Facebook Unpublished and Banned Action 4 Liberty Page

The Facebook Authoritarians unpublished and banned our popular Action 4 Liberty page this afternoon, citing a violation against their Communist Standards on "graphic violence" - despite not providing details of the alleged violation. There were only two posts submitted today. One was a meme of Bill Murray saying "So, if we lie to the government, it's a felony. If they lie to us, it's politics" and an article from the Daily Caller entitled "Vaccine Mandate Enforcement Threatens To Create A Second Economic Crisis". 

Action 4 Liberty posts a lot about fighting against vaccine mandates, which Facebook recently announced it would crack down on. In August, one of our Stop Vaccine Mandates ads was taken down by Facebook that had the potential of reaching one million Minnesotans.

Over the last couple years, we've spent over $50,000 in ads on Facebook to alert voters about important political issues at the Capitol or in their communities. This ban, which likely could be permanent, will interfere with our supporters ability to hear an alternative to the mainstream, COVID narrative. We suspect that's the motivation behind the move.

No one will stop us from doing what we do though. Whether it's the State Fair taking down our "King Walz" sign or a bunch of woke, tech authoritarians in Silicon Valley, Action 4 Liberty will continue leading this fight to protect your liberty. Our field team is out doorknocking right now to Stop Vaccine Mandates in Minnesota. They knocked on nearly 800 doors today. Our team also makes thousands of calls a day to voters throughout the state.

The mission continues!

Movement Against Walz-Biden Mandates Grows

Walls are closing in on Tim Walz and Joe Biden. Their tyrannical vaccine mandates are growing in unpopularity and are leading to a potentially huge crisis. Even the state's largest public sector union, a huge backer of Democrat politicians, has come out against the vaccine mandates.

In a letter to the Minnesota Senate, AFSME wrote "AFSCME Council 5 does not support a vaccine mandate [...] we understand some people have personal, medical or religious reasons which factor into their individual decision and their decisions should be respected."

As chants of "F Joe Biden" spread across stadiums around the country, a recent poll shows Joe Biden's job approval rating dropping to 38%, a low for the first term president. Walz' own approval ratings seem to follow the same course. A recent Star Tribune poll found that Walz' approval rating fell below 50% as well.

Americans are growingly becoming concerned about the issues with worker shortages, especially as it relates to the health care industry. Vaccine mandates stand to eliminate some of the most critical jobs at the worst time. On top of that, rising prices at the gas pump and grocery store, make the Biden/Walz/Democrat agenda appear to be a failure.

This Tim Walz tweet from January didn't appear to age well

Action 4 Liberty is fighting for your health freedom against tyrannical vaccine mandates. Join our effort by signing the Stop Vaccine Mandates petition today!


Dirty Trick by Scott Jensen on Vaccine Mandates

Politicians care about one thing: getting elected. And of course, once that happens, their focus is re-election and election to higher office. You and I know that they will do and say anything to get elected.

So in order to get re-elected, politicians avoid taking controversial positions since those issues are likely to anger a faction of the electorate - even though those positions might help you by protecting your freedom.

It's our job to make sure politicians protect our freedom even if it's controversial, otherwise we will wake up in a country we no longer recognize.

But when you force them to take action, that’s when the dirty tricks are played.

You see, over a month ago, we teamed up with Rep Erik Mortensen and a bunch of healthcare workers to craft the Stop Vaccine Mandates legislationwhich will be used as an amendment on the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill during the upcoming Special Session.

We created a pledge so politicians, starting with Republicans (who are supposed to be on our side for freedom) could sign and show that they support stopping vaccine mandates.

But they all refused, hoping we wouldn’t turn up the heat. 

Then Joe Biden doubled down and illegally used the federal government to mandate vaccines. That made Rep Mortensen’s Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment even more important, since it nullifies Biden’s orders.

Our team started hitting the phones a couple weeks ago, thanks to your support, and we’ve contacted tens of thousands of voters across Minnesota about this important issue.

So politicians started scrambling, trying to figure out what to do to respond to this growing movement demanding action.

Instead of locking arms with healthcare workers to save their jobs with the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment; they instead decided to run a cover bill that doesn't even do what it claims.

And they found a surprising ally to write their bill in an attempt to derail our movement: Dr Scott Jensen.

You heard that right, Jensen teamed up with politicians in St Paul to distract people’s attention from our critical piece of legislation we’ve been pushing for the last month for the upcoming Special Session.

They are trying to undermine the work and money you put into DEMANDING your legislators pass the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment.

Of course, Jensen copied a lot of what Mortensen’s bill already had in it, but stopped short of actually nullifying Biden’s illegal orders. 

Rep. Mortensen explains it here:



What Jensen and politicians in St Paul are doing is giving voters the impression that they are going to do something about the issue.

They will all say now that they won't sign the pledge because they are supporting the "Health Freedom Sanctuary State" bill written by Scott Jensen. But just crafting legislation isn't enough - we must DEMAND action.

That's why Rep Mortensen's Amendment and our pledge is key. Politicians have to take the hard position of not voting for their beloved $250 Million bill unless it has the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment attached to it.

And we just learned that politicians in St Paul are close to an agreement on the $250 Million bill. The Special Session is right around the corner!

Jensen's gang of Career Politicians in St Paul will tout they have an incredible bill, then will let it die, pass the $250 Million spending bill, blame everything on Democrats, then tell you to vote for them in November of 2022.

Ever seen this trick before? I sure have. Don't let them get away with it!!!

We would've loved to have Jensen join our efforts, but it appears he valued a quick political win and helping out his politician buddies more than winning this important issue.

Even worse, he wrote the bill and had RINO legislators like Jim Abeler author it, someone who has refused to sign the Stop Vaccine Mandates pledge. Abeler even admitted his close friendship with Dept of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm, the person behind the attacks on our beloved small businesses. Abeler is the reason Malcolm was never fired!



Some of you probably already knew Jensen was a RINO politician who refuses to sign the Never Again Pledge, has a terrible 23% lifetime rating on our Scorecard, and refused to make a motion on the End Walz' Emergency Powers resolution during the May 2020 lockdown.

But others are probably upset to hear about this. After all, Jensen talks a good game about COVID. But he is a politician and remember the first part of this email...

Politicians care about one thing: getting elected.

That's the sad reality of politics. But we refuse to quit or allow this issue to be derailed by politicians. 

You and I have been here before with politicians playing games. 

Politicians tried to derail us for over a year on the effort to End Walz' Emergency Powers. From the Republicans not allowing votes, to Democrats flip flopping once their vote actually counted, to leadership jumping the line to block Mortensen's resolutions.

But we WON in the end because they can't stop 'We The People'.

This battle is no different. 

We MUST DEMAND that our state representatives and state senators do not agree to pass the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill unless it includes the Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendmentwith it.

This is the best shot we have at NULLIFYING BIDEN'S ORDERS!!!

Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment would make Biden's order unenforceable in Minnesota. We MUST get this passed!


Just as we were able to win on ending the emergency in June (otherwise we'd have a lockdown and mask mandates now), we have to let our legislators know we will accept nothing less than the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment.

And if you see Scott Jensen on the campaign trail, tell him to apologize for choosing to help a bunch of career politicians instead of joining you and the masses of healthcare workers, activists and voters who are trying to pass the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment!

Make sure to visit action4liberty.com every day as we keep you updated on this battle. 

Minnesota Courts FINALLY Recognize Separation of Powers

Yesterday – for the first time in over a year – A Minnesota judge shut down an attempt to reenact Governor Walz’ peacetime emergency, citing a “separation of powers”.

In his late-night Tuesday ruling, Ramsey County District Court Judge Thomas Gilligan denied left-wing activists their request to implement a new statewide mask mandate. He wrote that “… the judiciary cannot order a co-equal branch of government to exercise its discretionary, political judgement to implement a specific education policy.”

It’s good to know that Judge Gilligan recognizes a separation of powers, because Governor Walz sure doesn’t. He just got off an eighteen month-long power trip, creating law out of thin air!

Of course, these judges did nothing to defend the system of checks and balances enshrined in the Minnesota Constitution back then. We cannot expect them to defend us when Walz implements mandatory vaccinations for all Minnesotans!

It’s time you and I demand our legislators stand up for our liberties.

Luckily, our team has a plan to stop vaccine mandates in Minnesota, but we cannot do it without your help!

Step 1 - Unify all Republicans in the Minnesota House and Senate on not passing the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay Bill unless it has Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment attached to it. We must get the Party of freedom on board first. They should ALL sign the pledge.

Step 2 - Create overwhelming political pressure on Walz and vulnerable Democrats to sign on and pass the legislation. We just did that in June to End Walz' Emergency Powers!

Call AND Email your legislators immediately! Tell them to pledge their support to protecting medical freedom in Minnesota.

Two Steps to Stop Biden & Walz' Mandates

Our team is working around the clock to Stop Vaccine Mandates in Minnesota. To be brief, here are the two steps on how we can stop Biden and Walz' mandates in Minnesota:

Step 1 - Unify all Republicans in the Minnesota House and Senate on not passing the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay Bill unless it has Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment attached to it. We must get the Party of freedom on board first. They should ALL sign the pledge.

Step 2 - Create overwhelming political pressure on Walz and vulnerable Democrats to sign on and pass the legislation. We just did that in June to End Walz' Emergency Powers!

This plan would nullify Biden's executive orders in Minnesota! Please call or email your legislator immediately. It makes a difference! Can we count on you?


Here's How to Stop Joe Biden's Vaccine Orders in Minnesota

Joe Biden and Tim Walz have gone too far. These tyrants have messed with one of the most sacred individual freedoms we have - health freedom.

Politicians, on both sides of the aisle, are not doing anything about the massive assault on our freedoms since the beginning of COVID. 

We seem to have two sides. The COVID cultists on the left who believe everything their saint, Anthony Fauci, says. Including wearing multiple masks. 

On the other side, we have weak-kneed Republicans who think you and I are too extreme and unreasonable. They'd prefer to keep the status quo because all they care about is their re-election.

Both sides are leading us to the destruction of America. We REFUSE to sit idly by!

Luckily, we have at least one legislator at the Capitol willing to solve this problem NOW. Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment would nullify Joe Biden's orders in our state.


Governor Walz is supposed to call the legislature for a Special Session this month. They plan on a very short, one-day session to pass a $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill to give bonuses to healthcare workers and others for their work in 2020.

At the same time, those frontline workers are about to lose their job because they don't want to take an experimental vaccine. That's not right.

We MUST tie these two things together. DEMAND that your state representative and state senator do not agree to sign the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill unless it includes the Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment with it.

This is the one shot we have at NULLIFYING BIDEN'S ORDERS!!!

Rep Erik Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment would make Biden's order unenforceable in Minnesota. We MUST get this passed!

Politicians fear masses of people who demand action on a specific item. They know if they fail the masses, they won't likely get re-elected. That's why you have power.

Demand that your state representative and state senator pledges to you that they will not vote for the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill unless it has the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment attached to it.




If you have a Republican representative or senator, they will likely tell you this isn't possible because Democrats won't vote for it. But that's B.S.! We were able to End Walz' Emergency Powers in June despite a Democrat Majority in the House and Walz in the Governor's mansion. 

Politicians MUST do what you ask of them when you stay focused on the action. There's only one way we can End Biden and Walz' vaccine mandates right now, and it's by passing the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment in the Special Session.

Senator Benson Won't Sign Stop Vaccine Mandates Pledge

Long time politician, State Senator Michelle Benson, announced her gubernatorial campaign today. Benson is the Chair of the Health & Human Services Finance Committee in the Republican controlled Minnesota Senate. Which means she is the point person on health policy at the Capitol.

But Benson so far has refused to sign the Stop Vaccine Mandates pledge, which promises Minnesota citizens that she will vote to pass the massive $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill in the upcoming Special Session unless it contains the Rep Mortensen Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment language. 

Since Benson is the only gubernatorial candidate running who is currently serving in the legislature, we'd be interested to hear how she plans to stop vaccine mandates in Minnesota now? Beating Governor Walz in November of 2022 is a noble goal, but many frontline workers will soon lose their jobs if the legislature does not act immediately. 

We have one shot to protect the health rights of Minnesotans and that is the September Special Session. Refusing to sign the Stop Vaccine Mandates pledge or not having a plan is a complete failure.

What is your plan, Michelle? 

If she has no plan, she needs to make a pledge to the citizens of Minnesota to not vote for the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay bill unless it has the Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment attached to it. Otherwise, she is just another politician who is all-talk, no results. 

Contact Michelle Bensen:

Phone: 763-443-5690

Email: [email protected]

King Walz Sign Goes Back Up on State Fair Booth

On the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, the front office called us and asked us to take down our sign of King Walz. They said it was disrespectful to the Governor who, at the time, was walking around the fair...maskless.

We told the state fair we will not take down the sign. The whole point of our booth, which was approved by the state fair ahead of time, is to show disrespect to the guy who unilaterally shut down our state and forced masks and vaccines on all of us.

Plus, the State Fair is on the State Agricultural Society's land, a quasi-government organization. The sign is protected speech, just like the exhibits that were disrespectful to President Trump over the past four years. Even more interesting, there's currently a piece of art displayed at the State Fair that is disrespectful to one of the Fair's larger vendors, Mike Lindell of MyPillow.

In the middle of the night, the State Fair personnel took our signs down and stole them without our permission. Make no mistake about it...

They want to Silence Our Speech!

But we here at Action 4 Liberty don't get bullied around. Our lawyer sent them a letter that afternoon demanding they reinstall our signs or else we will make new ones and charge them for what they took.

Since the State Fair didn't return them, we went ahead and had new ones created and our team just delivered them to the booth.



Apparently, it's been a massive hit with fairgoers. People are coming up and getting selfies with the "forbidden items". Perhaps that's what makes the State Fair bullies upset the most - it's a hit with their customers!



The King Walz sign went back up this morning...and people love it!

We will not back down to government bullies or radical leftists who want to control our lives and silence our speech. Action 4 Liberty is on the political frontlines, standing up for your rights, especially when it comes to pressuring politicians to Stop Vaccine Mandates in Minnesota.

The political elite have painted a large target on our backs for taking a courageous stance. They aim to destroy everything we have built. Don't let them!

Help support the one political organization that never cowers to the radical left and the COVID authoritarians! Empower us to keep fighting in this battle!


Listen, we get it from all angles in this fight. The State Fair comes after us for holding Democrat Walz accountable. The Republican establishment comes after us for pressuring RINOs who won't sign the Stop Vaccine Mandates pledge

It's real simple - if politicians won't stand up for our freedoms, then we will bring the pressure to them.

And the most important battleground right now is this fight to Stop Vaccine Mandates. Which is why we hired more phone callers to contact voters across the state. And our field team is working on bringing tens of thousands of new supporters and petition signers into our ranks.

We cannot lose this battle!

Our numbers are growing by thousands a day right now. The more people in our movement, the more power we have to Stop Vaccine Mandates.

That's why we refused to back down to the State Fair bullies. We must continue putting the message out to Minnesotans so we grow our ranks.


Sen Abeler Says He's the Reason Jan Malcom Wasn't Fired

State Senator Jim Abeler (R-Anoka) told a crowd of thousands of medical freedom supporters that he was "good friends" with Governor Walz' Dept of Health Commissioner Jan Malcom and was the reason she wasn't fired in the last 18 months. Conservatives across the state have demanded the firing of Malcolm by Senate Republicans for her gross mishandling of the COVID pandemic and for attacking small businesses in courts. Several of Walz' Commissioners have not been confirmed by the Republican Senate, which means at any point, they could be removed from office.

"Someone calling for commissioner Malcom to step down or be removed is not new, but someone like me calling for that is new" Senator Abeler boasted. "She is my friend. I have defended her. I have known her for over 20 years. I resisted calls for her removal."


Groups like Action 4 Liberty, Rocks and Cows and others have demanded that Malcolm be fired by the Senate. But those calls fell on deaf ears in the Republican controlled Senate for reasons unknown to us. It appears Jim Abeler was the one allowing her to keep her job. And he has quite a bit of pull in the Senate caucus since he chairs the Human Services Committee.

Sen Abeler also refuses to sign the Stop Vaccine Mandates Pledge, which states a legislator won't vote for the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay Bill in the September Special Session unless it has Rep Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment attached to it. Instead, Abeler said he wanted to use Jan Malcolm's confirmation as a leverage point for getting a Stop Vaccine Mandate bill passed, which is good, but not a better negotiating stance. Quite frankly, Jan Malcolm should be fired regardless!

Call Senator Jim Abeler and tell him to apologize for not firing Jan Malcolm a year ago. Tell him to apologize for letting Governor's Walz Small Business Hitman to drag heroes like Larvita and Jane into endless legal fees for opening up their businesses. And tell Jim Abeler to do the right thing and sign the Stop Vaccine Mandates pledge NOW!

Sen Jim Abeler

Phone: 651-296-3733

Email: [email protected]

State Fair Silences Political Speech; Removes 'King Walz' from Booth

The Minnesota State Fair removed the 'King Walz' sign from our booth in the middle of the night against our wishes. On Thursday afternoon, the front office left a voicemail stating they would like for us to take down the image because it is "disrespectful" to the Governor. The objective of the Action 4 Liberty 'Never Again' booth is to educate Minnesotans about the dangers of one man unilaterally declaring king-like powers and how we plan to make sure it never happens again.

Action 4 Liberty was up front about what we planned on doing at the booth. Here's the drawing that was submitted to the State Fair in July.

Political caricatures have been used in politics going back to the founding of this country. The image we used is not obscene or pornographic, which we agree would be inappropriate. Our graphic artist wanted to capture a sloppy governor who crowns himself king, dangles the Constitution and takes a bite out of liberty, represented by a turkey leg. We think he captured it perfectly.

The booth has been very popular and the majority of people coming by our stand loved the image of Walz. Here's an image of the booth before it was taken down.

Images that could be considered “disrespectful” of political figures are common place at the Minnesota State Fair. During Trump’s presidency, fairgoers saw several anti-Trump exhibits, including award winning art featuring Trump under the control of Russian President Putin.