Rep Sandstede's Trying to Put Bandaid on Businesses She Harmed

Rep Julie Sandstede (DFL-Hibbing) is trying to save face after ruining Minnesota businesses last year by protecting Governor Walz' illegal shutdowns. Sandstede was one of six con artist legislators who switched their vote of Ending Walz' Emergency Powers in January of 2021 once their vote was critical to stopping the damage of their Democrat Governor, Tim Walz.

The "Save Face" Bill (HF4522) would take $100 Million of the state's enormous $12 Billion surplus and give grants to businesses up to $25,000. It will likely be included in the massive omnibus bill that gets put together in May at the end of the legislative session.

Specified in the bill are "restaurants, bars, cafés, salons, escape rooms, trampoline parks, yoga studios, health clubs, recreation centers and other small businesses" who were crushed due to Sandstede's terrible votes. She is now hoping to put a bandaid on the damage - and use it as a campaign issue for this November. 

Rep Mortensen's Bill Gives You One Year Income Tax Holiday with Surplus Money

Rep Erik Mortensen introduced a bill (HF4642) on Monday that would give Minnesota taxpayers a one year tax holiday, funded by the state's record $12 Billion surplus. If passed, the bill would allow tax filers to be refunded for their 2021 taxes or opt out of paying taxes for the remainder of the year (and refunded taxes paid already in 2022). Since the surplus comes from a biennial budget, this allows taxpayers who had a drastic shift in tax liability between years to capture the larger amount back.

"I wanted to find the best way to give back the surplus money to the people who paid it" stated Rep Erik Mortensen. "Unlike Governor Walz' plan that only gives back a small fraction of the surplus to us, while also distributing the money to people who didn't pay in, the Income Tax Holiday Bill would ensure the maximum amount of money goes back to the people who paid the taxes."

Is the surplus really large enough to allow a one year tax holiday? According to Minnesota Management and Budget, the state takes in $15 Billion in revenue from the state income tax per year (based on the recent biennium's numbers). Mortensen is the only state legislator calling to give back every penny of the surplus.

"If we could pass this thing, the amount of economic activity that would come to Minnesota would more than make up for the $3 Billion gap" said Mortensen. "On top of that, we keep learning that the surplus is growing every couple months. Let's make Minnesota an attractive place to do business and finally give back the surplus to its rightful owners - the taxpayers."

Here's the language of the bill:

Two RINOs Lost GOP Endorsements on Saturday to Pro-Liberty Candidates

Two liberal voting Republican legislators in Minnesota, also known as RINOs (Republican In Name Only), lost endorsements to newcomer, pro-liberty candidates on Saturday. Rep Tony Jurgens (Lifetime Rating 37%) was beaten by Tom Dippel in Senate District 41 (Lake Elmo, Cottage Grove, Hastings). He earned 67% on the first ballot, while Jurgens received only 28%; 4% went to a third candidate. Dippel ran on championing the Never Again Bill once elected and how thousand page omnibus bills are unconstitutional and need to end.

Tom Dippel runs a dental manufacturing company in Newport. He's a husband and father of six children. 


In Prior Lake, Sen Eric Pratt (Lifetime Rating 24%) was beaten by a pro-health freedom nurse, Natalie Barnes. Nurse Natalie won the endorsement by 62% on the first ballot. Pratt, who authored the federal ID system called "Real ID, has been at odds with the grassroots conservative movement for years. During COVID, he refused to stand up and force votes on the Never Again Bill or firing Jan Malcolm. Delegates preferred the message of health freedom from Nurse Natalie Barns and selected her as their endorsed candidate.

There are still more endorsement battles ahead. Thousands of Action 4 Liberty supporters went to precinct caucuses on February 1st and became delegates. This poses a real threat to the Political Class, which is why they are attacking Action 4 Liberty with lies and false information. And their allies in the Phony News Media are teaming up with them to try to derail this big pro-liberty movement. But they will fail - the good guys are already prevailing!


Jeff Bezos' Ex Dumping Millions into Left Wing Minnesota Non-Profits

Jeff Bezos' ex-wife, Mackenzie Scott, is dumping millions of dollars from her Amazon fortune into left-wing Minnesota non-profits like Planned Parenthood and United States of Care. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, donations to 6 different organizations total $48 Million. Nearly half of it went to fund operations at Planned Parenthood.

Aside from being the largest provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood is solidly in the tank for Democrats in election years. They spend an extraordinary amount of funds each election year on supporting Democrat candidates, like Governor Tim Walz and his cronies. 

United States of Care is run by Andy Slavitt, who is Biden's former Senior Advisor for COVID. He also served in the Obama Administration as a key figure in implementing ObamaCare. The organization's mission is to advance government control in the health care industry. 

Mortensen is Only Legislator Who Hasn't Spent Your Surplus Money Yet

The Minnesota state government is running an enormous $12 Billion budget surplus. That means individual taxpayers in this state have been overtaxed to the tune of over $4,000 each. Which is why many Republicans have called for "Giving it Back." 

However, politicians on both sides of the aisle are already busy spending your surplus money. Remember - they passed a two-year budget last June - the government does not need to spend a dime more. 

Only one legislator in the state has stood up for the taxpayers and refused to spend the surplus. Freshman legislator, Erik Mortensen is honoring his pledge to give it all back.

HF3035 uses surplus money to fund a bogus audit of the Southwest Lightrail project - a complete, government funded boondoggle. The audit doesn't accomplish anything since it won't wrap up before the expensive rail project is completed. But that didn't stop every Senator and Representative, except Erik Mortensen, from voting to waste your surplus money.

Here's the appropriation:

Think there's merit to the wasteful audit, here's House Minority Leader and Lobbyist Legislator Kurt Daudt speaking out against it on the House floor...before he voted for it.

Here's the Senate vote:

Here's the House vote:

Medical Freedom Champion, Mark Bishofsky, Wins GOP Endorsement

Mark Bishofsky, founder of the health freedom organization "Stop The Mandates", won a commanding 82% of the vote during the Senate District 33 convention on Saturday, March 19th. The GOP Convention took place at Stillwater Middle School.

Bishofsky put in the hard work of reaching out to grassroots conservatives across House District 33B, organizing an impressive team of volunteers and winning their support. His district covers Stillwater, Marine on St Croix and parts of Forest Lake.

Background - Mark Bishofsky was forced out of his workplace and profession as a respiratory therapist due to his refusal to comply with the vaccine mandates and decided to make it his mission to restore freedom in our great state. He is well on his way to accomplishing this now with the GOP endorsement.

Candidates like Mark Bishofsky are working tirelessly across Minnesota to take back the State House for the GOP and push through an agenda based on Liberty and the Constitution! 

After Bishofsky’s endorsement, convention observers witnessed a fascinating spectacle.  Conservative activist, Monti Moreno, almost upset incumbent Senator Karin Housley! Monti received 46% of the vote on the first ballot against the incumbent senator. It took 3 rounds of balloting before Housley could muster up 60% of the support need to win an endorsement. This goes to show that the Establishment has a very tough time explaining their record when challenged by an anti-Status Quo figure, even from an unprepared opponent.

Congratulations to Mark Bishofsky on his commanding Victory! A4L looks forward to seeing pro-liberty legislation be advanced in Minnesota! 

You can learn more about Mark Bishofsky at his website

Corruption in Morrison County GOP Convention, But Conservative Activists Prevail

Many new activists, including ones that Action 4 Liberty drove to attend precinct caucuses, are experiencing an unwelcoming environment at their local conventions. Which is absurd considering the Republican Party hasn’t won a statewide election in 16 years – they should be welcoming new activists with open arms!

I get emails daily about this problem, and for the most part, chalk it up to the old guard protecting their little “fiefdoms”. 

But a more egregious problem occurred in the Morrison County Republican Party starting on caucus night. Several new delegates were taken off the list by the Party executives after being duly elected on caucus night (in accordance with state law). In some cases, names were added as delegates after the fact, including the wife of the local state representative, Ron Kresha. This not only violated the state party rules, but also was illegal. 

The Dr. Neil Shah gubernatorial campaign immediately noticed the problem when the state party provided delegate lists to them. They had an extensive ground game in Morrison County and their activists were missing from the delegate lists.

Shah, who is a proponent of election integrity, realized that a unit of the Republican Party was disenfranchising the voice of new conservative activists. That’s a big deal!

A conservative, outsider senate candidate named Nathan Wesenberg (Little Falls) also had an impressive ground game in Morrison County. When he learned of the issues with Morrison County, he demanded delegate lists and was not provided with them for nearly a month.

Candidates are entitled to the delegate lists since the delegates are the ones who decide who the Republican Party endorses as its candidates. 

The motivation to disenfranchise the new activists, which would directly hurt the Dr. Neil Shah campaign, Nathan Wesenberg for Senate and, from my research, even the Mike Murphy campaign, is unknown. But the Chairwoman of Morrison County GOP is a paid staffer for Paul Gazelka’s gubernatorial campaign. The cheating certainly put things in favor of Gazelka’s campaign since new, conservative activists are a big threat to his prospects of winning the Republican nomination. 

We dug into the Campaign Finance Records of Morrison County GOP and found that their bank account acts as a slush fund for Gazelka and friends. 97% of money raised in the rural party unit comes from lobbyists and Special Interests outside of the district. In fact, a $1,500 donation came from a DFL-aligned law firm that was used to file an erroneous complaint against Action 4 Liberty (which we beat). And 91% of expenditures went to golf expenses in 2021.

More importantly, Morrison County GOP bundled the money from lobbyists and Special Interests and donated $10,000 to Paul Gazelka’s Senate account, which was then terminated and transferred to his gubernatorial campaign.

We exposed this corruption in an article we wrote on February 21st entitled Corruption in Morrison County GOP. Evidence showing that Morrison County disenfranchised conservative activists was also provided in the article through signed affidavits and images of delegate rosters from caucus night. 

Trying to disguise the blatant corruption, the Republican Party decided to have Congressional District 8 GOP run the Morrison County convention on March 12th. And Paul Gazelka released an email excusing the behavior of the party leaders in Morrison County – an area he represents as state senator. 

Instead of fixing the errors caused by Heffron on delegate lists before the convention, the Republican Party decided to use the convention as the means to settle the score. So they sent out convention calls two weeks ago to the list of delegates they had – which means the disenfranchised new activists did not receive the call. So much for growing the Party!

Fortunately, the Wesenberg campaign stood up for these new activists and alerted them to the date/location of the Convention. They showed up and dedicated volunteers worked with the credentials committee to restore their delegate status. In fact, most of the delegates who were added by Heffron after caucus, like the wife of Ron Kresha, were removed as delegates. Huge success.

So Wesenberg supporters went to the convention floor to stop further corruption by the Party. They had a majority of the delegation at the convention. But the Congressional District 8 appointed chair, Justin Krych, from the start, wouldn't allow a new chair to be elected by the delegation floor. He later refused to acknowledge multiple motions and points of orders by the conservative activists. At one point he threatened to shut down the convention and remove delegates. When delegates called for a vote to appeal the ruling of the chair, Krych ignored the request.

Here's a snapshot of one of the battles...

In other words, Krych ruled the convention with an iron fist and removed the very important democratic function of conventions that both the Republican Party rules support and are embedded in Robert’s Rules of Order that govern these types of meetings. 

But this fight against corruption from the new activists, put the Party on high alert. Cheating was not going to be tolerated. Their voices matter. And as mentioned above, they had a majority. 

And thank God they had this mentality because a massive error happened later in the day when votes were being counted for State Delegate positions. A volunteer with the Shah Campaign insisted that he be present during the counting, but was initially told by the Head Teller that he was not allowed to observe. It’s the equivalent of throwing out a poll watcher on election day. The 22 delegates who were to be selected from Morrison County get to attend the Republican Party Convention in Rochester in May to decide who to endorse for Governor.

Luckily, the convention tellers, who came from Crow Wing County, were okay with the observer’s presence and it was determined he could be in the ballot counting room. I spoke to one of the tellers who stated that he and the others were big advocates for election integrity – thank God!

At the beginning of counting votes, 70 ballots were questioned because they contained the name of a new conservative activist, Dan Schilling, whose name was not on the official state delegation registration sheet provided to the tellers from the Party. A question was raised if the 70 ballots should be “spoiled” because once the votes for Schilling were removed from those ballots, they only had 21 names on it. Congressional District 8 GOP created a rule that required all ballots to have exactly 22 names on them.  

The Shah campaign volunteer noticed that this was not accurate and the tellers quickly agreed. The convention chair came into the room and determined that Schilling’s name was indeed on the roster on the convention floor and should be counted. Thanks to the tellers, Shah volunteer and the chair, the 70 ballots remained in effect. Here’s the kicker, Dan Schilling ended up being the top vote getter for state delegate in all of Morrison County. Had the tellers and observers not agreed on this omission error, Schilling would have been disenfranchised because some how his name wasn’t on list provided to the tellers. More importantly, all the votes of the other people on the 70 ballots would’ve been thrown out as well. 

New activists and Shah supporters ended up winning 17 of the 22 delegates positions. Gazelka delegates only won 5. If the 70 ballots would’ve been thrown out, Gazelka would have likely won all 22. Imagine Trump ballots being thrown out in a swing state and replaced with Biden ballots. These tactics change elections! And it’s why it’s vital that good people sign up to be election judges and poll watchers.

In the end, good prevailed because new activists were organized and knew the rules. They overcame corruption and a convention chair who ignored the democratic process. Disenfranchised new activists had their delegate statuses restored and the names of delegates added by Heffron were removed.

But I fear the cheating isn’t over. In the case of Nathan Wesenberg, the Insiders realize he has done an extraordinary job of organizing conservative activists. I wouldn’t be surprised if they refuse to hold an endorsing convention for Senate District 10 – a tactic that would force a primary where the Republican Party wouldn’t have an endorsed candidate to support, and thus welcome big, special interest money to help bolster the Political Class’ preferred candidate. 

Here's the deal. A lot of people have woken up in the last two years because of COVID tyranny and a crazy election that put a bumbling, moron in the Oval Office. Both the Republican and Democrat Establishment in this state are doing little to give back the massive $12 Billion surplus, stop vaccine mandates, and make sure unilateral emergency powers NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN - all issues that new conservative activists demand.  

The Political Class in Minnesota is threatened by all of us though. They know we are angry about how government has treated our liberties in the last two years. And they know we are organized. I remain optimistic that we will reclaim our liberties in this state because I see new conservative activists getting involved every day. If you recognize cheating, stand up against it and make your voice heard. We can turn things around in this state, but it requires good people to do something about it!

Missing information about your Convention? Click here to see the calendar

Report: Gov't Paid Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Etc. Your Tax Money to Push Vaccines

New documents reveal that $1 Billion of our tax dollars were spent by the Federal Government to fund the mainstream media’s promotion of the Covid vaccines. 

The Blaze requested these documents via a FOIA submission for the Health and Human Services’ funding of commercials and media outlets. It was found that money was given to “news” channels like CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS. HHS was also funding The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Washington Post, and other big name publications to spread their disinformation.

The obvious goal of this fake news conformity was to pressure the public to follow their commands. Ads and articles were designed to convince, not to inform the costs and benefits. Government funded uniformity in thought and speech is the first step to Communism. 

While hiding the overwhelming examples of adverse side effects, the HHS department has controlled the narrative of these shots. They have gone as far as using fear-based marketing to make you fear for your life, all just to get what they want. These people are evil and sick in the head!

Unfortunately, we’re seeing some of Minnesota’s own get a cut of the propaganda pie. Lobbyist Legislator Kurt Daudt was paid to feature in a “Get Your Vaccine” commercial. Daudt praises the vaccines as safe (because the government says so) and pushes people to take them. 

This corruption should come as no surprise as Daudt has failed to fight against mask mandates and currently works for a DC Lobbyist group called Stateside Associates to fight on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.

The government used our money to try to brainwash us into buying their narrative. This is the thought and speech police destroying America. We have to stand up for our God given rights before they are gone! Join the fight for liberty and stand up to these tyrants!

Delegate Election Fraud Covered Up by MNGOP; Gazelka Doubles Down

After the Morrison County GOP canceled its BPOU convention originally scheduled for Tuesday, February 22, locals were justified in asking the Party to provide more details as to why, but answers have not been forthcoming. Instead, it looks as if the MNGOP may be trying to cover up the potential fraud on delegate lists, a critical piece of the candidate endorsement process. 

Minnesota State law requires political parties to hold precinct caucuses and specifies that delegate elections take place at them. The evidence that state law was broken in Morrison County is overwhelming. And all of it is targeting and disenfranchising new, conservative activists. Much of this evidence is known because State Senate Candidate Nathan Wesenberg directed his supporters to document the events of the Caucus and take pictures of their delegate sheets.

On a phone call with Dr. Neil Shah’s campaign attorney, Morrison County GOP Chair Mandy Heffron admitted to manipulating Morrison County delegate lists. Either Mandy Heffron, who at the time was also a paid staffer for gubernatorial candidate Paul Gazelka, or someone else, removed names that were elected delegates and added names which were not duly elected on caucus night. This not only violates state law, but is also a violation of the Minnesota Republican Constitution.

To be clear, the stated facts are known based on comparing reports from delegates who were elected on caucus night to the electronic lists the MNGOP provided state candidates. If someone was duly elected as a delegate in their precinct on caucus night, they should be on the state GOP list. If someone was not on the list, they shouldn’t be. 

In several cases, the caucus precinct delegate lists did not match those sent to statewide campaigns. One egregious instance, to highlight just one, was the fact that Rep Ron Kresha’s wife appeared on the delegate sheets sent to the MNGOP after only becoming an alternate on caucus night. Dan Schilling, Precinct Chair of Little Falls Ward 3 confirmed that during caucus Mrs. Kresha was not elected as a delegate (she was elected as an alternate). Mr. Schilling’s wife Sara Schilling was elected as a delegate but her name was later missing from the MNGOP delegate sheets. There is still no response from Mandy Heffron on Mr. Schilling’s request to review the delegate form he handed to her at caucus.

We reported about these stories in our original piece last week: read here.

It has now been over four weeks since the fraud occurred. One wonders how it has taken so long for any information of substance to be shared either by Mandy Heffron or by the Republican Party of Minnesota. In fact, they are now driving forward with a March 12th convention and illegitimate delegates will have voting rights - while duly elected delegates from caucus night, will not be receiving a Convention call.

Isn’t this supposed to be the Party for election integrity?!

This is an obvious election integrity issue since delegates are the people who determine the Republican Party’s endorsement of candidates for office. There are less than 10,000 delegates statewide—strategically, every delegate matters, especially those known to be friendly to a specific candidate. When it is already apparent and confirmed that names were deleted and replaced with other names in one County GOP, one is justified in asking whether this might have happened elsewhere, too. The only way to know for sure would be for the MNGOP to be completely transparent and allow a third party, forensic audit that focuses on the electronic delegate sheets provided to campaigns and the actual documents signed by precinct chairs on caucus night.

The MNGOP does not appear to care about this violation of election integrity. All of the concerns of disenfranchisement have been ignored and they are carrying on with a convention, as stated above. 

Surprisingly, Gubernatorial candidate Paul Gazelka broke his silence on this matter late on March 1st with an email to statewide delegates. He stood up for his campaign staffer Mandy’s action. He stated that volunteers like Mandy are being “maligned and smeared without just cause” and called the legitimate allegations against her and Morrison County “outright lies.”

Gazelka went on to quote scripture - “Jesus said, ‘a House divided against itself cannot stand.’" Of course, Jesus also threw out the ‘den of thieves’ occupying the temple - which is exactly what these new conservative activists are trying to do as they encounter fraud.

Clearly something stinks here. Why else would the Party remove Mandy Heffron from running the Morrison County Convention and put the Eighth Congressional District GOP in charge? More importantly, the Republican Party needs to grow its conservative base of legislators, but candidates like Senate Candidate Nathan Wesenberg are running into obstacles from the Party.

Wesenberg had to ask Morrison County multiple times for the delegate lists. His requests were not answered by Heffron and the State Party delayed the release of the list to him for several weeks (he received them on February 28th). Statewide candidates like Gazelka had the lists in mid-February.

Justin Krych, Deputy Chair of the Eighth Congressional District GOP Executive Committee, who will lead the Morrison County BPOU convention instead of Mandy Heffron, has so far refused to add the rightful names as delegates, suggesting they could be added back by a vote at the convention. 

In a climate where transparency and responsiveness to the people are crucial (and rewarded), why hasn’t the MNGOP held itself accountable to its own rules and caucus procedure according to Minnesota Statute 202A.18?    

In the same newsletter, Gazeka writes: “When the state leans left, it is very difficult to hold the line, and yet Republican legislators did just that.” However, findings by Rick Weible and Susan Smith call into question whether the state actually leans left politically based on votes cast in the November 3rd, 2020 election, already fifteen months ago. Since, the case could be made that more and more people are looking to the Republican Party for a way forward. Grassroots Republicans and activists showed up in large numbers at precinct caucuses. In fact there was a 63 percent increase in votes cast during the straw poll, a clear suggestion of heightened interest in local politics.

Is what happened in Morrison County the kind of welcome that newly engaged, conservative activists deserve?

In the broader context, the people have watched and waited for the MNGOP to serve the interests of the people, and they are still waiting. It doesn’t help matters when the Morrison County fraud was attempted to be covered up. Why? Because it makes regular Minnesotans wonder what more could be hiding behind the curtain. At the same time, this lack of transparency may inspire more people to be called to serve as elected officials, replacing those who aren’t doing their jobs.

The MNGOP is the weak point in the establishment, ripe for the emergence of leaders who will actively serve ‘We the People’ with every breath and action, who will seek the truth and speak the truth. These candidates will be a welcome contrast to members of the MNGOP establishment like Gubernatorial candidate Paul Gazelka who are twisting words to cover up the truth and many more who are absent or silent on election integrity.

Democrats We Targeted Are Retiring in Droves

The writing on the wall is crystal clear - the Con Artist Democrats who protected Governor Walz' Emergency Powers have dark days ahead.

I'm happy to report that a third Democrat we targeted last year has announced a sudden retirement. That makes 3 already - and it's only March 3rd!!!

Mike Sundin, Paul Marquart and Karla Bigham know that voters are angry with them for supporting wannabe Tyrant Governor Tim Walz. They were in big trouble.

We knocked on every voter's door in their districts, and I can assure you, their voters were on board with you and me. They don't like politicians who vote against their liberties.

Our large pressure campaign caused REAL PAIN for Democrat politicians. It's the reason that the DFL Party filed an erroneous campaign finance report against us - which we beat handedly.

However, when you talk to a RINO legislator, they'll accuse us of "only attacking Republicans." Remember - politicians lie! 

To be politically respected, you must be politically feared

Which is why in reality, the people the Democrats fear the most is you, me and the hundreds of thousands of supporters of Action 4 Liberty. They know we don't compromise on our liberties and are willing to fight to protect them!

This is an election year, which means politicians will launch a full on assault on groups like ours. They want a smooth path to the thing they care about the most: their re-election.

I promise to make things extremely rocky, turbulent and painful for them this year. You can see many of them are already quitting because they know we aren't going away.


Democrats are desperately scrambling to change the narrative now that mandates are extremely unpopular. Have you noticed this?

In fact, Joe Biden is using the Russia-Ukraine war propaganda to steer our attention away from the massive infringements on our rights. Just the other night at the State of the Union Address, masks came off. Poof --- Science!

Even an infectious disease expert used by the Biden Administration recently stated that "cloth masks don't work" on the Joe Rogan podcast. 

You see, the Democrats were on the wrong side of history and they know it. So they are trying to do what they can to pivot.

But we won't let them pivot on the truth. We'll inform their voters of what they did to Minnesotans' liberties in the name of "fighting COVID." That's our promise to you!