RINO McCarthy Fails to Become Speaker in Historic Event

Did you see what just happened today in Congress???

For the first time in the age of television, the U.S. House of Representatives failed to elect a Speaker of the House. Which means no business can occur until one is selected by a majority of congressmen. I guess we'll save TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!

A hold out of 19 conservatives refused to vote for RINO Kevin McCarthy, opting instead to vote for Ohio Representative, Jim Jordan. On the 3rd ballot, a 20th Congressman, joined the resistance.

Here's our vote tracker:

Don't miss our coverage of this historic event today and why it's important for you and the future of our country.

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Elon Musk Signals Release of "Fauci Files"

On Sunday, Elon Musk teased the release of secret information regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci, which some are already calling the "Fauci Files". Since taking over Twitter, Musk has released information about the coordination of social media giants and the government in an infamous series of releases called the "Twitter Files". And in the last week, Musk has also made a bunch of tweets criticizing Fauci, including the most notorious one: "My pronouns are prosecute/Fauci".

Musk tweeted on New Years Day that 2023 will not be "boring." Juanita Broaddrick replied to the tweet and got an answer from Musk:

What are we going to learn about Fauci? Is their damning evidence that he knew about the gain-of-function research and how he caused the release of COVID-19? Will his lies about masks and vaccines become well documented to the public? 

We're eagerly anticipating the release of this information and will bring it to you as soon as it comes out!

MN Dept of Health Caught Spreading Misinformation

The Minnesota Department of Health has issued several public advisories this week with misinformation about the experimental COVID vaccine. Facing dropping numbers of Minnesotans who are deciding to not get boosted, the Department appears to be on a campaign to continue boosting profits for Big Pharma.

In it's advisory released this Monday where the Dept is "urging" parents to get their children from 6 months to 5 years old vaccinated, Commissioner Jan Malcolm alludes to the vaccine preventing sickness, which has been proven false. Even worse, the State Epidemiologist, Dr. Ruth Lynfield, asserts that the vaccine helps by "reducing spread." 

The experimental COVID vaccines do not provide immunity, which was the original selling point by public health officials. At the beginning of the vaccine rollout, those getting infected after being vaccinated were referred to as "break through cases." In Minnesota, all major Democrat politicians have been fully vaccinated and contracted COVID. Attorney General Keith Ellison had it twice

Vaccinated individuals also spread COVID to others. A Pfizer Executive admitted that they never studied if the vaccine slows or stops the spread before the vaccine hit the markets.


In a statement to the press, Dr. Lynfield also urged Minnesotans of all ages to get the COVID shot "to allow time for their immunity to build before the holidays are in full swing." But COVID shots do not create immunity. This type of misinformation is damaging, however, you aren't likely to see it get censored by Big Tech - they reserve that censorship for truth-telling groups.

The Dept of Health also recommends wearing a mask in public, during the holiday season, but they have ditched the advice on wearing useless cloth masks and advised Minnesotans to wear "well-fitting, high quality [...] N-95, KN-95" masks. Don't expect an apology from MDH for a year of misinformation on the utility of cloth masks, which were mandated by Governor Tim Walz in 2020-2021.

Governor Walz' Dept of Health is 'Urging' Parents to Give Babies Experimental Shot

Governor Walz' Department of Health (MDH) is "urging" parents of children as young as 6 months old, to get the experimental COVID shot. As we reported in October, the FDA and CDC officially made the recommendation to add the experimental COVID vaccine on the 2023 child immunization schedule.

For Minnesota to mandate the experimental jab, either the legislature (now controlled by Democrats) can vote to add it to the official MN immunization schedule or the Commissioner of Health may implement it. If adopted, it would require all children who attend school, public or private, to get the shot. 

Last summer, data from MDH showed that only 5% of children between 6 months and 4 years old had received their first jab. Parents appear to be skeptical of the necessity to vaccinate their young children with the experimental vaccine when severe COVID cases for them are extremely rare.

Data from MDH's website states that only 16.9% of children from 6 months to 5 years old got one dose. When counting all doses, which MDH considers "up to date," only 4.3% of that age group is vaccinated. And those children's parents, which are measured in the age group of 18-49, are also no longer getting their boosters. Only 12.9% in that age group are categorized as "up to date."

Mounting data suggests there are under reported risks associated with the jab, like higher cases of myocarditis or blood clots that lead to serious health issues. Minnesota has these stories that the mainstream corporate media refuses to discuss. Here's a recent episode of our show where we interview a woman who was injured from the COVID vaccine:

Fauci's Daughter Worked for Twitter During COVID

Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter we have seen the truth brought into the light on many issues. Most notably is the crackhead Hunter Biden laptop story where Biden’s campaign coordinated with Twitter to censor the truth and label it as “Russian disinformation”. It was also uncovered that Twitter tampered in the Presidential election in Brazil to prevent Jair Bolsonaro from winning re-election. And of course there was plenty of shadow-banning and cancel culture that we know of.

However, maybe the biggest story just got uncovered. During times of mask mandates, lockdowns, and censorship, Anthony Fauci’s daughter Ali Fauci worked for Twitter as a software engineer!

This news is shocking to find out and was released in Dr. Fauci’s deposition with the Missouri and Arizona Attorney Generals. As per usual, Fauci skirts around questions with nonsensical word salads (including 174 times he said “I don’t recall”); however his admission about his daughter’s employment is a shocker. See the questioning below:

As you can tell by Fauci’s answers, he tried every which way to avoid the question because it proves a certain level of corroboration with Twitter to censor anything that Fauci wanted. Despite his daughter being a software engineer and not a content moderator, we would be foolish to assume this connection was by coincidence.

You can read the full transcript of the deposition here

Ali Fauci’s current bio on empowerproject.us can be seen below:

The corruption of Twitter and the rest of Big Tech is being exposed more and more. It is powerful that Elon Musk is a truth-teller who supports free speech and Action 4 Liberty loves to see it! We hope Elon keeps up his work and exposes more corruption, censorship, and election manipulation by Twitter.


What we have all known for a long time is coming to the surface, the truth is on our side!


Unbelievable! Minnesota Budget Surplus Balloons to $14.5 Billion. You're owed $6,000!

The Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) released it's latest budget forecast this morning predicting a staggering $14.5 Billion budget surplus. That means Minnesota government has overtaxed taxpayers to the tune of $6,000 each. 

In its report, MMB shows a change of $4.5 Billion since it's last official forecast in February. Higher than project revenues accounts for the largest portion of that change, although the government has spent $1.5 Billion less than originally expected. Media reports will state a smaller number than $14.5 Billion, but that's because they don't account for the enormous budget reserves. The state is holding onto an extra $2.8 Billion of our money for no apparent reason. 

Here are the numbers:

Projections for the 2024-2025 Biennium budget show the surplus growing by another $6 Billion. Although, those preliminary numbers will not likely stay the same by this same point in 2024.

With the current $14.5 Billion budget surplus, Minnesota government should immediately GIVE IT BACK to all taxpayers. If divided equally, that's over $6,000 per taxpayer. A more prudent approach to giving it back would be to suspend all income taxes for this year. Rep Erik Mortensen has a bill that does this.

Vaccine Injured Woman Speaks Out and We Are BANNED on YouTube

YouTube banned us again. The "Lords of Political Thought" won't allow us to discuss important medical issues with a medical doctor. Amazing!

Luckily, we have a thriving Rumble page and today we discussed the dangers of the COVID vaccine with Suzanna who took the vaccine in April of 2021 and has been severely injured from it. 



Rep Jurgens Endorsed Democrat Seeberger in Race That Gave Control of Senate to DFL

Senate District 41 (Lake Elmo, Afton, Cottage Grove & Hastings) had a top notch Republican candidate named Tom Dippel running for the new Senate seat. Although Dippel has been active in politics for a decade, 2022 was the first time he ran for office. Tom was busy raising his large, growing family and building his successful dental manufacturing practice in Newport. He was a great fit for the district, had traditional, conservative viewpoints and worked around the clock door knocking and campaigning to win the district.

(Tom Dippel and his family)

But his path to success was challenged at every stage by a Republican Establishment who didn't want a constitutional conservative up at the Capitol. In April, Dippel won the Party's endorsement by a significant margin over "Republican" Representative Tony Jurgens, who vacated his seat to run for the new Senate seat.

Jurgens was recruited by a currently serving Republican senator to challenge Dippel in the August 9th Primary. He was supported by the Republican Establishment, including the official Senate GOP party unit, the Senate Victory Fund. Staffers for the Republican Senate Victory Fund actively campaigned for Jurgens in the August primary to try and get rid of Dippel.

(Image of Jurgens campaigning in the primary with Senate Victory Fund staffers)

Jurgens and his allies tarnished Dippel's name in the district, accusing him of being an "extremist"  The Establishment forced the Dippel campaign to waste over $50,000 to defend his endorsement in front of primary voters. Weeks before the primary, the MNGOP even cut off data access to the Dippel campaign and tried getting him to pay them a substantial amount of money to get access back (he was the ENDORSED candidate!).

Dippel ended up defeating Jurgens by a 20 point margin in the August primary. The entire majority in the Minnesota Senate hinged on Dippel's seat, so the Republican Establishment eventually coalesced around Dippel, spending large sums of money on independent expenditures, but damage was already done.

Then Tony Jurgens, still bitter from his loss, decided to sink the Republicans from keeping a majority in the State Senate and started supporting the Democrat in the race, Judy Seeberger. The person he was set to face in the election in November had he won the August primary, was now the person he was supporting to be the senator. 

In September we reported that Jurgens had a Seeberger yard sign at his home in Cottage Grove. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Jurgens was actively campaigning around the district with the Democrat. A far-left group in Hastings proudly boasted about it.

With under a week left to go before the election, Jurgens made a public endorsement of the Democrat and cut this video with her, which was used by Seeberger in emails and social media:

Liberals in the district quickly spread the word around, making Seeberger look like a bi-partisan, middle-of-the-road politician.

On election night, Democrats took control of the entire Minnesota government. And the balance of power for the Minnesota Senate came down to Senate District 41, where Dippel lost by only 321 votes to Judy Seeberger.

Jurgens was able to sway enough voters to vote for Seeberger over Dippel. He only needed to get 161 voters to flip.


When Democrats come after our guns with ludicrous gun control legislation, it's Tony Jurgens who allowed that to happen.

When Democrats spend our surplus dollars instead of giving it back, it's Tony Jurgens who allowed them to have complete control over the state budget.

When the Democrats further codify EXTREME California style Climate Change policies, it was Tony Jurgens that ensured the anti-freedom radicals had the majority in the Minnesota Senate. 

And when Democrats impose COVID vaccine mandates on our children, remember that it was Tony Jurgens who delivered the path for anti-health freedom Democrats to force our children to get the experimental vaccine.


Conservative Nathan Wesenberg Wins Senate Seat by Over 45 Points

Nathan Wesenberg of Little Falls crushed his radical leftist Democratic opponent Suzanne Cekalla last night by winning 72.41% to his opponent’s 27.33% of the vote! Senate District 10 will now have a powerful voice in Saint Paul!

Wesenberg will be the leading conservative voice in the Minnesota Senate and arguably Minnesota at large. A conservative champion is needed following the results of last night. 

The red wave never came which signifies a problem with the Republican brand. We'd argue the Republicans in Minnesota have drifted away from promoting conservative solutions, instead pushing for Democrat-lite policies. The results in Minnesota and across our country shows that we need fearless leaders in this time of darkness. 

Nathan Wesenberg is going to fight the socialist Democrats tooth and nail to get our freedom back. Wesenberg is committed to protecting the 2nd Amendment, returning our surplus money, fighting vax mandates, cutting taxes and spending, and protecting human life from death by abortion.

Very rarely do we see a politician who says the truth and stands behind his principles, the Swamp is always making new creatures. But Wesenberg is battle-tested from the primary campaign where corrupt officials tried to delete delegates from the GOP caucus and replace them with non-attendees! Wesenberg also had to deal with a rigged Endorsing Convention that prevented him from winning the endorsement by delaying the vote and forcing everyone to leave! 

The Establishment did all they could to prevent Wesenberg from becoming a state senator, but Wesenberg prevailed. Hard work and grassroots energy has taken this ZZ Top lookalike to be the voice of ‘We The People’ and stand up to the corruption in Minnesota.

Congratulations Nathan on your MASSIVE victory last night! Keep up the fight for Freedom!

The Call for "Pandemic Amnesty" for the Political Class Elite

The authoritarian reaction to COVID by government officials, tyrannical governors (like Minnesota's Tim Walz), and Joe Biden has led to an immeasurable amount of mental health issues, deaths, inflation and supply chain issues. But according to author Emily Oster of The Atlantic, the sins of the Political Class Elite should be forgiven. Oster penned an article this week called "Let's Declare a Pandemic Amnesty."

In the article she argues that there were many mistakes made by policymakers, the scientific community and regular people, but those were made because at the time, it was believed to be the right thing to do. She opens the article painting a clear picture of the kind of person she was during COVID:

In April 2020, with nothing else to do, my family took an enormous number of hikes. We all wore cloth masks that I had made myself. We had a family hand signal, which the person in the front would use if someone was approaching on the trail and we needed to put on our masks.  Once, when another child got too close to my then-4-year-old son on a bridge, he yelled at her “SOCIAL DISTANCING!”

The argument that we've made since the start is that the Political Class lacks the authority and power constitutionally to mandate compliance with their COVID measures. The fact that they "may get it wrong" is why we have a Constitutional check on powers - governors do not get to become sole decision-makers.

It's also important that people like Anthony Fauci who used his position of power to use our tax money to fund gain of function research, then lied to Congress about it, be held accountable. 

Millions of Minnesotans and billions of people around the world have been negatively impacted by the Political Class Elite's mistakes. The idea of granting them amnesty is ludicrous and it's time that these people are held accountable.