Mask Mandate Bill Can Be KILLED Immediately by Ending Walz' Emergency Powers

The Mask Mandate Bill that was introduced earlier this week by 13 Democrat legislators is part of a grander plan to make Walz' emergency powers permanent. On January 7th, Walz sent a letter to the legislature demanding certain provisions of his unilateral orders be implemented into law before he considers giving up his self-declared emergency powers. He, in fact, is holding the Minnesota Legislature and our Republican form of government hijack with a list of demands. 

Here's his letter:

Most of his demands stand little chance of passing the Minnesota House and Senate due to their deteriorating popularity. The Democrat establishment is putting on a show for the public, acting like they are trying to work with the Governor, when in reality, they have no interest in restoring the legislature's powers to create laws. Their agenda moves much faster when their Governor can just create the rules by himself. And with a legislature that is able to meet remotely to conduct business, having emergency powers concentrated under one man is nothing more than convenience. Constitution be damned!

Sick of these politicians usurping their power and trying to get more control over your life? This whole thing could come to an end right now if FOUR DEMOCRATS in the legislature would join the Republicans and VOTE YES on Rep Erik Mortensen's End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution. The destruction of Governor Walz' unilateral orders would come to an abrupt end and the mask mandate bill would essentially be stopped in its tracks. If you haven't signed the petition to End Walz' Emergency Powers, please join the tens of thousands of Minnesotans who signed: SIGN HERE

Want more details on how to help, SEE WHAT WE ARE DOING ABOUT IT!

Democrats Propose Mask Mandate Bill - We Double Down Our Pressure

These politicians in St Paul are drunk with power! They won't stop infringing on our liberties and messing with our lives until we all willfully comply with their authority. Well, I'm not on board. How about you?

A group of legislators introduced a bill in the Minnesota House that would make Governor Walz' mask mandate into permanent law. It would require you and me to wear a face covering anytime we are in a public building or business and it would fine us for noncompliance. Business owners who don't comply - well, they face up to 90 days of jail time.

Sound familiar? This bill just mirrors what Governor Walz decreed already last summer. But unlike his illegal, unconstitutional and unilateral dictate, this would codify things into law. 

It's becoming more clear by the day what these politicians really want - more power over us. 

We're watching legislators on both sides of the aisle right now waste time in a committee tasked to draft a Fake End Walz' Power bill. They're even lecturing us on how we can appropriately petition our government.

Last Friday, Julie Sandstede and Dave Lislegard, two of the six Democrat targets, accused you and me of being "right wing, wack jobs" who are "intimidating them". Even RINO lobbyist legislator Kurt Daudt joined with them in throwing you and me under the bus by stating how Republicans in St Paul do not condone you and me knocking on legislators' doors.

What are they talking about?

The State Capitol is closed to the public right now. We can't even meet with our legislators there!

Meanwhile, legislators are meeting remotely, using their homes to conduct business. Are they saying we no longer can petition our government for a redress of grievances?

Of course, it's a one way street. These same crony politicians show up to our doors every election year, begging for our vote so they can get re-elected. But they don't want us knocking their doors demanding they vote better?

As they raise the stakes and do more to encroach on our lives, we have two options. Do what most pitiful Republican groups in this state do and just give up. Democrats are used to a bunch of quitters as opposition. There's a reason they keep getting away with things.


We up the ante. And that's exactly what we are doing at Action 4 Liberty. We are going to make these politicians' lives miserable, because quite frankly, that's what Governor Walz' Emergency Powers are doing to us and our beloved business owners.

Starting this weekend, Action 4 Liberty is moving up north into Reps Julie Sandstede and Dave Lislegard's districts. We are deploying a full time team of doorknockers and activists who will talk to every voter and find every supporter who shares our view to End Walz' Emergency Powers for good.

Our team will stand on street corners holding signs. They'll organize protests and build a larger activist footprint in their districts. And they'll meet with business owners impacted by Walz' orders and engage them in this fight. 

We already rented a home and hired more operators so we can double down our efforts. If these crony politicians think things were rough in January, they have a whole new thing coming their way. 

Sandstede and Lislegard are showing their true colors! When Rep Erik Mortensen brought forward the motion to End Walz' Emergency Powers, they sided with fringe, metro Democrats to protect their Governor. Their votes last year to End Walz' Emergency Powers were nothing more than a con. Our team will make sure their voters know about it.

Did you know that Julie Sandstede only won her election by 30 votes? And Donald Trump beat Sleepy Joe Biden by 5 points in Dave Lislegard's district last November. Voting to protect Governor Walz WILL cost them their seats! We'll make sure of that.


What makes Action 4 Liberty different than most other groups in this state is that we refuse to quit - we owe it to you and all our supporters to find a way to win. We can't allow our system of government to be hijacked by these politicians any longer. 

I know it seems hopeless at times. Democrats are surging nationally - emboldened by Joe Biden's victory. And their buddies in Big Tech and the media are doing their best to steer the people's attention away from their extreme, anti-liberty COVID response and towards the surge at the U.S. Capitol.

This isn't the first time we had a road block. When we started this battle back in April of last year, we only had 15 Republicans on board in the House for the first vote. So we put pressure on House Republicans to get on board. By the end of the month, we had all 59 of them. 

In May, we couldn't get the Republican Senate to even bring up the Resolution for a vote. So we increased the pressure on Senate leadership, and by June we had them passing the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution. 

Causing pain for politicians works. And we know the best places to put the pressure. I hope we can count on you to help us out.

By moving Action 4 Liberty up north, we will be making their lives miserable because they will hear from voters, business owners, neighbors and friends around the clock. Our team will identify swing voters and recruit candidates and activists to run campaigns. We'll stand on street corners and hold up signs. How would you like to see activists with signs that say:

Julie Sandstede Betrayed YOU!

The Democrat establishment is growing more worried by the day that Action 4 Liberty and, the hundreds of thousands of people who support us, are not backing down. We are forcing their most vulnerable members to go down with the sinking ship of Walz' popularity in Greater Minnesota.  

Help us continue fighting through these obstacles so we can End Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all. Let's make sure bills like this Mask Mandate have no chance of passing. And let's return our system of government back to its constitutional roots!

Can I count on you to help us make things more painful for these politicians. Please help us with a donation of $100. If that's too steep, $50 or $25 can go along way to holding them accountable. Want to help even more, consider a one time donation of $500. We need you on board!


In Liberty,

Jake Duesenberg

President, Action 4 Liberty


Legislators Introduce 'Mask Mandate' Bill in MN House

A group of legislators in the Minnesota House introduced a bill that would mandate the wearing of masks, or face coverings, in public public places. HF604 was introduced on Monday by Rep Sydney Jordan of Minneapolis and has 12 co-authors. 

The bill would require all Minnesotans over the age five to wear a face covering when they are:

1. indoors at a business or public setting

2. waiting outdoors to enter and indoor business or indoor public setting;

3. riding on public transportation, in a school transportation vehicle, in a ride-sharing vehicle, or in a vehicle being used for a business purpose;

4. outdoors when it is not possible to maintain social distancing from others who are not members of the individual's household, or

5. in a common area of a multi-unit dwelling

If the bill becomes law, businesses would be required to follow the guidelines and ensure workers adhere to the mandate. If they violate it, they could be sued by the government and fined up to $25,000. Business owners also could serve up 90 days in jail. Individual violators over the age 14 would be guilty of a petty misdemeanor and fined $100.

HF604 mirrors Governor Tim Walz' horrendous executive order that mandates mask wearing. The bill currently has no companion bill in the Minnesota Senate. 

Action 4 Liberty stands solidly against Governor Walz' illegal and unconstitutional orders and HF604 which seeks to make Walz' orders permanent. This anti-liberty legislation needs to be killed and Governor Walz' Emergency Powers MUST be terminated.


Rep Lislegard Calls You "Wack Job", Accuses People of "Intimidating" Legislators

A group of Republican and Democrat legislators are crafting a Fake End Walz' Powers bill in a special committee in St Paul that meets only once a week, for 1 and a half hours at a time. Although politicians on both sides of the aisle point to the committee as a potential solution to the 11 months of unchecked powers that Governor Walz' has enjoyed under his self declared "emergency", it is clear to us this committee will achieve nothing good.

In the last ten minutes of Friday's committee hearing, things got heated up when Rep Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington) asked if any Democrats were serious about actually ending the Governor's emergency powers. It became evident at that moment that the committee's real purpose is to not end them, but to set parameters for the powers to continue on indefinitely, perhaps allowing only some minor input from the legislature. The Governor is currently holding the legislature hostage with his demands of passing bills to cement parts of his executive orders, such as a universal mask mandate, into permanent law.

Responding to Garofalo's question, Rep Dave Lislegard (DFL-Aurora) got a tad angry and accused supporters of Ending Walz' Emergency Powers as "far right, wack jobs" who are "intimidating members on the committee". Republican House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt (R-Spectacle Lake) joined Lislegard condemning supporters of Ending Walz' Emergency Powers, stating that he's heard of "crazy, wack jobs, showing up outside members homes, trying to intimidate them".

What Daudt and Lislegard are likely referring to is good, old fashion activists who are petitioning their government for a redress of their grievances. This is such an old and important practice, that it is a right identified in the First Amendment. Only a crony politician would call voters voicing their opinions to representatives, "intimation". 

Even more concerning is this holier-than-though statement on "showing up, outside their homes". Where are voters supposed to go when the state capitol building is closed to the public, and legislators are working remotely from their homes during the 2021 Session? It's also fascinating to see the hypocrisy of the political class when it comes to the sacredness of a person's home residence. Certainly Democrats, the Party of John Thompson, shouldn't be lecturing us on it. But even Daudt is mired in the hypocrisy of "rules for thee, but not for me". These politicians all knock on our doors to earn a vote every election cycle. So isn't equally legitimate for a voter to knock on the door of their homes to ask for a vote?

Despite the best attempt by these politicians, Action 4 Liberty will continue reaching out to voters in targeted districts across the state to get these legislators voting the right way. And if they don't come along, we'll do everything in our power to make sure they don't get re-elected again in 2022.

Democrats Vote to Protect Walz' Powers - Spit on Democratic Process

All 70 Democrats in the Minnesota House voted another time yesterday to spit on our democratic process by protecting Governor Walz' illegal and unconstitutional use of emergency powers. The vote was brought forward on a motion to recall House Concurrent Resolution 1 from Committee. If passed, the Resolution would need a simple majority vote in the Minnesota Senate, and then Walz' peacetime powers would be terminated.

4 Republicans were unable to sign in for yesterday's session, despite the ease in attending remote sessions. Reps Dave Baker, Glenn Gruenhagen, Joe McDonald, and Tama Theis were not present.

Here's the vote:

Governor Walz Proposes Raising Taxes, Increasing Gov't for 'Recovery'

Governor Walz released his proposed two year budget for Minnesota and it appears he is going to do his part in growing our dependence on Big Government while also increasing taxes on some Minnesotans to redistribute to others. His proposal would raise taxes by nearly $2 Billion on businesses in Minnesota and expand government spending to its highest level of over $52 Billion, or a 9% increase. Meanwhile, businesses in Minnesota are under assault by his Administration and some are even fleeing the state.

The most egregious part of Walz' tax plan is that he would create a fifth tax bracket in Minnesota (note, there were only three a decade ago before Governor Dayton). This tax bracket would rob business owners who would use the money for hiring more workers or making other investments in the private sector. No shocker, the tax is sold as people paying their "fair share". Although that income bracket already pays the largest portion of Minnesota income tax.

Instead of delivering massive tax reductions and reducing the size and scope of government during this depressed economy, Walz is trying to grow the state government. It's a true slap in the face to the thousands of Minnesota small businesses who saw their income drop significantly as a direct result of Walz' actions. On top of that, several business in the state are currently being harassed by Walz' Dept of Health, which will also see a sharp budget increase. 

All in all, the media hyped up the false story that our state was facing a budget deficit. So Governor Walz decided to "solve" the budget shortfall by sticking his hands in our pockets and make us pay more. 

Republican Senators were quick to message against the Governor's call for more taxes, but stand in a comprised position after conceding two years ago to a tax increase when extending the provider tax on health care visits. 

Action 4 Liberty opposes ALL tax increases.

Vote to End Walz' Powers Coming this Week

Pressure keeps building up against Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. Now even the mainstream media is noticing the ridiculousness of his unilateral law making. 

In an interview with Channel 6 News a week ago, Governor Walz told reporter Betsy Singer:

If we just have one person telling us what to do, we wouldn't have to have all these heartfelt disagreements. But I just hope we can reestablish this sense of decorum, and decency, and civility, that has always been a hallmark of America's democracy.

Democracy?! What democracy? There's nothing more anti-democracy than a Governor creating unilateral laws that are destroying businesses and harming Minnesotans!

I think Betsy was so shocked that he said that, she did something the rest of the mainstream media won't do - allow the opposing viewpoint. Channel 6 was willing to allow our voice to be heard on tv. Here's my interview:



You see, Chapter 12 Emergency Powers laws were not written to allow a Governor to declare an indefinite "emergency" so he can rule by himself, without the Legislature. Walz has essentially eliminated the relevancy of the legislative branch of our Republic.

And the courts, media and ruling elite have allowed it to happen for 11 months!

But everyday Governor Walz' unchecked, unilateral powers continue and our beloved small businesses fail, more people are waking up to what is happening to our state and country. We continue to grow in strength and power on a daily basis.

Which is why I'm happy to announce that another vote to End Walz' Emergency Powers will be coming up this Thursday thanks to liberty champion, Representative Erik Mortensen. He is willing to once again stand up to the political class in St Paul, and force a vote on the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution.

Unfortunately, we still have an obstacle in the way of it passing: the six Democrats who recently betrayed their voters - Reps Gene Pelowski, Paul Marquart, Dave Lislegard, Julie Sandstede, Mike Sundin and Rob Ecklund.

Despite voting to End Walz' Emergency Powers back in 2020 - when it was "easy" - they are now showing their true colors! All six of them have switched their votes. What a bunch of con artists!

In other words, their votes last year to End Walz' Emergency Powers were nothing more than a con. We finally have the numbers to win and they are cowering to the Democrat elites. What a shame.

So we're hitting them where it hurts the most - the voters. Action 4 Liberty is now doing daily lit drops in their districts, running radio ads, crafting newspaper ads, conducting phone call campaigns, submitting letters to the editor, sending out mailers and much, much more.

We're on radio stations from Winona to Hibbing to Moorhead. Here's what people in Rep Paul Marquart's district are hearing when they turn on the radio:



Action 4 Liberty WILL NOT QUIT. Either these Democrats vote the way they did last year, or we will continue delivering the pain. It's that simple!

Our volunteer teams spent the weekend in Paul Marquart's district going door to door and passing out lit to thousands of voters. Everyone in Moorhead needs to know that Rep Paul Marquart just betrayed them. And we're going to do the heavy lifting until he votes the right way again.

But our tenacity and hard-nosed attitude makes a lot of enemies in the political class. Both Republican and Democrats alike want to stop us from being effective. They don't really feel the pain that all of us feel from Governor Walz' unilateral orders.

You have the ability to send a message to the political class that we mean business. While they're busy going to crony special interest groups and big corporations for money, we go directly to you. Help us continue fighting against them with a donation today.



And I mean it. We've been building resources for this fight and we know YOU will keep helping us out until we finally win and End Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all.

It's going to be incredibly painful for Ecklund, Lislegard, Marquart, Pelowski, Sandstede and Sundin if they want to put Governor Walz' powers ahead of the needs of their constituents. Rep Erik Mortensen will be right back at it again this Thursday, making a motion to vote on the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution.

Your financial support is exactly what allows us to get our radio ads up and running. It's what hires our staff members and volunteer coordinators. It pays for printing costs, our phone system and every other tool we use to apply the pressure. 

The political class would love nothing more than to see us without the resources that hold them accountable. Don't let them win!

You can send a message to the political class and con artists in St Paul. You can ensure that we are able to keep fighting. Please consider helping us print more pieces and buy more air time on radio and digitally with a donation.

Fund Our Field Operations Program:


>>>Contribute $25 - funds 500 flyers for distributions to voters

>>>Contribute $50 - funds 1,000 flyers for distribution to voters

>>>Contribute $75 - funds 5 radio ads exposing these politicians

>>>Contribute $150 - funds 10 radio ads exploding these politicians

>>>Contribute $350 - funds thousands of calls to these Con Artists

>>>Contribute $1000 - funds one week of an on-the-ground field operative in the politician's district

>>>Contribute $2500 - funds two weeks of an on-the-ground field operative and coordinates ten volunteers

>>>Contribute $5000 - funds a field operative for a month, coordinates four districts of volunteers exposing the politicians


In Liberty,

Jake Duesenberg

President, Action 4 Liberty

Our Response to Governor Walz on Channel 6 News Rochester

In an interview with Channel 6 News a week ago, Governor Walz told reporter Betsy Singer:

if we just have one person telling us what to do, we wouldn't have to have all these heartfelt disagreements. But I just hope we can reestablish this sense of decorum, and decency, and civility, that has always been a hallmark of America's democracy.

I think we so shocked that he said that, she did something the rest of the mainstream media won't do - allow the opposing viewpoint. Channel 6 was willing to allow our voice to be heard on tv. Here's our president, Jake Duesenberg, in an interview responding to what the Governor said:


Help End Walz' Emergency Powers for good. Support Action 4 Liberty today!

Why the Chapter 12 'Emergency Powers' Law Needs to Be Terminated

At one point, the legislature in good faith, decided to create a chapter of laws that address what happens to the Minnesota government under an emergency. In the case of an act of nature, a technological failure or malfunction, a terrorist incident, an industrial accident, a hazardous materials accident, or a civil disturbance that endangers life and property, the Minnesota legislature allowed the Governor to declare a peacetime emergency for five days. 

Consider the time period that Chapter 12 laws were created - pre-internet. It was created in a period of time where conducting business by the legislature, which has the sole constitutional authority to create laws, could not work on legislation remotely to address immediate needs. Nowadays, in the age of high speed internet, the legislature has proven that business can be conducted remotely. The Minnesota House is almost entirely doing business on Zoom as we speak. They're appropriating funds, creating laws and interfacing daily with government agencies. 

Even if the legislature couldn't address an emergency immediately, the creators of Chapter 12 law believed that five days was an adequate amount of time for Representatives and Senators to make it to Capitol grounds to take care of business. We're now going on 11 months of Governor Walz' declare emergency.

It's clear that no peacetime emergency justifies throwing out Minnesota's Constitutional Republic for unilateral, authoritarian rule by the Governor based on addressing a crisis in real time. Those who argue the opposite, truly do not desire the spirit of democracy. What we have right now in Minnesota is the antithesis of democracy. Removing the legislature from lawmaking powers essentially removes the electorate from their representation in Government. 

Some believe that Chapter 12 laws aren't problematic, it's the way that Governor Walz interpreted them that was the problem. He vaguely took language from the laws to create his own rules and determine how to penalize violators. Those self declared powers led to orders that shut down businesses, forcing many to close, and led to lockdowns that created a mental health crisis in the state. It's naive to believe that Walz will be the only one to use Chapter 12 in such an abusive way in the future. Governors in states like Michigan, New York and California have done similar measures. Power corrupts!

With these reasons, it's time to eliminate Chapter 12 laws from the books!

But politicians at the Capitol, on both sides of the aisle, are focused on tweaking the law instead of eliminating it. For instance, State Senator Warren Limmer has a bill that would "clarify" that the maximum penalty the Governor could assess on a violator of his rules is 90 days in jail. I guess it never occurred to him and co-authors Senators Johnson and Ingebrigtsen that allowing a Governor to throw violators of his order in jail should be outright banned. 

Even worse, Rep Gene Pelowski and Republicans like Rep Barb Haley are working together on a committee to draft a Fake End Walz' Powers bill that simply tweaks the law to allow the legislature to weigh in on specific executive orders, while allowing the remainder of the Governor's powers remain intact. They'll no doubt sell this as a solution - when we all know it's a facade.



AG Keith Ellison Asks for Budget Increase; Argues Walz' Orders are Law

Minnesota's Attorney General Keith Ellison appeared in front of the MN House State Government and Finance Committee to argue for a budget increase for the AG's office in the upcoming biennium. The Legislature, during odd numbered years, constructs a two-year budget that starts in July. Ellison believes that his office has a need for a roughly 8% increase in their operating budget. 

What would the budget go towards? Ellison stated in committee that his office has an increasing workload, which includes enforcement of the Governor's executive orders. He argued that the AG's office needs to retain it's staff, which according to him, has been in contact with over 900 businesses in the state regarding compliance of the Governor's executive orders and has sued 12 of them.

Rep Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) asked Ellison if he views the Governor's orders as law, which according to Minnesota's Constitution, is the sole responsibility of the legislative branch. Ellison responded that he indeed believes the Governor has the ability to unilaterally create laws in the state. How extreme of a statement is that for Minnesota's top legal officer!

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka stated in December that Senate Republicans will look to cut the Attorney General's budget. We'll see if they follow through with that in the coming months.

Here's the video of Committee Hearing: