in the video: