MN Democrats Ready to Pass Most Radical Abortion Laws in the Nation

Liberals screaming about abortion in 2022 was more than just political theater and scoring cheap points. Now that the DFL has total control of the Minnesota Government, they are prepared to pass some of the nation’s most anti-baby legislation into law.


HF91 was introduced in the Minnesota House on January 5th, and has a whopping 32 DFL sponsors. If you thought that the DFL was crazy before this bill was introduced, just wait until you see what they have to offer now:


  1. Abortions allowed in hospitals (Line 3.3)
  2. Ends penalties for secretly and carelessly discarding the body of an aborted baby (Line 15.15)
  3. Taxpayer funding of abortion expanded to nearly all instances (Line 9.7 and 11.24)
  4. Removing parental notification requirement for minors (Line 16.8)
  5. Eliminating the word “woman” from state statutes (Line 3.15)
  6. Ending the requirement to report the death of a woman as a result of an abortion (Line 16.8)


This is not hyperbole. This is the most extreme abortion bill that has ever been put in front of the Minnesota legislature. It is also incredibly likely to pass with total DFL dominance in St. Paul. Here are more specifics on each provision of the bill. 



  • Abortions allowed in hospitals



  • Ends penalties for discarding the body of an aborted baby



  • Taxpayer funds for abortion in nearly all instances



  • Removing parental notification for minors




  • Eliminating the word “woman” from state statutes




  • Ending the requirement to report the death of a woman





This legislation is an obscene abuse of human rights, for both the mother and the child. The fact that 32 DFL legislators sponsored this grotesque bill says a lot about the state of their party.


Please contact your legislators through every method possible. Phone calls, emails, letters, and social media posts. Without quick action, the DFL will make Minnesota the abortion mecca of the United States.



Walz Pushes Education Plan that Steals Your Surplus Money

The 2023 state budget is under debate and we are seeing massive amounts of wasteful spending, government expansion, and theft of our stolen Surplus money. 

This is all thanks to the complete Democratic control of the House, Senate, and Executive branch, who were helped by former Rep Tony Jurgens. The socialists Democrats need no GOP votes to get what they want. They’ll only bend on their extreme leftwing agenda if enough voters get fired up and pressure them to stop. 

Walz introduced a massive $12 Billion spending proposal which uses $5 Billion of our overtaxed Surplus money to help pay for it.

He campaigned on “fully funding education” without ever giving specifics on what that exactly meant. In his press conference addressing education Walz was asked if his proposal was doing just that. Walz said “Yes, this is what we were talking about. This is as close to what it looks like, but I will say it’s a moving target.”

Even by Walz’ own admission, the goalposts are always moving! The Democrats want complete control over your children’s education, thoughts, gender, sexual orientation, and life. Education becomes indoctrination when they teach propaganda instead of truth.

The Democrat’s policy proposals include the following:

  • Creating a Department of Children, Youth, and Families
  • $717 Million education funding increase in 2024-2025
  • $1.48 Billion education funding increase in 2026-2027 (Funding begins to be tied to inflation with an inflationary cost adjustment)
  • Paying for every kid’s breakfast and lunch
  • Expanding Pre-K to 25k students
  • Tax credits for childcare for some households
  • A child tax credit boost
  • Increased funding for alternative classes and mental health support services

Despite the saying, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” Tim Walz believes it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to fund every single breakfast and lunch for every single public school in our state. 

Walz’ proposal is a slap in our face. Instead of returning the budget surplus immediately back to the taxpayers who were overtaxed, he’s now divying it up to the Democrat’s preferred constituencies. Our Surplus money should not be spent on crony policies that benefit the corrupt teachers union, school superintendents, and bureaucrats only. 

Action 4 Liberty has always demanded a total refund of the Surplus to Minnesota taxpayers. We need to pressure our Legislators to stand against this big government proposal and Give the Surplus back

Here's Minnesota Democrats' EXTREME Agenda

Abortion up until the moment of birth, in all cases, no exceptions, is moving lighting fast in the Minnesota Legislature thanks to Democrats and former Rep Tony Jurgens. Believing they have a mandate from Minnesota voters to codify abortion in all cases into Minnesota law, HF 1 is on a fast track. It's rare to see legislation move this quickly - after all, it's only the third week of the new legislative session.

This legislation is as extreme as it gets. Most voters do not agree that abortion in all cases should be legal. The Democrat bill would allow a mother to kill a 7 lb baby at 39 weeks. A poll conducted last October found that 2/3 of voters think the Democrat position of "no-exceptions abortion" is worse than the Republican's position. 

Minnesota Democrat's destruction to the state doesn't stop in the uterus though. In their newly revealed agenda, they are proposing a tax hike on all businesses, large tand small, to pay for a government mandated family leave program. And for the first couple years of the new program, they plan to raid nearly $2 Billion of the record budget surplus that came from overtaxing Minnesota taxpayers. 

On the campaign trail, Walz and other Democrats showed support for ending the Social Security tax. Minnesota is one of a handful of states that tax its citizens on social security benefits. But Democrats have reversed course and dropped the effort to remove all social security taxes claiming it would cost them in too much future revenue. Keep in mind, they are overcorrecting revenue by billions already, which is why we have a budget surplus in the first place.

Another bill moving fast at the Capitol is a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to get a driver's license. HF4 allows those who are in our country illegally to get a government issued ID without fear of being penalized for breaking our immigration laws. It also leads to the slippery slope of who can vote in our elections. An illegal immigrant testified in a committee last week and seemingly admitted to committing a felony by voting.

The Democrats also plan to completely uproot Minnesota's entire energy system by 2040. In HF7, they want to be fossil fuel free in 17 years, which will without doubt hurt Minnesota's economy and eventually lead to climate related deaths as the so-called "clean energy" infrastructure will not be able to heat homes in Minnesota's harsh winters. In just 7 years, they want 80 percent of Minnesota's grid to be fossil fuel free. Only 28% of the electricity from Minnesota's grid today comes from renewable sources. Unless Democrats are advocating for nuclear energy (they aren't), this energy policy will be disastrous for the state. 

What's absent in the Democrat agenda is an expedited desire to return the budget surplus to taxpayers. The state government could issue a $6,000 check right now to return the overtaxed money, but there's no motion at the Capitol to return a dime of it. Walz has stated he wanted to return a fraction of it back ($1,000 to everyone, taxpayer or not). However, it doesn't appear Walz has many allies in the House and Senate Democrat caucuses. 

Minnesota Democrat Top Agenda Items

  • Legalize Abortion in all cases

  • Increase TAXES on Small Businesses to Pay for Gov't Mandated Program

  • Keep Social Security Tax on the Elderly

  • Issue Driver's Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

  • Uproot Minnesota's Entire Energy System by 2040

  • Spend Our Surplus Money - Don't Give it Back

Non-Citizen Admits to Voting in Minnesota Elections in House Testimony

For years, conservatives have been blasted for creating “conspiracy theories” surrounding non-citizens participating in U.S. Elections. However, a DFL testimonial in the Minnesota House may have just confirmed the worst of our fears.

The Transportation Finance and Policy Committee met on January 10th debate the controversial HF 4, which would give illegal immigrants easy access to drivers licenses. Conservative activists have warned that this legislation would allow non-citizens to easily register and vote in our elections. 

However, it seems as though it does not matter whether or not this legislation passes. During the committee hearing, a non-citizen granted temporary status in the United States through former-President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) stated that:

“We are voting. Our people are voting. And if you don’t pass this bill, our people will vote you all out.”

Here's video of her testimony:

This is a shocking admission from a witness that the DFL brought to speak. However, it should not serve as any kind of surprise. Leftists have been pushing for noncitizens to vote for years now. 

The city of San Francisco recently passed legislation that would allow non-citizens to vote in their elections. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before these ideas came to Minnesota. 

State Statute 201.014 deems it a felony to illegally cast a ballot in the state of Minnesota. If this DFL testimonial is legitimate, they may have accidentally made a case AGAINST their proposal to give non-citizens drivers’ licenses. 

Hair Style Equals Race, According to Ludicrous Bill Passed By Republicans & Democrats

After failing to garner the votes needed to pass last year, the Crown Act was brought before the newly elected DFL majorities on Wednesday. 

This legislation amends the Minnesota Human Rights act to prevent discrimination based on hairstyle. The bill language is one sentence long, and reads:

“Subd. 36a. Race. "Race" is inclusive of traits associated with race, including but not limited to hair texture and hair styles such as braids, locks, and twists.”

There are a few problems with this legislation, chief among them being that race is never actually defined

A circular definition is a description that uses the word being defined in its description. Legislators should have made note that race is never actually defined in this legislation, as the bill language states that race is “inclusive of traits associated with race…”

Moreover, this legislation seeks to throw a hand grenade into the culture war, further dividing people and creating opportunities for the left to be offended. 

It goes without saying that racism should never be tolerated in our society, but there is no need to cower to the left’s every agenda item that is associated with race.

As predicted, many Republican legislators jumped on board with this bill. It overwhelmingly passed on Wednesday with a vote of 111-19. Here is a list of the legislators who voted for this ridiculous bill:


18 states have already passed this language into law, coinciding with an effort to pass the legislation nationwide. 

Democrats Push Higher Taxes and Regulations on Struggling Businesses

Despite years of overtaxation and lockdowns, and a record budget surplus, the Minnesota DFL has more punches to throw at small businesses.

Governor Walz and Democrats just unveiled their plan for mandatory paid family and medical leave on Tuesday, revealing that they will be introducing a statewide, employer tax mandate to cover the bill.

Big corporations like Target and Walmart will have no problems paying the 0.7% tax and costs to train replacement employees. It’s the Mom and Pop shops that will struggle to keep up.

By mandating a whopping 24 weeks of leave, businesses who are barely scraping by will be forced to hire and train new employees in the midst of the largest labor shortage in decades.

Even Steve Grove, Walz’s commissioner of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (MNDEED) admitted that this proposal will put an extra strain on businesses.  According to Kare 11, Grove stated that training replacement employees will “create hardships” for small employers.

The combination of tax hikes and business mandates will be another causing blow to the remaining small businesses in Minnesota that survived Tim Walz' illegal shut downs.

Democrats Push Election Changes to Help Bolster Their Ballot Harvesting Operations

Under the newly minted DFL trifecta in St. Paul, Governor Walz is ready to shove huge legislative proposals down the throats of his opponents.

According to Axios, Walz admitted that he is ready to move forward with extreme election laws without any Republican support.

Despite having the highest voter turnout in the nation (80% in 2020), Democrats insist that the “right to vote” is in danger in Minnesota. Their fear mongering will result in:


  • Automatically mailing out absentee ballots
  • Pre-registering 16 and 17 year olds
  • Automatic voter registration


These measures are likely going to be put in place now that the DFL has control of the State Government. Special thanks to former Republican Rep Tony Jurgens on that one.

While voter participation is important, this move is an obvious attempt to bolster Democrat’s ballot harvesting operations. 

The fact that Governor Walz is ready to steamroll his opposition speaks volumes about his dedication to his hyper-partisan agenda. If and when these reforms are put in place, it may be impossible to elect liberty-loving candidates for years to come. 

Democrats Backtrack on Promise to End Social Security Tax

In 2022, both Republicans and Democrats campaigned to end state Social Security taxes on retired Minnesotans. However, it appears that Democrats largely used the issue to provide political cover for themselves during an election in which they desperately tried to stave off annihilation.

It worked well enough for them to hold onto the House and gain a one seat majority in the Senate, giving them total control of the Minnesota State Government.

Days after being sworn in, Walz and other top DFL leaders criticized the idea of eliminating this shameful tax. This is despite the fact that last year Walz had come to an agreement with Republicans to eliminate it.

Four new DFL State Senators from swing districts campaigned to end this tax on seniors. Some of these races were won by a handful of votes and this issue alone could have made the difference. These Senators include Rob Kupec (SD 4), Heather Gustafson (SD 36), Judy Seeberger (SD 41), and Grant Hauschild (SD 3). 

New Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic and House Speaker Melissa Hortman have both agreed with Walz, saying that the tax on social security must stay in place. 

Remember that Minnesota is currently facing a record $17.6 billion budget surplus. Yet Walz and his cronies believe that this tax is still “needed”.

Action 4 Liberty opposes the Social Security tax and calls on both Democrats and Republicans to permanently eliminate it altogether.

Congressional Conservatives Win MAJOR Reforms in Historic Speaker Battle

After 15 ballots across 5 days, Kevin McCarthy (CA20) was elected Speaker of the House on January 6th. He defeated Hakeem Jeffries (NY8) on the final ballot with a tally of McCarthy 216, Jeffries 212, Present 6. This slim majority allowed the few true conservatives in DC to have the upper-hand in negotiations and provide a massive victory for the American people. This was a world class example of confrontational politics being employed perfectly.

Nominations of Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Byron Donalds, Kevin Hern, and Donald Trump were rotated throughout the votes as passionate speeches laid out the flaws with McCarthy’s leadership and the rules in which the House functions. 

At its height, 21 GOP members were voting against McCarthy or voting present. You can see the full results that we tracked here. This tactical move was highly criticized by the mainstream media, including Fox News. However, the Establishment fails to realize how successful and necessary these Representatives were. Swamp Creature Rep. Mike Rogers even screamed and lunged at Matt Gaetz after the 14th ballot.

While all 21 Representatives deserve credit for the deal-making, 6 patriots held out the longest to force as many conservative promises from McCarthy. They are Reps. Andy Biggs (AZ5), Lauren Boebert (CO3), Eli Crane (AZ2), Matt Gaetz (FL1), Bob Good (VA5), and Matt Rosendale (MT2). Rep. Crane was just elected to his first term in Congress and the Navy SEAL veteran/business owner showed he has a backbone of steel in his first few days.

Below you will see the concessions McCarthy had to make with conservatives in order to become Speaker:


  • Jeffersonian Motion: Ability for a single member of Congress to motion to vacate the Chair if the Speaker does not fulfill campaign pledges
  • Forced Votes: Term limits, Border Funding/Protection, and a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Remove all Covid Vax Mandates and Restrictions
  • FBI Investigation: 1975 Church Committee style investigation
  • Provide more Single Subject Bills, less Omnibus Bills, and strictly enforce Amendments to be Germaine
  • No increase in debt ceiling in next Federal Budget Agreement
  • 72 Hour Requirement for members to read the bills before they can be voted on


Who knows if any of these important initiatives would ever have seen daylight if this battle was not fought. It is now up to conservative members of Congress to make sure that McCarthy lives up to his word and holds Biden and the Democrats accountable. 

Though many conservatives would have liked to see McCarthy entirely removed, the victories that came out of the negotiations allowed for Constitutional, Conservative oversight of the Speaker and we have the fighters ready for this moment. Big win for our country!

Republicans Miller & Abeler Vote for Liberal Democrat for Senate President

The Minnesota Senate, which the Democrats just took control of by a slim 34-33 majority, elected Bobby Joe Champion (D-59) to be the new President of the Senate. Shockingly, two Republicans joined all Democrats in voting for the liberal Minneapolis Democrat.

One of the Republicans was the notoriously, left-leaning Republican from Anoka, Jim Abeler. Abeler infamously told a crowd of health freedom activists that he was the reason Tim Walz' Commissioner of Health was never fired.

The other vote came from Sen Jeremy Miller who was the Republican Majority Leader up until he failed to win the majority in November’s election. 

Miller himself oversaw a Republican senate last term that spent billions of Minnesota’s growing budget surplus instead of giving it back to who it rightfully belongs to—Minnesotans— and failed to pass legislation to protect everyday Minnesota workers from being forced to take an experimental jab.  

Miller and Abeler aren’t the only “Republicans” to expose themselves in recent times.  Tony Jurgens, who represented the Hastings area for six years as a Republican, endorsed and campaigned with Democrat Judy Seeberger in Senate District 41—helping her to defeat Tom Dippel, a great candidate, by 321 votes.  Those 321 votes, delivered by Jurgens, is what gave Democrats control of both legislative chambers and the governorship for the next two years.  

The Republican Senate election arm, run by Jeremy Miller, intervened in that Senate race when they covertly backed former Rep Tony Jurgens.

It has often been said for many years now that we need a third party.  Wouldn’t it be nice to try a second party first?  

Here's the video of the vote for Senate President: