Republicans and Democrats Wasting Time in Committee Crafting Fake End Walz' Power Bill

Every Friday, Republicans and Democrats waste our time learning about the history of the Governor's Emergency Powers and "working" on crafting a Fake End Walz' Powers Bill in a Committee led by Con Artist, Gene Pelowski. Essentially any bill that passes the committee with support from both parties, would still have to pass the Democrat House, Republican Senate and be signed by the Governor. As you can imagine, any bill that actually takes his powers away, would be quickly vetoed by Governor Walz. They are wasting our time!

Rep Barb Haley, who is the chief author of one of the Fake End Walz' Powers bills, even admitted her bill would not end the Governor's power. So what's the point in this political game show they are running every Friday? At this rate, they are only giving Minnesotans false hope that the issue will be resolved by their efforts.

It will not!

What needs to happen is a team effort by all Republicans to increase the pain on the Democrats until they restore our Constitutional Republic by Ending Walz' Emergency Powers. Republicans in the Senate should fire Walz' commissioners, starting with small business assassin, Jan Malcolm. House and Senate Republicans should also refuse to pass any budget (especially one that funds Walz' executive department) until their legislative powers are restored. And, House Republicans should get on board with Rep Erik Mortensen's Articles of Impeachment to hold Walz accountable for his violations of our Constitution and civil liberties.

The time for "politics as usual" has past. We are losing our system of government because Governor Walz has held unilateral, emergency powers for 11 months. He has shut down businesses, quarantined health people in their homes, mandated mask wearing, shut schools down and is forcing youth athletes to wear face coverings while playing sports. He MUST BE STOPPED!

To End Walz' Emergency Powers now, only four Democrats in the House are needed to vote on Rep Mortensen's Resolution. Action 4 Liberty is ramping up the pressure against vulnerable rural Democrats by going directly to their voters. Learn more about our field operations.

Government's Test Shows Ridiculousness of Mask Mandate

We're constantly being lectured by the government and media about the "science" of mask wearing. It's given birth to a new mask shaming cult who claim moral superiority over those of us who choose not to engage in the political theater of universal mask wearing. After all, if masks save lives, then those who don't wear them, are killers. We've already received those messages here at Action 4 Liberty, by the way.

But the science is not on the government's side. We have to look no further than the evidence they presented in the Health Finance & Policy Committee last Tuesday to prove that point. 

Here's what we do know. Masks have utility at close distances. This is precisely why surgeons and dentists have worn masks for years before the pandemic. There are germs and viruses that can pass onto others by water droplets, and at close range, a mask can act as a barrier from those droplets getting on another person. 

We also know that social distancing is the best method of preventing the spread of viruses. Kiss your spouse when he/she has a cold, you know what's going to happen. But if you remained in another room from them until their cold is gone, you'd be fine. 

When the government's testifier, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota, showed test results of the effectiveness of a mask, we saw clear evidence that the Mask Mandate policy is nothing more than a ridiculous, risk-adverse policy that has no place in our book of statutes.

At a distance of 6 feet, the exposure risk of two maskless individuals is a mere 3%. And that's just exposure risk. If one individual does not have COVID, than the risk is 0%. Imagine adopting a universal policy with those kinds of statistics. 

Even more important, when we break down the survival rate of COVID amongst age groups, there's nearly a 100% survival rate among children and young adults. So in other words, at 6 ft distance, there's a 3% chance of exposure, if a person exhaling had COVID, for a disease that has a 99.9% survival rate. 

Despite our current mask mandate, quarantining of health individuals, shutdown of business, etc, COVID has still managed to spread amongst our population in Minnesota. In fact, there's really no grand, statistical difference between our surrounding states who share a lot of similarities in culture, climate, and in the case of Wisconsin, population. Clearly, Governor Walz and the bureaucrats in our government have zero idea how to stop COVID.

Even Governor Walz knows that masks serve little purpose at a distance of 6 feet.

Action 4 Liberty believes in freedom, which is why we strongly oppose government mask mandates. For those people, especially in more vulnerable demographics, who want to be extremely risk adverse, they should have every right to wear a mask. But to force our youth who are playing sports or our population who will fare just fine from COVID to cover their face, politicians are proposing a ridiculous, over-reaching government policy that must be defeated.

Find out what Action 4 Liberty is doing about it here.

Field Team Knocks Hundreds of Doors in First Two Days

We rented a home, hired additional operators, and deployed our field team up in the Hibbing area to go door to door to tell every voter in Rep Julie Sandstede's district about how she betrayed them and voted to protect Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. You see, when it was easy last year, Con Artist Julie voted the right way. But now when her vote matters and the election is over, she opted to protect Governor Walz instead of protect the liberties of her constituents.

As you probably already know, doorknocking hasn't been easy this week. Temperatures are dipping below -20 degrees. But with extra wood for the fireplace and a bundle of hand warmers, our team isn't missing a beat. They already knocked on hundreds of doors in the first two days, found new supporters of our cause, and most likely, educated people who voted for Julie last November. She has a real problem on her hand if she keeps betraying them!

Julie clearly does not support Democracy. Allowing one man to have the power to create unilateral orders that shut down businesses and quarantine us in our homes, is the anti-thesis of a democracy. Because she is protecting Walz, we are now faced with the prospects of a Mask Mandate Bill which is making its way through the Minnesota House. 

Action 4 Liberty refuses to let our Constitutional Republic fall because one man declares and endless emergency due to a virus. Our system of government was never designed to allow this to happen. And we will fight everyday to make sure we End Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. Support our field operations and let's take back our state!

Mask Mandate Bill Gets Laid Over, Possible Inclusion in Larger Bill

The Mask Mandate Bill, HF604, was heard in the Health Finance & Policy Committee this afternoon. A group of of testifiers representing the Government's Health experts and the Medical Establishment spoke in favor of the legislation. Opponents of the bill included Twila Brase of Citizens Council for Health Freedom and several Minnesotans speaking out against the assault of the bill on personal freedoms.

After a lengthy committee meeting that lasted for nearly three hours, the bill was laid over for possible inclusion in a larger, omnibus bill. 

Here's How We Are Killing the Mask Mandate

Action 4 Liberty just deployed a team up north into the districts of vulnerable Democrats. We hired a full time team of doorknockers and activists who will talk to every voter and find every supporter who shares our view to STOP the Mask Mandate Bill and End Walz' Emergency Powers for good.

Our team will stand on street corners holding signs. They'll organize protests and build a larger activist footprint in their districts. And they'll meet with business owners impacted by Walz' orders and engage them in this fight. 

We will continue taking our message directly to voters in these vulnerable Democrats' districts. They either get on board, kill the Mask Mandate Bill and End Walz' Emergency Powers, or we'll make sure they don't get re-elected in 2022!

If you would like to support us, please click here to donate.

Mask Mandate Bill Gets Hearing in Health Committee on Tuesday

ALERT: The Health Finance & Policy Committee will be hearing the Mask Mandate Bill (HF604) on Tuesday at 3:00 PM.

As you may recall, last week a group of legislators introduced a bill in the Minnesota House that would make Governor Walz' mask mandate into permanent law. It would require you and me to wear a face covering anytime we are in a public building or business and it would fine us for noncompliance. Business owners who don't comply - well, they face up to 90 days of jail time.

This bill just mirrors what Governor Walz decreed already last summer. But unlike his illegal, unconstitutional and unilateral dictate, this would codify things into law. 

It's becoming more clear by the day what these politicians really want - more power over us. 

What Can You Do?

Rep John Huot will face a tough election in 2022 and is the Vice Chair of the Committee tomorrow. Tell him to STOP the Mask Mandate Bill, HF604. Governor Walz and the Legislature have no business forcing Minnesotans to cover their faces!

Rep John Huot

Phone: 651-296-4306

Email: [email protected] 

Here are the other members of the Committee

We Are Holding Vulnerable Democrats Accountable

Action 4 Liberty just deployed a team up north into Reps Julie Sandstede and Dave Lislegard's districts. We hired a full time team of doorknockers and activists who will talk to every voter and find every supporter who shares our view to STOP the Mask Mandate Bill and End Walz' Emergency Powers for good.

Our team will stand on street corners holding signs. They'll organize protests and build a larger activist footprint in their districts. And they'll meet with business owners impacted by Walz' orders and engage them in this fight. 

Temperatures in Hibbing this morning were -29, but that isn't stopping our team from getting out and talking with voters. They're just wearing an extra couple layers of clothing.

We will continue taking our message directly to voters in these vulnerable Democrats' districts. They either get on board, kill the Mask Mandate Bill and End Walz' Emergency Powers, or we'll make sure they don't get re-elected in 2022!

If you're looking for other ways to help, consider contributing to our firewood fund. I never imagined I'd be asking people to pay for wood, but we need to keep our rental home well heated for our team. And the temps are dangerously cold this week. 

Help heat the home for a week with a donation of $100. If that's too steep, $50 heats the home for 3-4 days. Want to help even more, consider a one time donation of $1,000 to help deploy another guy on the ground with lit pieces for a week!


Mort Files Articles of Impeachment Against Governor Walz

If you've followed Action 4 Liberty in the last 11 months, you are well aware of the abuse of power by Governor Walz. He's taken the pandemic to unilaterally declare endless emergency powers which have led to quarantining health people in their homes, shutting down sectors of our economy and mandating the wearing of masks. His orders have carried the weight of laws, punishable by large fines and even jail time. While he has exercised these endless powers, the legislature has shown its full capability to exercise its constitutional, sole responsibly of law-making.

At this point, Walz has completely trampled on our democratic process and is refusing to give up his Emergency Powers for no reason other than convenience. And six vulnerable, rural Democrats have protect those powers by betraying their voters recently. 

For these reasons, we are thrilled that our liberty champion and the candidate we got elected, Rep Erik Mortensen, is doing what countless Minnesotans want, and is filing Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz today. 

In his email yesterday, Rep Mortensen (Mort) stated the five articles of impeachment:


Timothy J. Walz violated Article III, Section 1 of the Minnesota State Constitution when he exercised the powers of the Legislative branch.  Through the use of Executive Order, Walz manufactured state law, a power strictly and constitutionally reserved to the Legislature.


Timothy J Walz single handedly declared a violation of his Executives Orders were punishable as gross misdemeanors subject to a fine not to exceed $3000 or jail time of up to 1 year whereas the legislature provided in the emergency powers statute under Minnesota Statute § 609.735 that violation of the statute was subject to a misdemeanor and a fine not to exceed $1000 or jail time not to exceed 3 months.  No statutory or constitutional authority exists for the governor to invent new penalties under the color of law. 


Timothy J. Walz, through executive orders, has restricted and effectively banned the free exercise of religion in the state of Minnesota in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 16 of the Constitution of the State of Minnesota of 1974 which reads, “The right of every man to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience shall never be infringed."


Timothy J. Walz, through executive orders, has taken private property in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 13 of the Constitution of the State of Minnesota of 1974 which reads, “private property shall not be taken, destroyed or damaged for public use without just compensation therefor, first paid or secured.”


In responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Timothy J. Walz, Governor of the state of Minnesota, has taken a number of extreme actions that have not been necessary for the protection of the public and have had significant adverse effects on the people of Minnesota. Governor Walz's aggressive and poorly justified actions — such as banning nearly all non-emergency medicine are evidence of the Governor's failure to properly manage this crisis.

The Articles of Impeachment will be introduced in today's legislative session starting at 3:30 pm and will be referred to a Committee. With Democrats in control of the MN House, things will start to heat up as they see the threat to their Party's Governor. 

Action 4 Liberty supports Rep Erik Mortensen's move to Impeach Governor Walz. His illegal and unconstitutional reign on Minnesota MUST come to an end. If you haven't signed our petition to End Walz' Emergency Powers yet, please join the tens of thousands of Minnesotans who already have:

End Walz' Powers

Walz Says "Mask Up" for Super Bowl Party, Keep Gathering Small

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Time for many of us to join family and friends in celebrating America's favorite sporting event. But in Governor Walz' world, today is just another day to lecture us on how to make our lives miserable with his ridiculous unilateral, decrees.

Walz took to Twitter at noon, telling Minnesotans to "mask up" and keep their Super Bowl gatherings small.

Under Walz' illegal and unconstitutional authority, Minnesotans were prohibited from hosting NFL playoff parties in their homes just a little over a month ago. His Executive Order banned people from having someone over to their homes who did not live with them. He even made violations of that order punishable by fines and jail time, although we have no documented cases of it being enforced by police agencies in the state. Even they know how ridiculous and power hungry the Governor is during the "emergency". 

Action 4 Liberty stands against Governor Walz' unilateral orders and the Mask Mandate Bill that is making its way in the Minnesota House. Learn more how we are fighting to STOP it.

Our Field Team Deploys to Hibbing in Extreme Cold

Six Democrat legislators betrayed their voters recently by voting to protect Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. They all voted the opposite way during the election year, but turns out they put partisan politics ahead of their voters when the vote really mattered. The most vulnerable of the six, Rep Julie Sandstede, barely won her election last November by 30 votes. So Action 4 Liberty is taking our message directly to her voters.

We rented a home and hired a team of operators to go knock on every door in Sandstede's district. Unfortunately, global warming hasn't quite kicked in yet, and our team will be deploying today, facing temperatures this week of -20. And like all good Minnesotans know, what really matters is the windchill, which will bring temps down to -40 or worse. 

But that won't stop our team. In fact, they look forward to the challenge. They're on the way up north right now with extra clothing and a month supply of hand warmers. Ending Walz' Emergency Powers is too important of an issue to let Minnesota's winter weather get in the way. Voters need to hear how politician Julie Sandstede is voting in St Paul. Our team will do the hard work!

(Photo: thousands of lit pieces for the week)

Want to support our field operations? You can literally help us buy the firewood to heat the home for the month. 

Wisconsin Republicans Vote to End Governor Evers Mask Mandate

The Republican controlled Wisconsin State Assembly passed a resolution this afternoon that ended Governor Tony Evers' unconstitutional mask mandate, which like Minnesota, was issued unilaterally and without legislative support. 52 members voted in favor of the measure, 42 against it. Here's the vote.

In an extreme, illegal and unconstitutional response, Governor Evers immediately issued a new mask mandate order. This shows that Democrat governors like Evers and Walz have zero interest in restoring our government's to their representative democratic form. In fact, this kind of move makes Evers a traitor to our system of government and should lead to his impeachment. 

Action 4 Liberty seeks to End Walz' Emergency Powers. Learn more how we plan to do that by clicking here.

Walz Shows Firsthand Mask Not Needed when Socially Distanced

Mask mandates have little to do with science and more to do with government control. Because of the extreme measures by Governors like Tim Walz, who unilaterally created mandates punishable by fines, the wearing of masks or face coverings has devolved into a political debate. At one point, the private sector was in charge of their own policies. Retailers like Menards implemented their own mandate and consumers who didn't like it, could choose to shop elsewhere. But under the illegal and unconstitutional powers of Governor Walz' orders, all Minnesotans are forced to cover their faces and businesses can be fined or jailed for not enforcing the policy in their private buildings. 

It's for these reasons, that Action 4 Liberty strongly opposes the mask mandate and Governor Walz' Emergency Powers that is the source behind it.

Masks do serve some utility. At very close distance, masks help stop water droplets from passing from one person to another. This is why surgeons have been wearing masks even before the pandemic. But that's where the science stops, and you won't hear that from the mainstream media. To stop the transmission of communicable diseases, social distancing is the correct course. Even Governor Walz shows us first hand that's the case when he appeared on WCCO recently with Esme Murphy.


Was Governor Walz endangering the lives of WCCO staff? Of course not. Judging by this photo, he's at least 8 ft away from Esme and poses almost no risk of spreading the disease to her. Instead of leaving the choice of how to protect ourselves, Walz decided to treat us like children and mandate the ultra-risk adverse, foolish policy of universal mask wearing.

Even President Biden shows the safety of being maskless while keeping distance from others. Hours after signing an executive order mandating the wearing of masks on federal properties, he was seen taking photos and speaking at the Lincoln Memorial which would be covered under his mask order. 

(Joshua Roberts/Pool photo via AP)

This typical "do as I say, not as I do" has been a common theme of politicians in the last 11 months. Remember back to last summer when Nancy Pelosi was caught on camera, getting her hair blown out, and not wearing a mask indoors? She loved to lecture the public about mask wearing, but proved firsthand how one can make up their own mind when it comes to mask policies. 

On the other hand, playing things ultra safe and ensuring other members of the zoom conference call don't catch COVID, House Rules Chair Rep Jim McGovern (D-MA) masked up as he presided over the hearing to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments yesterday. We can assure you no COVID particles were transmitted over the digital airways. I guess he takes things more serious than Pelosi, Biden or Walz. 


Let's be honest here. Universal mask wearing is nothing more than political theater. And I, for one, refuse to participate in their games. Governor Walz has completely abused the powers of his office and has unilaterally eradicated our system of government. Whether it's the foolish policy of universal mask mandates, the more dangerous policy of forcing young athletes to cover their mouths while playing sports, or the shutting down of our economy, Walz' Emergency Powers must end.

Action 4 Liberty is leading the fight to End Walz' Emergency Powers in the legislature. Please join tens of thousands of Minnesotans, and SIGN THE PETITION.

Learn more about how you can help.