Supreme Court Kills Biden's Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

The Biden Administration's illegal and unconstitutional vaccine mandate, administered through OSHA, was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 6-3 ruling. This is a massive blow to Biden and his COVID Cultist led Administration. 

Today's ruling applies to the mandate on private employers of 100 or more workers. However, a separate mandate on medical facilities, which impacts 20 million health workers, was upheld by the Court. The justices in the majority argued that the government had authority over health care workers who treat Medicare and Medicaid patients. 

Unfortunately, the fight is not over. Tyrannical politicians at the state and local level will try to force vaccines as well. Minneapolis and St Paul mayors just instituted a vaccine passport program. We need to get the legislature to outlaw ALL vaccine mandates by passing the Stop Vaccine Mandates Legislation. 


Minneapolis & St Paul Institute Vaccine Passports for Bars, Restaurants & Venues

Vaccine Passports are finally here. The COVID Cultists have now infected the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul with their dogma of Faucism, and it's going to have real costs for businesses and citizens. 

Lunatic mayors, Jacob Frey and Melvin Carter, held a joint press conference this afternoon announcing new citywide mandates - either show proof of the jab or show a negative test in the past 72 hours. In other words, both obnoxiously woke mayors are now going to force citizens to show their papers in order to go get a drink or have dinner in the city.

The data does not back these illegal policies at all. Vaccinated individuals can get and spread COVID just as easily as those who remain unvaccinated. In just the last three weeks, Governor Walz, Attorney General Keith Ellison and Secretary of State Steve Simon have contracted COVID. All of those Democrat elected officials are fully vaccinated with the booster. 

This new policy applies to:

  • Indoor restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Sports venues 
  • Theaters
  • Bowling alleys
  • Convention centers
  • Catering halls


In October, Governor Walz laughed off the idea that vaccine passports are coming to Minnesota stating “none of those things are real.” Turns out organizations like ours who have been warning about this were right to raise awareness. Walz is a liar.

Want to Stop Vaccine Passports in Minnesota? We need to get the legislature to outlaw them by passing the Stop Vaccine Mandates Legislation. 


Fully Vaccinated & Boosted Secretary of State, Steve Simon, Has COVID

Minnesota's Secretary of State, Steve Simon, just announced he tested positive for COVID. Despite being a mask wearing, fully vaccinated and boosted public official, he still contracted the virus. With zero proof, Simon stated, "I feel fine, probably because I’m fully vaccinated and boosted."

Simon is the fourth fully vaccinated, statewide, publicly elected official to contract COVID recently. Lt Governor Peggy Flannagan had COVID in the fall. Governor Walz came down with the virus right before Christmas. And Attorney General Keith Ellison got it last week while traveling abroad. 

Joe Biden just stated last week that "this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated" - a false talking point which is highly discredited by publicly available data. Senator Tina Smith said in a press release on January 3rd that a recent federal government push to distribute vaccines will be key in "slowing the spread of this virus." 

The CDC, as recent as December 17th, still falsely proclaims that infection amongst the vaccinated is a rare occurrence. They call those "breakthrough cases". Either Minnesota's statewide elected officials are defying all odds, or that statement by the CDC is a bunch of malarkey. 

Despite the inability for vaccines to stop or slow the spread of COVID, Minnesota House Democrats are instituting a mandate for staff at the Capitol. And lunatic mayors Jacob Frey and Melvin Carter are considering implementing vaccine passports in Minneapolis and St Paul.

Are you sick of these liars?

Learn how you can Stop Vaccine Mandates & Passports in Minnesota. Get ACTIVE NOW!




House Speaker Hortman Implements Biden Mandate for House Staff; Legislators Exempt

House Speaker Melissa Hortman has decided to implement the illegal and unconstitutional Biden vaccine mandate for the Minnesota House staff. According to her memo, all employees and interns must "become fully vaccinate and provide documentation of vaccination status by February 9, 2022 OR provide the results of weekly negative testing by February 9th". 

For the Party that constantly says "follow the science", what's the logic in providing negative testing only for those unvaccinated? Vaccinated individuals get and spread COVID just as much as the unvaccinated community. 

More importantly, elected legislators are exempt from this policy. Requiring a duly elected official to get an experimental jab would certainly be a legal juggernaut for Hortman and her fellow COVID cultists, but if this is about science, then why aren't they included in this policy? It's wrong to mandate people get an experimental jab - and this policy by the authoritarians will soon be coming to all of us in Minnesota.

Action 4 Liberty fighting back against these anti-liberty politicians. If you want to Stop Vaccine Mandates in Minnesota, attending your precinct caucus is the most powerful way to get immediate results. 


Vaccine Passports Coming to Minneapolis & St Paul

Minneapolis and St Paul Mayors, Jacob Frey and Melvin Carter, are on the verge of instituting a citywide vaccine mandate program according to Blois Olson of WCCO News. Olson reports that "under the mandate, privately run restaurants, bars, and clubs within the city would be required to have patrons show either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter the establishment."

A vaccine mandate like this is known as a vaccine passport program. In October, Governor Walz laughed off the idea that vaccine passports are coming to Minnesota stating “none of those things are real.” Add that to the growing list of lies coming out of his mouth.

Minneapolis and St Paul just instituted citywide mask mandates this week as well. Proving again how the "leaders" in those cities follow the political science over real science...and how little they care about the rights of their citizens. Mask mandates are also illegal according to MN State Statute 609.735.

At Action 4 Liberty, we will continue fighting for your health freedom against Governor Tim Walz, Lunatic Mayors and Crony Establishment hacks who want to force you to get the experimental jab. If you want to Stop Vaccine Mandates in Minnesota, attending your precinct caucus is the most powerful way to get immediate results. 



Mask Wearing, Fully Vaccinated AG Keith Ellison Tests Positive for COVID

Another mask wearing, triple vaxxed public official tested positive for COVID - Minnesota's embarrassment of an Attorney General, Keith Ellison. According to a tweet, Ellison is overseas and tested positive before boarding a plane back to the U.S. Despite getting the booster shot recently, Keith Ellison became another one of the "breakthrough cases" that we were told by lying public health officials were rare. 

Governor Walz, who also received the booster shot, recently got COVID as well. Not surprisingly, both Ellison and Walz have changed their talking points about why a person should get the experimental jab. Months ago they encouraged us to "roll up our sleeves" to "stop the spread" of COVID. Now they've abandoned that talking point and tell us to get the vaccine because they reduce the symptoms.

Like a good salesman for Big Pharma, Ellison issued a series of tweets last night encouraging everyone to get the jab.

The DFL Bosses must have forgotten to tell U.S. Senator Tina Smith (DFL-MN) about the shift in talking points. In a press release on Monday, Smith claimed that a recent federal government push to distribute vaccines will be key in "slowing the spread of this virus". Even worse, Joe Biden just reiterated the false "pandemic of the unvaccinated claim" in a video address. Oops!

Despite the vaccines ineffectiveness in creating immunity to COVID, Governor Walz and team continue pushing vaccine mandates. Mayo Clinics just terminated thousands of employees for refusing to get the jab. And more evidence is coming out that vaccines are causing serious conditions like myocarditis and even deaths. 

If you are fed up with these crony politicians lying to you and forcing you to get the experimental vaccine, watch the video below to see how you can Stop Vaccine Mandates in Minnesota.



Mayo Fires Nurses & Staff for Not Getting the Jab - Playing Politics Over Science

Mayo Clinics just fired thousands of health care workers for refusing to take part in a mass vaccination experiment against their wishes. During the largest health care worker shortage of our generation, Mayo decided to delve into the politics, instead of following actual science or ethical business practices. Now nurses and other staff are left without a job and the strain on the health care system will intensify.

It's not difficult to understand why a health care worker would refuse to take part in the experimental jab that has no long term data on risks. Vaccines should all be measured from a risk vs reward viewpoint - and the rewards of the vaccines become less clear by the day. First of all, the jab does not prevent a person from getting or spreading the disease. What was once called a "breakthrough case", has become common place. Even Governor Walz himself recently got COVID despite his constant mask wearing and triple vaxxed status.

Furthermore, natural immunity offers far superior protection against COVID than the vaccines according to a study conducted in Israel. Many of these health care workers who served on the frontlines of the early pandemic, got COVID and recovered. But Mayo did not seem to care about the science on that one. 

The risks of the vaccines are concerning, but few understand them since government, Big Tech and the Medical Establishment does everything possible to silence and censor any information that shines a bad light on the vaccines. In a recent podcast with Joe Rogan, Dr. Robert Malone (a developer of mRNA vaccine technology) explained the issues with the vaccines which include unexpected spread to ovaries in women and myocarditis in young men. 

How many Mayo employees have been terminated is unknown. According to the Rochester Post Bulletin, "Mayo Clinic did not answer any questions on Monday morning about the number of unvaccinated employees it has. [...] On Dec. 3, Mayo Clinic reported that 93 percent of its 73,000 employees across all of its campuses had been vaccinated." If that ratio still existed as of January 3rd, over 5,000 total employees would've been fired.

One employee who was terminated after a 20 year career is the wife of former gubernatorial candidate Mike Marti. According to Marti, religious exemptions were not honored. Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Neil Shah hosted a FB Live with Marti yesterday to discuss the lunacy of the vaccine mandate policy.

At Action 4 Liberty, we will continue fighting for your health freedom against Governor Tim Walz and Crony Establishment hacks who want to force you to get the experimental jab. If you want to Stop Vaccine Mandates in Minnesota, attending your precinct caucus is the most powerful way to get immediate results. 


mRNA Vaccine Inventor, Dr Robert Malone, Discusses Vaccine Problems with Rogan

Joe Rogan continues to be a beacon of hope for free speech and disseminating important information about COVID as the corporate media and Medical Establishment further their campaign to censor and silence truth tellers. Recently, Twitter banned Dr. Robert Malone, a well published scientist and the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, for exposing the problems with the COVID vaccines. So Rogan decided to have him on his popular podcast to discuss.

Dr. Malone's issue with the vaccines originates from data he's observed months after the rollout. The vaccines spread to the ovaries in women, which is highly concerning for those in child bearing years. And the spike in myocarditis cases in young men is very shocking. According to Malone, the data is being suppressed by the Medical Establishment and media.

Even more concerning to him is the fact that alternative treatments, especially repurposed drugs like Ivermectin, are being targeted by a smear campaign despite evidence that they save lives. 

Rogan and Malone spent time promoting health freedom and why they oppose government mandates. In Minnesota, Governor Walz has mandated vaccines amongst state employees and refuses to do anything about the assault on employee rights in the private sector. On the Republican side, House Minorty Leader Kurt Daudt appeared in a paid advertisement for Big Pharma encouraging people to get the "safe and effective" vaccines. 

The interview was so impactful, that Congressman Troy Nehls (R-TX) entered the full transcript into the Congressional record so it was documented and could not be censored. Both Twitter and YouTube have scrubbed clips of the interview from their platforms.

You can watch the episode on Spotify here:



I.R.S. Wants to Tax Thieves for Stolen Property

Categorize this in the "You can't make that up" category - the I.R.S. states in its newly released Publication 17 (Federal Income Taxes) that "stolen property" must be reported by a tax filer for "its fair market value in [their] income." The exception to the rule, is "unless [the tax filer] return[s] it to its rightful owner in the same year."

It's unknown if this rule will result in any revenue to the Department of Treasury since, according to the late Senator Harry Reid, taxes are voluntary. And it's unlikely that any thief would voluntarily report his theft on voluntary tax statements. 

To give the I.R.S. some credit, though, they are well equipped to run this program since they are subject matter experts on stealing property. They report their stolen loot to Congress every year. Perhaps the I.R.S. will figure out effective ways to trick other thieves into reporting their stolen property as well. 

Information about reporting stolen property on taxable income can be found in "Part Two - Income and Adjustments to Income" under Section 8. Here's what it says:

Two Years into Pandemic - U of MN to Study Ivermectin & Other Drugs for COVID Treatment

As we approach the two year mark of the COVID-19 Pandemic, major medical organizations still do not have a standard protocol on how to treat COVID at home. Typical advice from doctors is to monitor and call if conditions worsen. People in higher risk categories, end up in the hospital because they don't get on top of treating the virus in advance. However, some medical professionals have developed their own protocol which includes repurposed drugs like Ivermectin.

Now the University of Minnesota wants to study it.

Ivermectin is a controversial drug in the world of the corporate media and Medical Establishment. CNN accused famed podcast Joe Rogan of taking "horse dewormer" medicine when he treated his infection with Ivermectin. However, Rogan took a human drug that has been administered over a billion times and his condition improved within days (amongst other treatments).

According to the University of Minnesota's website, the purpose of the study is to "understand if [Ivermectin, Metformin and Fluvoxamin] prevent severe Covid and long-Covid symptoms." Because "COVID-19 increases inflammation in the body", scientists are interested in studying the medications that "are known to decrease inflammatory proteins" and "also appear to possibly stop the proteins inside cells that help viruses reproduce and spread."

The study will observe participants for 14 days taking either the studied drugs twice a day or a placebo pill, assigned randomly. Participants are needed who have a positive COVID test and are between the ages 30 to 85 years.

Why are these drugs being studied now after nearly two years of the Pandemic? The Biden Administration, Governor Walz and the Medical Establishment have pushed a "vaccination only" approach. Utility of drugs like Ivermectin have been known since early in the Pandemic. U.S. Senate Committee testimony by Dr. Pierre Kory about Ivermectin was given in 2020, but was removed by YouTube censorship. The Wall Street Journal published an article yesterday on how studies have shown Fluvoxamine is effective at preventing hospitalizations.

If the study finds these drugs to be effective, politicians like Governor Walz and public health officials need to be held accountable. Many deaths and hospitalizations could have been avoided if effective treatments were studied earlier. Some people suspect that they weren't studied because public health officials and the Medical Establishment preferred money-making treatments like the vaccines over off-patent drugs like Ivermectin. This could be one of the great crimes of the century if true.