Democrat Party Convention Requires Vaccine Card to Attend

The Minnesota Democrat Party is requiring attendees of its state convention in Rochester to show “proof of COVID-19 vaccination.” Under its “COVID-19 Precautions” section on the convention webpage, the Party warns attendees that if they “do not have [their] vaccination card, the Minnesota Department of Health cannot provide a replacement CDC COVID-19 vaccine card.”

Delegates, alternates and left-wing vendors will be gathering at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester on May 20th and 21st, one week after the Minnesota Republican Party holds its state convention in the same building. The MNGOP has no vaccination or mask policy for attendees at its convention.

Although this move does not come as a surprise, it further cements the fact that the modern Democrat Party has completely abandoned its protection of individual health freedoms. If a pro-health freedom candidate or activist wanted to work inside the Party, he or she would be barred from participating in the political process.

The policy is also anti-science. Individual vaccination status does not affect other attendees who personally choose to be vaccinated. What were originally considered “break through cases”, have now been found to be a common occurrence. Vaccinated individuals contract and spread COVID as much as unvaccinated people. In Minnesota, Governor Walz, Lt Governor Flanagan, Attorney General Keith Ellison and Secretary of State Steve Simon have all tested positive for COVID despite being fully vaccinated.

Debunked Lies About the Never Again Bill

The tyrannical use of Emergency Powers to suspend the Constitution and trample on our rights in 2020 and 2021 has quickly become the issue of our time. Governor Walz unilaterally declared himself King - and under current law, operated as sole rulemaker of our state. We MUST ensure it Never Happens Again. But crooked politicians refuse to sign the Never Again pledge and lie about the importance of the Never Again Bill.

The Never Again Bill, known as the Unilateral Emergency Powers Repeal Act, does four main things:

  1. Most importantly, it removes the Governor’s power to unilaterally declare an emergency and requires a ⅔ vote by the Minnesota House and Senate
  2. Ensures that the Governor’s orders can NOT be treated as law in the courts
  3. Fines or imprisons the Governor, not citizens, for violating Chapter 12 law
  4. Enshrines a Bill of Rights for Emergencies that guarantees we can still travel freely, earn income and run businesses.

Merriam-Webster defines a dictator as “a person granted absolute emergency power.” Sound familiar? This kind of power being granted to a future governor for even ONE day could spell the end of our freedoms and liberties. Yet most politicians think the Governor should be able to unilaterally declare an emergency for 30 days. 

The Never Again bill is the only proposal that completely strips the power of the Governor to declare Emergency Powers, and returns the government to our system of checks and balances which is enshrined in the Minnesota Constitution. 

Here are some of the Debunked Arguments put forth by politicians about the Never Again Bill:

“The Governor Needs to Act Quickly, They Do Not Have Time to Ask for Permission”

Government NEVER acts quickly. It is inefficient by its own nature. Rapid decision-making by people in power over us is dangerous. That’s why the Constitution was written in a way for the legislative process to take time. 

Imagine the Governor needed to deploy the National Guard for an emergency. It’s silly to think that the National Guard is ready to be deployed instantly with the signing of an executive order. Guardsmen have families and daytime jobs that prevent them from serving full-time. They are not a rapidly deployable force like the Navy Seals. When called upon, it still takes days to activate and fully deploy these brave men and women.

When the Never Again Bill is passed, the Governor may give a warning order to the National Guard, letting them prepare while he requests an emergency from the legislature. This is a healthy check and balance to ensure that the legislative branch of government remains in power.

“What About Floods and Tornadoes?”

2/3rds of the legislature is unlikely to deny that a flood or tornado constitutes an emergency. Until that power is granted to the Governor, there is nothing preventing local governments and citizens from taking their own precautions. Local governments exist to deal with local problems.

Sandbags can be filled and chainsaws can be run without a Governor’s orders. If an executive emergency is truly needed, it can be requested while local agencies and citizens deal with the problem first.

“If Nuclear Bomb Goes Off in the Twin Cities, We Won’t Be Able to Respond”

This is a classic strawman argument. 

If a nuclear bomb is dropped on the Twin Cities, chances are we have bigger problems to worry about than our current structure of government (if it even exists). This argument is absurd and our laws should not reflect a scenario that has .0000001% chance of happening, when we know a Governor will use a virus to declare powers for a year and a half.

“It Takes Too Long to Assemble the Legislature”

A quorum of 50% of the legislature is required to be in attendance to be called to order. More than 50% of legislators live within a few hours of the Capitol. If that’s not quick enough, the legislature has set a precedent of meeting virtually over zoom – which can be organized in minutes.

While zoom floor sessions are not ideal, several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle had no problem taking advantage of them during the 2021 legislative session. 

“This Bill is Not Ready for Primetime”

HF 2204 has 6 authors in the house, and 4 authors in the senate. 

Prior to being introduced, it was reviewed by the Office of the Revisor of Statutes to ensure that the bill is workable. The only reason that it has not gotten a hearing is because Republican Leadership in the House and Senate dislike its author, Representative Erik Mortensen. 

Don’t be surprised if you get any one of these excuses from a candidate or legislator. They’ve been coached to disavow any legislation that takes away their status and power. 

Remember, HF2204 is the ONLY legislation that strips the governor of his ability to declare an emergency. If a true emergency is warranted, the new limited powers (coordinate with local and federal agencies) can be granted to the Governor with 2/3rds approval in both the House and the Senate. 

In the situation where a governor is given emergency powers, they must abide by the Never Again act’s Bill of Rights. This means that a governor can not arrest business owners or hand out fines for violation of their executive orders. If they do, they’re the ones who are thrown in jail!

Be wary of candidates who tell you they oppose this legislation. Chances are, they are tyrant-wannabes who believe the governor SHOULD have the ability to act against their constitutional oath.

See Who Signed the Never Again Pledge

Kendall Qualls Says He Supports Governor Emergency Powers

Republican candidates for governor gathered at Cannon Falls High School on Monday night to make their best case for facing off against Tyrant Tim Walz in November. Candidates Neil Shah, Rich Stanek, Mike Murphy, Paul Gazelka, Michelle Benson, Kendall Qualls, and Scott Magie appeared on stage.

Action 4 Liberty supporters were thrilled to discover that the moderator had a question about the candidate’s support for the popular Never Again Bill, which would strip the governor of his ability to unilaterally declare emergency powers.

Candidates Neil Shah, Mike Murphy, and Rich Stanek reiterated their support for the legislation, while the remaining candidates danced around the question. A notable and uncalled-for criticism of both the Never Again bill and Action 4 Liberty came from candidate Kendall Qualls.

Qualls, who previously lost a race for Congress in Minnesota’s third congressional district, appears to be on board with the Political Class’ quest to keep Emergency Powers in place for the Governor's office.

During the debate, when Qualls was asked about the grassroots activists who demand emergency powers reform, he said that he “doesn’t know those guys."

Here is a video of Kendall Qualls telling an activist that he WILL sign the Never Again Pledge back in January – a blatant lie to conservatives like you!

Call and text Kendall Qualls and tell him to SIGN the Never Again Pledge today!

Phone: 763-402-6182

Email: [email protected]

He supposedly has a reform proposal, but it is among the weakest of the bunch! He believes that a governor should be allowed to act as a dictator for thirty days before the legislature can even check them!

“On our website, you’ll see it, emergency powers, 30 days for the governor, any extension beyond that needs to be approved by ⅔ of the House and ⅔ of the Senate” uttered Qualls.

As of writing, Qualls actually lays out little to no details for emergency powers reform on his website. He could only spare two sentences on the subject:

Remember the damage wreaked by Walz in just thirty days. We were ordered in our homes, defined into categories of ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’, businesses were shut down, churches were forced to close and our children’s education was suspended.

Walz did all of those things and more with his emergency powers. It is foolish to think that a future governor will not do the same unless their powers are taken away.  

Liberty-minded voters left the debate on Monday perplexed and confused by Qualls’ comments. Many Republicans have made emergency powers reform a top issue for 2022, yet Qualls doesn’t seem to be campaigning to them.  

He is instead campaigning on establishment talking points which have lost statewide elections nearly 30 times in a row. 

See The Full List of Candidates Who Signed The Never Again Pledge Here

Apple Goes Full Woke with New Update: Face ID with Mask, Pregnant Man Icon

On the same day that a federal judge struck down the CDC's mask mandate on travel, Apple unleashed its new iPhone update that asks users if they would like to use Face ID with a mask on. Apparently the woke corporation doesn't want to "contribute to the spread" of COVID by temporarily requiring users to lower their mask to unlock their phones.

The update also included the highly anticipated gender-neutral pregnant person emoticons. Woke corporations believe that pregnancy is not only something that happens to women. #FollowTheScience SMH!

We're going to help Apple out and suggest the ultimate woke emoticon: Pregnant masked man!

Federal Judge Strikes Down CDC Mask Mandate for Travel

Trump appointed Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle out of Florida ruled today to strike down the mask mandates for planes, trains, and buses. This news comes after the CDC pushed for a mask mandate extension for two more weeks. Heard that one before?

Mizelle based her ruling on the CDC overstating the definition of sanitation by allowing mandated masking. Mizelle correctly defined sanitation as “limited to cleaning measures” and stated “wearing a mask cleans nothing.”

The government has used power to create and enforce laws that were never rightfully theirs. The creative interpretations of words to fit whatever narrative is wanted goes against proper legal interpretation, rule-making processes, and sufficient justification for such a mandate.

The statutory authority of the CDC has been abused and now they must reap the consequences of their illegal actions. Masking has not only been proven to be ineffective in stopping the spread of Covid but it also has been enforced illegally in the freest country in the world.

MSP airport still states on its website that "per federal orders, face coverings are required at U.S. airports." 

This ruling can still be appealed and the power hungry left will certainly fight it. Nonetheless, this is a victory for our country and Action 4 Liberty applauds the courage it took for Judge Mizelle to fight this tyranny. If we stay vigilant and protect our God-given rights, we will make sure this Never Happens Again.

Record Abortion Funding with Your Money

Your tax dollars continue funding abortions at Planned Parenthood because politicians appropriate money from the Medical Assistance program in the Health & Human Services (HHS) Omnibus Bill. We reported on the source of publicly funded abortions back in 2019 in the article How Minnesota's Planned Parenthood Gets Your Money.

MCCL issued a press release recently in response to a Human Services Department report that showed "taxpayers reimbursed abortion practitioners just over $1 million for 4,410 abortions during the 2020 pandemic year." The $1 Million mark set a new annual record in abortion funding in Minnesota. 

While MCCL appeared outraged by the report, they ignore the mechanism used to fund abortions - appropriating money to the Medical Assistance Program through the HHS Omnibus Bill. Senate Republicans voted overwhelmingly for the legislation. MCCL continues endorsing politicians who vote for the funding of abortions in the HHS Omnibus bills. 

Info Wars

Taxpayer funding of abortions and multi-subject omnibus bills have been a contentious issue in the Republican ranks during this endorsement season. Conservative, outsider candidates have used votes for the HHS Omnibus bill funding against their Establishment backed opponents. In response, the Political Class argues that a MN Supreme Court decision, Doe v Gomez, prohibits them from cutting abortion funding from the Medical Assistance program. 

Doe v Gomez was a 1995 ruling. MCCL has been unsuccessful at passing legislation to overturn the Court's ruling for 27 years now. And for those three decades, while abortions were being funded by our tax money, MCCL has given a pass to the legislators who continually appropriated funds to the Medical Assistance Program. Voting against the Medical Assistance appropriation would have killed the taxpayer funded abortions. Here's why...

The Legislature holds the purse strings. Only the legislature can appropriate money, not the Minnesota courts. If the Senate Republicans unified against the HHS Omnibus Bill, then Doe v Gomez would have no jurisdiction since the money was not appropriated by the legislature. 


Here's a video of Gubernatorial candidate Paul Gazelka admitting to voting for abortion fund, while lying to a Christian audience by stating "I can't stop it":

Why is the Medical Assistance program tucked inside a 500 page Health & Human Service Omnibus Bill in the first place? If Republicans were serious about cutting the funding, they should have a stand alone bill (which is required by the Constitution anyway). Then there is a straight up-or-down vote on approving the Medical Assistance program where $1 Million of your tax money is used to kill the unborn.

Gubernatorial candidate and state senator, Michelle Benson, was the senate author of the HHS Omnibus Bill. She touts a pro-life record on the campaign trail. The Medical Assistance appropriation is on page 454 of her bill:

In Perspective 

Imagine legislators introduced an omnibus bill that contained an appropriation for a program called "Animal Assistance." If the Animal Assistance program provided funding to puppy mills that killed unwanted little puppies, can you imagine the outrage? The appropriation would be a contentious political issue. Legislators would be lining up to remove it from the omnibus bill or better yet, complaining how they were voting on unconstitutional omnibus bills in the first place. After all, 100% of legislators are aligned on not killing puppies with your tax money.

So why aren't the pro-life legislators doing the same thing when it comes to abortion funding? Abortion kills a human life - don't we deserve legislators who stand up and do everything possible to stop it?!

Every legislator has the ability to vote "No" on legislation. The courts can't force a legislator to vote "Yes." If a majority of legislators voted against the HHS Omnibus bill, the money would not be appropriated, and those lives would be spared.

Of course we all know that the leftwing media and Democrats would scream about how "Republicans are taking away women's health care rights." Which is the real reason so many Republicans are voting for the abortion funding - they fear winning the next election. The leftwing media and Democrats have them in the palm of their hands. 

We need legislative courage from them. This IS the hill to die on. Aren't we trying to save human lives? That kind of courage would also force an end to the practice of passing large, unconstitutional omnibus bills. Legislative leadership would be required to introduce individual bills containing single subjects - the way our Constitution states must happen.

Here's how your state senator voted on the HHS Omnibus bill that funds abortion:

The Minnesota House was a party line vote. In previous bienniums, Republicans voted for the funding in their version of the HHS Omnibus bills. 


Republicans & Democrats Bail Out Insurance Companies, Fund ObamaCare Exchange

Republican and Democrat Legislators voted in another bail out of health insurance companies, including gubernatorial candidates Michelle Benson and Paul Gazelka, while also transferring tax money to MNsure, the state ObamaCare exchange. SF3472, also known as the Reinsurance Bill, is a non-free market approach attempt to lower insurance premiums. It takes our taxpayer dollars, funnels it through government, which then gives it to insurance companies to play claims over $50,000. When all is said and done, politicians cheer that they reduced insurance rates - when all they did was take our money to bail out the health insurance companies.

Here's how the hustle works...

For six years now, the Republican Establishment has boasted about the merits of this government intrusion in the health care market. Instead of getting money out of the gov't health coffers, their grand solution is to put more money into government. And we're paying for it!

If the Reinsurance Bill is so great, why aren't they implementing this with other types of insurance like auto insurance? Premiums certainly would come down on our auto insurance rates if government just gave money to insurance companies to pay for car collision claims. Of course, they don't have some magic tool at play there. It's would just be one big hustle of taking money from us, funneling it through the backend, then pretending like they solved something. And that's what the Reinsurance Bill does.

On top of running the Reinsurance Hustle, the bill also funded MNsure, the state ObamaCare exchange. It wasn't long ago when Republicans were against funding the ObamaCare state exchanges. Now they are doubling down on it.

ObamaCare was a massive government expansion of the health insurance markets. One of its tenets was that it create more regulations on what health insurance plans could and could not offer. SF3472 expands the government regulations on health care plans by mandating they provide coverage for "postnatal care." The bill also requires that at least one silver and one gold plan offered by health insurance companies "apply a predeductible, flat-dollar amount co-payment structure to the entire drug benefit."

More regulations. More government intrusion. And we're the ones footing the bill! 

All Senate Republicans voted for the bill. A handful of Democrats opposed it because they don't think it went far enough. Here's the vote:

In the Minnesota House, there were seven Republicans who voted against the bill including Bahr, Drazkowski, Lucero, Mekeland, Miller, Mortensen and Munson. Here's the vote:

The Saga of Morrison County GOP Controversy Continues

(Photo: Convention chair Rep Albright and Parliamentarian Sen Mathews confer with Chief Teller and MNGOP State Executive Committeemember Keri Heintzman)

The saga of the Morrison County controversy continues, leaving many first time delegates questioning the integrity of their local party.  Hundreds of delegates, many of them first timers, gave up their Friday night last weekend to attend an endorsing convention for the newly created Senate District 10. But they later found out, a four and a half hour convention would abruptly shut down without even a single vote count being tallied and announced to the delegate body.

A little backstory...Senate District 10 covers a geographical area with seven different counties. By Republican rule, that requires the counties to come together and make a convention call. Morrison County GOP, along with the 6 other county GOP units, announced two weeks ago that the endorsements for senate and two house seats would take place on the opposite side of the Senate District from the population center of Little Falls. And despite having three contested races, the seven counties decided to hold the convention on a Friday night.

Morrison County GOP is run by Mandy Heffron, a paid staffer for the Gazelka for Governor campaign. In February we exposed cheating by the Morrison County GOP that ended up removing duly elected delegates from the delegate voter rolls, replacing one with the wife of a legislator. Things were so bad in Morrison County that Congressional District 8 ended up running the Morrison County GOP Convention in March. Despite all of that, Heffron had an active role in the planning and running of the SD10 Endorsing Convention on Friday night.

The convention from the start lacked transparency. Convention rules were not made available to campaigns prior to Friday evening. Even at the convention, printed rules and agendas were scarce, leaving most delegates without the ability to see what was going to happen that night (this is rare). One campaign requested to see the credentialed delegate voter rolls for Morrison County and was denied access - meaning they could not validate that only duly elected delegates were credentialed. On top of that, paid guests and campaign volunteers were not allowed in the gymnasium, where the convention was being held (we've never seen that before). 

Chairing the Convention was Rep Tony Albright (from Scott County), who was joined by Senator Andrew Mathews as parliamentarian. The evening began with some rules fights, mostly over allowing a candidate, Chuck Parins (30 year Army veteran), to compete against RINO Rep Ron Kresha that evening for the endorsement. Party leaders and Ron Kresha himself spoke against allowing it, citing a technicality in the rules - the same rules that were not made available until the night of the convention. So much for competition.

After the rules fight, the convention began the endorsement process for state senator. Three candidates (Nathan Wesenberg, Jim Newberger, Brent Lindgren) gave their speeches to the seated delegates. Balloting quickly followed and the votes were sent to a corner of the gym.

(Photo: Wesenberg campaign's speech before balloting)

Meanwhile, Chair Albright moved on to endorsement of House District 10A, asking delegates if they wanted to endorse Ron Kresha by voice acclimation. The measure failed and things got interesting. A delegate rose to a point of order, in an attempt to confirm with the chair that ballots with the name "Chuck Parins" would be counted according to the MNGOP ConstitutionArticle V, Section 3, A3. But Rep Albright and Sen Mathews ruled that ballots with Parins name would not be counted - a ruling that was clearly in violation of the state party constitution

Regardless, votes were cast and ballots were collected. A pile of ballots had Chuck Parins name on them according to an observer of the vote counting. The Political Class looked to be in trouble that evening. 

And then slowly, disarray started clouding the convention. Questions were raised about the correct number of ballots being cast in certain counties. Morrison County appeared to have filled out 11 ballots by unseated alternates, which would not be counted as legitimate votes. The organizers allowed delegates, seated alternates and unseated alternates to commingle during the convention. Confusion spread amongst the organizers and people were told Morrison County needed to revote.

Over two hours in, roughly 250 ballots for the senate endorsement remained uncounted. I don't know how that's possible unless someone didn't like how it was going to turn out. As 11 pm approached, it became evident that the "mission" of the endorsing convention was going to fail. Chair Albright announced that the convention was in recess and everyone went home. 

(Photo: Delegates discussing the MNGOP Constitution's authority over convention rules with Chair Albright)

What happened on Friday night was a huge mess. Perhaps it was sheer incompetence on the part of the organizers. I'm not sure why Morrison County GOP is still in charge of organizing things. They cheated delegates on election night and their corruption led to Congressional District 8 hosting the Morrison County convention last month. 

But there's speculation that things were more nefarious, than incompetence. Why were rules not published ahead of time, printed out in mass and distributed? Why were campaign staff not allowed in the gymnasium? Why did the Chair and parliamentarian violate the state party constitution to not allow Chuck Parins' votes to be counted? And why were non-GOP officials, like Joyce Heffron, mother of Morrison County GOP Chairwoman Mandy Heffron, in possession of ballots at one point in the night? Where did the 11 unseated alternate votes come from?

We may never know the answer to this question. But what is certain, the saga of Morrison County GOP controversy continues and the people who are most harmed are the new conservative activists who got involved in the Party to take back power from the Political Class. The Republican Party should be doing everything in its power to welcome these new activists into the ranks, instead of trying to protect the Swamp.

Summary of the Failed Senate District 10 Convention

1) Rules and agenda were not available in advance

2) Printed rules and agenda were not available at convention to most delegates

3) Guests and campaigns were blocked from entering convention

4) Campaigns were blocked from inspecting the delegate voter rolls in Morrison County (largest pool of delegates)

5) Chair Albright ruled that the MNGOP Constitution would not be respected

6) Ineligible votes were collected

7) Delegates, seated alternates, and unseated alternates commingled on floor

8) Vote totals were not completed and announced at the convention - No endorsements were made

9) Disgraced Morrison County GOP chair Mandy Heffron was able to run important parts of the convention


Hot Take

If you've followed this saga from the beginning, one may conclude that when you out organize the Political Class, they'll cheat. When you catch them at cheating, they'll use their power to put you at a disadvantage. When you overcome the disadvantage, they'll create rules against you. When you challenge their rules with the Constitution, they'll just shut down the convention. 

Bussman Beats Utke - Another RINO Goes Down

Political newcomer, Bret Bussman, beat current State Senator Paul Utke (Lifetime Rating: 34%) for the GOP endorsement in the new Senate District 5. Bussman ran on a platform of shrinking government, passing the Never Again Bill and adhering to the Constitution. He's an Army veteran who got motivated to run when he saw that the Political Class was doing nothing to stop the gross infringements of our rights. 

Utke joins the growing list of RINOs who are getting beat in GOP endorsement battles this year. In Senate District 20, the conservative voting Rep Steve Drazkowski (Lifetime Rating: 95%) defeated RINO Rep Barb Haley (Lifetime Rating: 40%) for the Senate endorsement.

Rep Ron Kresha (Lifetime Rating: 39%) failed to get an endorsement at the Senate District 10 convention on Friday night. The convention chair shut down the convention before any ballot totals were counted - but it appears Kresha was poised to lose to political newcomer and 30 year Army veteran, Chuck Parins. 

There are more battles taking place in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to for more information.

Rep Sandstede's Trying to Put Bandaid on Businesses She Harmed

Rep Julie Sandstede (DFL-Hibbing) is trying to save face after ruining Minnesota businesses last year by protecting Governor Walz' illegal shutdowns. Sandstede was one of six con artist legislators who switched their vote of Ending Walz' Emergency Powers in January of 2021 once their vote was critical to stopping the damage of their Democrat Governor, Tim Walz.

The "Save Face" Bill (HF4522) would take $100 Million of the state's enormous $12 Billion surplus and give grants to businesses up to $25,000. It will likely be included in the massive omnibus bill that gets put together in May at the end of the legislative session.

Specified in the bill are "restaurants, bars, cafés, salons, escape rooms, trampoline parks, yoga studios, health clubs, recreation centers and other small businesses" who were crushed due to Sandstede's terrible votes. She is now hoping to put a bandaid on the damage - and use it as a campaign issue for this November.