Woke Sports Journalist Shames Unvaccinated Twins Players

The nasty fake news of The Star Tribune shamed Minnesota athletes from the Twins and Vikings who have chosen not to receive the COVID shots. One of their top propagandists, Jim Souhan, is no medical expert. He is just a radical leftist posing as a sports analyst. 

Twins players who evoked their medical freedom will not be allowed into Dictator Justin Trudea’s Canada for a game out in Toronto. Instead of attacking Canada’s policy to discriminate based on a vaccine that doesn’t work, the Star Tribune attacks Minnesota ballplayers.

Coercion was used to manipulate individuals since this virus leaked from the Wuhan Lab and has continued to forcing healthy individuals to take a vaccine that they do not want. These athletes are some of the healthiest people in the world and can make their own decisions. We are not children of Government, we are children of God that were given free will.

Souhan argued that Kirk Cousins’ COVID infection and refusal to get the shots led to the removal of Coach Mike Zimmer! What a load of BS! Even Bill Gates is admitting that the clot-shots are not effective in preventing infection and spreading. If the globalist Elites can admit defeat, this low level sports journalist can too. 

Action 4 Liberty stands with the Twins and Vikings athletes who are fighting for their freedom despite massive pressure. Their dream jobs are threatened by power hungry pencil-neck geeks. No vaccine should be mandates, especially when it doesn’t work. Keep fighting the good fight!

Legislative Session Ends Without Spending Most of Surplus

Give it All Back! That was the resounding call from taxpayers as the legislative session was coming to a close. Minnesotans were overcharged by $12 Billion, but big spending Republicans and Democrats were cutting deals on how to spend our money.

Now the Legislature and Governor are discussing coming back and spending the surplus during a Special Session. This is unbelievable! Republicans have the ultimate bargaining position. They don't have to spend a dime of our money; instead, they can let voters decide this fall if the Legislature should Give It All Back!

RINO Majority Leader Jeremy Miller is meeting behind closed doors with awful Governor Tim Walz to hash out the final details of a "deal." We can't let these guys spend OUR surplus money! It's about $4,000 per taxpayer - they owe you and me A LOT of money.

I don't know about you, but my family could sure use that money right now. When the government overtaxes us, they should be returning the money immediately - not spending it on more wasteful government projects.

Stay tuned to Action 4 Liberty for more up-to-date information on your surplus money. If you haven't signed the Give it Back petition yet, please click on the link below.



Important Message on Your Surplus

Please watch my important message on how your legislators are selling out and about to spend our surplus money!

The Legislative Session ends on Sunday night. They are going to try to spend your money while you are out enjoying the weather with family and friends. 

Don't let these politicians get away with wasting our money on more government. Tell your legislators to GIVE IT BACK!

Another Prominent Vaxed and Masked DFL Politician Gets COVID

State Auditor Julie Blaha must have been jealous of Action 4 Liberty’s article about Speaker Hortman catching COVID because she caught it herself! We’ll let you share the spotlight!

The clot-shot gang of Governor Walz, Lt Governor Flanagan, Attorney General Ellison, Secretary of State Simon, and Speaker of the House Hortman have another prominent Democrat politician in their ranks with State Auditor Julie Blaha. At one point, these cases were referred to as "breakthrough cases" because they were supposed to be rare. Looks like Minnesota Democrat politicians are good at defying the odds.

Apparently the vaccines and boosters that do not stop one from catching or spreading COVID are getting a lot of praise from these infected Democrats! See how Blaha broke the news below.


Blaha is the Queen of masking and vaccines! She even made and donated flammable cloth masks that don’t work at all for the Ramsey Firestation! Hopefully they didn’t wear one of these when they were walking into scorching flames! Like most Democrat politicians, she used Twitter to virtue signal after her shots.


URGENT: Stop Them From Spending Surplus

The Minnesota Swamp has struck a deal to spend YOUR Surplus money!

Remember, they overtaxed us by $12 Billion - which equates to over $4,000 per taxpayer. GIVE IT BACK!

But the cries to Give It Back have fallen on deaf ears. Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller (Big RINO) is leading the charge to spend YOUR surplus money. He just struck a deal with Tim Walz and the Democrat House "Leaders."

Democrats got nearly everything they asked for out of this deal, including $1 Billion for teacher’s unions, $1 Billion for more health and human services spending, and $1.5 Billion for legislators’ pet projects.

If your legislators pass this legislation, Government would GROW and you would get almost none of your money back!

Any Republican who votes for this legislation will obliterate the narrative that they were ever for fiscal responsibility. This cannot stand.

Remember, if legislators had returned the $12 Billion dollar surplus, you would receive a check back for $4,000! I don't know about you, but with Biden's gas prices climbing everyday, my family could use that money back in our pockets. 

Action 4 Liberty will be mobilizing grassroots conservatives to pressure their legislators to vote against surplus spending

It all starts with you. Contact your State Senator and State Representative NOW, and demand that they vote against this big spending scheme to appease the Left. 


With just days left until the end of the legislative session, you and I cannot afford to waste time. 

Look no further than our past pressure campaigns. With your help last year, my team successfully pressured legislators to end Governor Walz’ “Emergency” that shut down churches, businesses, and schools. 

My team knocked on doors in vulnerable DFL legislative districts, telling their constituents that these cronies defended Walz and his emergency powers.

Our Pressure Campaigns Work. 

With such a short time to go, I cannot guarantee that we’ll stop this reckless spending unfortunately. Perhaps that’s why these cronies waited to the last days to sell out on us. 

But it’s our money and they OWE it to us!

What I can guarantee, however, is that these legislators will pay a price for wasting your tax dollars. Holding politicians accountable is what my team does best. With your help, we’ll put the St. Paul Swamp back in their place.

Let’s remind them that they work for us. It's time to GIVE IT BACK!

Republican Senate Sells Out - Spending Majority of Surplus

Republican Senate Majority Leader, Jeremy Miller, spoke to the MNGOP Convention on Saturday, promising conservative delegates that he would fight the radical agenda of Tim Walz and protect our surplus money. It was a bald-faced lie.

Miller held a press conference today with Tim Walz and DFL House Leader Ryan Winkler to discuss their plan to spend $4 Billion of our surplus money! Taxpayers were overcharged by $4,000 on average. The government is fully funded after the legislature passed a two-year budget last year. 

Sen Miller said the GOP wanted to return the surplus to the taxpayers yet he is backing a plan that would spend it! Tim Walz praised Miller calling him a “leader of courage and vision” for compromising on a deal. Corruption does not show strength, it shows weakness.

According to Miller, this deal was finalized over the phone Saturday night (after his speech). This means he lied to the delegates in his speech and worked behind the scenes to spend our stolen money on a big government, liberal agenda. See the proposed spending below.

The "Deal"

  • $1 Billion of your surplus money for more bloated education spending
  • $1 Billion of your surplus money for Health & Human Services
  • $450 Million of your surplus money for Public Safety
  • $1.5 Billion of your surplus money on other wasteful government spending
  • Keep $4 Billion of your surplus money in government coffers for future spending
  • $4 Billion in undisclosed tax relief over 3 or more years
  • $1.4 Billion of debt you and your kids will have to pay back


Surprisingly, Tim Walz seems to be the only person in this discussion fighting to return at least some of the Surplus. However, he is obviously doing that to buy votes for his upcoming election. Regardless, this money should be returned to the people paying taxes and it should be given back immediately. After all, we’re all paying the price for Biden’s inflation.

Legislators have already spent $1.1 Billion of the $12 Billion surplus. Only State Rep Erik Mortensen has not voted to spend a dime of it. The deal would spend another $4 Billion of the money and keep the remainder of the surplus in the government’s coffers for future spending.  

Minnesota cannot afford corrupt politicians selling us out. It is to be expected of the Democrats but the GOP must be held accountable too. The GOP majority in the Senate needs to grow a spine and stand up for the people! Action 4 Liberty calls on Walz, Winkler, and Miller to return the Surplus and cut our taxes. The government and our taxes belong to the people, not the politicians.

Democrat House Speaker Gets Covid Despite Masking and Booster Shot

Melissa Hortman is the latest to join the club of vaccinated, boosted, and masked Minnesota Elitists to catch COVID.

She joins the long list of “break-through” cases despite following the propaganda to a tee. Just like Walz, Flanagan, Ellison, and Simon, Speaker Hortman pushed for vaccine mandates and even had a test or vaccinate rule for House staffers! That means the Government used their monopoly on force to bully our citizens into a medical procedure they did not want to get.

Hortman initially thought her Kung-flu case was just allergies - but it felt worse than normal, which led her to getting tested! Turns out her shots and masking didn't end up helping.

She made sure to prop up her moral high ground by reminding everyone she got the shot and boosters. Despite this, she still got it; this must be a real head-scratcher for the pinhead political class


Meet Insider Kendall Qualls' Shady Support Network

The support network of Kendall Qualls makes us question who this self labeled "outsider" candidate really is.  He more likely appears to be bought and paid for by DC Insiders, The Establishment, and Pharmaceutical Companies. 

The Draft Kendall Qualls Committee was started by DC Consultants looking to sink their teeth into Minnesota’s Gubernatorial Race. Out of the $77,786 raised in 2021, $75,000 came from one mega donorDavid Frauenshush.

Frauenshush kicked off the effort to prop up Kendall Qualls in September of 2021. The committee took $50,000 to form, then later acquired another $25,000 from Frauenshush. This money was paid to DC Lobbyists and Special Interests who structured the fake draft effort, as you can see from the campaign finance filing below:

Though the group is supposedly headquartered in St. Paul, the number provided to the Campaign Finance Board has a Washington DC area code. You’ll also notice that the bank used to hold Frauenshush’s special interest money is based in Virginia.

Who is David Frauenshush, and why is he paying DC consultants to prop up Kendall Qualls?

Frauenshush is a commercial investor, who has spent big money on building throughout the Twin Cities metro. Most notably, he has funded several healthcare and pharmaceutical projects. 

Among his projects listed on his website are Stellis Health Albertville, Fairview Ridges Specialty Care Center, St. Francis Hospital, Fairview Ridges Specialty Care Center, HealthPartners Neurosciences Specialty Center, among nearly a dozen healthcare-focused groups. 

Frauenshush clearly has an interest in the healthcare industry. It makes sense why he would take an interest in Kendall Qualls. Though he regularly talks about his business experience, he rarely utters a word on the fact that he was a healthcare executive for Johnson & Johnson – one of the major COVID-19 Vaccine producers in the United States. 

In fact, Kendall Qualls was endorsed by Johnson & Johnson’s former Worldwide Chair of its pharmaceutical arm, Robert Savage.

This possibly explains why Kendall Qualls is so weak on Emergency Powers and Health Freedom. While you and I were locked in our homes and threatened with mask and vaccine mandates, Kendall’s friends were making a big fat profit. 

There's nothing grassroots or "outsider" about the Kendall Qualls campaign. It's just another Insider candidate masquerading as a conservative - with no intention of changing the dynamics of the political environment that is failing us.

Will the Real Kendall Qualls Please Stand Up?!

The mailers, literature and emails from the Kendall Qualls campaign sound great. It gives the perception that Qualls is an "Outsider" who is willing to fight against Tim Walz, mask mandates and fraudulent elections. But the real Kendall Qualls appears to be different than what is being spoon fed to us.

When Kendall got in the race, we called him up and asked him to sign the Never Again pledge. Our supporters care deeply that a Governor can never unilaterally declare himself King. But Kendall refused to sign the pledge, telling us that he "doesn't sign pledges. If he did, he'd have to sign one everyday." 

That's a ridiculous claim since there aren't a lot of conservative pledges floating around in Minnesota. Regardless, Kendall wasn't being honest. In his 2020 campaign, he signed a pledge and put it right up on his website.

Kendall has now changed his tune and says he doesn't sign pledges to third party organizations. But the Never Again Pledge clearly states that the pledge is made to "Minnesota Citizens." In fact, everyone would be just as happy if he copied the language and put it on his own website. We just want proof that he is going to make the Never Again Bill the top priority.

In a recent debate, Kendall trashed Action 4 Liberty supporters because they wanted to see him sign a public pledge. Then he stated he supports allowing a Governor to continue having Emergency Powers. Watch the video!

On his website, he has very vague language on what specifically he would do about the Emergency Powers. And since we called him out on his rhetoric, he made three changes to the webpage. All three made within just days of one another!

The Real Kendall Qualls doesn't appear to know what he wants. But that doesn't stop him from throwing out a bunch of buzzwords to sound hardcore. Look at his email response to us yesterday.

Even his mailers and lit pieces sound hardcore. Last month he sent a mailer to delegates about burning up Tim Walz' mask mandate. This hard-hitting mailer makes him look like the guy to end the mandates.

But the Real Kendall Qualls was obeying Walz' mandate in 2020 and 2021. Look at his Twitter feed - it's full of masked, virtue signaling images of Kendall. He even wore his mask outside in many of them, which we have long known doesn't do anything but virtual signal to the woke mob. Joe Rogan said it best of people who still wear their masks outside: "it's like the Democrat's MAGA Hat."

Kendall's woke friends will appreciate that he both masks AND social distances himself outside. If he has gotten a fourth booster shot, he would fit right in at the DFL State Convention! Kendall's picture with a burning mask is blatant deception to liberty-Lovers like you and me. How can we trust that he'll fight mask mandates as Governor when he happily obliged as a citizen?

Don't let Kendall's self-anointed "outsider" status fool you. When you listen to him speak, he echoes Establishment talking points against the increasingly popular Never Again Bill. We debunked those lies in this article. When you see his mailers, you know he is promising things he has no intention of delivering on. He has become an Insider Politician, and he has already learned how to lose elections. In 2020, he lost a recently-held Republican Congressional seat by 11.3%. 

If Kendall wants to be Governor, he needs to address his failure to fight for your Liberties. If delegates reward mask-wearing and double-speak on Emergency Powers, the GOP is no better than the DFL. Give Kendall Qualls a call and tell him NEVER AGAIN!

Call and text Kendall Qualls and tell him to SIGN the Never Again Pledge today!

Phone: 763-402-6182

Email: [email protected]

Woke Walz Get His Second COVID Booster in Front of Media

Tim Walz is THE symbol of Health! He just took ANOTHER vaccine that will not stop him from catching or spreading Covid. What a hero!

Tim Walz has used COVID shots to build up his moral high ground and talk down to Minnesotans. This virtue signaling turned into mandates that threatened the livelihoods of common men and women across our state. If you exercised your medical freedom and refused a government mandated injection, your job was on the line. Not because you did anything wrong, but because China leaked a virus.

Walz just got $190,000 from your Surplus money to spend on more COVID vaccines. How could this happen with the GOP controlled Senate? Weak-kneed Republicans caved or sold out their constituents. 

With Walz’ second booster shot of the J&J vaccine and previous COVID contractions, he should have all the immunity in the world! However, nobody will ever be “fully vaccinated” to the Left. And of course, the only immunity for vaccines are for the big pharma corporations. The question is now if Walz will consider mandating booster shots like he did with the first vaccines.

I congratulate Tim Walz for his consistent stupidity and newly injected immune system! We can’t wait for you to get another!

- Jesse Smith