Hair Style Equals Race, According to Ludicrous Bill Passed By Republicans & Democrats

After failing to garner the votes needed to pass last year, the Crown Act was brought before the newly elected DFL majorities on Wednesday. 

This legislation amends the Minnesota Human Rights act to prevent discrimination based on hairstyle. The bill language is one sentence long, and reads:

“Subd. 36a. Race. "Race" is inclusive of traits associated with race, including but not limited to hair texture and hair styles such as braids, locks, and twists.”

There are a few problems with this legislation, chief among them being that race is never actually defined

A circular definition is a description that uses the word being defined in its description. Legislators should have made note that race is never actually defined in this legislation, as the bill language states that race is “inclusive of traits associated with race…”

Moreover, this legislation seeks to throw a hand grenade into the culture war, further dividing people and creating opportunities for the left to be offended. 

It goes without saying that racism should never be tolerated in our society, but there is no need to cower to the left’s every agenda item that is associated with race.

As predicted, many Republican legislators jumped on board with this bill. It overwhelmingly passed on Wednesday with a vote of 111-19. Here is a list of the legislators who voted for this ridiculous bill:


18 states have already passed this language into law, coinciding with an effort to pass the legislation nationwide. 

Democrats Push Higher Taxes and Regulations on Struggling Businesses

Despite years of overtaxation and lockdowns, and a record budget surplus, the Minnesota DFL has more punches to throw at small businesses.

Governor Walz and Democrats just unveiled their plan for mandatory paid family and medical leave on Tuesday, revealing that they will be introducing a statewide, employer tax mandate to cover the bill.

Big corporations like Target and Walmart will have no problems paying the 0.7% tax and costs to train replacement employees. It’s the Mom and Pop shops that will struggle to keep up.

By mandating a whopping 24 weeks of leave, businesses who are barely scraping by will be forced to hire and train new employees in the midst of the largest labor shortage in decades.

Even Steve Grove, Walz’s commissioner of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (MNDEED) admitted that this proposal will put an extra strain on businesses.  According to Kare 11, Grove stated that training replacement employees will “create hardships” for small employers.

The combination of tax hikes and business mandates will be another causing blow to the remaining small businesses in Minnesota that survived Tim Walz' illegal shut downs.

Democrats Push Election Changes to Help Bolster Their Ballot Harvesting Operations

Under the newly minted DFL trifecta in St. Paul, Governor Walz is ready to shove huge legislative proposals down the throats of his opponents.

According to Axios, Walz admitted that he is ready to move forward with extreme election laws without any Republican support.

Despite having the highest voter turnout in the nation (80% in 2020), Democrats insist that the “right to vote” is in danger in Minnesota. Their fear mongering will result in:


  • Automatically mailing out absentee ballots
  • Pre-registering 16 and 17 year olds
  • Automatic voter registration


These measures are likely going to be put in place now that the DFL has control of the State Government. Special thanks to former Republican Rep Tony Jurgens on that one.

While voter participation is important, this move is an obvious attempt to bolster Democrat’s ballot harvesting operations. 

The fact that Governor Walz is ready to steamroll his opposition speaks volumes about his dedication to his hyper-partisan agenda. If and when these reforms are put in place, it may be impossible to elect liberty-loving candidates for years to come. 

Democrats Backtrack on Promise to End Social Security Tax

In 2022, both Republicans and Democrats campaigned to end state Social Security taxes on retired Minnesotans. However, it appears that Democrats largely used the issue to provide political cover for themselves during an election in which they desperately tried to stave off annihilation.

It worked well enough for them to hold onto the House and gain a one seat majority in the Senate, giving them total control of the Minnesota State Government.

Days after being sworn in, Walz and other top DFL leaders criticized the idea of eliminating this shameful tax. This is despite the fact that last year Walz had come to an agreement with Republicans to eliminate it.

Four new DFL State Senators from swing districts campaigned to end this tax on seniors. Some of these races were won by a handful of votes and this issue alone could have made the difference. These Senators include Rob Kupec (SD 4), Heather Gustafson (SD 36), Judy Seeberger (SD 41), and Grant Hauschild (SD 3). 

New Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic and House Speaker Melissa Hortman have both agreed with Walz, saying that the tax on social security must stay in place. 

Remember that Minnesota is currently facing a record $17.6 billion budget surplus. Yet Walz and his cronies believe that this tax is still “needed”.

Action 4 Liberty opposes the Social Security tax and calls on both Democrats and Republicans to permanently eliminate it altogether.

Congressional Conservatives Win MAJOR Reforms in Historic Speaker Battle

After 15 ballots across 5 days, Kevin McCarthy (CA20) was elected Speaker of the House on January 6th. He defeated Hakeem Jeffries (NY8) on the final ballot with a tally of McCarthy 216, Jeffries 212, Present 6. This slim majority allowed the few true conservatives in DC to have the upper-hand in negotiations and provide a massive victory for the American people. This was a world class example of confrontational politics being employed perfectly.

Nominations of Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Byron Donalds, Kevin Hern, and Donald Trump were rotated throughout the votes as passionate speeches laid out the flaws with McCarthy’s leadership and the rules in which the House functions. 

At its height, 21 GOP members were voting against McCarthy or voting present. You can see the full results that we tracked here. This tactical move was highly criticized by the mainstream media, including Fox News. However, the Establishment fails to realize how successful and necessary these Representatives were. Swamp Creature Rep. Mike Rogers even screamed and lunged at Matt Gaetz after the 14th ballot.

While all 21 Representatives deserve credit for the deal-making, 6 patriots held out the longest to force as many conservative promises from McCarthy. They are Reps. Andy Biggs (AZ5), Lauren Boebert (CO3), Eli Crane (AZ2), Matt Gaetz (FL1), Bob Good (VA5), and Matt Rosendale (MT2). Rep. Crane was just elected to his first term in Congress and the Navy SEAL veteran/business owner showed he has a backbone of steel in his first few days.

Below you will see the concessions McCarthy had to make with conservatives in order to become Speaker:


  • Jeffersonian Motion: Ability for a single member of Congress to motion to vacate the Chair if the Speaker does not fulfill campaign pledges
  • Forced Votes: Term limits, Border Funding/Protection, and a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Remove all Covid Vax Mandates and Restrictions
  • FBI Investigation: 1975 Church Committee style investigation
  • Provide more Single Subject Bills, less Omnibus Bills, and strictly enforce Amendments to be Germaine
  • No increase in debt ceiling in next Federal Budget Agreement
  • 72 Hour Requirement for members to read the bills before they can be voted on


Who knows if any of these important initiatives would ever have seen daylight if this battle was not fought. It is now up to conservative members of Congress to make sure that McCarthy lives up to his word and holds Biden and the Democrats accountable. 

Though many conservatives would have liked to see McCarthy entirely removed, the victories that came out of the negotiations allowed for Constitutional, Conservative oversight of the Speaker and we have the fighters ready for this moment. Big win for our country!

Republicans Miller & Abeler Vote for Liberal Democrat for Senate President

The Minnesota Senate, which the Democrats just took control of by a slim 34-33 majority, elected Bobby Joe Champion (D-59) to be the new President of the Senate. Shockingly, two Republicans joined all Democrats in voting for the liberal Minneapolis Democrat.

One of the Republicans was the notoriously, left-leaning Republican from Anoka, Jim Abeler. Abeler infamously told a crowd of health freedom activists that he was the reason Tim Walz' Commissioner of Health was never fired.

The other vote came from Sen Jeremy Miller who was the Republican Majority Leader up until he failed to win the majority in November’s election. 

Miller himself oversaw a Republican senate last term that spent billions of Minnesota’s growing budget surplus instead of giving it back to who it rightfully belongs to—Minnesotans— and failed to pass legislation to protect everyday Minnesota workers from being forced to take an experimental jab.  

Miller and Abeler aren’t the only “Republicans” to expose themselves in recent times.  Tony Jurgens, who represented the Hastings area for six years as a Republican, endorsed and campaigned with Democrat Judy Seeberger in Senate District 41—helping her to defeat Tom Dippel, a great candidate, by 321 votes.  Those 321 votes, delivered by Jurgens, is what gave Democrats control of both legislative chambers and the governorship for the next two years.  

The Republican Senate election arm, run by Jeremy Miller, intervened in that Senate race when they covertly backed former Rep Tony Jurgens.

It has often been said for many years now that we need a third party.  Wouldn’t it be nice to try a second party first?  

Here's the video of the vote for Senate President:


RINO McCarthy Fails to Become Speaker in Historic Event

Did you see what just happened today in Congress???

For the first time in the age of television, the U.S. House of Representatives failed to elect a Speaker of the House. Which means no business can occur until one is selected by a majority of congressmen. I guess we'll save TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!

A hold out of 19 conservatives refused to vote for RINO Kevin McCarthy, opting instead to vote for Ohio Representative, Jim Jordan. On the 3rd ballot, a 20th Congressman, joined the resistance.

Here's our vote tracker:

Don't miss our coverage of this historic event today and why it's important for you and the future of our country.

WATCH on Rumble:

Elon Musk Signals Release of "Fauci Files"

On Sunday, Elon Musk teased the release of secret information regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci, which some are already calling the "Fauci Files". Since taking over Twitter, Musk has released information about the coordination of social media giants and the government in an infamous series of releases called the "Twitter Files". And in the last week, Musk has also made a bunch of tweets criticizing Fauci, including the most notorious one: "My pronouns are prosecute/Fauci".

Musk tweeted on New Years Day that 2023 will not be "boring." Juanita Broaddrick replied to the tweet and got an answer from Musk:

What are we going to learn about Fauci? Is their damning evidence that he knew about the gain-of-function research and how he caused the release of COVID-19? Will his lies about masks and vaccines become well documented to the public? 

We're eagerly anticipating the release of this information and will bring it to you as soon as it comes out!

MN Dept of Health Caught Spreading Misinformation

The Minnesota Department of Health has issued several public advisories this week with misinformation about the experimental COVID vaccine. Facing dropping numbers of Minnesotans who are deciding to not get boosted, the Department appears to be on a campaign to continue boosting profits for Big Pharma.

In it's advisory released this Monday where the Dept is "urging" parents to get their children from 6 months to 5 years old vaccinated, Commissioner Jan Malcolm alludes to the vaccine preventing sickness, which has been proven false. Even worse, the State Epidemiologist, Dr. Ruth Lynfield, asserts that the vaccine helps by "reducing spread." 

The experimental COVID vaccines do not provide immunity, which was the original selling point by public health officials. At the beginning of the vaccine rollout, those getting infected after being vaccinated were referred to as "break through cases." In Minnesota, all major Democrat politicians have been fully vaccinated and contracted COVID. Attorney General Keith Ellison had it twice

Vaccinated individuals also spread COVID to others. A Pfizer Executive admitted that they never studied if the vaccine slows or stops the spread before the vaccine hit the markets.


In a statement to the press, Dr. Lynfield also urged Minnesotans of all ages to get the COVID shot "to allow time for their immunity to build before the holidays are in full swing." But COVID shots do not create immunity. This type of misinformation is damaging, however, you aren't likely to see it get censored by Big Tech - they reserve that censorship for truth-telling groups.

The Dept of Health also recommends wearing a mask in public, during the holiday season, but they have ditched the advice on wearing useless cloth masks and advised Minnesotans to wear "well-fitting, high quality [...] N-95, KN-95" masks. Don't expect an apology from MDH for a year of misinformation on the utility of cloth masks, which were mandated by Governor Tim Walz in 2020-2021.

Governor Walz' Dept of Health is 'Urging' Parents to Give Babies Experimental Shot

Governor Walz' Department of Health (MDH) is "urging" parents of children as young as 6 months old, to get the experimental COVID shot. As we reported in October, the FDA and CDC officially made the recommendation to add the experimental COVID vaccine on the 2023 child immunization schedule.

For Minnesota to mandate the experimental jab, either the legislature (now controlled by Democrats) can vote to add it to the official MN immunization schedule or the Commissioner of Health may implement it. If adopted, it would require all children who attend school, public or private, to get the shot. 

Last summer, data from MDH showed that only 5% of children between 6 months and 4 years old had received their first jab. Parents appear to be skeptical of the necessity to vaccinate their young children with the experimental vaccine when severe COVID cases for them are extremely rare.

Data from MDH's website states that only 16.9% of children from 6 months to 5 years old got one dose. When counting all doses, which MDH considers "up to date," only 4.3% of that age group is vaccinated. And those children's parents, which are measured in the age group of 18-49, are also no longer getting their boosters. Only 12.9% in that age group are categorized as "up to date."

Mounting data suggests there are under reported risks associated with the jab, like higher cases of myocarditis or blood clots that lead to serious health issues. Minnesota has these stories that the mainstream corporate media refuses to discuss. Here's a recent episode of our show where we interview a woman who was injured from the COVID vaccine: