Uncovered: Chinese-Owned TikTok has Minnesota Lobbyists

The Chinese spying software known as TikTok is a massive threat to our country’s national security and an individual’s privacy and data. We stand nothing to gain by giving the Chinese Communist Party all of our information and they are infiltrating our government with lobbyists.

TikTok collecting our data would allow sensitive information to be in the hands of our adversary and it allows them to influence our culture. There is an undeniable addiction many people now have to social media and TikTok is specifically designed to trap people in. Joe Rogan helped expose the privacy policy, which gives TikTok all kinds of information from your phone like your texts, calls, and search histories. Nationwide, TikTok has been creating an army of lobbyists, some of which are former US Senators and Congressmen.

Tim Walz refuses to ban TikTok on Minnesota issued devices and even suggests that the Elon Musk owned Twitter is dangerous. Is Tim Walz being lobbied to keep TikTok’s surveillance or is it because of his genuine affinity towards China and totalitarian governments? It could be either, or worse, both.

TikTok is now filed with the Campaign Finance Board as a lobbying organization but we will not be able to see their disbursements until 6/16/23. As of March 1st, TikTok has acquired five lobbyists in Minnesota to bribe legislators and other politicians. See below:

Each of these lobbyists have an extensive history in this profession, all of which have worked or are currently working as lobbyists for governmental entities such as cities and counties. If they are simultaneously receiving money from tax dollars and from foreign entities like TikTok, that is corrupt and it must be stopped. Once disbursements are released on 6/16/23, we will have more information on that front.

Upon review of these individuals, it appears they are paid by both TikTok and your taxes. If you are in one of the following Counties or Cities, your locality is paying someone to lobby on their behalf while China is doing the same thing. The following Counties have hired one or more of these individuals as lobbyists: Chisago, Lake of the Woods, Martin, and Washington. The following cities have done the same: Columbus, North Branch, and North Saint Paul.

We should not have lobbyists pushing for the interests of foreign companies, especially those that collect our personal information for the CCP. If you live in one of the cities or counties listed, reach out to the county and demand they fire the lobbyist! It is impossible for an individual to fight on behalf of TikTok and your community, their loyalty truly lies with the money. It is time to stand up and fight before China and the Globalists completely take over our state!


Unconstitutional, Radical Abortion Bill Passes House

Minnesota Democrats pushed the most radical abortion bill in the nation in January and last night they expanded their radical agenda on abortion. The House passed HF366 sponsored by radical leftist Esther Agbaje (HD59B) and would force our state to disregard judgments in other states. The vote was 68-62, with rural Democrat Gene Pelowski (HD26A) as the only “Nay” vote from the DFL House.

The Democratic agenda has been fast-paced and morally bankrupt this legislative session. They do not care if what they are pushing is Constitutional, truthful, or good for the citizens of our state. The Democrats are simply focused on using their power to the fullest extent and destroying Minnesota. In many instances, woke Democrats used the term "pregnant people" instead of "pregnant women" showing off their insanity.

HF366 is a bill that violates Article IV, Section 1 of the US Constitution which is the “Full Faith and Credit Clause”. This section of the Constitution guarantees that states must respect the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other state. HF366 requires that our state provides legal protections to individuals who violated abortion laws in other states; This can be found in Section 6 and 7 of the bill. See below:

These provisions are clearly a violation of the Constitution as it seeks to make Minnesota a refuge and sanctuary state for individuals who got illegal abortions. It is not the duty of any state to upend the judicial system of another. This is beyond legal protections for individuals who got an abortion in Minnesota, this is a bill that affects the entire country!

Some Republican Legislators argued that this bill will cause a surge in trafficked children to get abortions in Minnesota. There was also concern that doctors and medical personnel with telehealth in Minnesota will not be penalized when they illegally push abortions, abortion treatments, and abortion guidance in states where abortion is illegal or laws are extremely different. 

Democrats know this bill is illegal and will have to defend their unconstitutional ideas in court so they will be appropriating an undisclosed amount of money to Attorney General Antifa Keith Ellison’s massive budget. The fiscal note of the bill states that they anticipate legal challenges but they will not tell us how much of our overtaxed Surplus dollars will be spent on this. The assumption in the fiscal note also states that they are basing this off of the unconstitutional, anti-freedom lawsuits Ellison took up during the Covid lockdowns. See below:

Minnesota Democrats are unhinged and will stop at nothing until their socialist and amoral agenda is fully implemented. It is up to the Senate to stop this nonsense. Contact your Senator and demand that they oppose HF366! It is up to Patriots like you and I to save our state!

WATCH: Fauci’s Attempt to Push Vaccine on DC Man Backfires

For some, the lockdowns and mandates from the COVID-19 days are in the past. Many, however, still deal with the economic and social impact that these policies took on them and their families. All of these horrific policies can be attributed to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who advised President Trump and President Biden to promote masking and the COVID-19 vaccine.

PBS just released a clip from 2021, which shows Dr. Fauci going door-to-door in a DC neighborhood with Mayor Murial Bowser. One man, however, is filmed pushing back on the claims made by Fauci.

Inoculation should be a choice made by every individual, not Anthony Fauci. While he served in the executive branch, he spent much of his time traveling the county and stoking fear around COVID-19.

Watch the clip for yourself below:

Standing on his doorstep, Fauci and Bowser tell this man that if he does not get the vaccine, he would “let this virus continue to percolate in this country.”

The man tells them both he will not be taking the vaccine, saying, “When you start paying people, when you start about incentivizing, there’s something else going on with that.”

When he begins to point out that Fauci is only trying to stoke fear, the vax-pushers walk away from the conversation totally humiliated. 

Male Legislator Wins 'Woman of the Year' Award

Leigh Finke (Dem-66A) has gained national popularity as Minnesota’s first transgender legislator. His beliefs about his gender match his politics, as he has authored some of the most extreme legislation in St. Paul – among his proposals would make Minnesota a sanctuary state for youth genital mutilation.

On Friday, USA Today announced that Finke would be honored as Minnesota’s “Woman of the Year.”

If you think that a man being crowned Woman of the Year sounds insane, you are not alone. This is only the most recent example of a man stealing competition away from women. Another notable example is Lia Thomas of Penn State – an average male swimmer who transitioned in time to dominate the women’s swim league. 

When it comes to sports, men have a competitive advantage over women due to excess testosterone and larger builds. Read about the transgender powerlifter who is now allowed to compete with women. 

Though the political arena isn’t so much a competition as it is theater, Finke’s award signals to deeper issues within society. If national publications are willing to deny basic biological truths, the next generation of children will grow up into a confused and even sinister society.

The transgender legislator was present at Governor Walz’ press conference in early March, where two “transgender” children were paraded in front of cameras. There, Finke argued that “The situation is escalating too quickly against trans and gender-expansive people for us to not act.”

This is why Finke’s legislation is so extreme. HF146 seeks to undermine parental involvement in the lives of children. If a child shows a mere interest in the opposite gender, Minnesota courts would be allowed to intervene and ensure that they can receive the life-altering treatments and surgeries that leftists are advocating for. 

But according to USA Today, making a mockery out of women and advocating for the mutilation of young women is cause for becoming “Woman of the Year.”

Democrat Senator Breaks Down, Admits to Pay-to-Play Scheme

Yesterday in the Senate Capital Investment Committee meeting, Committee Chair Sandra Pappas (Dem-SD65) seriously seemed to lack emotional stability. Pappas became unglued on GOP members for refusing to get behind her big government bonding bill HF669 on the Senate Floor!

The tone and attitude of Pappas paints the picture for itself but the content of her words are just as damning. 

An hour and a half before the Committee meeting started, Pappas pulled an under-handed tactic as Chair to remove all Republican authored bills from the committee agenda. This was a major issue for GOP Senators and members of the public who drove across the state to testify on those bills. This is unprecedented corruption and shows the vindictive ways of Pappas and the Democrats.

Senators Housley (SD33), Jasinski (SD19), Pratt (SD54), and Rasmusson (SD9) (despite these four typically voting like RINOs) were dead-on in their critique of the procedural and legislative issues with Pappas and the bonding bill. They pointed out the “pay to play” scheme Pappas is employing as retribution for the votes against the bonding bill in the Senate. Housley also pointed out the ethics violations of this move and Jasinski notes that individuals must pay $10,000 in order to have any say on the marijuana legalization bill.

Pappas argued that “Is that the only way you understand, is if we play hardball? If you want a project in the bonding bill, the reality is… you have to vote for the bonding bill” despite the fact that Pappas also voted against the bill! By her logic, that means she should have no funding for her district! This hypocrisy is a bit more nuanced because after opposing her own bill on the Senate floor, Pappas immediately moved to reconsider the bill (which can only be offered by someone on the prevailing side of the vote). This is another example of the dirty tricks Democrats are playing in the Legislature. Her actions are the very definition of “pay to play”. 

Eventually, Pappas began hanging projects over GOP Senators heads, suggesting that Legislators are obligated to vote for bad bills just because it funds something in their district. When confronted with GOP demands for tax cuts, she said “I don’t care about what you’re saying about taxes, that doesn’t concern me.”

To top off Pappas’ mental breakdown, she begins crying and threatening “consequences” for opposing the bill. This meltdown showed the nasty, power-hungry side of politics. Corrupt behavior like this cannot be tolerated and the GOP would be insane to try to work a deal with her. Don’t negotiate with terrorists!

The reason the bonding bill is such a big deal is that it requires 3/5ths of the Legislature’s support in order to pass. This means that it is one of the only leverage points Republicans have since our entire state is run by radical left Democrats. The Senate GOP’s push to add tax cuts to the bill is a good start, but much more needs to be done.

Action 4 Liberty proposes that GOP Senators refuse to support this bill unless three conditions are met:

  1. Return of entire Surplus to taxpayers
  2. Tax cuts and removal of Social Security Tax
  3. No gun control passed this session

If Republicans do not fight, they will lose the one chance they have to deliver conservative policies. Contact your Senator and make sure they will stand strong and oppose the bonding bill unless those three conditions are met! We must have the entire Surplus refunded, massive tax cuts, and no gun control! If the Democrats will not accept those terms then there should be no bonding bill! Pressure your Legislators today, this could be our last shot!

While Minnesota Parades 6 year old Transgenders, Red States Ban Child Genital Mutilation Surgery

Tim Walz, Peggy Flanagan, and the radical leftist Legislators paraded a 6 year old boy whose parents are forcing to transition into a girl. The Grooming Demoncrats have made it their mission to destroy children’s lives and glorify the mental illness called gender dysphoria.

This is very evil to push onto children because of the physical, mental, and psychological suffering these kids will have to endure. It is destructive as a society to convince young children to mutilate their genitals, dress up as the other gender, and live in a fantasy land that denies reality.

Adults are free to use their own money and do whatever they like with their own body. Nobody is saying it should be illegal to be a transgender, everyone’s concern is about children and protecting the most vulnerable among us. We cannot allow this leftist deception to creep into the minds of children, we must protect kids from groomers.

Meanwhile red states like Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama have banned the practice of transgender surgeries, puberty blockers, and hormone injections on minors. Alabama’s bill banned this for anyone under the age of 19 and will even pursue criminal charges against doctors who do them with up to 10 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

While Minnesota Democrats made their priorities clear with their first bill being the Abortions in All Cases Bill, Tennessee’s first bill and #1 priority was protecting children from transgender child abuse! Tennessee’s bill, SF1, prohibits all forms of medically changing a kid’s gender.

Already banned in Florida, new legislation is very similar to other red states and pushes back against this woke ideology. However, the Florida bill does not go as far as others because it “grandfathers” in the kids that are currently doing the transition.

Tim Walz and the other clowns pushing this child abuse will be on the wrong side of history! We should be following the lead of the states pushing common sense legislation that would end this evil practice. Children are impressionable and follow the lead of those around them, if we do not stop the groomers, transgender agenda, and LGBTQIA+ indoctrination, our society is doomed. We are calling on Patriots like you to protect our kids and fight the Democrats pushing this!

“Free” Lunch for All Students Passes Legislature with Help from Some Republicans

There is no such thing as a free lunch… Apparently Minnesota Democrats and RINOs don’t know that!

Today, the MN Senate took up HF5 which gives “free” breakfast and lunch to all students in public schools regardless of if you can afford it or not! If this proposal was designed to expand the free lunch programs, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as this legislation! Taxpayer funded lunches means that they are not “free”, they are paid for with our stolen Surplus!

This is the type of “feel good” spending bill that bankrupts our state and robs us of our overtaxed Surplus dollars. It is not the responsibility of taxpayers to pay for breakfast and lunch of any student that is not their own, especially when their parents can afford it. 

The fiscal note for this bill shows over $800 Million will be spent over the next four years! This is wasteful spending that causes a major dent in our Surplus! See the fiscal note below:

This bill first passed the House on party lines. The vote was 70-58 with six absent GOP Representatives; That includes Patti Anderson (HD33A), Matt Bliss (HD2B), Kurt Daudt (HD27B), Dawn Gillman (HD17A), Dean Urdahl (HD16A), and Nolan West (HD32A). See vote below:

After receiving ZERO Republican support on the House Floor, it was not a wise choice for GOP Senators to support this waste of money. However, four RINOs supported this bill today in the Senate. Senators Jim Abeler (SD35), Julia Coleman (SD48), Zach Duckworth (SD57), and Karin Housley (SD33) all supported this socialist bill. Additionally, Senators Jeff Howe (SD13), Nathan Wesenberg (SD10), and Torrey Westrom (SD12) were absent. See floor vote below:

Not a single cent of the Surplus should be spent! Republicans in the Senate need to grow a spine otherwise we will never see our tax dollars returned! Socialism in all forms must be confronted and defeated, we cannot tolerate fake conservatives throwing away our money! 

Contact your Senator and pressure them to oppose any future spending or bonding bill until:

  1. The Surplus is fully returned to taxpayers
  2. Social Security Tax is eliminated
  3. No gun control legislation for this session

It is up to Patriots like you to pressure our politicians because if we do not fight, Minnesota will be past the point of no return! 

GOP & Dem Chairs Team Up to Squash Competition of 3rd Parties in MN

"It’s a big club…and you ain’t in it" boasted George Carlin in his infamous bit.

Many people know that both the MNGOP and DFL are corrupt parties who cater to their bosses: Special Interests and wealthy donors. Across our country, we see that the battle every election season gives us less choices while the Uniparty consolidates more control. The parties don't want the grassroots having a say.

Now in Minnesota, Senator Jim Carlson (DFL - Eagan), along with seven House Democrats, are carrying a bill that would squash third parties in Minnesota and minimize the competition come election time. And they have some allies outside the Capitol Halls.

Failed MNGOP Chair David Hann and dishonest DFL Chair Ken Martin are teaming up to pass SF1827. This bill increases the requirement to be a “major party” in Minnesota from 5% in the last general election to 10%. This will most notably affect the two pot parties in Minnesota, The Legal Marijuana Now (LMN) Party and The Grassroots Legalize Cannabis (GLC) Party, as well as the Libertarians, Greens, and others.

This may sound small but this legislation would double the percentage of votes to have ballot access for two years! Stringent ballot access laws are a classic way that the duopoly stifles out third parties, leaving hurdles like requirements for petitions, scrupulous analysis of signatures, and short timelines to get the signatures.

David Hann seems to have the wrong read entirely on this situation, both strategically and principally. The LMN and GLC parties are much more likely to take votes from Democrats than Republicans and upon review of recent election results, this was the case. Principally, the GOP should be in favor of free speech/free association because in the free marketplace of ideas, the best solution will come on top.

The party of election integrity should be preventing the government from tilting the scales for one or more political parties, not the opposite! Hann’s pompous statement to the Senate Elections Committee suggests that having third parties on the ballot “confuses voters”. See his crony statement below:

Ken Martin also uses a lot of the same talking points as Hann in his statement. He suggests that too many candidates makes ballots unmanageable and that it doesn’t help Democracy. Isn’t the ability to vote for whichever candidate you want without any control or manipulation the very definition of Democracy? Martin is not supporting this bill to help Democracy, he is doing it to help the Democrats. See his explanation below:

Most voters love to see lots of options on the ballot. To people like David Hann and Ken Martin, it is a threat to their power. Hann and Martin being on the same page is equivalent to Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi making a deal - it benefits them and it screws over everyone else. David Hann is particularly empty-skulled for getting behind this bill, it will undoubtedly hurt the GOP in future elections if passed. The two party system is increasingly unpopular in our country because of corruption like this.

Contact your Legislators and tell them to oppose SF1827! 


Socialist Dems Push Cash Stipends for Homeless with Your Surplus Money

The DFL and their socialist Legislators have been Hell-bent on destroying our state since the first day of the Legislative Session. They support abortions in all cases, transgender surgery for children, eliminating carbon by 2040, hurting businesses, changing definitions for the social justice warriors, and spending all of our overtaxed Surplus money.

In this case, the radical Democrats are pushing HF2008/SF1903 which appropriates $12 million of our Surplus dollars over the next four years for socialist stipends for homeless “youth”. This is a Communist pilot plan that gives away our money instead of getting these people jobs. Under their definitions, any homeless individual between the ages of 18 and 24 is considered to be a “youth”.

This bill is authored by the “first 2 Spirit, non-binary” Legislator, Alicia Kozlowski (Dem-HD8B) and that should tell you everything you need to know about her right there! The usual suspects of leftist Representatives are also on the bill and it is moving in the House. Additionally, the Senate version of this bill has swing district, Iron Range Senator Grant Hauschild (Dem-SD3) as an author which definitely will not sit well with his district! See the authors below:

This bill would give monthly and one time stipends to homeless individuals in Hennepin and St. Louis through the 501(c)(3) organization Youthprise. Youthprise is an intermediary that is run by the McKnight Foundation which grants money towards woke causes around climate change, black economic power, and equity. 

Both Youthprise and the McKnight Foundation also have plenty of grants that are seemingly for good causes, one of which being helping the homeless. And while there is certainly no issue with how they choose to spend their privately acquired money, taxpayer money should not be used. However, their liberal bias is evident in their “New Generation of Equity” Policy Agenda.

According to testimony in the House Human Services committee, this bill would give $1000 monthly and $4000 one time stipends. Also, this bill has zero language on how this money will be dispersed, no reporting or proof on how the funds are used, and allows for many loopholes for free-loaders to take advantage of this program.

Based upon the definition for “nighttime residences” provided in the bill, there is plenty of wiggle-room and areas for fraud to occur. Minnesota is no stranger to nonprofits ripping off taxpayers with fake grants (see the Feeding Our Future scam) so we have to be cautious on all fronts.

Other than hoping that Youthprise does not screw us over, there is nothing that can be done to track the money once it is appropriated to them! Rep. Kozlowski indicates that they will prioritize and favor grants for black/LGBT homeless youth over others! See below:

After a deep review of the bill, there is no language to suggest that they would discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation because that would be illegal for the state to do! Instead, Rep. Kozlowski must be under the impression that Youthprise (likely the individuals leading this project, Kristy Snyder and Quincy Powe) will be picking and choosing homeless people who fit their diversity criteria! This is the kind of woke discrimination that must be stopped!

No Surplus tax dollars should be spent and it should be totally refunded to the taxpayers. It is our overtaxed money that radical Democrats are wasting everyday. Contact your Legislators and tell them to oppose this bill! The radical left will dictate everything unless ‘We The People’ stand up and fight!

YouTube Banned Our Channel AGAIN, This Time for Video About Trump

YouTube banned another video of ours and gave us a third two-week suspension for a video that highlighted Trump's recent performance at CPAC. The video was Episode 4 of our newest show called "Political Junkies" that features MAGA Jesse and Mr. Straight-laced William. YouTube threatens to delete our channel if we receive a third strike in the next month.

For those who haven't seen the behind-the-scenes look at a YouTube suspension, here's what happens.

An email is sent to the publisher that a video has gone against YouTube's "community standards." 

YouTube gives you the "chance" to appeal their decision (not really) and then write an 800 word comment to sway their decision (not really).


After submitting the fake appeal, YouTube reminds the truth tellers that they are in a rare class of publishers who get two strikes (we've been here three times now) and hyperlinks to their webpage of allowable speech. 

Here's a list of things not allowed to be discussed, even as opinion, on their platform. This is outrageous!

YouTube's attack on our content has destroyed the potential growth of our channel and costs us a lot of potential new followers. Luckily, we started moving our material over to the pro-free speech Rumble and continue growing there. If we didn't have this option, YouTube would be highly effective at altering political speech in America.

Here's the video that was banned on YouTube: